Do the Job Right

By Robert Wallace
America’s Right

Before the votes were cast in November I had taken to calling Obama’s campaign the greatest con job in American history. My view of the facts has not changed much since that day, but the tone in America has shifted dramatically.

Leading up to the election most Obama detractors were having a hard time convincing a war-weary American public that even though Obama’s rhetoric was red-blooded and centrist his record was radical. The Obama campaign was overwhelmingly positive because the media was doing their dirty work for them. The GOP had an attitude of resigned defeat.

All in all it seemed like a slow-motion train wreck out of a movie. All of the bad stuff was happening peacefully and with a sense of inevitability. The sound was muted. There was no anger or struggle or passion.

A lot has changed since then. A lot of Obama’s leading sycophants in the media have left their media jobs to work in the White House (change of venue rather than change of profession) and his media facade has started to crack around the edges. Meanwhile, the rest of America has woken up. Polls are down. Tea-party protests are ongoing. Town hall meetings have broken down into chaos.

And while this has resulted in the vital good of stalling health care reform and cap-and-trade, there’s a downside too.

Both the downside and the upside are epitomized by Glenn Beck. For the last week he has been hammering away at Obama’s special advisers: guys that advise the president but aren’t approved by Congress. You know, the “czars.”

And–although the czars as a group seem to be more or less a car-full of crazy–the head clown has to be Van Jones. Van Jones the communist. Van Jones the self-avowed, unrepentant radical. Van Jones–we’ve recently found out–the 9/11 “Truther.”

Here’s the recap:

Now that Glenn Beck–who is managing to draw nearly 1 out of every 100 Americans to his 5:00 pm cable news show–has gotten the ball rolling it seems like it’s never going to stop. Since then we’ve had the “Republican are assholes” comment:

And now Breitbart TV has video of Van Jones explaining that “You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never. It’s only “suburban white kids.”

There’s also video of Van Jones comparing Bush to a crack-addict for the absurd, laughable, disgusting desire to drill for oil. (You know, sort of like the offshore drilling Obama has decided to underwrite in Brazil.)

Now the gist of all this stuff is true. You’d have to be crazy or blind not to realize by now that Van Jones is a left-wing radical. And I mean a galaxy far, far away (and to the left) radical. I’m incredibly grateful to Glenn for getting that news out there. Especially since the MSM has effectively declared a media black-out on the topic:

  • Total words about the Van Jones controversy in the New York Times: zero.
  • Total words about the Van Jones controversy in the Washington Post: zero.
  • Total words about the Van Jones controversy on the NBC Nightly News: zero.
  • Total words about the Van Jones controversy on the ABC World News: zero.
  • Total words about the Van Jones controversy on the CBS Evening News: zero.

If Glenn Beck and other conservatives weren’t doing their job no one would know this stuff, and we’d all be living in the United Socialist States of America by now.

But despite this, I have to admit that I occasionally cringe when watching Beck’s show and listening to him blur fine distinctions left and right. Someone who believes that the White House knew about 9/11 and allowed it to happen or someone who believes that Bush ordered the deaths of 3,000 American citizens — sure, they’re both out there, but they’re not the same thing, either. Van Jones has said plenty of crazy things, and you don’t really need to work hard at all. They speak for themselves. And yet when Jones says that whites are diverting toxins to minority neighborhoods, Beck feels the need to add the word “intentionally” in there. Why do that? Van Jones didn’t say it, so let’s not pretend that he did. Obviously, passion can breed hyperbole, but as specific as Beck usually is about correcting mistakes in how he is perceived, he should have been here as well. It may be nit-picking, but as Beck has said himself, accuracy is important.

Another symptom of this problem is the right-wing reaction to the president’s address to school kids. Really, folks, the address itself is not that big of a deal. The President gives speeches. It’s sort of what he does. And let’s be honest: electing the nation’s first black president was a big deal for race relations in this country. He has the potential to offer a really unique message about the importance of education to kids in this country who really, really need to hear that message. Really — who amongst us is against staying in school?

It’s too early to complain about what Obama said during the speech because he hasn’t even given it yet. As Jeff has said (emphasis mine):

The real danger of Barack Obama’s speech to schoolchildren on September 8 did not lie in the speech itself, but rather in how the speech is received and how the agenda manifests itself in the classroom thanks to ideological teachers. With questions like “[w]hat is the president asking me to do?” and “[w]hat new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?” and suggestions like “[have students] [w]rite letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president” it was extremely clear that the White House was less concerned with education and more concerned with indoctrination.

