Which Party is Asking Seniors to ‘Die Quickly,’ Again?

Obama adviser Robert Reich, speaking at U.C. Berkeley in September 2007.
(Hat Tip: Verum Serum)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Should little people be aborted?, Robert?????

  2. Jon says:

    He's actually stating a fact. I'm a right-winger and even I know he's right on it. Old people should accept their fate, not spend millions on keeping themselves alive for an extra year. That said, if we didn't have a communist healthcare system in place (which requires hospitals to spend hundreds of thousands on incurable elderly) then it wouldn't be a problem.

    Healthcare costs are rising for two main reasons: 1) the monopoly on doctor's licenses and limits on the number of doctors (limiting supply rises price) and
    2) Forcing hospitals to pay for emergency care to the poor, elderly, etc. which results in higher prices passed onto you.

    Our current healthcare is the most COMMUNIST possible. Their reforms suggested are Nazi reforms, but still better than communist reforms, as far as making an efficient economy, Nazi China is leading the way and America seems to be following. Not that you can blame them for trying but it won't work because we are not homogenous, full of ignorant fat people, and too focused on the "value of life" that we've forgotten that there is no "inherent" value to life. Life is a vehicle, like a car, what is valuable is how you drive it and to what end. For what moral purpose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And what about lack of interstate competition?, and no limit to the crazy world of tort? Get Real.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jons life must be a VW bus, with huge daisies all over it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "full of ignorant fat people"

    is that you Bill Maher??????
    S C R E W …. Y O U
    What an ego! You all knowing bastard.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jon is a nutjob

  7. THEY NEED US says:

    Its looking like NOW is not a good time to totally fu** up the economy of the US, which happens to be the most charitable nation on earth, as well the agricultural giant of the world.

    NAIROBI, Kenya – Parents in some of Africa's poorest countries are cutting back on school, clothes and basic medical care just to give their children a meal once a day, experts say. Still, it is not enough.

    A record 1 billion people worldwide are hungry and a new report says the number will increase if governments do not spend more on agriculture. According to the U.N. food agency, which issued the report, 30 countries now require emergency aid, including 20 in Africa.
    The trend continues despite a goal set by world leaders nine years ago to cut the number of hungry people in half by 2015.

    "It's actually a world emergency that calls for action from both developing and developed countries," said Otive Igbuzor, the head of international campaigns for ActionAid International.

    "We know a child dies every six seconds of malnutrition," he said.


    Jon probably shot up his old momma with propofol.

  10. BUCHENWALD says:

    Robert "Third" Reich

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dollars to donuts, Jon is obese himself, and is adopted.

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