Diagnosis: Hyperbole

Assigned Reading: Obama’s Phony Health Care Horror Stories
(FROM: Newsmax)

One of President Barack Obama’s healthcare “horror stories” is about a woman who, he says, lost her health insurance on the verge of breast cancer surgery because she didn’t disclose a case of acne to the insurer. That’s not what happened. [...]
She “was about to get a double mastectomy when her insurance company canceled her policy because she forgot to declare a case of acne,” he said in one telling.

Beaton did not lose her insurance because she failed to own up to a skin problem in her past. She lost it because, when enrolling in the plan, she had not reported a previous heart condition and did not list her weight accurately.

Even in Obama’s painstakingly prepared speech to Congress, he got some material facts wrong.

He said an Illinois man died because his insurance company found an undisclosed case of gallstones in his past, canceled his insurance, and delayed a stem-cell transplant for his cancer. The man did lose his insurance but got it back retroactively and had treatment that his family says extended his life for nearly four years.

Now, the folks at Newsmax were right to point out that White House hyperbole is nothing new. Still, it shouldn’t matter whether it is a Democrat or Republican — let’s deal with facts.

When it comes to health care reform, tell me how much it’s going to cost, tell me where you’re going to get the money, and tell me how you hope to retain the ingenuity brought forth by a free market approach to health care. Tell the truth about rationing. Tell the truth about illegal immigrants. Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.

Part of the way we can tell that America is still by far a center-right nation is through the message packaging done by the president and the American left. They cannot be straight with the American people — not on health care, not on cap-and-trade, not on the economy, not on anything. If this nation were a left-leaning nation as the mainstream press would like us to believe, Nancy Pelosi could explain that she wants a single-payer health care system, Henry Waxman could explain that it is is true intention to destroy American exceptionalism in the name of saving the environment, and Barack Obama could tell us that America should be taught a lesson in the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ronald Reagan didn’t need to exaggerate the way he did with the story of the “welfare queen,” but he needed an example. Barack Obama absolutely must deviate from the truth in order to sell his socialist wares, because the American people simply will not want them otherwise.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. "He Lies" has done nothing but lie his entire life. He isn't going to "change" now. Here is a video I just viewed that really made me sick. When are Americans going to wake up and fight the good fight with truth?


    P.S. word verification…joyintim…joy in time? Well, I try to remain optimistic.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, it seems that previous limk has been taken down in the last hour but here is a longer version embedded at worldnetdaily….


  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is a new SUN co.uk news article about how Brown's Labor party has 'lost it'? Since the Sun I believe is owned by the Billionaire that owns
    Fox it's kinda shows he attacking 'Liberals' on both sides of the 'pond'.
    I wasn't suprised that any newspaper in the UK could complain about the UK 'government' but this one seems to be pretty angry. Maybe the newspapers here will wake up amd begin to actually 'complain' about Obama's spending us into bankrupcy???

  4. "YOU LIE" says:

    Hyperbole?, no Hyperbiglie.

  5. Rix says:

    The phrase "You lie!" pretty much sums up his political platform, doesn't it?

  6. LOL!! Thanks for the laugh!

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