So when it comes to yanking your kids out of class that day, here’s my take: fine. Go ahead and do it. But when you do so make it clear why you are doing it. And the reason to pull your kids out of class is not because you think that a 15-minute exposure to Barack Obama is going to turn them into miniature Chairman Maos. It’s because there is principle at stake, and you want to protest for the sake of that principle.

Now I understand that a lot of folks are probably going to question why I would bring up such nagging details. And the reason is this: good guys are good guys because we don’t compromise. And now–more than ever–we don’t have to compromise. Look at those quotes. Is there any reason–any reason whatsoever–to add or modify Van Jones’s words? No. He’s done the work for us.

He’s an incredibly articulate, very funny, brilliant man who also happens to be communist. And no matter how articulate, funny, and brilliant I find him to be: I don’t want communists running my country or advising those who do. Period.

My concern is that in our haste to defeat Obama’s policies we’re going to allow two things to happen. First of all, we’re going to allow this country to become even more fractured along ideological lines. Beck is right about this as well: this isn’t about party. There are sane Democrats. Like Joe Lieberman, for example. And, of course, the GOP has not been anybody’s idea of a poster child of conservatism recently. Former President Bush should have been agitating to dismantle the Department of Education, not expand it through No Child Left Behind.

And that leads me to the second concern: we’re going to allow an elitist, pseudo-conservative GOP to profit from Obama’s mistakes without any sincere repentance of their own. Repentance is “a change of thought and action to correct a wrong and gain forgiveness from a person who is wronged.” I have seen zero evidence that the GOP is changing anything but their branding and polling strategy these days.

So while I don’t enjoy even mildly criticizing someone like Glenn Beck–who I believe is doing an absolutely, unequivocally invaluable service in this political fight–I’ve got to do it because I don’t want to be back here again in eight or 12 years fighting the same fight to take the reigns of power from one elitist, statist party who doesn’t pretend to support our conservative interests so that we can hand them to another elitist, statist party that does pretend to support our conservative interests. To his credit, I don’t think Beck wants to be here in eight to 12 years saying the same things, either.

Why, in one word, is Obama doing so poorly in public polling? Oversell. He promised to heal the earth, and he’s not even healing our economy. So when I start nitpicking about the difference in adding a single word to an already absurd quote from a committed nut-job radical, keep this in mind: accuracy is the cornerstone of credibility.

Right now, public opinion is swinging against Obama and the progressives. There’s a chance for conservatives to seize this chance and build credibility with the American people. But if we want to ride this backlash against Obama to real, meaningful reform we damn well better do this job right.

When it comes to principles?

No compromises.

Robert Wallace is classical liberal studying economics in graduate school. He and his wife work as business analysis consultants, and they live as undercover conservatives with their two small children in a socialist bastion of a college town. He has been writing for America’s Right since December 2008.




    Whoever you are:

    I think, in the next 24 hours or so, you'll be surprised by the high regard with which we hold Mr. Beck here at America's Right.

    Furthermore, it's obvious from the rest of Robert's piece that he similarly holds Beck in high regard — it is Beck's passion and capacity for common sense research that makes him so appealing, and so essential. I think what Robert is doing here is pointing out that Beck's impeccable research and presentation is enough that hyperbole is not needed.

    Regardless, be patient. It'll be worth it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I, too, have great admiration for Glenn Beck and the information that he is sharing and has put forth. Thank you, Jeff, for clarifying Robert's remarks. Glenn's is not a political, partisan conversation, but much research of the truth and the facts. At risk of sounding defensive on his behalf, perhaps he used the word "intentionally" because it was so obviously implied by Van Jones. I believe most of us overlooked the individual word and focused on the content of what Jones said.
    On the matter of parents outraged over Obama's speech, perhaps the initial reaction by parents stemmed from their FEAR of this whole administration…anything they do, anything they say and all that they are. Also, there was pre-speech and post-speech curriculum suggested to the schools before the parent outrage. Since parents did express their concern, the curriculum has been removed, from what I understand. I would definitely want to be aware of ALL that my children are seeing and hearing, and especially so if I did not agree with the messenger and his policies.
    No matter what the conservatives say or do…even if it is 100% word perfect…the liberals (or progressives)will take aim and distort it. I guess I don't think slipping over a word once in a while, or a parent not being able to accurately express or defend his/her position, is nearly as destructive to conservatives as liberals evil agenda to silence and destoy all those that stand up and disagree with them.
    We will be careful, but, from what I see…it really doesn't matter. Kinda like you're "d…ed if you do or your d…ed if you don't".

