A Trojan Horse Apology

By Robert Wallace
America’s Right

You have probably heard in the news or maybe even seen the clip of Rep. Wilson (R-SC) shouting out “You lie!” during Obama’s address to the House. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

It was a breach of our traditions, and so Wilson should have apologized. And apologize he did. Wilson apologized in a public statement and then he called the White House to apologize in person. According to Wilson’s statements on Fox News, the White House accepted his apology.

As far as all matters of ethics, tradition, and so forth go, this matter is closed.

But there’s also a political aspect to the question because this is Washington, D.C. and there’s a political aspect to every question. The Democrats are calling for yet another apology–this one on the floor of the House–solely because they think it will help them to regain some forward momentum. Apologizing is, by definition, defensive. If Wilson represents the anger of the American people, then the Democrats want him on the defensive as long as possible.

Frankly, is a pretty sad little attempt from the Democrats to get back on offense, and it could backfire on them. Wilson should try a little political zen judo and turn his opponents attack against them. They’re lunging forward and they expect him to stand and fight. Instead, he should go along with it and in the process take them completely off balance.

The key to remember is that a public apology on the floor of the House is a gift-wrapped passport to the media spotlight. Wilson was wrong to yell “You lie!” in the middle of the President’s speech, but he was also telling the truth. So why not take the opportunity the Democrats have so foolishly handed him and do it again: tell the truth even louder than before.

This is what Wilson should say:

It was wrong of me to interrupt the president’s speech. That is why I apologized publicly and called the White House to apologize in person. The White House accepted my apology, but my Democratic colleagues would like to hear it one more time. That’s fine with me. When I’m wrong I will admit that I am wrong: once, twice, or a hundred times if necessary.

I am concerned that my message doesn’t seem to be getting through, however, and so I want to be very clear and specific in this apology. I ask only from those who claim to hold respectful dialogue in such high regard their patient respect while I explain very briefly what it is that I am apologizing for.

The President, in his remarks right here less than a week ago, knowingly made statements that were false. First and foremost among these is the claim that insuring an additional 30 million Americans can be accomplished without adding a single penny to the deficit and without rationing of any kind. This is absurd. You know it is absurd, and I know it is absurd. Everyone in this room from the Speaker of the House to the newest congressional aide knows that it is absurd. The Congressional Budget Office knows that it is absurd. The American people know that it is absurd. No one believes that this is possible because it is not possible. Even if you could save billions of dollars without cutting any benefits whatsoever (and you can’t), where are you going to find the additional hospitals, nurses, and doctors to provide medical services for 30 million Americans who don’t receive them? Health care services are not loaves and fishes, and President Obama is not Jesus, and so there will be no health care miracle.

Several of the President’s additional claims were false, including the one that prompted my outburst. Since the speech, the White House has asked for additional measures in the bill that would prevent government-subsidized health care from being available to illegal aliens, but at the time that he made his remarks no such change had been called for and so what he said was not true.

So don’t ask me to apologize for the content of my outburst. I can not and I will not apologize for speaking the truth.

On the other hand, the timing of my comment was inappropriate. As every parent has had to explain to their children, just because something is true doesn’t mean that it needs to be said right then and there. I genuinely and sincerely regret allowing my passion for truth to override my dedication to the traditions of this House, and I regret interrupting the president’s speech.

The fact is that a lot of Americans know that Wilson speaks for them. Just watch this video (the Wilson bit comes near the very end):

Wilson doesn’t owe anyone another apology. He has refused to issue a third one, and I respect that. But now he’s playing defense, and he’s probably going to end up getting censured anyway. Why not take the Democrats up on their arrogant demand, and use it as an opportunity to restate the case that Obama is lying? It would be honest, it would be honorable, and it would be bad-ass.

Hey — if you’re going to get censured by a bunch of corrupt, arrogant, dishonest geezers, you should at least give them something to really choke on, right? The Democrats are offering this one up on a silver platter. I say take it.

Robert Wallace  is classical liberal studying economics in graduate school. He and his wife work as business analysis consultants, and they live as undercover conservatives with their two small children in a socialist bastion of a college town. He has been writing for America’s Right since December 2008.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Robert and Jeff. I gave credit to the wrong guy.

    I think you all do great!

  2. Anonymous says:


    Should (have) the signers of the declaration be hung for treason?


    Obama opened the door with his comments. The rules of decorum "Robert's Rules of Order" haven't been legalistically implemented for years.

    ONLY IF, he breaks down a historical list of those who should also apologize would this be reasonable. It will fall on deaf years.

    Is it me, or is there an initial "LIES!" from the video clip before Wilson's @ 1:19/20?

    This should be regarded as nothing more than our protest driven government and society at work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant, Jeff. I hope Wilson reads your posting and does exactly that!

  4. Anonymous says:

    No way, you're wrong about how this would play out.

    It's over.

  5. Michele says:

    After we met with Bart Gordon to make our voices heard, some of us stopped by Joe Wilson's office. There were people coming in and out from everywhere. We were all signing his guest book.

