Beware the Media Bringing Gifts

An interesting article from the Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen over at Politico this morning. Apparently, they’re beginning to talk up Gen. David Petraeus and MSNBC token right-winger Joe Scarborough as possible presidential contenders in 2012.

Oh, how generous of them.

It was the media, remember, that gave the Republican Party John McCain in 2008, fawning over him, endorsing him, providing him with glowing coverage as a war hero and the heir apparent as GOP standard-bearer, only to turn around and stab him in the back with sourceless accusations of infidelity within hours of when he seemed to have finally secured the nomination from Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. The mainstream press do not want to see the GOP run an actual conservative candidate, as they know that should the American people get those bold colors that Ronald Reagan spoke about, the election would be lost for the Democrats regardless of how many corpses and cartoon characters ACORN could register to vote.

While I like Joe Scarborough (even if he is an Alabama alum), and while I certainly don’t envy his position as head pincushion over at MSNBC, he is a moderate Republican at best. True, his legislative history was certainly promising, with him coming down on the right side of nearly every issue while in Congress and receiving a 95 percent lifetime score from the American Conservative Union, but since then he has embarked on a journey to the center, among other things disparaging former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as being out-of-touch and harboring “hard, hard, hard right” conservative views and denying the notion supported by numerous polls that the United States is a center-right nation.

Scarborough’s tack to the political center has been enough for Christopher Buckley–William’s son, who endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election–to deem him the “new face of the GOP” and maintain that only he can save the Republican Party, for publications like the Huffington Post to declare him the favorite talk show host among liberals, and for his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski to remark, in a letter to the New York Times, that conservative Republicans could learn a lesson or two from Joe.

On our TV and radio programs, and also in his latest book, Joe urges his party to be more moderate in temperament and more accepting of dissent from leaders like former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.

Is it any wonder that the mainstream press is already writing in his name as a potential candidate in 2012? Please.

With regard to Gen. Petraeus, whom Bob Dole believes to be the second-coming of Ike Eisenhower, I am not nearly enough aware about his ideas, ideals or politics. Brilliant military commander? Absolutely. The kind of small-government conservative that America needs? I don’t know.

I do, however, know enough to know two things for certain: First, a four-star general does not a solid conservative make. We’ve seen and heard enough of Gen. Colin Powell to know this to be true. Second, as much as I like Bob Dole, such an endorsement from the former presidential contender is akin to Michael Vick endorsing pet care products.

The bottom line is that, when it comes to the next standard-bearer for the Republican Party, the very last segment of the population we should look to for advice is the mainstream press. While I’d love for the two-party system to go the way of the dodo, for the time being the GOP is the only viable political vehicle for conservatism — therefore, it is up to people like you and like me to ensure that the party reflects our views and patches up the holes in the tent over those of us on the right before expanding the tent to cover anyone in the middle. I do know that Joe Scarborough is not the answer. Given the embrace by the media and by Bob Dole, I’m beginning to suspect that Gen. Petraeus is not as well. On the latter, only time will tell.

In the meantime, however, one thing is for certain — beware the media bringing gifts.



  1. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    "when he seemed to have finally secured the nomination from Mitt Romney" – respectfully, I believe it was Mike Huckabee from whom he secured the nomination.

    Huckabee/Hunter 2012!!!



    Forgive me, Susan. I always looked at the little "alliance" that Huckabee and McCain seemed to have in the spring of 2008. But you're right.

  3. Uncle Rick says:

    OK, I am a shameless opportunist. Here is a potential leader for the GOP, and he's from Texas. Unlike the two Bushes (nothing against them personally, mind you), he's a real Texan.

  4. Gail B says:

    Whenever the MSM fails to identify the party when one or its heroes is in trouble with a wife, the law, with the tax man, with his mistress, or the FEC, we know (without being told) that the culprit-in-question is a Democrat.

    Thus, when the MSM says a member of the GOP is top of the line as a potential candidate for the presidency, we know (without being told) that the line is upside down.


