Late yesterday evening, according to Politico, the White House released an official statement on the plight of the six-year-old boy who captured the attention of America a few hours earlier when he was thought to have been trapped in a home-made balloon device floating 15,000 feet above Denver, only to be found later safe and sound in his parents’ garage.

“Everybody’s happy the boy is safe,” said White House spokesman Bill Burton.

Admittedly, it was difficult to avoid news of the boy and the balloon. The flying device was shaped like a flying saucer and had been constructed by the boy’s parents, who themselves had been profiled on ABC’s Wife Swap reality television show. It was prime fodder for any 24-hour news network, so I wasn’t surprised to hear that the White House had been following the story.

Then, however, I considered this, from a few weeks ago:

So, the corruption at ACORN, to which Barack Obama’s own campaign gave more than $800,000, wasn’t something he was following closely, yet the White House was following the Balloon Boy saga?

And another question, albeit unrelated: If Balloon Boy was never in the balloon, is he still Balloon Boy?




    Sunstein was following the story to hopefully harvest little Falcon's organs, and Holdren was following to hopefully decrement the national population clock by one. Anita followed it to hopefully have one less child from a multi-child family to have to kill, ala Mao.


    That family seemed as genuine and on the up-and-up as this President. Both are camera whores.

  3. Boston Blackie says:

    Silly Jeff, That was before the WH delegated someone to watch Fox News 24/7 – now they are on top of current events. How do you think they came up with that believable response to Dunn's praise of Mao. Now we know why the empire state building was lit up in the colors of china and why the WH flew their flag(notice I refuse to capitalize the word china)
    Was that Glenn Beck's red phone I jusr heard ringing!?!

  4. goddessdivine says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing! Funny how they have time for these trivial little stories (and to play golf and have Latin music night, etc, etc) yet they don't have time to listen to their war generals NOR pay attention to the ACORN scandals…..which are huge!!

    Chalk another one up there for ineptitude.

  5. Gail B says:

    And, the WH was watching FOX News, I'll just betcha! And, if they were, they also saw the Anita Dunn tape! Well, Beck has his hotline to the WH, and Anita Dunn is the only one with the phone number because she's the one assigned to watch Beck.

    And to rip more flesh out of O's donkey (as in ass), Jeff Schreiber chomps out another bite re ACORN!

    Bleeeeeeed, Big O! Bleed or straighten yourself and your Chicago thugs out! You bring it on yourself.

  6. Gail B says:

    You know–people talk about how VP Joe Biden sticks his foot into his mouth nearly every time he opens it; but I'm beginning to think that he learned this gift from Obama/Soetoro himself, something not entirely the fault of TelePrompTer.

  7. Rix says:

    Obviously, the only thing that conceited guy tracks continuously is his own reflection. It reminds me of a well known scientific fact: lower primates often fail to notice food or danger when a mirror is available…

  8. Jan says:

    I have seen numerous mentions of this story all day. Where is the news that the Dow was over 10,000 yesterday? Some kid that wasn't where they thought he was is now of such high importance? Methinks they want us to pay attention to what the right hand is doing so we don't notice what the left hand has hold of…..

  9. MAN I LOOK GOOD says:

    Good one Rix.

  10. HELIUM v ACORN says:

    Balloon boy declared hoax….. how long till Obama is (officially) as well?

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