  3. Anonymous says:

    What? Huh? Sorry but this piece just doesn't live up to the rest of the content on the site. Do the Job right? Yeah I agree with that idea BUT your hitting some one like Glenn Beck over the head for what? Oh no he added the word "intentionally" to something Van Jones said oh my god he started to make stuff up. Oh no Glenn has become a right wing nut job. What a load of BS. I'll be skipping your next piece here if its all the same to you.

  4. goddessdivine says:

    I have to admit I'm not following this piece either. I understand you hold Beck in high regard, but this does seem a little nitpicky. Don't worry though, Robert, I still think you're a brilliant writer with great principles. ;-)

    God bless Glenn Beck for laying all this out for us…..and exposing these "czars" for who and what they really are. We are living in scary times.

  5. Robert Wallace says:

    "your hitting some one like Glenn Beck over the head for what?"

    Try hitting up my Facebook page.

    I have 2 people I follow:

    Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

    You didn't understand that point of my post. Glenn Beck may make mistakes, but his contributions have been invaluable.

    The whole point of my piece is that even when you agree with someone and when they do a great service to the side of right, you must still cling to integrity.

    Beck would expect no less from me.

  6. Richard says:

    Robert has a concept of precision that he enforces on himself – as well as others. Like I tell my lovely wife – being right is a big responsibility, and somebody has to do it.

    I have two points on the Obama school speech ruckus.

    First, my son is a senior in HS and has the option to attend. He only needs a note from his parents to get out of the event. His first thought is to go see what the President has to say and also find out about the 'requested coursework'. He is 17 has the skills to sort all of this out and take what he needs from it.

    Second, I think that this is not such a conservative 'knee jerk' and the main stream media may be trying to hype that perspective beyond the reality of the kerfuffle.

    I think that the larger part of the negative reaction from parents has to do with a lack of trust for President Obama. At some logical or intuitive level – more people are starting to not trust him.

    People generally will not leave their children with people that they don't trust.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why would Jones use the word "divert"? If one is diverting something, one is purposefully causing something to happen in one place rather than in another. The question underlying that action is "why".

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a PARENT, I need to say to you, Robert, that you are off on a couple of things. First of all, this ridiculous touchy-feely navel-gazing speech and follow-up assignments are taking away from MUCH NEEDED academic time (have you seen test scores in America lately?)

    **They have NOT removed the assigments and activities. I just linked to them 5 minutes ago, and I swear, every other word (sorry, a bit of hyperbole!) is Obama.

    **Most people pulling their kids ARE doing it out of PRINCIPLE! I am not scared of Obama, and my children aren't either. That is NOT the point! Unfortunately, it is the kids who will not be pulled who really need to be!

    **This is the last thing our country needs right now…more tension and divisiveness! But you know, that is what Alinskyites do best…create conflict and isolate! They will use this to reinforce the right-wing nutjob label.

    As far as Beck…I agree with the above post that "divert" has intention built in…making that clear isn't a crime! What he is doing is taking a toll on both him and his family, I'm sure. So let's not sit here in the comfort of our own homes (and blog) and play armchair quarterback.

    Were you REALLY equating Glenn with the elitists on the other side? I don't get it!

    Lisa in TX

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your cavalier attitude over Obama speaking to children has me thinking, you too need a lesson on principals.

    I clicked on your blog, seems what you write here and what's on your blog might be different.

    Again, you may need to practice before you preach.

  10. Robert Wallace says:

    @Richard – Thanks. I appreciate that you see where I was going.

    @6:40pm – I am also a parent. Says so in the little bio at the bottom of all of my pieces.

    As for some of the other points:
    1. Throwing more time at students who are dropping like flies before graduation is going to be about as successful as throwing more money at them. Which is to say: not very.

    They can spare 15 minutes. If it honestly has even a little impact on the way they view education: they can spare a couple of hours.