  5. Aim says:

    Rick Santourm for President. Our state and the country lost a great man when Rick was forced to leave his office.

  6. Robert Wallace says:

    "he ticked off too many people over the car companies. "

    Yeah… forget that fact that he was *RIGHT*. He called for a structured bankruptcy if they couldn't make it alone.

    What happened?

    We loaned out billions of dollars and THEN did a structured bankruptcy. Don't know how you can get pissed at a guy just for having the gall to state the plain, cold truth.

    The only difference with Romney is we would have saved the tax-payers a few billion and gotten the American car makers back on the road to recovery a few months faster.

    "They hate how he ushered in socialized medicine in that state"

    In Virginia we require everyone to get liability insurance to drive. Is that socialized car insurance?

    "and personally, Mike is beginning to get on my nerves.. "

    LOL, watch out! You get a comment on their radar and you'll never hear the end of it.

    Sadly, I'm not sure Romney is in a great position now. He was the right man for 2008. I don't know who the right person for 2012 will be. Could be Romney, but it depends on what he does between now and then.

    Could be someone else.

    We'll see.

  7. sharon says:

    Give me a break… I mean really.. Joe? and forget Romney.. aint gonna happen. I am from Michigan and he ticked off too many people over the car companies. I also have relatives in Mass. They cannot stand Romney and their conservatives. They hate how he ushered in socialized medicine in that state, and said he was never there when he was the governor… and personally, Mike is beginning to get on my nerves.. But that is just me.

  8. sharon says:

    I totally agree Romney was correct. We should have done it that way for sure… but the union bosses are not the same as the union workers. This state was down and out big time last winter. Depression and fear are not even the correct words to use. Romney is or was the native son here. What the nation heard on national TV is not what we heard here in Michigan day after day on local TV news… Romney agreed with the democrats… stating the car companies had no plan.. we all knew what their plan was, the government got in the way. He NEVER talked about the regulations..He NEVER defended the CEO's… Never.. I guess what I am trying to say is that he talked down to the people of Michigan when that was the last thing we needed to hear.. As far as Mike goes, I love him, I think I just see him too much. My fear is that while the media gave Obama a pass on his "muslim" roots, they will not do the same with Romney on Mormon faith, or Huckabee and his christian faith… Nothing personal really, just a good rant. I was disappointed in Romney, and I liked him so well… He came across as "better" than us.. thats just how I feel.

  9. Rix says:

    I was mulling over the a-bomb that that Marxist moron Van Jones threw, and I came to a conclusion that I wish him to be prophetic on that issue. An asshole, by kids' definition, is someone who refuses to play by the rules. If so, the Republicans do need, desperately, an asshole to win. They need someone who would be a constant pain in the rear of old "politics as usual" chaps on both sides of the aisle. They need someone who will openly and loudly reject politically correct axioms set by the media. They need another Sarah Palin – without the baggage of lost elections, family problems and successful media onslaughts. Show me one and I'll say we have serious hope in 2012. Until then, my best offer is still Jim deMint & Ron Paul ticket.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rix is right.



    I am waiting for a natural born citizen, over 35, who has been resident for 14 years, with a GED, who will pledge to:
    1. Drastically cut taxes to spur this economy
    2. Press for a flat or fair tax, no more IRS overhead
    3. Secure the borders
    4. Deport as many illegals as possible
    5. Press for domestic drilling, nuclear and shale oil
    6. Veto any unbalanced budget no matter the turmoil
    7. Press for investigation of Barry Soetoro the former president
    8. Fire Benanke
    9. Leave our kids minds alone
    10. Mention the constitution at every heartfelt speech without a teleprompter
    11. Sell GM and Chrysler back to the masses
    12. Keep Guantanamo and keep it filled
    13. Start a Hanoi style bombing of Afghanistan

  12. Rix says:


    Oh. for such a politician, I'd gladly vote at least 5-6 times.

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