Part II: Barack Obama as Shaman

By Ronald Glenn
America’s Right

Previously, I stated that President Barack Obama is neither fascist nor communist. Here, I shall attempt to explain why I believe he is a contemporary religious figure — a shaman.

The first time I reconsidered the question of how I would label Barack Obama, I was sitting in a church on a lovely June morning in 2008. I had attended several different churches over the previous months, mostly due to dissatisfaction with the church I had been attending. I noticed on that June morning in the middle of the church service that the woman in front of me had a Barack Obama campaign sticker on the diaper bag she had brought with her. There she was — a married woman, with several young children, in a conservative Christian church, stumping for Barack Obama.

And I soon discovered, as I went to other churches, that she was not alone. If any of these particular people had thought there was any chance Barack Obama was a communist, they would never have voted for him. I refused to accept the explanation that their support arose solely from hatred of George Bush or because they were too ignorant of Obama’s “socialist” policies.

I will begin my explanation by taking you back in time to another day in summer — August 24, A.D. 410, when Alaric and his troops sacked the city of Rome. In order to defend Christianity against taking the blame for this, St. Augustine wrote the City of God, a twenty-two-book work that would certainly make anyone’s top ten list for great books of the Western World. In it Augustine creates a dichotomy that has lasted until the present day. The history of the world is the struggle between two cities, the spiritual city of God, and the earthly city of men. The Protestant theologian Paul Tillich said Augustine “is the foundation of everything the West had to say.”

In the City of God, Augustine says the human soul is “a part neither of God nor of the divine nature, but merely a creature and, therefore, far from equality with God.” Millions of Christians, including the woman in front of me in church, no longer follow this orthodox belief. This has been replaced by a concept called “the God within,” a concept which began in the 20th century as a reaction against the Christian doctrine of original sin. Educated, hip Americans refused to accept the idea they needed to be saved from some evil inside of them. They turned in droves to meditation, where one could find the universe inside of oneself, and this universe was pleasing and good.

This kind of thinking is promoted on the TV talk show circuit quite regularly, much of it being passed off as “positive thinking,” a mechanism through which what you think can change reality. So what if we cannot do this for ourselves? We have someone do this for us. Someone who has the power.

The following is a quotation from The Hunting Peoples by Carleton S. Coon. You should see how beautifully this describes Barack Obama’s leadership function:

Stated briefly, a shaman’s job is to allay anxieties produced by mysterious causes. These causes are usually believed to be the handiwork of evil spirits, angry gods, or other hostile forces beyond the reach of ordinary men. To thwart them and thus to restore the affected person or persons to health and peace of mind, a specialist needs to be called in.

This specialist is someone who has learned how to communicate with spirits and to deal with them on their own terms. He is believed to be telepathic, clairvoyant, and able to move material objects by telekinesis. The feats of some shamans witnessed by a number of fieldworkers and other western observers have impressed them deeply. Whatever else he may be, the shaman is a gifted artist.

Fill in the blanks. The evil spirits are George Bush and Dick Cheney. The angry gods are the bankers. You get the point.

The problem with being a shaman is that his answers to life are not directed by outside forces, such as the United States Constitution, common sense, or any sort of restraint. Everything is based upon the inner power of the shaman and his ability to get in touch with the spirit world. Obama is endlessly in touch with the spirits of justice, equality, peace, change, and more like it. That these spirit guides would be expected to fit these concepts into the Bill of Rights is annoying to Obama the shaman. Traditionally, shamans do go into trances, but President Obama does not have to since his followers already believe in his magic instead.

Shamanism has its roots in the Paleolithic, at least 35,000 years ago. In the present, shamanism has remained viable only in traditional societies on the edges of, not in, modern civilization. Modern society relies on truths that come from outside of itself, like those found in science and philosophy and law. The kind of people I met in the various churches I attended need to understand that a shaman is not part of Augustine’s Spiritual City, he is part of the Earthly City, tricking them into believing his love of self is really a love of truth. Educated western missionaries to traditional societies saw that shamans were exceptionally intelligent liars and tricksters. Obama’s approval rating is down to 41 percent and will further decline as people begin to wake up from their sleep and slowly realize that Obama is not a shaman but a put-on.

Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law for more than twenty years. He now works in Philadelphia, and lives outside the city with his wife. Ron has been writing for America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Bodenzee says:

    Barry has scrubbed the Missile Defense Shield to be placed in the Czech Repubblic. I thought this had been promised by the US to the Czech's for protection against Iran. We can protect with a simpler system. But, Barry knows the Iranians are a peaceful bunch.

    Even CNN is reporting this morning that Gen McKristal, who had been told by Barry to ask for what ever he needed in Afganistan, has a needs 30,000 to 40,000 additional troops but has yet to submit the request because he hasn't been told that he can send it to Barry. "If I haven't been 'officially' asked the need doesn't exist" ??

    Things are getting bad for Barry when CNN reports two negative items within as many minutes.

  2. goddessdivine says:

    Hmmm. Some interesting food for thought.

    I just can't believe so many were and still are duped by this "Shaman". I saw right through him from day one.

  3. Gail B says:

    Ronald Glenn said, "Obama’s approval rating is down to 41 percent and will further decline as people begin to wake up from their sleep and slowly realize that Obama is not a shaman but a put-on."

    Agreed! Not only is he a put-on, he's a fake president!

    Judge Clay Land DISMISSED Captain Connie Rhodes' case against Obama in his decision yesterday. Not only that, he told Taitz not to bring another case into his court against Obama!

    Our judicial system pure sucks.
    Our executive branch pure sucks.
    Our legislative branch pure sucks.
    America's Right is NOT corrupted. In fact, AR is about the only thing around that is clean, pure, and honest. AR offers Hope and Change WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

    Thanks, guys! Good job, Glenn.

  4. bob says:

    This article is really quite lame, and a slander on shamen everywhere, including Jesus, who was something of a Jewish shaman.

    If you read Black Elk Speaks, and attend to the story closely, you will find similarities between the career of Jesus and Black Elk. Both separate in some way from the light of ordinary day, have a transforming experience, return to be helpful to their tribe.

    Your characterization of shamen as all frauds misses something deeper here.

  5. whats_up says:

    Gail said..

    Judge Clay Land DISMISSED Captain Connie Rhodes' case against Obama in his decision yesterday. Not only that, he told Taitz not to bring another case into his court against Obama!

    Of course he dismissed the case Gail, there wasnt one there to begin with, how many times must this occur before you understand that in a court of law you must use actual facts, not rumors, not innuendo, but facts.

  6. Rix says:

    > In the present, shamanism has remained viable only in
    > traditional societies on the edges of, not in, modern civilization.

    Do I have to scream it from the rooftops? Obama and his kind are not the "edge" they are OUTSIDE modern civilization. They can read, write, use kitchen utensils and wear fancy suits instead of animal skins but their tribal ways of thinking do not belong to the XXI century. Their ancestors were forced across a huge cultural gap, often against their will, and the results still show. The original sin that America now pays in spades for was not the enslavement of Africans – their own kinglets and chieftains treated them worse for millenia – but pole-vaulting them through the gap between tribalism and the alien, Judeo-Christian culture.

    "…Prehistoric people did not know of George Bush's existence and had to attribute all their problems to the Dark Forces of Nature…"
    — Translated from my Russian blog

  7. Gail B says:


    Listen to the interview at Dr. Laurie Roth's website and you just might understand that Judge Land quite possibly could have been threatened with his career or personal safety, as have those who own television networks, the top executives, TV talk show hosts, and major radio networks.

    There is more EVIDENCE that he is NOT eligible than there is that he is eligible. Otherwise, why the threats against exposing the truth?

    Did you get that? WHY THE THREATS AGAINST EXPOSING THE TRUTH about Obama/Soetoro's eligibility?

    Now, why don't you just sit back and chew on that one for a while, and just close your pie hole until YOU come up with answers. There is no proof that he is eligible. He has sealed ALL his records, even to the leftists.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please, don't anyone confuse "Bob" at 12:31 PM with me.

    old Bob

  9. Anonymous says:

    I guess I, too, believe that when we become Christian, our souls are inhabited by the Holy Spirit, and from then on He lives in us. (Is that "God within"?)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rix, the article's point is that the powers that be are using Obama as a shaman to fool the American public. Probably all races of human beings had shamans. We see pictures of them on caves in France from 20,000 years ago. Not only blacks voted for Obama.
    The government thinks the people are nothing more than cave-man level. This applies to you too, unless you are one of them.

