Gathering Tinder for a New Reichstag Fire

Assessing the American left’s growing obsession with political violence and presidential harm

Politically, I consider myself to be an optimist. It’s not that I’m somehow oblivious to the current administration’s efforts to undermine our national security. It’s not that I don’t see our currency shrinking in value. It’s not that I don’t see the rising tide of socialism, or the degradation of our culture. It’s because, from everything I’ve read, I’ve discerned the hand of Providence in the founding of our nation feel we will not be forsaken in our time of need. It’s because I’m seeing an awakening America which knows all too well both the fragile nature and inherent value of freedom.

Right now, however, there is something nagging at me. Keeping me up at night. Making me absolutely, positively scared to death of the American political left. And I’m not scared of much.

For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed among left-leaning politicians, pundits and media types a growing obsession with political violence and, specifically, the assassination of President Barack Obama.

Each and every night, as I lay down to sleep, I not only thank God for the health and safety of my family and for bringing my wife and daughter into my life, but also for the continued safety and security of the president, his wife, and his adorable two little girls. I think I speak for a number of Americans on the right side of the proverbial aisle when I say that I may not agree with Barack Obama politically, but that anybody would even think about harming him or his family makes me physically ill. Having a little girl myself, I cannot even fathom the idea of being robbed of the chance to see her grow up; people look at the office of the president and forget, sometimes, that the person occupying it is a man first—and in Obama’s case, a father–and chief executive second.

Yet, when I listen to former DNC honcho Howard Dean talking about the anger on the right and how Senate Republicans want to “kill the bill and kill the president,” I see someone who views Barack Obama not as Michelle’s husband or as father to Sasha and Malia or even as the president of the United States of America, but as an expendable vessel through which the left can accomplish and perpetuate its longstanding agenda.

And when I watch MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and David Shuster attack law-abiding American citizens and attempt to portray them as something they’re obviously not, I see a pair of so-called “journalists” overcome by their own personal bias, high on the power inherent to their role as agenda setters, and absolutely obsessed with the idea of harm coming to the president.

And when I hear elected Democrats like Maxine Waters say that right-leaning Americans who marched on Washington on 9/12 should be interviewed and probed for their innermost, racist thoughts, and Nancy Pelosi comparing the current political climate to a turbulent time in San Francisco which resulted in the killing of elected officials, it just makes me wonder why exactly they feel the need to reinforce the idea that those who oppose their policies are angry, violent and racist, and that the nation’s first black president could be the target of that anger – especially considering that the only violence and racism we’ve seen recently has come from the left.

Everybody seems to be working overtime to replace one reality with another, a carefully-crafted storyline meant to blame right-thinking Americans for something that will hopefully never occur. If this truly were about anger and violence toward the president, you’d think they would have voiced their honest concern a while ago.

Love, like or hate former President George W. Bush, to overlook the venomous hatred exhibited by his opposition would be to ignore fact. Signs reading “Kill Bush” littered protests throughout the eight years preceding Barack Obama’s inauguration, as did posters depicting Bush’s death by hanging, by beheading, and various examples of the former president being burned in effigy. Books were written and movies were made about his assassination. Nobody on the left or in the left-leaning mainstream press, however, felt it necessary to devote even a minute of air time to it. On the rare occasion that such conduct and displays were addressed, the books and movies were defended as “art” to be admired, and the signage and burning effigies defended as exercise of free speech. Liberal politicians reveled in it, sometimes joining in on the rhetoric themselves.

Fast-forward to now, however, and everyday concerned Americans are being lambasted for carrying signs which quote founders equally concerned about the abuse of power and exponential expansion of the federal government. Law-abiding gun owners are accused of being assassins. The political left and its mainstream press has been so quick to depict those opposed to Barack Obama’s policies as racist, murderous loons that they go above and beyond the call of bias, on one occasion intentionally concealing the race of a black man lawfully carrying a rifle so as to perpetuate the biased liberal message.

Yes, that was a report from MSNBC showing a law-abiding gun owner attending a protest outside Barack Obama’s health care town hall event in Phoenix, AZ a few weeks ago. Despite best efforts by the Obama-loving press to juxtapose the rifle with another, slightly lighter-complexioned protester, the reality is that the gun owner in question in that case was indeed black.

