Selflessness, in Pictures

Assigned Viewing: Ian Fisher: American Soldier
(The Denver Post)

This is fantastic. It’s a photo essay comprised of absolutely breathtaking photography and an even more stunning display of selflessness, which follows a young man in Colorado over a period of two years from the days before enlistment in the Army to his welcome home as he returned from his first tour of duty in Iraq.

It pulls no punches. It pulls at heartstrings. And it is presented beautifully.

Every time I have the chance to meet a young man or woman like Fisher, whether it be standing in line at the airport or crossing Market Street for a handshake and a “thank you,” I am always astounded at the poise, confidence and patriotism they exhibit. There is nobody, in any profession, that commands my profound respect, appreciation and admiration like a man or woman who have put everything on the line to serve God and country.

I remember a few months ago, encountering a young Hispanic man in uniform downtown here in Philadelphia. He was quite obviously walking with his family and caught up to me at a stoplight. I turned to thank him, and felt compelled to shake his mother’s hand as well. I mentioned that she should be proud of her son, that so many of us are immensely proud of him, and that we all truly appreciate her sacrifice as well as the mother of a young man putting his life on the line for America. The woman looked at her son quizzically, and he got a sheepish look on his face as I’m not certain he wanted to translate what I had said for her.

We talk about sacrifice and selflessness all the time, but more often than not many people forget about the families of those serving overseas. For that reason, I was glad to see photos of Fisher’s family among the fantastic photos of Fisher himself.

Take a moment, should you have one, to explore Ian Fisher’s first two years in the U.S. Army. I hope you find it as amazing as I do. Hats off to the Army, to the Denver Post, and to Ian Fisher and his family for making this happen.



  1. Anonymous says:

    It truly is an Army of One! I salute you, Ian.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obama: Selfishness, in Pictures

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obama would never make it into the Army. You need a birth certificate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My son just left for Ft. Knox yesterday for basic training. These photos are hauntingly close to being exactly what our lives have been, and probably will be in the future as we support him. We must not forget what our sons and daughters are fighting for. Hold each of them close in your hearts and hope that they all know how much people like us still appreciate them.
    We know that Obama doesn't care.

  5. Bodenzee says:

    Pardon me for an off topic rant but I'm mad as H*&% over the $5.4M and $3.8M fines that the FAA proposes to levy against US Air and United. These fines will just be passed on to their customers.

    Since flying aircraft that clearly were not airworthy were conscious acts committed by people, why doesn't our government take the action against the responsible people..fines and/or incarceration? This would deter future callous behavior. Fining the passengers won't. It’s just another government imposed tax that fixes nothing.

  6. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    WOW – thanks – that was awesome. What struck me was how young they all look, & the expressions on their parents faces. The photos were outstanding.

    May God bless & keep our troops, and I pray that America survives so their sacrifices will not be in vain.


  7. Gail B says:


    War is bad enough, but to have a DI breathing in your face with the breath of a pit bull…? and the attitude of a pit viper…?

    Thank you, military guys, for your combat service and for all you were put through in training! Geez!

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