  11. Gail B says:

    Old Bob, Shuh-gah, we know you better than to think that! Not to worry–we know what is wisdom and what is BS.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Old Bob:

    I would NEVER have attributed that statement to you! We know you too well!

    Lisa in TX

  13. whats_up says:

    Gail said:

    There is more EVIDENCE that he is NOT eligible than there is that he is eligible. Otherwise, why the threats against exposing the truth?

    Gail, no one has provided EVIDENCE that Obama is inelligible, they have tried to use rumor as fact, they have introduced forged birth certificates, they have tried to us 18th Century writers, none of these are EVIDENCE, that is how jurisprudence works, it has to be factual, not made up. Now you are trying to tell us that this conspiracy is threataning the lives of radio manager, judges, tv hosts? Gail use some common sense here.

  14. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Ron -

    An interesting analysis. I don't know enough about shamans to equate them all with snake oil salesmen, but Obama sure looks like the latter to me.

    Old Bob – I was just thinking of how much I have missed you & your voice of reason! Blessings to you.


  15. Gail B says:


    How about your use of a little common sense?

    I've done my research. You do yours. I have documentation. You don't. I have read the chapter of the Kenya Constitution on citizenship (Chapter 6, Section 87), where it states the circumstances that gave Obama Sr. and his son Barack Kenyan citizenship on the same day–December 12, 1963.

    Now, again, unless Obama/Soetoro has something to HIDE, why should he be any different from others in the United States who have to present a certified copy of an original birth certificate to play little league baseball, get a driver license, or practically everything else except to squat?

    Well, that seems to be what he is doing–squatting at the White House.

    Whazzup, I am not some naive little half-wit "blond case," okay? And, it's very difficult to make me believe B-S, which is what you are trying to talk me into swallowing. If you can prove what his name is, his age, his place of birth, then get busy. Otherwise, stop using up Jeff's time with a bunch of leftist CRAP. Everybody has better things to do than feed your ego.

  16. Rix says:


    Why should threatening, bribing or coercing showpeople and judges run against common sense? For over three decades, I lived in countries where such things were so common as not to be even noteworthy. Heck, weren't they common in NYC and Chicago mere 40 years ago? Do you believe for a second that people who have – allegedly – already committed high treason, punishable by death sentence, hesitate to break a few necks for the Greater Good?

    Now, to the matter of proof. When I go to the stinkin' DMV, the stack of documents I must bring with me is so large, it would get me a decent FHA loan a year ago. I have to present them for a dubious pleasure of driving a simple sedan through the local branch of Hell we habitually call "New Jersey highway system". If the only paper I bring along is a doctored photocopy of my birth certificate and demand "trust", heck, the DMV clerks will have a field day laughing their asses off. Why then, tell me, should anyone demand trust of me while occupying the highest, most influential office of the land, and arguably of the whole planet, but unwilling to VOLUNTARILY show the proof? Just by swaying "birthers" alone he'd gain an extra percent or two of popular support, and that not counting the charity work that could be done with the money wasted on legal defense.

    So the guy squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has no more cred with me than a confessed thief, rapist or murderer who is still presumed innocent right until pronounced guilty. Lawyers can stall anything for only so long.

  17. Gail B says:


    I could say something really unladylike to you, but instead, I will remind you of a TV public service spot. The announcer says to be sure to stop at the stop sign and proceed with caution, but to yield if another driver is making an error in judgment. Bottom line:

    "I'd rather be wrong than dead."

    So, I rather be wrong about Obama/Soetoro; but until he PROVES me wrong or gives me a helluva good reason not to prove he is eligible, I shall continue my research. The more I look, the more convinced that it is he who is in the wrong, not the UPHOLDERS of the Constitution.

    (I wish they would stop using the "birther" term–he's not any kin to me! I'm not his mama.)

  18. Anonymous says:

    If not a SHAMAN, definitely a SHAME to this great country.

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