More Indoctrination

Praise Obama, sure. Praise God, however, and risk expulsion.

And all you right-wing extremists were worried about the president’s address to schoolchildren early this month, and about the accompanying worksheets which asked students to “write letters to themselves about how what they can do to help the president.” Gosh, you people were obviously over-reacting.

Sure thing. This video, linked to late yesterday evening on the Drudge Report, was apparently shot in a school in South Jersey. How lovely.

It’s 12:30 a.m. and I’ve got a ton of work to do still for school today before I can even go to bed. Still, I want to reiterate something I said yesterday and something I’ve been saying for a while now: this is a marathon, not a sprint.

If my child were in that school, she’d be home TOMORROW and would not return until the school district answered some questions. If at all. Given what we’ve seen in the past few days, I think it’s about time that we start getting even more involved and aware of what our kids are doing and learning in school. Arrange to sit in for a period or two. Obviously, be respectful, but don’t be afraid to get a little political with teachers on parent-teacher night. Ask what kinds of civics lessons they’re learning. Look through their history books. Join the PTA, and make sure that other parents who think as you do join as well.

And when something like this occurs, demand answers from the school board. Go to the local media. Go to the local papers. Come to me. It’s time for educators to be held responsible, and it’s time for parents to become responsible for deprogramming our children when they return home every day.

It’s easy to stand up and point at a video like this one and yell at your computer screen. It’s not so easy to step out of your comfort zone, risk some anger from the carpooling group or the other parents on the soccer team, and stand up for the future of not only your child, but everyone else’s as well.



  1. GiveMeSanity says:

    Did my ears deceive me or did I hear them sing a tribute to the O using the melody to Battle Hymn of the Republic? Sorry. The original lyrics have much more meaning than the "contemporary" version. This makes me sick!

  2. Randy Wills says:

    Amen, Jeff. Amen.

    This is why I believe that our window of opportunity to bring this country back from the brink is very narrow. Before the next presidential election, there will be four more classes of graduating seniors, all of whom will have spent virtually their whole public school lives under this kind of influence.

    One the things that I found most disturbing as I researced the people close to Obama was how many were dedicated to "education". Brainwashing would be a more appropriate term, and it has been going on for the last three or four decades. The radicals of the sixties didn't fade away; they began teaching our children the ways of "anti-imperialism" and the glories of Marxism.

    Thanks for bringing this post to the attention of AR's readers. Nothing could be more important.


  3. Gail B says:


    Time to get rid of the U.S. Department of Education!

    Time to find out when the County Board of Education meets.

  4. GEORGE S. PATTON says:

    Sieg Heil

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tiny little brown shirts. Nauseating.
    Is this what my Dad almost lost half his arm for in the Battle of the Bulge?


    UNITED NATIONS (AFP) –The summit will be the first time the 15-member council will be chaired by an American president, with Obama having set combating nuclear proliferation as a priority of his new administration.

    He MUST be worth singing about, the man has TWO jobs !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    All the more reason to homeschool!! That video made me sick. There is NO WAY I would allow my kids to be subjected to the politically correct indoctrination that takes place in public schools daily.

    It isn't always so blatant. But it is prevalent……in textbooks, in relativism, in "tolerance" education, etc.

    It is time American's take back their children's education from the NEA and return it academics, not indoctrination.

    Recognize how many of these are social/political agendas and not academic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wake up!!! You MUST pull your children out of these schools NOW! Quit thinking YOUR school is OK — it is everyone else's that is bad. It does not have to be blatant indoctrination to influence the minds and hearts of children. It is peppered through-out their textbooks, even hidden in math word problems. Yes, you MUST pull them out NOW or PLEASE FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!

    If you send your children to Caesar's schools, don't be surprised when they come out voting like Romans!