    2. Sure, there are still some assignments and activities in there. The goal – from what we've been told – is simply to get them committed to education. Where's the harm in that? George H. W. Bush did the same thing in the 90s right down to "Let me know how you're doing. Write me a letter. I'm serious about this one. Write me a letter about ways you can help us achieve our goals."

    3. Obviously if you divert something, you intend to divert it. But if I intend to diver something negative *away* from myself, it doesn't logically follow that I intend to divert it *towards* someone else. If an errant tennis ball comes sailing your way and you defensively knock it away from your head and it hits someone else, did you *INTEND* to hit them with a tennis ball? Or just to avoid getting hit with one yourself?

    Van Jones merely said that white people are diverting toxins away from themselves towards minorities. Is it because they want to poison minorities? Or because they just don't care where the toxins go as long as it's Not In My Backyard?

    Chances are Van Jones would argue that the entire point of social justice theory is that it doesn't matter. The inequality is embedded into the system, and when the rich people can afford to live in clean neighborhoods it invariably ends up with toxins being concentrated where poor folk live. (And for a racialist/marxist class = race.) The systemic inequity is the entire problem – not some question about whether or not white people secretly want to poison black people.

    Just look at his comments about white kids killing. He chalks is up to being about white male adolescents "suffering". He *pities* them, he doesn't despise them.

    Which is pretty sick, if you ask me. Mass murderers don't deserve pity. They deserve justice. Just because I can see the point that Van Jones is making doesn't mean I agree with it.

    So – getting back to my original point – does Van Jones believe that white people *INTENTIONALLY* poison minorities? Probably not, but from the quote IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL.

    Which means that Beck – bless his soul – is making a factual error when he starts paraphrasing Van Jones and in the process slightly but definitively alters what Van Jones was saying.

    Why does it matter?

    Because credibility matters, that's why. Because Americans are pissed that Obama misled him, and that means it's the worst possible time for conservatives to start playing fast and free with what words mean.

    If we want to capitalize on this disillusionment with the deception of Obama's crop of radicals, we damn well better not have any deception – intentionally or not – from our own side.

    And – to make a final point – I absolutely don't think Beck *intends* to alter quotes the way he does. The man is on live TV speaking from notes written that morning (if at all) in front of an audience of 3,000,000+. The fact that he can even keep track of a sentence is a miracle, and I don't fault him for making mistakes.

    But it's our job – as Beck likes to point out – to stick to our principles and think for ourselves. And that means that instead of following Beck blindly, we have our eyes open to when he makes mistakes.

  11. Michele says:

    So Robert you think it is OK for children to take advice from Obama about staying in school w/ the way he turned out? Just because he completed school and college and became President does not make him a good person. I had rather my child be a good person than do all that Obama has accomplished. He makes me sick.

  12. Anonymous says:


    I think the bottom line is that parents who pay attention know that Obama has marxists all around him, that he himself said that he wants to "fundamentally transform America", and that every good marxist knows that this transformation is most easily achieved by entrancing the youth, like Hitler did.

    No amount of money or presidential speeches (no matter what party) will help the children do better in school…this is a culture and value taught at home. If he wants to talk to anyone, it should be the negligent, sheeple parents who need to be told to get up off their butts and PARENT, like Bill Cosby did!

    When many kids don't even get recess anymore, I might suggest that this time might be better spent outside, getting exercise and recharging their brains. THAT would help them more than the speech.

    Lisa in TX

  13. Michele says:

    My take on Obama's speech is that he will start out slowly to reel the kids in and then slowly progress into his civilian army. If you go on and type in I Pledge. Just watch it and see what you think.

    I do not want my son to watch Obama I don't care what Obama is saying. My son knows the importance of school from me and the teachers should be teaching this also.

    My son was grounded last year after he switched schools and got involved in the wrong crowd and made some bad decisions. When my husband and I found out we grounded him for 6 weeks from practically everything. He learned his lesson and is doing great. Obama does not pick his friends or allies properly or to my liking. So I do not think no matter how harmless this speech may seem to you it's the principle of Obama's character.

    I also find it hard to understand why you would hang on that very word "intentionally" because it means the same thing. Nobody is perfect and to me if that's all he has said out of context that is pretty darn good.

    I wish it was Glenn Beck giving a speech to the kids at school.

    I'm just afraid by you doing this you are feeding the left even more. We need all the warriors we can get. When I read your piece it really bummed me out even if you did not intend it to. It felt like my blood went straight to my head and I was hot all over. That was my reaction. And from most of the blogs I've read so far, they are feeling the same way.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh…HOMEschool SWEET HOMEschool!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Classic justification.

