The Cause Behind the Curtain

By Randy Wills
America’s Right

If you’re like me, you know that something real big is going on in America under the Obama administration, but you’re not sure exactly what it is. In fact, you may be feeling as I do that Washington has been taken over by some alien force animated by the desire to destroy our constitutional way of government.

And please understand — these feelings have nothing at all to do about race. At least not on my part. I’m not sure, however, that “Galaxy Obama” is not using unfounded calls of “racism” to stifle criticism and opposition to their policies; hopefully, the public is beginning to see that tactic for what it is: shameful cynicism.

As you will recall, on October 30, 2008, presidential candidate Obama said that “we’re just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” It’s obvious by his personnel appointments and policy proposals since his inauguration that he meant what he said, but you don’t know why he and half the country thinks that it’s necessary to “fundamentally transform” this best-ever form of government, this shining city on a hill known across the world as the United States of America. Truthfully, I have come to consider the portent of that statement the most ominous since that “date which shall live in infamy” in December of 1941 when, as a child, I listened to the radio broadcast of the news of Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor and realized that the United States would soon be going to war and life as I had known it was about to change – possibly forever.

At first, I couldn’t make the connection between the emotion that I felt recalling that event and my reaction to Obama’s statement about “fundamentally transforming” America, but then it came to me: he was, in effect, declaring war on whatever it was that America has been for the past 200-plus years and, as I feared for my country in 1941, I similarly fear for it again now. And like back then and on many occasions before and since, I wonder if we as a nation can successfully rise to the occasion and once again prevail over the forces that would destroy our way of life.

Remember, as constitutionalists, we are committed to “protect and defend against enemies foreign and domestic,” and that doing so isn’t always an easy call to make. In the past against the imperialists of Japan, the Nazis, the Fascists, the Communists of Europe and Asia, and in present day against the Arab/Persian Islamic radicals of the Middle East, we have fought back and won at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and a nation’s fortune in armaments. Can it now be possible that we have an administration in power that has declared that it would accomplish this same objective from within without firing a shot? God forbid!

After thrashing this question around in my mind for months, I decided to attempt an exegetical analysis of Obama’s much-quoted statement to see if that would provide the clues to the full intent of his words. So, starting with the word “we,” I’ve been doing some research–with a little help from Wikipedia and print media–to see if I could find some pattern or interconnectedness that would shed light on who the “we” is and what it is that motivates and binds them together. I began by making a list of the all of the persons connected with Obama over the years who seemed to have either played a significant role in forming his political ideology or acted to help him implement that ideology in specific policies. Before I knew it, I had more than a full page of names and the list is still growing. If you watch Glenn Beck’s Fox News Channel program regularly, many–perhaps most–would be familiar to you, but as I moved farther out into the penumbra of “Galaxy Obama,” I found a surprising number of other significant connections. I soon realized that once I started pulling on this thread, it just went on and on, so I decided to abort that effort for the time being so that I could reach an end-point suitable for conveying here at America’s Right. I believe, however, that I have nonetheless accumulated enough information to paint a reasonably complete picture of our future under Obama if he is successful in his quest to transform America to conform to his particular idea of “a more perfect union.”

From the perspective of the ideology–secular-progressive to the core, with a good measure of Marxism and black liberation theology thrown in to boot–embraced by Obama and the “powers and principalities” that anointed him, the whole idea of America has to be transformed or, better yet, totally replaced with a new global policy of economic and social justice. Supporters of such a policy, including President Obama, appear to be oblivious to the fact that “America” is not a piece of geography or even a group of people who have chosen to live together within certain physical boundaries, but rather is a demonstration of a concept of how individuals could live and work together in both peace and freedom in order to reach their maximum, God-given potential.

We can trace this concept back to the Protestant Reformation beginning in 1517 when Martin Luther, the German theologian, nailed his “Ninety-Five Theses” to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg, Saxony. The central theme of this new theology was that the individual was responsible directly to God–not to the Catholic Church or the ruling monarchy–for all of his actions and endeavors. It was a new way of thinking that assigned high moral value to work and emphasized the Scripturally-based virtues such as thrift, deferment of gratification, and generosity towards others. You will find that the writings of our founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin and others, are replete with intonations of these Lutheran/Calvinist precepts. In fact, I believe that it would not be a stretch to say that our very Constitution was created with precisely these beliefs in mind.

