More Trouble With the Help

This is the relevant clip so many have been e-mailing me about from yesterday’s Glenn Beck program on Fox News Channel. I think it speaks for itself, though Dunn’s response was reflected upon by the folks at Hot Air today:

Her response to the clip? She was joking, of course, playing off some old Lee Atwater bit. The audience laughs at the juxtaposition of Mao and Mother Teresa, but the point she draws from the chairman sure does seem serious. Anyone feeling like giving her the benefit of the doubt? Me neither.

At this point, I’m not certain that anybody affiliated with the White House should be given the benefit of the doubt on anything. The benefit of the doubt, you see, is something that is earned. Of course, given the president’s recent acceptance of an unearned, formerly prestigious peace prize, we all know how much this White House values the idea of earning anything.

I also like Erick Erickson’s take on the Dunn tape and its contents over at Redstate:

Hitler sought to exterminate a whole race of citizen. Mao decided to exterminate all of his citizens, or at least significant classes of citizenry, driving many to suicide to avoid ritualistic violence at the hands of Mao’s red brigade. Mao’s response? “China is such a populous nation, it is not as if we cannot do without a few people.”

Mao’s political and philosophical writings read like Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He drove the educated classes to starvation. Kids were put in charge of adults. Educated workers were forced to work in fields. He fostered a cult of personality that affects China even today.

She describes Mao as not just her favorite political philosopher, but one of the “two people I turn to most.” The other, tragically or humorously depending on your frame of mind, being Mother Teresa. I can bet you that between the two it is not Mother Teresa who Anita Dunn looks to for guidance on abortion policy.

How in God’s name is it acceptable for the woman in charge of the White House’s communications shop to declare Hitler her favorite philosopher? The answer is that it is not. Why then is Mao acceptable?



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Is it just me but when I saw the video yesterday I couldn't stop watching her mouth. She looked like poor Joan Kennedy at Teddy's funeral desperate for that next drink or Ms Dunn might have a problem with what she puts up her nose, I'm just saying…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This may be the most frightinig theory yet. That obama and the gang do not know any other way. They have been so indoctrinated through their university years that they can not think any other way. They truly do not know what mao was or castro does. That they have never delved into the Constitution beyond the preamble. Are they victims of liberal thought, or instigators ?

  3. goddessdivine says:

    This was unbelievable. I love how Beck wondered why these folks don't revere true patriots like oh……George Washington, or Samuel Adams, or Abraham Lincoln! To admire fascist dictators who have killed tens of millions?!

    Very revealing about the WH. By their fruits, ye shall know them. This administration's fruits are sour and poisoning, and if left in long enough, they will spoil the whole barrel (this great nation). Wake up America!

  4. Roses,WA says:

    'Impossible odds' was the simple message from her Mao quote… but the odds were against Noah too, and Moses, and many other bible heroes. So what makes Mao different? What makes Obama like Mao? Self will to win versus God's Will to make the world a better place, the first is for personal agrandizement and the other for sacrifice of the self. The outcomes show which is which, as Jesus said "By their fruits you will know them."

    This poor woman, she can't see the difference. But other than that, it was a good speech :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    watching this woman talk makes me wonder if she really needs poligrip or something… or has she ever bitten her tongue while giving speaches… she seems to have no control over it

  6. Dee says:

    Mother Theresa has just rolled over in her grave knowing that she is in such company as Mao.

  7. Gail B says:

    It should come as no surprise that this is not a tape that was meant to "get out." Beck said that a confidential informant had driven from D.C. to deliver it to Beck in New York. It had not been seen my anyone until Beck showed it on his show.

    This should make it "perfectly clear," as Richard Nixon used to say, what the Obama/Soetoro regime is up to, what the goals are, and what is happening to America and why.

  8. John Feeny says:

    As I tell my students, just like self-esteem…kids today never are made to EARN their sense of self-respect that comes from actually working and achieving something. Much like they hand out material things, today's parents are instructed by culture-at-large to freely give self-esteem to their kids.

    And just like being spoiled with material gifts, they very quickly learn to never appreciate it.

  9. Lilly says:

    I heard that this was a speech to high school seniors. Most students probably have no idea who Mao was, so they wouldn't have questioned it.

  10. Gail B says:

    This just in from SC Sen. Jim DeMint:

    SCF UPDATE –Snowe voted for ObamaCare. Now what?

    Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) was the one Republican we feared would betray our conservative principles and vote for ObamaCare, and that's exactly what she did when she voted for the health care plan in committee this week. Sen. Snowe says she might vote against the bill on the Senate floor but don't hold your breath.

