Van Jones Sneaks Out the Back Door

By Robert Wallace
America’s Right

As many of our commenters have pointed out, Van Jones has officially resigned from his post at the White House. If you think that politicians like to drop uncomfortable news on a Friday afternoon to try and avoid the media limelight, how about announcing a resignation in an email just after midnight on Sunday during a holiday weekend? Now that’s what I call leaving through the back door.

[A communist resigning on Labor Day weekend. There's a joke in there somewhere, I know it. -- Jeff]

The reasons for the departure are obvious from Gibbs comments:

After the resignation, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama did not endorse Van Jones’ comments but thanked him for his service.

Translation: We did this to prevent the damage to Van Jones’ reputation from spreading to the president.

Here’s where this goes from here.

The Obama Strategy

Along with a complicit media, the Obama administration and their allies are going to spin this as an episode of “When Right-Wing Talkshow Hosts Attack”. They will make two basic points:

  1. Glenn Beck was motivated by a personal grudge
  2. Alternative media is too powerful
  3. Glenn Beck is the new head of the Republican Party

The reason they want to shift attention to the question of Glenn Beck’s motives is because shifting the focus to an allegation that Beck was just being vindictive is a ploy to avoid having a discussion about what Van Jones actually said or believed. Look for lots more references to the laughably irrelevant Color of Change boycott. Van Jones left to protect the president, and that is still priority number one.

The second basic point plays directly into their pre-existing strategy to shut down the alternative media. This has always been a two-pronged attack. Divide and conquer. They attempt to divide by marginalizing important conservative voices, and they attempt to conquer by legislating those voices into silence.

Until now Rush Limbaugh has been Public Enemy No. 1, at least as far as the left is concerned. That is why the White House went after him as the “head of the Republican Party”. After Van Jones’ resignation, I’m fairly certain Glenn Beck has replaced Rush Limbaugh at the top of Obama’s Most Wanted list. And that means that you should expect personal attacks on Beck to tick up. It’s pretty hard to attack a recovered alcoholic who is faithful to his wife and family on moral grounds, so expect to see more of the Colbert/Stewart strategy. Maybe they’ll find a Tina Fey to Beck’s Palin, and get someone to spout a few absurd “I can see Russia from my house” type comments on Saturday Night Live. Ridicule is the key.

When it comes to conquering, the plan hasn’t changed. Outright censorship is a no-go and even the Fairness Doctrine is politically toxic. That is why the template for state control over the media is based on localization and diversity. They will cast Glenn Beck – and media “conglomerates” – as being all-powerful juggernauts that squeeze smaller competitors out of the market. Just look at FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd’s comments:

Poor, poor oppressed Chavez, right? If they can portray a communist dictator who oppresses his own people as a victim, they can believe anyone is a victim.

The Counter-strategy

First off, I have to say I’m grateful it was Glenn Beck. I don’t think I’ve seen any celebrity handle criticism the way he has. He gets angry at people distorting the truth, but when it comes to personal attacks on himself and his family he handles it with a kind of civility and grace that this country could use more of.

Now here’s the way that conservatives – especially Glenn Beck – need to respond to this strategy. We need to point out that Sarah Palin and Van Jones both gave essentially the same reason for resigning: attacks on them were detracting from their job.

But where the attacks on Palin were unfounded nuisance lawsuits, caricatures on Saturday Night Live, and sexual jokes targeting her teenage daughters the attacks on Van Jones were attacks based on the things he stood for in his own words. No one impersonated him for laughs. No one said a single word about his family. No one made it a discussion of his personal character. It was about political issues from the start to the finish, and that’s where the emphasis needs to remain.

The key is to refuse to allow Obama and his remaining allies in the mainstream press to set the parameters for this debate. It’s not about Glenn Beck being angry, or about talk show hosts with too much power. It’s about Van Jones being a radical, and the questions that raises about Obama himself. And if all we can do is blog posts and emails and conversations with friends and acquaintances to get the word out, then that is exactly what we need to do.

