The Times and Michele Bachmann

Assigned Reading: GOP Has a Lightning Rod, and Her Name is Not Palin
(FROM: The New York Times)

In recent months, Ms. Bachmann has been particularly outspoken against Democrats’ proposals on health care. She has questioned whether Congress has the constitutional authority to set such policy in the first place. She has suggested that one proposal’s privacy rules for school-based clinics could open the way for young girls’ getting referrals for abortions. And she has said that illegal immigrants will get access to taxpayer-subsidized health care, one among a list of comments by Ms. Bachmann that the Democratic National Committee has attacked as false.

On Capitol Hill, Ms. Bachmann is viewed with disdain by Democrats who see her as a wacky purveyor of outrageous claims and criticisms. Leading Republicans wince occasionally at her appearances on the floor and on television, but they also see her as someone with telegenic appeal who can energize conservatives and aggravate Democrats and they are not likely to rein her in.

In Minnesota, some believe the national attention around Ms. Bachmann may hint at hopes for a higher office. When Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced he would not seek re-election, some analysts suggested Ms. Bachmann might run, but questioned whether her positions were too conservative to win statewide.

That the Times is actually comparing Rep. Bachmann to Sarah Palin, knowing how much Palin is reviled in that newsroom, says something in itself about the strength of the Minnesota congresswoman.

I like Bachmann. And, after this piece, in which the left has essentially shown that they fear her, I like her even more. She’s a woman who looks first to the Constitution, and on Capitol Hill that attitude is rare. This clip is among one of my favorites:

As an aside, I did not know that she and her husband have opened their hearts and home to 23 different foster children. What an example of selflessness — I’m surprised that the Times even brought it up.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    I love this woman, she is a breath of fresh air that we need.

  2. Anonymous says:


    last paragraph:

    What an example of selfnessness

    I think you mean to selflessness

  3. TNelson says:

    Michelle is great for our State and our country, but I fear she will not be re-elected. The liberal press here in Minnesota always try to paint a poor picture of Reresentative Bachmann. It's the press who see her as the "wacky purveyor of outrageous claims and criticisms". In reality she speaks her mind freely, and speaks for the people of Minnesota who have no voice. It's sad, the last thing we need in this state is another Franken, but that's probably what we'll get.

    Minnesota seems to be a state that swings from one extreme to the other. Maybe it has something to do with our weather; If you don't like it, hang around for a day or two, it will change.

  4. Anonymous says:
  5. Rix says:

    I'll second the "breath of fresh air" opinion. She is another Sarah Palin, with more political experience and none of her damaging baggage. It would be a tremendous loss to the conservative movement and to the country as a whole if this lady is not re-elected but I hope that Minnesotans already had their share of Koolaid and didn't like the taste.

  6. goddessdivine says:

    She was on Beck the other day, where she confessed that the reason she does what she does is for her children and yes, 23 foster children she has had in her home. I just learned that last little tidbit myself. Michelle is a true patriot. I hope the people of Minnesota have the common sense to keep her in office.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The only issue I have with her is she tends to come across as a bit of an airhead sometimes. Personally, I'm still partial to Palin as she seems more versatile and able to relate to more people on a personal level through her activities.

  8. Linda says:

    I respect Michele Bachmann. Amidst a great many Republicans who are cowering in the corner, she's one of the few who has stood her grounds and is not afraid to admit and/or say so. Bravo Mrs. Bachmann.

  9. 435 - 435 = 435 says:

    Would hate to see her go, BUT in my hopes of a rebooted congress….. oh well…. the value of the statement we would send in getting rid of ALL of em would make them ALL realize we are serious about these not being career positions.

    Clean House 2010
    435 NEW Congressmen

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