The Horror! The Horror!

Sadly, right now, I’d likely be much less worried for our nation with Clinton in the White House. Can’t say I’m a fan, but at least I don’t see her actively working to end the era of American exceptionalism.
(Hat tip to the folks at The Onion.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! My EYES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    She is scary, that's for sure. I loved the video though.

  3. Gail B says:

    I understand that Bill can't deal with her, either.

    Does anyone else remember the bruise on Bill's left temple that lasted (or showed through makeup) for a week after the night he told Hillary about Monica Lewinsky?

    I figure, since Hillary is probably right-handed, that she whacked the left side of his head with a marble cigar box that night.

    verify: guess

  4. Bobby K. says:

    Jeff, about fell out of my chair laughing, poor pakis

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