    "Van Jones merely said that white people are diverting toxins away from themselves towards minorities"

    You're the LAST person that I'd want to go into battle with.

    You guys are all soft, just look at Jeff, he's real soft. haha
    Just playing with you Jeff.

    In all seriousness, I hope you guys get out and live it rather than preach.

  16. Rix says:

    Unfortunately, I'll have to repeat what some liberals (of a less vitriolic sort) say: Republicans are in deep caca if a pair of showmen, intelligence or personal qualities notwithstanding, have become their flag bearers.

    I have seen a thought here – a few months earlier, I believe, – that leaders will eventually emerge as elections draw near. I'd say it is about goddamn time they do! Sanford is out of the picture, Huckabee and Romney are neither seen nor heard, Jindal has disappeared at all, The Barracuda is gathering negative baggage quicker than a fish marker does flies, Jeb Bush has wisely decided that his last name is not exactly an asset this century, Pawlenty never stroke me as the leading type. Is there anyone left?! Maybe John Boehner – given the horrible House split he has to cope with, he's not half as bad as some try to picture him. Anyone else?

  17. Randy Wills says:

    I think that many of you are missing the point that I tried to make earlier when I posted the documents on Obama's speech to the school kids.

    The speech may, in and of itself, be totally innocuous, but it's the environment that is created by the union teachers in the classroom that I want parents to consider. A child's fear of being ostracized in front of their peers is a very effective tool to stifle dissenting views.

    Of course, the best thing for parents to do is to attend any suspect school activity with your child(ren), but many parents cannot do that. Particularly with elementary school-age children, I would chose to keep them home rather than expose them to the risk of being made the butt of ridicule, as some union teachers have done.

    After all, we're talking PRE-K up to grade six here, aren't we? Too bad that they can be encouraged to pledge allegiance to a nation designed by Obama and his czars but not THE Pledge of Allegiance to a nation "under God".

  18. the conservative resistance says:

    I think Beck needs to bring to light the fact that our constitution was suspended in 1933 and the country was turned into something along the lines of a corporation. Let the people roll that one around on their tongues for a while.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You say…(in regard to Glenn)…"You must still cling to integrity". Stop digging the hole. Glenn has enormous amounts of integrity. This discussion is absurd and getting out of control. So Glenn used the word "intentional"…good gosh, Robert. Van Jones is the individual that deserves the nitpicking. He is the one making the accusations. Glenn is a commentator, and in his research, and in his opinion of knowing the facts, I think the word "intentional" is appropriate. How is it that you can make such inflammatory comments at times, and when ppl here call you on it, or have a differing opinion, you get so defensive? It's getting old.

  20. Michele says:


    Why don't you contact Glenn Beck and tell him/staff about this situation? I've heard Glenn Beck make corrections before. I think that is the way you should have approached this instead of displaying it in this article, but that is my opinion and this is your website (well Jeff's) but you know what I mean. It's you guys and not mine.

    Anyway, I would rather a high school drop out give a speech to my child explaining why you should stay in school.

    O'Reilly has even praised Obama for what he has achieved from where he came from and O'Reilly got a lot of heat for that.

    I grew up in a broken home where my father was a alcoholic and would beat my mother in front of me. We had a lot of tough times as do a lot of people. I've grown to have a successful life as well. Another thing that gets to me is how minorities (not all) act so victimized because of their color. I think all of us through out our childhood (even adult life) has had someone make fun of them for something or call them names that impacted their life in some way but we don't want to get even w/ them if it means it hurts a whole lot of others in the process. What I'm trying to get at is the Obama Administration wants social justice for something most of us had nothing to do with.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wake up, people. My daughter's out of school now, but I remember the days when a radical left-leaning President had incited the people to a race-hating frenzy. My daughter came home wearing the pin of the activist movement — given to her by her ideologically-left teachers.

    Where was this? Korea under the Roh Moo-hyun Presidency. Anti-Americanism was at its worst. At its peak, Americans were beaten/kidnapped by radical students and others with Korean wives attacked and beaten on subways. Soldiers were knifed near bases by Korean assailants. Restaurants put up signs of NO AMERICANS AND DOGS ALLOWED.