    I asked them if they were getting a lot of calls condemning Joe Wilson and they said "No, we are getting a lot of positive feedback." People that were in there signing his book wanted to know how to make donations. Though you cannot make them in the office you can mail them.

  6. goddessdivine says:

    This is a GREAT idea, Robert. I think you should forward this to his office.

  7. sharon says:

    Very Good..

  8. Claudia says:

    I think that Robert has really hit on soimething, IF Joe were to do EXACTLY what is prescribed in this article and make the apology tur into that trojan horse. It woudl tur it around on them in a flat second, and they would be hitting themseoves on the head for "giving" Joe an opportunity to make a full statement about why he did what he did at that time in the President's speech.

    Is there any way either of you can get this article to him or call him and let him rview what the suggestion is. I tried to write him an email, but it won't go through, and a call from someone our West will not matter at all.

    Pleasaae try to get thsi trough to him…..

  9. Rix says:

    I'll grant one to the Usurper: he surprised me by showing class this time, and I am not the one to withhold a praise where praise is due. But the reaction of the human vomit bag, otherwise known as Speaker of the House, and her Democrat gang of drooling sycophants was as expected as a coke can from a vending machine.

    My fifty bucks in the mail spell my approval of what Joe Wilson did and how he handled it, and I will send money to any politician, left or right, who shows brain, backbone and integrity in defiance to the cesspool our Congress has become.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You know, I'm having a hard time with the whole decorum, traditions, protocol-thing. I definitely see the point, and as someone who was strictly raised to adhere to such behaviors, this has me struggling to concede that Obama deserves an apology. That sounds terrible, I know, and I feel bad…not for him, but for traditions and the office. It's just that he broke decorum in the first place when he got up there and boldly and arrogantly lied, acted like a bully, stared down the republican side of the aisle, pointed his finger, and said, "We'll call you out", with a condescending tone. What kind of etiquette and decorum within the halls of congress is that? Have we ever seen a president act like that? I found his behavior beneath the office of the presidency, and I was appalled by his lack of statesmanship because he is the one that is to be looked at as the example and leader. Let me also add, these are dangerous times, and maybe, just perhaps, the outcry was justified in the state of an "emergency". They want to ram this through, along with everything else, and they very well may do it. Maybe it was divine intervention…you never know. But…during the events that led up to the Civil War, the congress was constantly filled with yelling, shouting, and name-calling…per records and documented memoirs. Wilson's comment was mild in comparison when searching historical records.
    So, aside from my opinion on it, I do think you have a great idea. I was talking to someone about this very thing the other day. If they force him to get up there and do that, then your words are spot-on. If he does that on behalf of us, then he is doing the job that is expected of our public servants! He is speaking for us and fighting for us! He can only gain more support as well. From what I've seen of him through interviews, he really seems like a stand up guy. Maybe his passions got away from him, but as I mentioned, in these times, can it be helped? Oh, and someone above mentioned that he/she wondered if his words weren't the only time it was said. I wondered the same thing. I heard bemoaning from several voices, I thought.

  11. Anonymous says:


    While I don't think Wilson NEEDS to apologize again, I think this tactic is BRILLIANT! I am begging you to contact his office with this strategy!

    You are a smartie!

    Lisa in TX

    PS: I get my kicks about watching the House Dem's face if he did this!

  12. Robert Wallace says:

    6:11am – That's a fantastic point! It would be great if Wilson would give remarks like what I outlined and then add "And when is the President of the United States going to apologize for lying to the people who elected him?"

  13. Anonymous says:

    What about the others that have lied to the American people and never apologized. Pelosi comes to mind and I have never heard her apologize for accusing the CIA of lying. I think Wilson has done enough and although I don't agree with where he said "you lie" I was nodding my head in agreement. By the way, is it ok for the president of the United States to get in front of millions of people and lie? I want an apology from him. He broke protocol too!


  14. Gail B says:

    Dog-gone, Robert! You're on top of your game today!

    I WAS going to say, because at first I just guess I assumed JEFF had written it, that JEFF would make a great press secretary until he meets the requirement under the shattered Constitution to run for president, but YOU would make a great press secretary!

    If anyone has Joe Wilson's email address, please send this writeup to him!

  15. DEMS: "WAAHHHHHH" says:

    Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) — Democratic leaders of the U.S. House intend to offer a resolution today expressing disapproval of Representative Joe Wilson’s breach of decorum for shouting “you lie” at President Barack Obama last week.

  16. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Robert -

    While I agree he has apologized enough, I think you should try to send this to him along with the comment you added.

    I think the hyposcrisy of this administration is sickening.


  17. Robert Wallace says:

    I appreciate all the comments from folks who think that this would be great advice for Rep Wilson, but even if I thought he'd be willing to reverse his position and take my advice, I don't have any special ways of getting a hold of him.

    If you think he should read it then – as a few of you have already done – go ahead and send it along to his office. If enough of you do, he will probably hear about it. That's much more than I could do by myself.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I forwarded it to his office yesterday via his webpage. I'm a SC resident but am not in his district. I cut / pasted the whole article and the link into my comments to make sure you and AR get the credit that you all deserve. Great idea! I'll let you know if I get any sort of reply.

    Regards – RM

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