This is a victory for Glenn Beck, for conservatives, and for America. But this means that the Obama administration has yet one more reason to play dirty. Their bag of tricks is nowhere near empty, and we need to keep the pressure on.

With any luck there will be another Obama adviser leaving by the back door in the coming weeks, and Americans far and wide will start to question how these guys got into the White House in the first place.

Robert Wallace is classical liberal studying economics in graduate school. He and his wife work as business analysis consultants, and they live as undercover conservatives with their two small children in a socialist bastion of a college town. He has been writing for America’s Right since December 2008.



  1. Randy Wills says:

    Great report, Robert.

    I was up late last night and happened to catch the first reports of Jones' resignation and the thing that struck me was that there was NOT ONE mention of his radical political associations – you know, minor things like being a self-described Communist. The reasons given were that he had "become a distraction" and was basically "taking one" for the team. The only specific references were that he had used a bad word in describing Republicans and had signed a piece of paper that he either hadn't read or he didn't understand.

    Those who don't get their information from places such as this blog and Fox News will only know what the WH and the MSM want them to know, which is basically nothing. And you're right; Glenn Beck will be villified.

  2. Michele says:

    Robert, that was a good article.

    I have been watching Fox News this morning and the captions at the bottom say that Van Jones resigned but will still be working for the Obama Administration. So the agenda is still on. This just proves that Obama did hire Jones for being who he is. I figured that he would still be there somewhere but I did not think the Obama Administration would be so bold as to say he would still be working for them.

    No matter what, this administration doesn't play fair and can never be trusted and anyone who trusts them cannot be trusted. McCain still takes up for Obama about his views on America. I can't remember exactly what McCain said but it was in one of his town halls lately.

    And another thing, why do the Democrats lie when they get caught and majority of the Republicans admit wrong doing and still get chastised? The Dems get off easy.
    Clinton ring a bell?

    Van Jones has already stated that there was a campaign to spread lies about him. He's on tape and still says it's a lie and in regard to the 911 Truther petition, he said he didn't read it all before signing (or understand what he was signing. I can't remember exact quote). What? They do not seem to read or understand anything when they get caugh. How did they pass school/college? Go figure.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not St. Van Jones, Don Quixote, tilting at green windmills, attacking imaginary enemies.

    I hope the door hit him on the way out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know a lot of lefties label Glen Beck as a nut job, but he seems to be one of the few news folks willing to even ask the questions that I want answered. I have great respect for Mr. Beck and for Jeff here at America's Right. Thanks to both of you for doing a hard, dirty job. Keep up the good fight!

  5. goddessdivine says:

    Now this is a great piece. You are right on target.

    It will be interesting if Beck is painted as the new GOP leader, when in fact, he is a Libertarian. He belongs to neither major political party…..and has been critical of the left and the right.

    Mr Jones: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    (word ver: "macho"; too funny)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Van Jones is partial to the back door.

  7. DOES IT E V E R END? says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Environmentalists hope the push in Congress for climate change legislation is not overwhelmed by the debate dominating Capitol Hill over changing the U.S. health care system. But it might be.

    Already two months behind schedule and unsure whether enough Democrats will play along, Senate leaders still aim to pass a bill by December when a United Nations summit convenes in Copenhagen to set worldwide goals for reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

    But as the debate over health care legislation rages and with President Barack Obama due to address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday to try to rescue the faltering plan, it was unclear whether rattled lawmakers will have the time — or the inclination — to take on climate change.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    The larger questions are:
    Who vetted this guy?
    Was the president aware of his background?
    If so, why was he allowed to assume the position?
    If not, why not?
    If the president agrees that VJ's self-avowed communist background is acceptable, what then, is the goal of this administration?

  9. constant gina says:

    I guarantee plenty of Obama haters are rejoicing right about now!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I shudder to think of the revenge they will enact…they don't just play dirty, they play dangerous!

    Everyone should go to the daily kos and take a look at the comments regarding Glenn. These people are rabid and violent in nature! I was horrified to see what they are saying they are going to do to DESTROY Glenn, Stu, and Roger Ailes.

