Letting Our Guard Down . . . Again

Assigned Reading: Obama Loosens Missile Technology Controls to China
(FROM: The Washington Times)

President Obama recently shifted authority for approving sales to China of missile and space technology from the White House to the Commerce Department — a move critics say will loosen export controls and potentially benefit Chinese missile development.

The president issued a little-noticed “presidential determination” Sept. 29 that delegated authority for determining whether missile and space exports should be approved for China to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

The presidential notice alters a key provision of the 1999 Defense Authorization Act that required that the president notify Congress whether a transfer of missile and space technology to China would harm the U.S. space-launch industry or help China’s missile programs.

The law was passed after a late-1990s scandal involving the U.S. companies Space Systems/Loral and Hughes Electronics Corp.

So, not only is this president taking steps which could strengthen the Chinese at American expense, but he is disregarding a law passed by Congress–albeit a Republican one–in order to do so.

The Washington Times piece does in fact note that Commerce Department officials will not result in any loosening of controls but, again, any such assurances should be balanced with the previous actions and statements which lend insight as to Barack Obama’s worldview and perspective on America versus the rest of the world. If Republicans in 1999 were so concerned about former President Bill Clinton and his attitude toward the Chinese so as to pass the Defense Authorization Act provision in question, they should be even more concerned now.

This is a different world than in the late 1990s. China is officially on the rise, and the United States is declining relative to the rest of the world. Capitalism in that communist nation is all the rage whereas, in this country, success and prosperity are becoming increasingly taboo. And while we’re just now seeing the consequences of the technological transfer made under the pretense of space cooperation a decade ago, I cannot help but wonder about the consequences of Barack Obama’s ignorance ten years down the road.



  1. Rix says:

    It is not the first law the Usurper has trampled. Elections have consequences, remember? This time, however, I am less than worried. Unless we find the courage to cleanse the disease out of the house – and I don't only mean the Congress – the USA as we know it is as good as gone; and of the rest, I'll take Chinese over Islamic any day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord.

  3. Gail B says:

    If something connected with this goes south, Obama/Soetoro will have Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to blame, not himself.

    See, Obama/Soetoro is not presidential material, even if he were only a naturalized citizen. He does not even have the benefit of Bush's brain–Karl Rove–for guidance. He has surrounded himself with Marxists. Remember, he chooses his friends carefully yet knows so little about them!

    I will sleep well tonight, knowing that Obama/Soetoro is keeping our country safe. A tree just fell in my yard and missed me and my neighbor, hit his shed but didn't damage it. Obama/Soetoro himself made sure that the tree fell where it wouldn't hurt anybody or anything…didn't he?

    I'm seriously wondering if people can contain themselves until Judge Carter can get Obama/Soetoro out on his rosterium!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !

  5. Boston Blackie says:

    Once again he has proved him motto is;
    Constitution, we don't need no stinkin' Constitution.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see Gail back!

    Now, where's Old Bob?

  7. Gail B says:

    Anonymous at 2:58 a.m.–
    Your emphasis is well taken! I agree.

    Anonymous at 7:58 a.m.–
    Old Bob is catching hell from his wife because I "admitted" that we had been on the Appalachian Trail. (I think our comments are under the Clinton piece.)

    Rix, one thing I like about you is that it's hard to fool you when one of Obama/Soetoro's thugs (or The One himself) is underhanded. They're not doing anything you haven't seen done before, and you bless this site with your wisdom and observations.

    Boston Blackie, I didn't realize that you were female. (Makes no difference either way; the name just tilted my thinking that you were male. Welcome to the ladies group!)

    Where's my coffee?

  8. THE COW LOVES MAO says:

    And Anita Dunn's role model is Mao Tse Tung….. gee, didn't see this coming !!!!


    Rix is right, and needs to join my and Feeney's platoon.

  10. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    I had a conversation the other night with a friend who has a degree in International Finance. I asked her what she thought would happen to the US dollar in the world markets. She replied that China owns so much of our debt that they will not allow it to plunge too far.

    China pretty much owns us, so China gets whatever they want. Pathetic & frightening.

    Gail – What prize do you think O can get for saving you from the tree?


  11. Gail B says:

    Still a Patriot –
    I don't know what prize he could get for saving my house from the tree, but Buckshot would surely like to whiz on him! Guess who will have to clean the mess up out of my neighbor's yard?! I suppose I'll be buying an axe soon. My neighbor surely isn't going to help, and it's mostly in his yard. (Maybe it will keep me in good physical shape. It's been a long time since I've chopped up a tree.)


    Welcome back, Gail! I was calling all the FEMA camps worried about you (ask Jeff).

    (and very occasionally anonymous… if it sounds smart-assish, it's me)

  13. Boston Blackie says:

    Gail, thanks for invite, glad to be part of the team!! Picked the name so people know where I was from and to denote that a black cloud hangs over me because of being from mASSachusetts haha

  14. Gail B says:

    Boston Blackie, I probably would have chosen Georgia Peach, except that GP is the handle used on CB radios down here by hookers.

    I guess we need to send you flowers, as you are from mASSachusetts! So sorry about that! (SC is right next to Heaven, if you like the mountains or the beach. GA is built on an ant hill in red clay.)

  15. Gail B says:

    The one thing FEMA doesn't want to do is get me riled and lock me into a cell. My mama's genes would prevail, and I'm already "not soft."

  16. Boston Blackie says:

    Gail, Thanks for the offer for the sympathy arrangement. Trust me, my kid will be out of college in 2 years and we are then out of here since my husband is retired (but not old). I am just hoping that my home is still worth something because we plan on heading down to the Carolinas. My money is on you and not the cellblock!

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