In practice, this belief system had a dramatic effect on the productivity and economies of those cultures that adopted it. The secular German social philosopher Max Weber analyzed this phenomenon in his seminal 1907 work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and it was he who coined the term “Protestant Ethic.” As the title implies, Weber also attributed the system of capitalism, which in turn gave rise to the Industrial Revolution, to this ethic. This all sounds good so far, but this “ethic” had a negative component as well — it had the inevitable consequence of differentiating persons, and hence nations, on the basis of natural ability governed by a theology of life, rather than inherited status.

In other words, it exposed differences. No longer could an individual hide behind the church or the State, sullenly blaming one of the other of those for the outcome of his life. To many, that was not a revelation that they welcomed and today that same attitude towards personal responsibility provides the fertile soil in which the Obama administration sows the seeds of socialism.

Unfortunately, as these concepts became secularized and the term “Protestant Ethic” was reduced to “work ethic” so as to encompass all religions and ethnic groups, capitalism turned to greed and greed led to the immoral practice of taking advantage of certain classes of persons who were unable–due either to intellectual limitations, physical characteristics, or the lack of access to capital–to benefit from an expanding economy. The plain truth is that much of America’s economic growth, from the very beginning, was the product of cheap labor supplied by the flood of immigrants and plentiful raw materials, which came by way of the acquisition (often by force or chicanery) of more and more land. Needless to say, slavery and the treatment of Native Americans were the most obvious and reprehensible manifestations of this facet of unredeemed human nature and we will live with the effects of that sin for as long as this nation exists. We can wash our hands and cry “out, out, damn spot” as long and loud as we like, but the spot just won’t go away.

But you say “Why go into all of this? What relevance does it have to the politics of America in the 21st century?”

And to that I say: “Everything.”

First and foremost, the basis for this united effort on the part of the Obama administration to transform America is the shared view that, as a consequence of capitalism and moderately-strict adherence to Judeo/Christian principles, there are two distinct groups of people in American society: the “oppressed,” as defined by race (or nationality), class, and gender (or sexual orientation); and the “oppressors.” The latter are personified by the white, heterosexual, males of northern European extraction who, in 1787, fashioned our Constitution and system of government around the Protestant Ethic. In the eyes of the collective “oppressed” these, and their descendants to this present day, are the enemy of all that is good and just in society — not only in America but around the world. For that reason, many feel that their ethic must be destroyed in order to make way for a new classless, gender-neutral, multi-racial, anti-white-Christian*, socialist utopia. To the “oppressed,” it is the embedded Protestant Ethic that is at the very core of the problem for this new global policy because it exposes the reality that there really are God-ordained physical differences in human beings and there are different outcomes in life based on the choices that they make.

In other words, everything that tends to expose differences between human beings based on choice will be abolished, including property ownership and free speech because these factors, by their very nature, are divisive. Of course, this is a utopian myth for the simple reason that all behavior, at its root, is the result of unredeemed universal human nature — and no political ideology is going to change that. Man’s-injustice-to-man will simply manifest itself in a new wealth-and-power-controlling structure with the elite–oligarchs and bureaucrats, one might guess, if Russia provides any clue–and the faceless “common-man” who will plod along, without joy or hope for a better future, under the complete and unrelenting control of the elites. This new, “fundamentally transform(ed)” state will, of necessity, reserve solely for itself the legal means and right to use violence to maintain order and retain power. And you can be certain that violence will be visited on the citizens in many forms, including forced abortion, sterilization, and euthanasia-by-denial-of-services. The good Drs. Emanuel, Holdren and Sunstein, with a little help from the likes of Princeton’s eminent bio-ethicist, Peter Singer, will see to that. Trees and animals will be safe and actively protected, but the malformed child and slowing septuagenarian will be deemed an unnecessary burden on society. I’m not making this up; it’s all there in their own words for you to see.