  9. Rix says:

    I am blessed with a conservative district – a rare thing in the Soprano State, as we use to call New Jersey – but my older daughter's school has its share of liberal teachers. Last year, I had a chat with one, a typical hippie libtard who still lives Woodstock and occasionally smells of it. The guy was positively gloating: he can do whatever his pachuli-smoked heart wants because he doesn't care for promotions, his tenure protects him from being fired and, since he teaches two AP classes, students have to swallow his propaganda in fear of ruining their shiny four-plus GPAs. Short of choking the moron out of his liberal misery, which was admittedly tempting but illegal, I felt rather powerless – and so, I am sure, do millions of parents across the country. Tenure *must* be eliminated ASAP, contract law or no contract law, if the conservatives ever hope to restore the country's education system to its original purpose.

  10. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    I couldn't agree with you more. This is sickening. Something Jesus said about a millstone around the neck comes to mind…


  11. Anonymous says:

    This is outrageous but is anyone yelling about it but US?….where is condemnation by the parents of these children? Is everyone ASLEEP!!! I am so enraged by what went on in the sewer pit of the UN yesterday and yet there are no cries from the media (surprise, surprise) at the insults by our el presidente or the creep from Libya or see articles stating that Qadaffi upstaged everyone, Obama opened his arms to the world and such garbage as that instead of the TRUTH which is America has been diminished and thrown under the bus by our own president as he smirks while murderous thugs insult and make fun of our country. Dear God, where is America, where are THOSE who will stand up against this outrage and where is our gov't (Democrat or Republican) that has enough courage to stop this despicable defamation of our nation? Today we have been asked to pray and fast for America in view of the Muslim prayer rally at the Capitol. I urge everyone to get on your knees before God because I believe if not for divine intervention, our nation will be overcome by the corruption of this administration.

  12. Dee says:

    Very, very scary. I'm glad my children are out of the public schools.

  13. Roses,WA says:

    How funding for public education works in the state of Washington, the schools get paid from the state based on attendence. Keeping your kid out of school and informing the local administration why can actually get their attention because it costs them money. Even a one day absence to un-indoctrinate your child can be a good thing if they know why and have to deal with the repercussions of their actions, a cut in their inflated budget. It may be a little cut but if all the parents who still love this country can take one day it could be torture by a 1000 cuts and they will notice.

  14. Rix says:

    > It may be a little cut but if all the parents who still love
    > this country can take one day it could be torture by a 1000 cuts
    > and they will notice.

    Yeah, they will notice the budget drop. And guess what goes first: new computers for the school lab, free hot lunches for the "underprivileged" freeloaders or the yearly bonuses for tenured educators.

  15. Anonymous says:

    All these kids should be spanked.

  16. Hal says:

    Government schools provide government education. Plain and simple.

    My children are not in public schools, nor will they ever step foot in one. I suggest the same happen for your children if you truly care about what they are learning and to what they are being subjected.

    Its a sacrifice. And its all about priorities. My wife and I both work and we make a very comfortable living, but we do without a lot so that we can bypass the liberal indoctrination of the government school system.

  17. Dale in Flyover Country says:

    I wonder what's next — teaching the kiddies how to do the Two Minutes Hate against George ("Emmanuel Goldstein") Bush?

  18. CHILD ABUSE says:

    Put these rugrats out doing the stupid Maypole like we had to do as kids. This is Capital-P Pitiful.

    Get a life kiddies; take up guitar or something…. licking Obamas shoes will get you NOWHERE.

    And whoever wrote that sorry-arse song should be tarred and feathered…. talking about ripping off the Chef-Boyardee song!!, come on.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!! Get rid of that arrogant creep!

  20. goddessdivine says:

    So we can't talk about God in schools but we can sing praises to the president?!

    As a public educator I am disgusted with this video (and the anti-capitalism one). I agree wholeheartedly with this post: BE INVOLVED!! The only way to make changes in schools is to cause a ruckus. If the gay and lesbian agenda can find its way into the curriculum, then by gosh, we can demand a stop to all the indoctrination. It's time to start demanding answers and some accountability. I'm one of the few teachers who backs charter and private schools. Choice is a GOOD thing that will foster competition. Oh, and I also believe that lousy teachers who pull crap like this should be FIRED.

    I think I see myself home-schooling my future children some day…..

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