But ignoring fact and refusing to do due diligence in order to perpetuate an agenda is nothing new for the mainstream press. Another simple step they refuse to take is comparing the people involved in notable protests and events from years gone by. Consider the amount of litter abandoned on the Mall following Barack Obama’s inauguration, or the violence and destruction left behind by leftists protesting the World Trade Organization in cities across the globe, and compare that with what we’ve seen from the people Maxine Waters decry as “teabaggers.” Not once have riot police been called to address a collection of people protesting the expanding reach of Barack Obama’s administration and federal government. In fact, on September 12, 2009 anywhere between 60,000 to 1.4 million people descended upon the Mall in Washington, D.C. in just such a protest – and, at the end of the day, there was not a single arrest and the Mall looked as clean and devoid of litter as it had been before the event. The worst thing anybody has yet said about tea party attendees came from Barbara Boxer, who described them disparagingly as “well-dressed.”

Peaceful opposition, however, doesn’t meet the left’s needs when it comes to propaganda, to setting up the inevitable in the case that the worst actually happens. Only by constantly arguing that the right must be feared, even absent any evidence to merit such fears, can a scapegoat truly be developed.

The scapegoats in early 1933 were communists. On the morning of February 28, after the Reichstag had been likely deliberately burned the night before by Nazi storm troopers and the fire blamed on communist detractors, Adolf Hitler demanded an emergency decree essential, he said, to Germany’s ability to overcome the rising tide of crisis. The decree read:

Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.

Because of the fire at the Reichstag, and because it was supposedly set intentionally by communists, Hitler’s emergency decree met little resistance from his cabinet members, despite the group largely being comprised of non-Nazis. As a result, non-Nazis were killed. As a result, political meetings and publications of non-Nazi parties were suspended and destroyed. Even an attempt to stand up and voice opposition was rendered against the law and punishable by death. The government assumed control of newspapers and radio stations and dominated message and propaganda dissemination. And the rest is history.

The rise of Nazi Germany was, in essence, facilitated by opportunity created from a manufactured crisis — the torching of the building where government officials met and discussed the daily business of governance. Without a direct comparison between Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama, or Nazi Germany and Obama America, it should be noted that this current American administration has by its own admission developed a keen sense of when and how to use crisis—real or otherwise—to its political advantage.

The economic downturn brought us the so-called “stimulus” package. The manufactured crisis of “climate change” could very well bring us cap-and-trade. And, mark my words, by the end of the year the combination of swine flu, Ted Kennedy’s death and an artificially inflated number of uninsured Americans could bring us health care reform. These people know that crisis works. And that, combined with the growing obsession on the left with political violence and specifically the threat of harm to the president, is what makes me worry.

The manifestation of the left’s growing obsession with political violence, especially if that violence is taken to the presidential level, could inevitably mean a loss of freedom, a shuttered conservative infrastructure, and silenced voices of those on the right. The resulting chaos would empower the left to clamp down and silence dissent more than it has been capable of doing for years, and America would be far worse for it. Blame for any perceived insurrection would be placed squarely on the shoulders of people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin or, on a smaller level, people like myself.

My unease grows when I look at the modern Democratic Party. I see a group so devoid of values and accountability, so unconcerned about morality and ethics that they would gladly rather engage in the politics of personal destruction than address an argument posed by ordinary American citizens. I see a party so consumed by politics and power in perpetuity that it would not think twice about annihilating the morale of our intelligence community or putting the lives of American soldiers in jeopardy in order to score a few points within the Beltway.

Never forget that absolute power corrupts absolutely, that the first inclination of power is the perpetuation of power. Furthermore, never forget that a rabid beast is often most dangerous when cornered. And, considering the dwindling support for the Democratic Party, for the president and for the policies advanced by both, the time when they could be the most desperate—and most dangerous—is almost upon us.