So this, I believe, is the way it will unfold. First, we will see the tearing down of all of the societal structure that is derived from the precepts of the Protestant Ethic as defined by Weber and, by so doing, disenfranchise and emasculate the so-called “white power structure” that the “oppressed” holds responsible for all societal ills. Then, with the help of demographics and thought-programming in our schools, all of the differences created by race, class and gender will be abolished so that the historically superior performance demonstrated by the practitioners (represented by all races and religions) of the Protestant Ethic will be negated by similarity.

All of this can already be seen playing out in the visual media–when, after all, was the last time that you saw a white adult male portrayed in a multi-racial, multi-gender, situation as intelligent, strong, or inspiring?–and enforced by anti-discrimination laws. Homosexuality and “gay” marriage will not only be protected but will be celebrated, and capitalism will continue to be portrayed as the overarching enemy of a “just” society.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth talk and wide smile that we see and hear ad nauseum on television, carefully crafted in order to convey inclusiveness. My belief is that the collective hatred on the part of this administration for all things dear to the heart of us those of us who call ourselves constitutional conservatives will not be sated by anything less than a total reversal of perceived roles between the “oppressed” and the “oppressors.” And I honestly believe that they will use every means at their disposal, including false crises such as global warming, pandemics, and incitement to civil disorder, to bring this about. Have you noticed that all objections to Obama’s policies are immediately termed “racist?” I believe that this is deliberately done in order to inflame racial tensions.

And we should not be fooled into thinking that this group of liberal/progressives really cares about the downtrodden of the world. They are cynics, through and through, and they can do the arithmetic. It’s simple: the party with the most votes wins, and the “oppressed” masses are the political equivalent of battlefield cannon fodder. They are perfectly aware that there never has been, nor will there ever be, an economically and spiritually successful implementation of egalitarian Marxist socialism. Instead, what they care about is gaining the power to control every facet of life according to their design wherein all things will be managed for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. The opportunity for individual initiative will be a thing of the past.

For me, the ramifications of the government usurping the opportunity for individuals to make life choices are immense. The ability of a human being to recognize opposing propositions and make conscious choices is nothing less than mankind’s foremost distinction from the animal kingdom. It is a gift of God, and it is the trait that enables us to love and be loved, to know evil from good and choose between them. It is the way in which God made us in His image. To take away a person’s ability to choose is to render him no better than an animal, yet this is what I see happening in “Galaxy Obama.”

I hope that I’m wrong but, from where I sit, the objective of our adversary now seems clear, and I for one will not give in without a fight, no matter the cost. As I said earlier, America is not a piece of land cut out of a larger piece of land and bounded on the east and the west by oceans, nor is it just an economy or, as Teddy Roosevelt once said, “a polyglot boarding house”; it is an idea of how persons can maximize their productivity and live together in peace and freedom with respect for each other and reverence for God, and it must not be defeated by an ideology based on the humanistic utilitarianism being brought to us by an administration rife with Marxist academics and rabid environmentalists. As flawed as we humans have rendered it, long live Weber’s “Protestant Ethic.” There has never been a better philosophy for a society to organize itself around.

* (From James Cone’s A Black Theology of Liberation, in which he says: “In order to be Christian theology, white theology must cease being white theology and become black theology by denying whiteness as an acceptable form of human existence and affirming blackness as God’s intention for humanity.” And to that, Obama’s former pastor says “Amen.” And for twenty years, I expect that parishioner Obama nodded in agreement.)

Randy Wills lives in the Northwest with his wife of over 52 years and divides his time between his role as Operations Manager of a software development business founded with his son in 2002 and maintaining close contact with his extended family. Both he and his wife are avid readers and spend as much time as they can together reading and engaging in deep discussion of history, religion, and politics. For recreation, Randy and his wife like to “get away” in their RV.



  1. Anonymous says:

    "fundamentally transform Anerica." look out for that language in writings, speeches and comments given by obama and his friends not just during election time and since but years before.

    having seen and or heard it this obama takeover appears as something planned years ago and now being implemented? my opinion anyway.

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