Land of the Free, Home of the Whopper

Assigned Reading: Hungry? Call 9-1-1.

Craving a hamburger? Why not let the government get one for you at taxpayer expense?

While this story is about a week old now, I think it must be noted that this recent rash of 9-1-1 requests we’ve seen, including but not limited to other instances where people have called to report missing chicken nuggets, can only be traced to the growing feeling of entitlement in our society. When something goes wrong, people feel it is the government’s job to fix it. That goes for not only chicken nuggets and late-night trips to Burger King, but for health care and energy issues and unemployment and economic stimulus as well.

I’m quite certain that, if the White House had a hotline as easy to remember as 9-1-1, operators in the basement at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would be fielding requests for five-dollar foot-longs, flat tire repair and untied shoelaces in no time.

To give a little nod to Peter Griffin, unless we wake up sometime soon and remember the proper role of government, America will truly change from the Land of the Free to the Home of the Whopper.



  1. MUJERLATINA says:

    As a physician and mother I am SHOCKED that Obama is handing out food with his dirty hands!!! Supposedly he spoke to the Nation's schoolchildren this morning — what??? How about infection control, especially with the H1N1 flu out there?! This photo represents exactly why the President of the US need not "teach" our children — whether about homework, drug use, volunteerism or basic hygiene. Didn't somebody along the way teach Obama that when you pass food to others, the polite (and hygienic)thing to do is to offer the plate?? This photo is pathogmonic of BHO's egomaniacism: since he can do no wrong, he can break with etiquette — especially since HIS hands aren't dirty…


    In 1973 when I worked as a police dispatcher I took a 911 call (before 911) and it was from a man of color, intoxicated, and he was telling me a man had stole his hat. As I inquired about this man I learned it was his brother who had committed this 'crime'. As I further inquired now about his brother I asked where was he now. He said he was sitting right next to him. I had him put his brother on the phone, and ALL I had to say any further on this to those two was "Give your brother his damned hat back".

    I dream of a world without alcohol.

    Coincidentally it was the same county and Police Dept that can now be seen giving a protester a hard time (seems one of those two may have been hired) LOL

  3. MUJERLATINA says:

    Can you pass along that photo to Glenn Beck? It perfectly juxtaposes Obama's "lesson to the schoolchildren" today. The photo captures it all, per my above comments. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Peter Griffin?? I say put Stewie and Obama in a room alone and see who comes out educated.

  5. HELLO, 911? I CAN'T AFFORD GOLD NO MO says:

    LONDON (Reuters) – Gold powered through the $1,000 per ounce psychological barrier on Tuesday, carried by a wave of pent-up technical momentum and dollar weakness, with some analysts eyeing last year's record high at $1,030.80.

    Some investors were also seeing the spike in gold as a warning signal to stock market bulls and were fretting about the result of central banks and governments pumping billions of dollars into banking systems to boost growth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Barry needs a Stewie beat down.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It's Kenyan tradition to handle the burgers vigorously.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well this explains a LOT.

    Jones and his twin sister Angela were born in 1968 in Jackson, Tennessee.

    Born, raised and educated in Jackson, TN. The armpit of Tennessee if not the nation. I know, I live there.

  9. Ian Thorpe says:

    So the President only keeps barry around to wait on her friends does she? Well he loks good in the suit but whould he know a Chateauneuf-du-Pape from a St. Emilion?

  10. Gail B says:

    Whopper? The quarter-pounder is not the only kind of whopper coming from the White House!


    Barry should have had on a paper crown before serving those Whoppers.

  12. Rix says:

    I wouldn't place much political weight onto one idiot's abuse of a valuable public service. I want, however, to note the perp's skin color. Anyone who wants to argue against my racist attitudes should note that daily news never fail to give me more arguments. :)

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