I certainly hope I’m wrong. I hope that Chris Matthews just likes to hear the sound of his own voice and nothing more, that David Shuster is just such a horrible journalist that objectivity doesn’t even enter into his mind, and that Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi simply split a single brain cell between themselves and the rest of their constituents in California. That such talk isn’t dismissed outright as preposterous, however, says a whole lot about this administration and today’s left.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, it's exactly what you think. They are keying up everyone to fear the right, and make everyone think that people who believe in personal freedom, individual responsibility, and the principles on which this country were founded are terrorists. And then, one of their member will assassinate the president. NO conservative or libertarian wants to see Obama assassinated, because we know exactly what will happen – it will be the opening of the floodgate to have our freedoms curtailed permanently. However, the left wants to see us enslaved, to perpetuate their power, and they will be assassinating him themselves – probably right before the 2010 election, to ensure that they don't lose seats at the midterms.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I fear you may have missed touching on in this article is that all of the talk about violence, especially towards the president, being a concern is opening a door to create a martyr for the left if he was to be harmed.

    I have seen the succesors for the presidency, the last thing I want is for anything to happen to the communist in chief. We would REALLY be screwed then.

  3. Mick says:

    And still you refuse to see that this man is a Usurper to the Presidency. His father was not a citizen when Obama 2 was born. Even if born in the White House, he is not a natural born citizen. Yet he put his hand on the bible and swore to uphold and defend the constitution that he finds "constraining". Well it's constraining because it makes his Presidency illegal! What kind of man does this? A dangerous one. You fail to defend the constitution, as do most lawyers, Is that the kind of lawyer you want to be, just like all the others?

  4. Anonymous says:

    you should send this article to the washington post, wall st journal, or ny daily, etc
    this article is so well written, so calm, so true
    we also have so pedagogy to do,from a very equilibrated standpoint as you have done
    please do send it to the press

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent article Jeff and I agree wuth everything you have said. I also pray for safety of our Nation's leaders and I pray that their hearts will be touched so that The Holy Spirit will lead them to make Godly decisions. Many people that I know voted for Obama and some are now seeing he wasn't truthful in his statements prior to being elected. As for Nancy Pelosi's recent statement, I am sorry but I thought she was so fake and she needed to be standing with the "crying tree people".


  6. Anonymous says:

    Obamao has been exposed, his associations have had light shed upon them, ACORN is going down, the Communist Van Jones is out, Obamoa's takeover your health is DOA, and Obamao's birth certificate issue is finally proceeding in the courts.

    The script that has been pre-written by the left is now trash. They used him to try to enact their communist takeover of the country. Now they are laying the groundwork to blame the violence on the right they have already planned in the event their messiah was not successful. (Note I did NOT say what that violence is specifically…. but all you need to do is look at history when a leftist regime tries to 'revolutionize' a country as to what happens)

    Perhaps just like with gas prices last year they should have wished the change "happened just not as fast."

  7. Donna says:

    I will not comment on this article except to say that I am tired of the critics, media, I am tired of the left and I am tired of the right. This has now become a game of who can win with words. What is going to happen are the American people are going to STOP reading all the garbage coming out of the right and left and also the media and just go back to their lives as they knew it before Barack Obama was elected. God help us all if that happens. We were on a path and working towards Health Care Reform, we went to Washington to let the government know how we really feel, we had town hall meetings and now that it has passed, town meetings are over, washington is back and we went home. I don't see progress, not real progress. All I see is bickering, finger pointing, name calling, SOMEONE BROUGHT UP "RASCISM", well we knew that was coming. But for me, I don't see a path anymore, I don't see a oneness of american citizens, black or white, left or right I just see America going down slowly but surely and what hurts the most is OUR country was once a great country now it looks as though Obama is tearing her down little by little and he will get his way if someone does not stop him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate what you're saying, but Germany in 1933 had suffered through a long and painful depression, plus the unjust Versailles treaty and the citizens were quite willing to forfeit their rights. This situation here is not the same. Not even close.

    What I see in all this is a crumbling base that the Demos are attempting to shore up through this thinly veiled propaganda. And it's not working.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous 2:56 AM:

    I agree in part that Obama could be assassinated, but NOT by the right. That would be the most horrible thing in the world. No one deserves to be murdered…held accountable under the law, yes, but never murdered. Martial law would ensue, and those of us who are fighting for our Constitutional rights KNOW this, you are correct.

    IMHO, I think the ones who would take him out would be hitmen for the central banksters and those powerful elites trying to create a global government. I think a lot would depend on how effective O is in suppressing our rights and propelling us into socialism-marxism, or soft tyrrany, whatever you want to call it. If he is successful at that, then they will not have any need to get rid of him. These people who control him are very patient…they have been planning the destruction of America from within for a long time.