    What was my daughter? She was a dual-citizen (American-Korean) and attending Korean schools. Because of her looks, she pretended she was NOT American — and went along with the group. Her teachers were recommending their students join the anti-American rallies — and even allowed them out of school early to attend.

    My point is substitute REPUBLICANS for AMERICANS. Substitute Obama for Roh. Substitute the NEA for the left-leaning KTEWU (Korean Teachers and Educational Workers Union).

    Voila… Maybe not a perfect match, but my point is that do not be so naive that the left will not invade the schools and attempt to sway your children's thinking to the cause.

    It happened to me — and continues to occur around the world. Now it is coming to America.

  22. loganfifty says:

    Tragically, I have to agree with Robert in correcting Beck. I watch Beck’s program every day, religiously (odd, coming from an avowed agnostic Man of Science [I follow the scientific evidence, and will only follow where it leads. If it leads to a God, then I’ll believe, until then, I’ll just go with the flow]). But lately I’ve been concerned that Beck might be heading in the wrong direction. His anger seems to be getting to him more often. I think Robert’s right about Beck simply slipping up with his choice of words (“intentionally” poisoning), but I think that happened because he believes Van Jones believes it. We don’t know that for a fact. I firmly believe Van believes it, but I don’t know that for a fact, so I won’t state it as though I know that for a fact.

    I fear that the strength of his beliefs, combined with his growing outrage, will lead him to make that same mistake more often, leading to a dangerous susceptibility to attack from the left that will damage his credibility beyond repair. That is something we, as a nation, simply cannot afford right now; not when his is the only consistently reliable source of opposition news on television.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Remember when Obama was on the campaign trail and he spoke to a group of high school kids. Do you remember him telling them that he had been a drinker and had used drugs, specifically cocaine. Just what I would want an impressionable high school kid to hear. "look at me, I did cocaine and now I'm the prez, no negative consequences" Talk about inappropriate. That's all I need to know in deciding if I want my kid listening to him. Thank God I live in Texas and was able to homeschool.


  24. Starys says:

    My town has a message board that used to be very active until most of the vocal conservatives got tired of arguing. The board was very biased and not well moderated. My brother-in-law owns the site and he is a very opinionated democrat. It was usually him bashing anyone that disagreed with his views so I stayed out of all the political conversations. Knowing him personally I know it is pointless to argue with him and I do have so see him at family functions so I just kept quiet. However, tonight there was a post I really wanted to respond to. Thanks to a comment here on AR I finally got up the nerve.
    Tonight someone asked if there was anyone out there in our small town that was really "afraid" to have their kids sit through 15 minutes of Obama telling them to work hard and stay in school.
    Thanks to AR I was able to reply to that one somewhat coherently and say that if I had decided to opt out it would not have been out of fear, it was a matter of priniciple.
    Our schools are not showing it, so I had no decision to make. I was pretty sure from the beginning they wouldn't show it. They rarely veer from the curriculum.

    Thanks for helping me formulate my thoughts into words. I think I typed a fairly decent post with just the word principle for inspiration.

    word verification outsit, shouldn't that be sitout? as my kids may have if the speech was shown.

  25. starys says:
  26. Anonymous says:

    Commie Van Jones is DONE.

    Thank you Glen Beck and thank you for the words you chose to insert !

  27. Claudia says:

    boy, the biggest problem I see with Van Jones is his honest dishonesty and hatred to every single person he comes in contact with hwo doesn't share his beliefs. He is an avowed Communist with no recourse in his brain, and he wants very dearly to make America over in that image. Obama does too!!! The way I see it, a person is accountable to his beliefs by the people he surrounds himself with. Obama surrounds himself with radicals who hate everything that America stands for, or has stood for in its past. I also understand the Corporation thoughts that were posted above and am digesting that information and not liking it one bit, and soon I will have things to say on that level, but not right now, as it is still too muddied up in the history of the way things have been done in America.

