Sebelius in 2007: ‘I’m all for a single-payer system … eventually.’

The folks at Verum Serum are, again, working overtime. As you could see, this was Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius giving a speech in 2007 and expressing her desire to see the American health care system eventually be whittled down to a single-payer system.

What’s funny is that, for a moment there, I found myself agreeing with her. Not about the single-payer nonsense, but about cutting the ties between health care coverage and employment. We absolutely must do so, and do so in combination with opening up interstate commerce among private insurers. Let’s foster more competition, not less. Let’s make sure that people have coverage which is portable, not tied to a pay stub and a time card. Let’s fix this problem by harnessing the free market, not stifling it.

And that’s the problem with Sebelius’s hopes for a single-payer system . . . eventually. Whether the federal government gets into the health care business through a “public option” or a faux co-op as proposed by Max Baucus, the result will be the same. The federal government doesn’t have to show a profit, and is in a position to make up the rules as it goes along. Companies will find it cheaper to pay the one-time fee and off-load employees from work-provided coverage and onto the public option, in whatever form it takes. Slowly, but surely, the private insurers will be forced from the marketplace, and we will be left with a single-payer system.

Exactly what Kathleen Sebelius wants. Exactly what Barack Obama wants. Exactly what the left has been advocating for decades. And gone will be the ingenuity that keeps other nations’ health care systems afloat. Gone will be the compensation which draws the best and brightest into the profession. In their place, we’ll have rationing, longer lines, and overall mediocrity.

It doesn’t have to be this way, folks. The problem is, that’s exactly how Sebelius and the president want it, and it will be Sebelius whom the president makes responsible for ensuring that there is a level playing field between government and private insurers.



  1. John Feeny says:

    National Socialism at work….population control is a top priority. John Holdren and Karl Marx, working together.

    And remember, Marx himself said that in order for his system to work, roughly 20% of any population would have to be…'liquidated'.

    That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used to hand out copies of Machiavelli’s "The Prince" to my managers and insist that they be read in the interval between due diligence and an actual acquisition.

    I still regret the one time I didn't do this.

    When we retake the Congress I'll buy the books.

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