    Personally, I think he has been a far too effective tool already for them to consider "removing" him.

    I am so "racist" that last night my dear black friend came over and visited and had dinner with our family.

    TO ALL:


    "I judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin."

    It is a paraphrase of MLK's statement, and can be used to quash bogus arguments with one of their own idols!

    Lisa in TX

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hardball should change their name to Hardhead – They could bang their heads together day in and day out, and still not pop out an intelligent word. What a poor excuse for media. I wonder if these people go home, and realizing what they are doing, don't shudder to think they are giving up their moral fiber for a job. What a shame.

  11. Amy says:

    Excellent article as usual.

    One thing many people do not realize is just how much Nancy Pelosi was lying when she lamented that the words being used around the time Harvey Milk and the mayor were killed were the cause of their deaths. They were killed by former Supervisor Dan White who was angry that the mayor had not reappointed him. They were killed by an unbalanced fellow Democrat. Pelosi made it seem like some deranged right-winger killed them.

  12. Joyce says:

    Jeff, you have articulated my fears exactly. Thank you for drawing attention to the danger!!

  13. Moonbeam says:

    Jeff, you hit the nail on the head.. but for one thing. Obama has goals to be King of the World.

    Two things will eventually happen..
    1. Obama will be removed from office by physical force, which may or may not end his life.

    2. Obama will flee when news of his birth certificate hits the fan. He will then proceed to run the world with the large portion of countries in his back pocket.
    He has his choice of many dictators who will cover his ass.

    I, myself, cannot believe the horrible state our Washington Leaders have created. It's now out of control. We have to stay focused and strong.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Everybody STAND DOWN, I mean good gawd, look at that order of succession. We gotta do this at the ballot box.

  15. Michele says:


    Although I have my doubts about the President, I fear the courts are just acting as if they are going to do something. This is a game for them. If the judge is truly considering action, the Obama Administration will get to them.

    I wonder what is in his college transcripts. Look at what is happening the the Republican running for Governor (can't remember the state). He had a good lead and the Democrat found a paper he had written in college about women, and now the race is neck and neck. It's amazing that they can destroy this man over this, but they think because we want to see what Obama wrote about in college is foolish and racist.

    Anyway, it's is obvious that we have to go down all avenues to fight against this machine. We cannot put all our eggs in one basket and hope it works.

    They want us to turn on one another so they can declare Martial law. We have to outsmart them and look at what we are accomplishing in such a short amount of time while they have been working on this for years.

  16. Bodenzee says:


    I've believed from the beginning that Barry is just a tool of a liberal "machine." If, or when, it is to their advantage to throw him under the bus they will.

    I share your concern. Imagine the frenzy that would ensue if we had another JFK like assassination. That as a catalyst, with our current House and Senate would be the end of personal freedom. But don't worry too much. My prediction is that they wouldn't do this until all guns are registered so they know here to send the collection teams.

    The liberals have no honor. I sure, at least on an intellectual level, that Barry knows this too and is watching.

    When I see him stop his daily campaigning and stay home, I'll start to worry.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The dimwits are all concerned about 'violence' when almost 2 million people converged on DC with NO violence…there were no signs any worse than what was directed toward George Bush in the past or SARAH PALIN and her family. They have tried to downplay the number of people in DC but because there is video evidence, thay have to focus on creating an atmosphere of potential violence. They are the ones trying to stir up racial hostility because that is the trump card they play when backed into a corner. The hatred directed toward Bush and Condolezza Rice (was that racial) or Justice Clarence Thomas (was that racial) seems to have been forgotten. Our criticism is directed to various members of the administration and Congress so how is that racism??? If they really wanted to foster peace and non-violence, people like Jimmy Carter would STOP interjecting their interpretation of what people in this country believe…he is as out of touch with the American people as he is with the Jewish people.