    On to the SPEECH that will happen on Tuesday, IF I had any kids or even grandkids in school on that day I would PULL them out of school for the day, and possibly longer. THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO INSTIGATE ITSELF INTO THE BRAINS OF OUR CHILDREN, not now, not in the past, not in the future or at least not until we do turn over and surrender to that very same communism that Obama and Company are shoving down our throats. Bush went to classes, and several other Presidents have visited schools to talk to students in the past, but it wasn't a MANDATED ORDER that all school children had to be there, have it pumped into their heads, listen to and do worksheets after and before the speech to make sure that they understood what Obama was going to preach or order them to do. Kennedy asked what you can do for the Country, NOT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR OBAMA, that is the biggest problem with Obama's speech, to me, it seems more like a self serving opus about how they, those kids are to emulate Obama and strive to be just like him, as in serve the good of the President, not how can your President serve you…. plus, every kid has seen him on the tv tube practicaly on a weekly (if not daily) basis since before he took office, and he has to be in front of the tube every other day to reinforce his hypnosis on the general public lest it start wearing thin and not be as potent to his orders being received as given. That is the main reason I would NOT ALLOW any child of mine to watch that speech or do the pre and post work that is being subscribed, because it will make them all the more susceptible to that form of hypnosis that Obama is going to fester into those immature minds that are so open to that type of suggestion. That is precisely where the "brown shirts" of the Hitler Youth came from, and Obama has a powerful thing in the usage of NATIONAL TV AND COMPUTER PROGRAMING in the schools, to get into those very open minds and start twisting them to his will. That is the fear that everyone of us are waking up to with his revelation that he wants to start brainwashing our kids the minute he gets them away from the family, on the first day of school (in many places) where and when many kids feel especially vunerable. If he is willing to go to these lengths to get to our kids, he will most likely start setting up a "programme" time, oh, say, once a week, or once a day, or however often he thinks he needs to reinforce his image into their willing minds. And then, what is next, will he start to push those very same children into doing and saying things that we don't want them to even know, for the sake of his communistic spread, or his ego??? That is what is fearful, because we will have lost control of teaching our children what we want them to believe and or be, and given it all over to the STATE or STATIST.

    Ths schools and Government in general in many places have already given us "regular" people way to much to digest in the take over of our kids, and this is taking it very far away from the right course or upbringing and action to many people's minds. Much to reminiscient of Hitler, Stalin and Lenin to be comfortable with in our minds.

  28. Claudia says:


    He could sure dish out the insults and nasty remarks, but evidently can't seem to take it when it is handed right back to him…

  29. loganfifty says:

    I am so glad I stay up late, sometimes:

    I just followed a link to Van Jones’ Wikipedia page and was surprised by the grammar of whoever wrote the page: “Anthony "Van" Jones (born September 20, 1968) was the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).” Please note the use of the word “was” in the above quote.

    I’m a nitpicking proof-reader at heart, if not by profession, and this just bothered me. It was written as though this were meant to be read by a future generation.

    Then I read the rest of the paragraph: “Appointed by Barack Obama in March 2009, the newly created position found Jones working with various "agencies and departments to advance the administration's climate and energy initiatives, with a special focus on improving vulnerable communities."[2] Jones resigned from the position on September 5, 2009.”

    The Associated Press reported about an hour ago that Van Jones has resigned!


    Cass Sunstein, your days are numbered!

    (Umm… that wasn’t, just to clarify, meant in a violent way. Just so we’re clear…)

  30. Anonymous says:

    Robert Wallace said…And that means that instead of following Beck blindly, we have our eyes open to when he makes mistakes.
    I agree with most of what you say, until the above. Glenn did not make a mistake he added a word that could change the level of Jones quote. But he showed Jones making that statement and from his tone, the context and content of the rest of his statement I believe that he meant that we where doing it on purpose. True he did not say that with this part, but with everything else he said that is what he wanted the listener to think. Now, did Glenn make a MISTAKE? I dont think so, I believe that was the point that Jones wanted to make.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well, Van's gone (thank heavens). We appreciate Glenn Beck's efforts on our behalf.

    Now it's time to work on the others. From a friend on another site, who said it so well:

    How about “up next” as follows: Mark Lloyd,
    Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder, Carol Brown, Ezekiel Emanuel…all communists, revolutionary radicals, all waiting a long time to work their communist magic in the White House, all working for obama.

  32. Linda says:

    While I hope none of us should be naive enough to think that this guy is going to just disappear off the scene and still not be involved, Van Jones has resigned today!! I congratulate and say Great Work to the American People . . . . and God Bless Glenn Beck for exposing this Communist in the first place. Great work Beck – now let's go after the others!! Thank goodness the American people are starting to wake up and are speaking out, writing letters, and making phone calls to help those like Beck expose what's going on.

    Don't Let Up!!!