    The Senate will likely begin debate on the ObamaCare bill in two to three weeks. We need to work on a handful of Democrats who can be persuaded to vote against the bill. Here is our target list:

    Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas)
    ~ (202) 224-4843

    Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas)
    ~ (202) 224-2353

    Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana)
    ~ (202) 224-5824

    Michael Bennet (D-Colorado)
    ~ (202) 224-5852

    Mark Begich (D-Alaska)
    ~ (202) 224-3004

    Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota)
    ~ (202) 224-2551

    Kent Conrad (D-North Dakota)
    ~ (202) 224-2043

    Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska)
    ~ (202) 224-6551

    We need to put maximum pressure on these Senators to vote against "cloture" on the health care bill. Cloture requires 60 votes to advance a bill and it's the only real test in this debate. Any Senator who votes for cloture is voting for ObamaCare, period.

  11. John Feeny says:

    "Kids were put in charge of adults."

    That, my friends, is the source of this, and I don't think that I'll ever be convinced otherwise. We're being governed by what's left of the spoiled, angry-at-having-to-grow-up mentality of the late '60's.

    Somebody really needs to put these kids in their room. I'm volunteering my services.

  12. DR IN THE HOUSE says:

    Her mouth showed classic symptoms of anti-depressant use.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I keep wondering what will become of Glenn Beck? Can the Obama administration continue to tolerate the light that he is constantly shedding on the infestation of Marxist roaches in the WH? My guess is that there is more energy being consumed on the "Glenn Beck problem" at the highest levels of the adminstration than the war in Afghanistan.

    Then, I ask myself, "If Glenn Beck is silenced, what will that trigger among the millions who think that he is the only one who speaks the truth?" I believe that it would be a watershed event.

    Just wondering.

  14. Boston Blackie says:

    Thanks Dr,
    anti-depressant use makes sense since it will give you dry mouth. Hell if I had to look in the mirror at that mug everyday, I would be od'ing on anti-depressants.
    Sorry, my bad!!

  15. DOPERS ALL OF EM says:

    Hard to believe, once again, that The Greatest Generation birthed these idiots.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mess with my source of truth Mr. Beck and all bets are off…. I can easily see me going postal.

  17. MAONUTRITION says:

    Most kids think Mao is what you put on a sandwich when you have the munchies, freakin dopeheads.

  18. Anonymous says:

    We patriots may in the end have to follow Mao's example…. Obama may have the army, tanks and air force…. but WE must prevail for true liberty.

  19. Rix says:

    > Then, I ask myself, "If Glenn Beck is silenced, what will that trigger
    > among the millions who think that he is the only one who speaks the
    > truth?" I believe that it would be a watershed event.

    I had a discussion on the eve of 9/11 with my Israeli friends, and they were exuberantly anticipating an internal crackdown against Muslims. Ever a pessimist, I argued that America is mired too deeply in political correctness to act, but maybe if a few millions were murdered instead of a few thousands… nah, not even then. The liberals will side with the perps, the conservatives are hopelessly stuck to their "law abiding" mode, and the folk who retain a semblance of common sense have no one to lead the charge. All our Constitutional rhetoric aside, the nation as envisioned by the Founders is dead; the question is only what it will transition into.

  20. COTTON MOUTH says:

    You can't fix stupid, BUT you can at least repair ugly….. except in her case.

  21. 1600 BUFFOON AVE says:

    unattractive, unintelligent, unbelievable

    Requisites for White House service

  22. D.A.Gust says:

    Seems the head men, Roger Ailes, Fox News founder and David Axelrod, White House political guru and master puppeteer, couldn't come to an agreement…. not everyone is for sale… yet, anyway.

  23. Mitch says:

    One major thing that always bothers me is sometimes when I am talking to someone as to the socialist direction this administration is taking us they "don't want to talk about politics".They always say there's nothing you or I can do about it and that really pisses me off!I tell them that they CAN! do something about it by not only voting for the candidate who shows and has shown a factual record of sticking with our constitution and what our founding fathers believed and to not stick your heads in the sand and TALK! to others you come into contact with.To hell! with the media.Word of mouth face to face is what works.I do this every damned! day! and I don't care if it offends anyone.I would rather offend than to just sit on my ass and do nothing.People or so called conservatives that don't do this are a big part of the problem.At the very least I can hold my head up and be able and honest to say that I tried and that's more than I can say for weak kneed people who just complain and are afraid to speak their mind.

  24. Islay says:

    I beg to differ with your riuoidlcus view of Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck is one of the only persons I have listened to, that has the courage and conviction to expose Washington’s radical agenda. You people just can’t stand the light he sheds on your beliefs and Saul Alinsky influenced deceptions and philosophy. What do darkness and light have in common? Not much.. I feel sorry for you, as you have been seduced into lie after lie. Did you know that Saul Alinsky dedicated one of his books to Lucifer and touted him as the first radical? Gee what a swell guy. How is that hope and change working out for you all? G. M.

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