    Their plan is to dig up "dirt" on Glenn that is personal…even though Glenn simply exposed the political words and writings of the radical czars. Goes to show ya…they can't argue on principle or facts….it has to be personal and dirty!

    Pray for Glenn, Stu, etc. I think they could be in danger.

    Lisa in TX

  11. Anonymous says:

    The St. Louis Post Disgrace (I mean, Dispatch) had the story up for a very short time this morning & did not allow commenting.

    Now the story can't even be found with a search.

    Very telling.

    Jan in St. Louis

  12. Anonymous says:

    He may sneak out the back door, but there will be another one waiting for him to open. Obama has another slot for him, I betcha!

  13. lucydrake says:

    Glenn will not fall: Glenn has a lot to say and it's for the good of Freedom. We are a free nation and anyone who is trying to turn us into a communist country…I do not stand for-Sorry.

  14. Anonymous says:

    His hand-selected czar (Jones), long-time friends (Ayers), even his pastor of twenty years (Wright); the moment anyone casts a shadow on Obama he will disown them and not look back. I'm glad Jones resigned, but I also think it is shameful how Obama can quickly distance himself from his most loyal supporters. It says a lot about his character as a person.

    Those who think they are in Obama's inner circle of favor (including those who voted for him) had better realize there is no such thing as loyalty with this President. Without loyalty there is no trust and without trust a mere whisper could have drastic consequences.

  15. Bodenzee says:

    Could it be that the arrogant, foul mouthed Van Jones is also a coward?

    Slinking out of town under the cover of darkness doesn't display courage.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am concerned about 'glenn Beck's personal safety. I hope he has good bodyguards.

  17. Boston Blackie says:

    One down, thirty something more czars to GO and GO NOW!!!

  18. MOMMA says:

    Van is off to find the next government teat he can live off of.


    Van is off to the Improv as a regular, doing Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm-X impressions.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Must hurt to lose a co-worker and a lover in the same day.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Did you say Van Jones slid out Obamas back door? For real? T M I

  22. Rix says:

    Sorry to put it so harshly but you still don't get it. Van Jones can be the hell's serpent reincarnate and Glenn Beck could be Gabriel himself who stepped down to fight on our side but IT DOESN'T BLOODY MATTER. What matter is how the information is spun and served to about fifty million idiots who ultimately decide the turn of elections (and that even assuming that there will be a fair election to turn). Those idiots do not watch Glenn Beck, do not listen to Rush Limbaugh, do not read FoxNews, and whatever message of truth you have for them, it won't go through.

    The only way you can possibly get to these people is by the power of ridicule. That's where liberals outshine conservatives every time. Tina Fey won more votes for Obama than all quill-pushers combined. Obama-as-Joker poster stole more Rasmussen points from Obama than all of Beck's investigations. And until we learn to play by these rules, we'll remain losers. Gracious and gentlemanly losers, granted, but losers nevertheless. The choice we face, as I see it, is between the n-word and the barbed wire compounds. Your call.

  23. Robert Wallace says:

    "The choice we face, as I see it, is between the n-word and the barbed wire compounds."

    Remember what I wrote about false-dichotomies?

    Perfect example.

    If your notion of saving our country is engaging in racial attacks (what's next – pogroms?) then my response is simply that you can't save a country by damning it.

  24. Robert Wallace says:

    FWIW – I think your analysis about ridicule is right in the short-run. But ridicule can only succeed at damaging your opponent and their agenda. Not at building up alternatives.

    I believe that there's more to fixing this country than screwing with our enemies. At some point we have to do something *constructive*, and no amount of ridicule is going to get us there.

    Your strategy does nothing better than lock us into a vicious cycle of mutual self-annihilation leading to no better outcome than paralysis.

    Take a look at our unfunded mandates looming on the horizon, and tell me how good of an idea you think paralysis is.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Rix is right.

  26. TEAMWORK says:

    Multi-task Robert, multi-task. Hire a screw-with-em czar as your get-things-done czar carries on.

  27. Anonymous says:

    who said you can't be constructive AND screw with the enemy of freedom at the same time?

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