Britain Needs to Watch its Knickers

Assigned Reading: The Streets of No Shame
(FROM: UK Telegraph)

The article is pretty straight-forward. In the context of a new ban on drinking in the streets in one British town, the Telegraph piece expounds on the plight of young British men and women as they booze their way around town.

Quite honestly, it’s something you could see all across America as well. Heck, I did it when I was younger — after one particularly raucous night in college, I recall waking up the next morning on the hood of a Ford Bronco II in a front yard of someone I did not know. Thankfully, unlike the British girl in the photo accompanying the Telegraph piece, my knickers were right where they should have been.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t the tale of teenage drinking and debauchery which caught my eye about this article. Instead, it was one of the comments below the story. Well . . . I’ll let you guess which one caught my eye (click on the image to enlarge):




    Allah Achbar!, NOT

  2. goddessdivine says:

    Yeah. Islam is also the only religion where it's ok for men to beat their wives…..and fanatics fly planes into buildings.

    Funny; I know religions where drinking is prohibited, and they don't start with 'I' and end in 'slam'.

  3. Rix says:

    Islam is as much of a solution to drinking problem as runny nose is to allergen – it is worse by an order of magnitude than the problem itself. It should also be pondered whether the disease called Islam, or rather its transmitters, carriers and their numerous spawn that stain the scenery with their presence and strain the country's resources, are the reason many Brits are driven to the bottle in the first place.

    Nice pictures, though. I wish blondes were equally easy when I was young, virile and unmarried. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Islam is not the solution to a drinking problem. Moslem men do drink and frequently to excess and have prostitutes too. My sister used to travel a great deal and had friends from the World Bank and many of the top dignitaries from middle eastern countries. They would frequently get together in London and have dinner. The middle eastern men always had different women with them and did drink. Guess that blows that statement out of the water. I guess its just another human failing which we all have, but to say Islam is the solution. Maybe Islam is the problem.

  5. 72 VIRGIN FARCE says:

    If I recall correctly Atta and his gang got drunk at booby bars the night before they crashed into the World Trade Center.

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