  33. Why can't SHE just print some money? says:

    NEW YORK – Annie Leibovitz's artsy, provocative portraits of celebrities regularly grace the covers of Vanity Fair and Vogue, images that have made her as famous as her subjects and earned her millions.

    Now Leibovitz risks losing the copyright to the images — and her entire life's work — if she doesn't pay back a $24 million loan by Tuesday. Art Capital Group, a New York company that issues short-term loans against fine and decorative arts and real estate, sued her in late July for breach of contract.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thanks again Glenn Beck, for Van Jones has resigned!!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Rix (and others),

    For a good laugh, a funny Toby Keith impression……. funny stuff

  36. Anonymous says:

    Van Jones, a classic case of oxygen deprivation from too much wiener.

  37. Lilly says:

    I think I understand where you are coming from with this piece and agree. The GOP still needs to find itself and stand strong like Regan did. Let the left and center come to them, don't bend, don't compromise. Glenn Beck is an asset that I'm thankful for everyday, but I get what your saying.
    As for the BO speech, I don't mind him wanting to speak to the children IF (and it will be now) all if is is about education. BUT the lessons they listed with it were just completely wrong! That's where I had a problem with it but I would have just spent the day in class with my kid for a teaching moment. It's funny though BO keeps telling everyone to leave his kids alone but he wants access to all of ours and expects it to be okay.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sunday morning and Van Jones is gone !!!

    THANK YOU Glenn Beck.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Randy Willis:

    I totally understand your point! Let me give you an example of how this might play out in OUR district:

    Our superintendent decided that it was not possible to show the video live to all students in the district (that was his excuse!), therefore, the students would not be watching it THEN. However, the district will make a recorded copy available for teachers to use in conjunction with their lesson plans "in the next several weeks". The DOE lesson plan will not be used. Parents can opt out their kids.

    But I see huge problems with this! In what way will the teachers use this video? When? What "assignments" will be used? What will their content be?

    I fear that, left to each individual teacher, this could be even worse, for the reasons you mentioned before! I envision a classroom occurence much like the pre-election video clip of the Obama-supporting teacher verbally bullying the young girl who said her parents were voting for McCain.

    I still don't think that the speech will be innocuous…the principle behind it is the danger: The president developing a direct and influential relationship with the youth…does THAT sound familiar?

    Lisa in TX

  40. Anonymous says:

    As of 9-5-2009 jones is out. He resigned yesterday.He is no longer a czar. I am suspicious of him actually being gone from the WH though, but it is a start.

  41. Bodenzee says:

    Why doesn't Barry ask Bill Cosby to speak to the students Tuesday? His comments on the need and benefit from taking school seriously are believable.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Jones has resigned.

  43. Ladalang says:
  44. Anonymous says:

    I'm in Texas also, and that sounds exactly like the decision our district made. Now I have to worry about the "when, how, what" of this. It's not going to be a simple pull your kid out on Tuesday situation. I fear the recording could be used not just once, but several times. This really starts the school year out in a good way…"Keep your ideologies and this president away from my child…just so we're clear". Ugh…I think this was a good way for Barry to create controversy and chaos amongst the masses. I can just imagine what's going to happen in the high school hallways when the debate goes outside the classroom. Teenagers can get very passionate, you know.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 2:02:

    I don't know how much longer I can leave him in public school…I will homeschool if I have to! I cannot imagine the high school scene. We must continue to talk to our superintendents about the motivation and subtle message behind these speeches. Because, even if this one is inocuous, which I don't believe, just know there will be many more. This is just the beginning. We must remember that his good pal Bill Ayers spends his time radicalizing youth, and "teaching the teachers". Now THAT is scary!

  46. lucydrake says:

    Glenn will not fall: Glenn has a lot to say and it's for the good of Freedom. We are a free nation and anyone who is trying to turn us into a communist country…I do not stand for-Sorry.

  47. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Robert -

    I admire your conviction & agree that principles should never be compromised.

    Rix – Mike Huckabee has hardly been silent. On the contrary, he has a daily radio show & a weekly show on Fox, where his ratings are often #1. People are getting to know him & what he stands for. He is gaining in popularity & though he hasn't said he will run in
    2012, he is being asked to do so constantly. He also heads up HuckPac, which is committed to supporting conservative candidates. I recommend that you check out his website: to see all that he's been up to.


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