  18. Claudia says:

    I wonder if Pelosi knows that when her lips are moving, she is lying….??? Does she have even the tiniest smidge of a brain in that head or is she completely devoid of any functional thinking ability? Just like the poster above who stated that it was a Dem who assassinated Milk and also was one of his appointees who was off the beam mentally. And Pelosi thinks that is cause for concern today, because of our perceived "violent" words and actions while protesting…. a thing that I am sure she was complicit in in her youth, because of her stance on many situations. Ad because she abhorrers is so strongly now. People only really abhor things that they "understand" with an intimacy that most are unfamiliar with. Besides, I thought that she grew up in Maryland and was the descendant of a very political family there. I think that she got minorly involved in San Francisco politics about 1970 or so, and maybe she was on the fringes of those responsible for the killing of Milk or those attempts, and knew of some of the things that were being done on the sidelines to get rid of or cause to be rid of Dan White by ways that he might not have thought of himself and been "put up to" by those that wanted others to be in the line of succession in the Bay Area. I think these things because I used to live in CA and followed politics very closely, even back then, because of the work I did and the family ties I held that run very deep in Calif Central Valley History. All I am saying is that I don't think Ms. Pelosi's hands and backyard are completely clean and above board and her past may be shadier than many of those in CA would ever wish to know. I lived in CA until the late 70's and then moved to Nevada, where I still am in the circle of influence of California politics and the influence of Dear Ol' Harry Reid, and birds of a feather — always flock together and Harry is not much different than "Sweet" Nancy. And now, the political schemes are overflowing from Calif to Nevada on a daily basis and in every subject or person that runs for office they spread their dirty political games over here and those that win there, ply their games much more strongly here. SO, I see it on a different game board.

    Nevada used to be a strongly Republican and Independent State, and for the first time in as many years as I have lived here, this last year, I saw the Democrats gain the house and the Senate locally and I saw our Governor be vetoed when he was trying to do the right thing that True Nevadans really wanted, by the Democrats. They overturned his Budget bill and now for the first time that I can remember, OUR State is deeply in financial trouble, not superficial trouble, but deep trouble that there really is no way out of — just like Calif. And all of that speaks directly to the intertwining influence of Calif politics and the closeness of Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi and CO.

    To be con't in a following psot……..

  19. Claudia says:

    con't from my prior post…..

    As far as the VIOLENCE that IS going to come down, it will be a planted source from the Democrats, IF it happens, and it will be because Obama is becoming to hot to handle and to aggressive against his own builders and handlers, which always happens when a person is created out of a blob of sub-human tissue that didn't have a reason to be in the first place. He thinks he is becoming that Messiah that he has been touted to be, and he is ruthlessly going after the power himself now, instead of merely being a tool to gain the stronghold. He believes everything that they told him now and thinks he is invincible. His head has finally gotten to be too big of an obstacle and he will have to be removed BEFORE we, and those that voted him into office, start to totally catch on that there is NOTHING inside of him that makes him great. He has become the very worst kind of obstacle now, and will soon go down for it, to be done by those that built him up for the position in the first place. NOT BY THOSE on the Right side of this argument, but by those Pelosi's, Water's, Dodd's, Ayers, Emanuel's, and all the others that he has surrounded himself with to make his cover strong….. those will be the ones who do the final blow and remove him. Or else he will self destruct by blowing his own mind up from the inside out, by believing all his grandiose images that he puts out, and he will drive himself mentally into the looney bin and the straight jackets will have to come and pick him up one day in the Oval Office, as he stumbles and mumbles to himself that he can't — simply can't understand why we don't love him….. His brain is not strong enough to comprehend the facts…..

    At least, I would like to hope that it all ends that way, if it is not ended legally by the proof finally getting heard about the reality that is his life, and the Courts-Judicial or the Congress acting responsibly on the facts and removing him and all of his cohorts all at once, in a big clean up move to rid our Country of the infestation of this Communism..

    I do worry about how this will end, very much and have since day one of his running, I fear deeply what will be pushed or forced upon us to make it all happen and who is actually pulling the strings of the getting it done. It scares the crap out of me, cause I want America to survive…..

  20. suek says:

    Assume you're correct:

    Assume that some leftist assassinates Obama. Then what? Biden becomes president, declares a national crisis/emergency and what then…activates the military to operated in the US against citizens? Think that'll fly? Or the National Guard? Think he'd immediately nominate Pelosi as VP? He better not, or his head's on the block! Although I don't think they'd have any problem manipulating him…

    I'm just not sure I see this going anywhere…I think it's more likely that the pressure would result in an uprising of militant conservatives – and there _are_ some of those. Not that they're looking for trouble, but they're keeping their powder dry. Just in case.

