Laughing at the President’s Expense

Fred Armisen may not sound like Barack Obama, but he sure has his accomplishments pegged.

When it came to late-night and other comedians, President Barack Obama has been strictly off-limits. Sure, you could poke fun of Joe Biden. Sure, you could laugh at Hillary Clinton. Republicans? Oh, please! They were a gold mine for the liberals on the coast.

Just a few minutes ago, however, as I briefly flipped the channels after watching a still-undefeated Auburn squad beat the Tennessee Volunteers–War Damn Eagle!!–I caught the very beginning of Saturday Night Live.

And oh, boy — the honeymoon is over.

While SNL’s Fred Armisen has apparently given up on trying to sound like the president, he was unmistakably Barack Obama and absolutely excoriated the Commander In Chief. With a visual checklist beside him, Armisen-as-Obama went issue-by-issue and demonstrated how this president has accomplished nothing.

Close Guantanamo Bay? Not done.

Out of Iraq? Not done.

Improve Afghanistan? Worse.

Health care reform? Hell no.

“I even went personally to try to bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016. It didn’t work out. But in this case, there’s some good news with the bad — for every person who buys an American car in the next six months, you’re gonna get one of these,” said Armisen-as-Obama, holding up a tee shirt reading: 10-02-09 Chicago 2016.

If anybody should be mad at him, Armisen-as-Obama says, it should be the left. They probably thought he would have accomplished at least one of the following things by now:

Global warming? No.

Immigration reform? No.

Gays in the military? Nuh-uh.

Limits on executive powers? Nope.

Torture prosecutions? No.

“So, looking at this list, I’m seeing two big accomplishments,” he says. “Jack and squat.”

And, even more amazing, the folks at SNL actually reminded America of what the Democrats seem to forget every time they accuse Republicans of obstructionism:

“And remember — I can do whatever I want,” Armisen-as-Obama continues. “I have a majority in both houses of Congress. I could make it mandatory for all gays to marry, and require all cars to run on marijuana. But do I? No.”

But, he cautions, “I do have some accomplishments.”

The cash-for-clunkers program, he said, stimulated the economy. “Unfortunately, it was the economy of Japan.” Also, he said, “I killed a fly on TV.”

It was absolutely incredible. It wasn’t Armisen-as-Obama getting laughs at the expense of someone else — it was Armisen-as-Obama getting laughs at the expense of Obama. I’m certain that Rahm Emanuel and others aren’t pleased, and while they will most definitely dismiss it as a funny segment in a comedy show when inevitably pressed about it by someone, I think this was far, far more significant in the grand scheme of things.

When it comes to this particular president of the United States, the varnish has worn off and the tarnish has begun to set in. Sure, his policies and his ideals are still loved and his personality and race still worshiped by the left, but his failures are becoming obvious, and the left is not pleased in the least.

Soon, politically Barack Obama will be a man without a country. The right never wanted to have anything to do with him in the first place, and from his background and associations had him pegged from the get-go. The moderates–even those who voted for him–don’t want the government to own the automakers, don’t like seeing success discouraged and retroactively punished, and correctly feel that our nation is no longer as safe. And the left, beyond disappointed, will frantically search for someone further left, but either will not find anyone, or will find someone that could never, ever get elected in America.

Two types of politicians will be able to flourish in this new environment, the environment that so many of us saw coming but only now is starting to manifest itself — an outwardly centrist Democrat like Hillary Clinton, who may adhere to some of the moderate left’s values without displaying an overt hatred of America, and a conservative-libertarian Republican who can effectively articulate the proper role of the American federal government.

Ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States is no longer off-limits, and there’s a wealth of material just waiting to garner a good, hearty laugh.



  1. Gail B says:

    Oh, bless you! Thank you!

    It's about time the fringe media (Beck's term) realized that America is awake, alive, and well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A clip is on breitbart-political news tab…too funny!!!!!

  3. goddessdivine says:

    I could fall out of my chair, it's almost too good to be true. And it only took them 9 months. For SNL to mock Obama is huge.

    Please find the clip soon! (Some of us are too lazy to turn on the TV.)

    BTW–do you not know who Lady GaGa is? ;-) Yes, she's a singer. She has a few good songs, but she's a total freak. She's quite popular amongst today's youth. Nice, huh?

  4. Amy says:

    It's about time. Obama is already the biggest failure as president that we've ever had.

    I agree that candidates like Hillary and true conservative type candidates should be able to flourish in the next few years.