    I don't think the military would act on illegal orders. Give them 10 years to get the amenable leaders into power and maybe yes…at this point – no.

    So – what do we do about it? (the present situation) Do we prepare to take action? sit and watch it all happen and do nothing?

    What options do we have?

  21. carder says:

    I would almost give in to the prevailing mood, except that I hold out a little hope for the next series of Breitbart videos that (hopefully) will continue to blow holes in the Left's armor.

    And then there's Obama's own behavior regarding recent developments: stabbing Poland and Czech. in the back, saying he doesn't think the ACORN scandal is where we need to be focusing on, etc. failing to show leadership with Afghanistan troop increases…

    This age of new media, and excellent blogs like yours, are what helps me keep my sanity at times.

  22. linder says:


    I, like you, have felt that something bad was going to happen and it would be blamed on Republicans, and here I sat in AZ with my own family wondering if I was going going to be able to protect and preserve. But I have to tell you that I feel like there is a light on, at the end of the tunnel, for us to find our way out of this. With people like Glenn Beck, and Andrew Breitbart working to expose the corruption, they are laying the crumbs for us find our way out of this. I want to pass on this article from Redstate, maybe it will help push us in the right direction… There are several leftie Dems in AZ. It might just be time to start working to hound them out of office.

  23. Rix says:

    An *excellent* article, Jeff – and you know that praise from me is a rare occurrence. Talking about "right wing violence" is a powerful multi-pronged assault: it pushed us into restrain and self-censoring, draws attention away from the actual violence committed by the left, scores political points with the independents and – the worst part, as correctly pointed out in the post – prepares the soil for a provocation and a subsequent blame wave.

  24. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Linder — you also have some excellent representatives there in AZ, the best of which is John Shadegg. Those should be celebrated and protected.

    Rix — I'm checking my basement's temperature to see if Hell has frozen over. On the Georgian situation, I was always of the impression that Russia created an unsettled situation there through which it would be obligated to come in (in essence invading without invading), so I'm interested to hear your take.

    Thank you, by the way, for listening and culling some of the race-driven stuff from your comments. I've never remembered a period in my life where my time was so much in short supply as it is right now, so I appreciate the help more than you can imagine.

  25. Anonymous says:

    My feeling is that Pelosi's tears were for her fear of losing power.
    In my attendance at tea Parties and Town Halls these past months, never have I felt any fear of violence or pushback from Police officers. (contrast this with the leftists' demonstrations in the recent past. They have feigned and fomented anger to push their agendas)
    Let us continue to call out our idealogical opponents wherever we can, using good humor and confidence. The leftists will be the ones seen with scowling faces.

  26. linder says:


    I couldn't agree more with your view of John Shadegg. Even though I am not in his district (Blue Dog Harry Mitchell is my Rep.) by less than half a mile, I write to him often, encouraging him to continue fighting for the people of AZ as well as the Constitution.

  27. Gail B says:

    Jeff, I may be wrong, but my feeling is that the leftists are only looking for a reason to clamp down on us, to control us. I feel that they are trying to plant the seed of violence in our minds, and they want it to happen soon.

    The Patriot Act simply does away with our Constitutional protection with just a declaration by by president.

    Everyone in D.C.–both houses of Congress–should vote NO on anything and everything that the leftists propose, at least until the matter is settled about Obama/Soetoro's eligibility is concerned, which, in my opinion, is a ridiculous question because of his father's Kenyan citizenship.

    Anonymous at 6:18 p.m., I second your thoughts about Pelosi. My father died in 1978, and no daughter loved her father more than I did. Yet, I can talk about his life, his death, his habits, his personality, his values, and so on without crying or feeling pain today. I just cannot believe that Pelosi is subject to being so worked up over something that happened all those many years ago when she was not related to or emotionally close to them.

    We call them "crocodile tears" where I'm from. She has an agenda, not grief.

  28. goddessdivine says:


    I like how Glenn Beck is now calling the MSM the "fringe media" because they do not represent the mainstream. They are so out of touch with America, and their lack of real journalistic skills is appalling. Even more disgusting are these labels on anyone who opposes this administration.

    Nobody wants to see Obama killed because despite what these lefties think, we are not violent. Besides, look at the next two in line. Do we really want that?

  29. Gail B says:

    Goddess, the leftists do not think that we are violent, just as the leftists don't believe we are right wing terrorists, just as the leftists do not believe we are racists. It's all to brainwash the brainwashable "party members" — fellow Democrats.

    The leftists are breeding hatred for the right wing conservatives, hoping (I think) that sooner or later someone will snap…and thus violence and control over all of us through martial law.

  30. Rix says:

    Jeff, your basement cannot possibly be THAT bad a place, can it?

    Regarding Georgian war, look at it from this angle: Russia did not stand to gain anything by being an aggressor. Unlike in Chechnya, there are no oil pipelines to go through Abkhasia or South Ossetia. Neither place has any military or economic value, and the idea of a land grab and/or regime change was officially rejected by Putin from the beginning.

    Check this piece from our beloved FoxNews. Apparently, the MSM do not have the monopoly on censoring out the inconvenient truth.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with this article, but I also see another side to it.

    Personally, I believe the goal all along was to bring about martial law. I could be wrong and hope I am, but I also understand merely being President does not give him enough power to make all the changes he has in mind. He wants to totally change everything but the Congress and the Constitution hinders him. Obama refuses to alter his agenda and must have more power to push it through without all those bickering Representatives and Senators. Martial law is the best way he can get that level of power, but it requires a crisis of enormous magnitude to implement. What will the trigger be? H1N1? An economic collapse? A terrorist event? A national revolt? I think he is fueling all of these possibilities to a greater or lesser degree.

    Nearly everything Obama has done in office has been really controversial or highly upsetting to various groups of people, but especially to those on the conservative right. He is purposely trying to create chaos, as instructed in "Rules for Radicals". The trouble is, we've become upset, but not violently so as to call it a national crisis.
    Therefore, he is going to keep agitating and angering Americans so they react in a way that can be declared a crisis.

    Personally, I think all this talk about violence is kind of like a subliminal suggestion. Those who can't bring themselves to think it are now hearing about it on the news. They want this kind of crisis, for out of disorder comes the opportunity to rebuild (per Alinsky).

    Regardless if it is fabricated violence from the left or genuine violence from the right, the end result will be a clamp down and tighter government control. Along with this comes greater power to push his agenda forward. Regardless of who commits the violence, everyone will be subject to the outcome imposed by the government.

    The only thing missing is an accurate estimation of just how much Americans love the Constitution and to the extent they will go to defend their freedoms.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I recently read some comments, by liberal bloggers, that Obama has been acting weird lately. At first I wrote it off. I figured they were just reading too much into the stress that comes with the Presidency, but now I'm not so sure.

    Obama owes his soul to some very evil, extreme left "friends." They were the writers, producers, directors, and investors in this nightmare. The good – they underestimated the American People. The bad – they invested heavily to put Obama where he is and will accept nothing less than a return on their investment. They are the kind of friends that can turn on you in the worst way. If I were Obama, I'd be acting weird too!

    As for the MSM, they are simply setting the stage to lay the blame on Conservatives and justify Martial Law.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

  33. GATOR-1 says:

    I have always believed that those who helped put this man in office, knowing full well the "issue" which is so riducilious had done so with the next move already planned.

    In what manner will it be, I have no idea. But what Jeff describes is while a horrific event in itself it is also would become a horrific event for our entire country and all of our Freedoms.

    So while we have stepped away from the "issue" here on AR I must say I can only Pray what ever whomever may have planned ? Knows full well that "Our" ridiculous "issue" is in fact a Silver Bullet.

    One without the horrific violence that could lead to possibly World Violence and thus even more reason to clamp down on our Freedoms.

    Realistically they are pretty smart and they know they dont have enough control of things just yet to make it work without a lot of resistance.

    I know they are ruthless enough but I just dont think they are stupid enough to do such a thing.

    People seem to like those who throw their own under the bus…Doing so in full public view could make some of them heros to their kind. Which for us is bad enough.

    I do Pray they are smarter than they are ruthless….But then again they are getting backed into a corner?

    Thanks Jeff


  34. Gail B says:

    Just a reminder–Congress does NOTHING for six months if martial law is declared.

  35. Gail B says:

    A bit off topic, but we all love Danniel Hannan, conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England, who has that wonderful sense of humor and ability to talk "on his feet," has a blog site:

    Interesting that he has graphs relating to what's happening today and what happened up to the Great Depression.