    However, I also heard that McCain is trying to remake the GOP in his own tepid, lackluster image. He's even mentoring younger candidates and opening up his fund raising network to them. I hope he fails miserably. What conservatives need now is candidates who are in stark contrast to the Dems and the left. McCain was just Dem-lite and that won't work right now. I wish he would step aside or be pushed aside by some up and coming true conservatives who know what being a conservative really means and who can offer a true alternative to the other side.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Gail B says:

    After we get this video viral, a lot more people will come to their senses.

    Jeff, this is beyond belief, that the network would permit such bashing of their holier-than-thou one. I guess we should be contacting NBC and thanking them! (I think it's NBC, anyway.)

    Careful about Auburn, however–General McChrystal might just ask that the "War Damn Eagles" join his forces in Afghanistan, since he's not getting any support from his C-in-C!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Jeff. We'll be laughing for a while.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did you notice the "laugh track"/audience response seemed contrived/forced/confused?

    Discombobulate is the word of the day.

  8. John Feeny says:

    I've changed my mind…Barry is the best thing to happen to this country in a long, long time.

  9. trailbee says:

    Guess who is going to be audited by the IRS? Hm, hm, hm!

  10. Rix says:

    You might have not noticed but for a smarter half of the country (and not a small part of the "white man's world"), Obama is the laughing stock for over a year. It is nevertheless good to know that the rest are catching up. Birth Certificate joke, anyone?

  11. Anonymous says:

    well, looks like barry has made history. The first President to become a lame duck in just 10 months in to his Presidency, while his party controls everything.

    Not an easy accomplishment, he worked hard for that mediocrity. But also notice that it didn't stop obama's date night from continuing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would have never thought I ever want one, but now, I really really really want one of the T-shirts.


  13. Anonymous says:

    As usual this was unfunny SNL–they must threaten the audience with water boarding torture unless they laugh. This wasn't even a lazy attempt at an Obama impersonation. It was an idiotic clip. If they want a freaking dictator to ram all that crap down the throats of every American, let them have one and see how much they like it. Funny how Americans who are screaming for the closure of Gitmo don't realize many of the prisoners will be sent to other countries, destined for worse treatment.

  14. Gail B says:

    Anonymous at 7:22 p.m. — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    He-Whose-Birthplace-Must-Not-Be-Named can do no wrong in the eyes of adoring Marxists. You should read some of the garbage sent me by a girl in my HS graduation class, about how the Great He is working hard to help us in this sad financial period. (She hasn't compared O's debt to Bush's debt.) She gives pages and pages of opinion, but no facts.

    We who know what the Big Zero is trying to do to our country and our freedoms are laughing our socks off because the network made him look like the Dumb A$$ he is. The skit itself didn't have to be funny. The fact that it aired is what makes it funny.

  15. Anonymous says:

    An interesting take on this from:

    "This sketch wasn’t aimed at Rahm Emanuel, Joe the Biden, or Tim Geithner… it was targeting the Man himself. But did SNL really turn over a new leaf? Nope. The criticism leveled at Obama was that he is failing to execute the brilliantly conceived left-wing aspects of his agenda as stated in his campaign. Of course, there is no casting judgment on those ideas and no mention that most of America doesn’t actually support them."

    Another funny: Hitler Finds Out Chicago Didn't Get The Olympics

  16. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  17. Gail B says:

    From NBC First Read: (!)

    From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, Ali Weinberg and Kelly Paice

    *** Doing Something:
    As some predicted, the president's failed Olympics effort is providing the context for a bigger look at the president's accomplishments. And the first organization to weigh in? None other than "SNL." Their skit is providing the context for a storyline about the various unfinished promises made by candidate Obama. While amusing and somewhat devastating, the skit is actually a reminder of this bigger fact: the president has a lot of balls in the air, in fact, they are ALL in the air at this point: health care, the economy (jobs, stimulus and bailouts), Afghanistan, Iraq, climate change, Iran, Russia relations, China relations… and the list could go on. What the "SNL" skit also underscores is that this president desperately needs a win and needs a win soon. A lot of initiatives begin with great promise of accomplishment but getting them across the finish line is proving difficult, whether it's Iran (nuclear inspections don't begin now until LATE October; yet another delay by the Iranians) to health care (so many missed passage deadlines). That's what made the Olympics effort so demoralizing for this White House, it underscored the difficulty this president is having on closing the deal.

  18. Gail B says:

    Has a fortnight passed? When's your b/d, Great Leader? (No sarcasm.)

  19. Gail B says:

    Anonymous at 3:26 p.m. on 10-4–

    I really really want one, too!

    Beck tonight said that he thinks that the SNL skit was a shot across the bow from the left. The left is angry that Obama/Soetoro hasn't gotten anything done, and he is being told that he's fair game, just as Sarah Palin was.

    Well, they don't fight fairly, and we'll just have to watch out for anything resembling healthcare, cap & tax, etc.

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