    And be sure to watch the video of him telling a joke!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Yes, definitely in agreement here.

    The main purpose of the greater world governing fewsome in their agenda of handling their useful idiot, Obama, is to get the U.S. out of their way to power. His role in all this is to convince our traditional enemies that we are now one of them, (like pledging a wannabe fraternity) willing to prove it by dismantling our strength and power, weakening our overseas forces, and dissing our traditional allies who can't really do much against them without our help. These monied powers are the ones who backed his "career" up to this point. He owes them his soul. But, in the end, they will eat him. They are preparing the country to believe that if anything happens to him it is the "violent" fringe who is responsible – just the crisis/chaos needed to finally gain total control here. And Biden??? All the green national socialists already eased into the picture within the gov. will roll all over him with their control. There will definitely be that "shadow" government ruling with Biden as the figure head. Obama may actually believe he's owed something and going somewhere in the big plan. Ha!

    The only hope may be for the military, growing more impatient with this CIC each day of delay in Afghanistan build up of forces, to use their own strategy before that too is completely dismantled. The Pentagon elitists better get with the troops. And Gates, the politician, had better wise up to himself also being used against the forces on the ground.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This says it all.

    My unease grows when I look at the modern Democratic Party. I see a group so devoid of values and accountability, so unconcerned about morality and ethics that they would gladly rather engage in the politics of personal destruction than address an argument posed by ordinary American citizens.

    So when they talk about this stuff, don't be surprised. They are the embodiment of the Culture of Death. Abortion, euthanasia, … it all fits who they are.

    I do think the modern Democratic party is twisted and sick enough to throw one of their own under the bus in the worst of ways if it suits the ideals of the "machine." It's the Chicago way.

    Keep praying for the souls of our leaders, and pray for the protection of those brave enough to shine the light of truth into the dark places.

  38. CRY ME A RIVER says:

    Weren't Pelosi's tear ducts removed in all that massive facial surgery?

  39. Randy Wills says:

    Great piece of writing, Jeff, and I agree with the commentor who said that it should go main stream.

    From my posts, including the one I just sent to you, everyone knows that I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective and I share your sense of foreboding. We are being carried along by a current that defies resistance.

    However, I want to remind everyone that what is happening on the United States political scene, no matter how critical it is to those of us who live here, is secondary to what is going on in the mid-east relative to Israel.

    Israel is, as Joel Rosenberg has so aptly termed it, the "epicenter" of coming events, and if that explodes over Iran's nuclear threat, it will result in a world-wide conflagration that will make U.S. politics irrelevant.

  40. Rix says:

    Randy Wills:

    Internal politics of the USA will be *most* relevant in any world-wide conflagration – it will define which side of the scales America's nuclear arsenal will be thrown on. If Obama has his way, we might as well ally with Iran and Venezuela officially.

    PS: Pardon my silly question, but is it the same Joel Rosenberg who wrote "Guardians of the Flame"?

  41. Gail B says:

    Jeff, you aren't the only one disturbed by this thought of someone on the left pondering the assassination of Obama. Cliff Kincaid's article, "Who's Threatening Obama?" (Sept. 22, 2009) goes into it, too, but a bit more depth:

  42. Anonymous says:

    It's called transference.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am uncomfortable in saying this but I think it may soon be a reality.Obamas death at the hands of a preported right wing extremist.I fear the pictures of people at tea partys carrying weapons may be plants.He would be historys greatest martyer. People would willing give up any civil rights for the 'goverment' to protect them.Three more years of this disaster of an administration will destroy the left. But if there was a great tragidy, all would open to them.Belive me there are people behind the left that would not hesitate to do somthing such as this.

  44. Randy Wills says:

    Rix: No, I'm referring to "Joel (C.) Rosenberg". He is the author of "Epicenter" and "Inside the Revolution" and has worked for individuals such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Steve Forbes, and Natan Sharansky.

    And under the Obama administration, I don't think that our nuclear weapons are going anywhere. That would bring retaliation and likely would destroy Obama's vision for a "fundamentally transformed" America. My guess is that the U.S. will put every obstacle possible in Israel's way if they try to go it alone re;Iran.

    But you may be more right than I am. I just hope – for Israel's sake as much as our own – that we never have to find out.



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