The Kennedy Kids, Exploited to the Extreme

Full disclosure here: on Saturday morning, I was en route to Atlantic City for a buddy’s bachelor party. Thankfully, my friend is as obsessed with American politics as I am, so we were in the car listening to the funeral service for Ted Kennedy, waiting to see if it would be exploited to benefit those seeking health care reform.

Both of us fully expected to hear the liberal agenda worked into a eulogy, but what took me by surprise–especially as a Catholic–was to hear the perversion of the Intercessions. When I heard these, I almost drove off the road:

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For my grandfather’s commitment and persistence, not to out worn values but to old values that will never wear out. That the poor may be out of political fashion, but they are never without human needs, that circumstances may change but the work of compassion must continue. We pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

“…not to out worn values but to old values that will never wear out.” Really. I guess accountability is an out-worn value, seeing that Kennedy never really adhered to that one. Please. I, for one, have grown tired of the late senator being admired for his “moral clarity.” The only thing clear is that Kennedy had no morals.

And for those who may argue that the poor have fallen “out of political fashion,” undoubtedly because of the focus on capitalism in America, I wonder if they might tell me how many people in this country were hired, were given an opportunity, by a poor person. It takes successful people to make other successful people, but considering all of the roadblocks Sen. Kennedy put into place to hamper the growth of American business, I’m quite certain they didn’t understand that.

GRACE ALLEN, SEN. KENNEDY’S GRANDDAUGHTER: For my grandpa that we will not in our nation measure human beings by what they cannot do but instead value them for what they can do. We pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

I like this one. I really do. Though I do wish that Ms. Allen would have added something along the lines of: “…that we remember that the Constitution provides guidelines not for what the federal government can do to the people, but for what the federal government cannot do.”

Perhaps, if we refuse to “measure human beings by what they cannot do” and instead “value them for what they can do,” the Democrats will reconsider welfare and Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. These people CAN work. We should value them for it, rather than measure them by what they cannot do and keep them on the dole.

MAX ALLEN, SEN. KENNEDY’S GRANDSON: For what my grandpa calls the cause of his life, as he said so often, in every part of this land, that every American will have decent quality health care, as a fundamental right, and not a privilege. We pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

This blew my mind. I’ll excuse young Mr. Allen for not recognizing that the so-called Right to Healthcare appears nowhere in the United States Constitution.

Or, wait, perhaps it does! Perhaps the Right to Healthcare is in those lost Dead Sea Constitutional Scrolls that nearly every ignorant liberal like to cite all the time — you know, the documents that secure the American Right to Housing, Right to Vehicle Ownership, Right to Privacy and Right to Buy Twizzlers and Snickers Bars at the Supermarket with Taxpayer-Funded Federal Assistance Money.

Decent quality health care is not a fundamental right for all. Our rights are given to us by God, and secured by our Constitution. For all of the liberals who love to come here to America’s Right for one reason or another, please point out to me where, in our founding documents, our founders secured the Right to Decent Healthcare.

JACK SCHLOSSBERG, SEN. KENNEDY’S GREAT-NEPHEW: For a new season of hope that my uncle Teddy envisioned, where we rise to our best ideals, close the book on the old politics of race and gender, group against group and straight against gay. We pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

Agreed. Now, if only the Justice Department, the White House, and the president’s own advisors (spiritual and otherwise) would listen.

(Though, as much as I am leaning more and more Libertarian as this government expands its scope and reach more and more, it was strange to hear the last part read aloud in a Catholic church.)

ROBIN LAWFORD, SEN. KENNEDY’S NIECE: For my uncle Teddy’s call to keep the promise that all men and women who live here, even strangers and newcomers can rise no matter what their color, no matter what their place of birth, for workers out of work, students without tuition for college and families without the chance to own a home. For all Americans seeking a better life and a better land, for all of those left out or left behind, we pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

I like that, too. And for those left out of America because they cannot yet legally immigrate, I pray that they can one day come to our shores in search of a better life, and do so in accordance to our immigration laws. Obviously, because he authored the recent Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill with John McCain, Sen. Kennedy likely didn’t feel the same way I did, but I’ll take Ms. Lawford’s words at face value.

Listen, the American dream is alive and well so long as this continues to be a land of opportunity. Whether or not that will be the case for much longer is up for debate, especially considering the speed with which this current administration seeks to derail any notion of American exceptionalism, but the heart of the American experience–that nearly all of us are descendants of legal immigrants–should remain.

KYM SMITH, SEN. KENNEDY’S NIECE: For my uncle’s stand against violence, hate and war, and his belief that peace can be kept through the triumph of justice and the truth justice can come only to the works of peace, we pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

Peace must be fought for. It must be secured. On this, the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, that fact should be even more apparent.

Kennedy, I’m fairly certain, believed that peace came from change of heart or from some other intangible non-effort completely devoid of sacrifice. In reality, however, throughout history lasting peace has only come from periods of war.

In voting against the Iraq War, Ted Kennedy voted against peace and freedom in that nation, against the ability of the Iraqi people to cast votes that will impact their future. Somehow, this lover of peace and hater of violence, hate and war was okay with the murderous conduct of Saddam Hussein. Then again, when it comes to matters of life and death, Kennedy has always been able to dry off and forget about things, if not only for a day or so.

ANTHONY SHRIVER, SEN. KENNEDY’S NEPHEW: As my uncle Teddy once told thousands and millions, may be said of us in dark passages and bright day, and the words of Tennyson, that my brothers quoted in love that have a special meaning for us now. I am part of all that I have met though much is taken, much abides. That which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield, we pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

Hmm. I remember being confused hearing this one on the radio. Reading it now doesn’t make it any better. In fact, it looks like something Yoda or Ty Webb would say.

I’ll “pass” on this one, Alex.

RORY KENNEDY, SEN. KENNEDY’S NIECE: For the joy of my uncle Teddy’s laugher, the light of his presence, his rare and noble contributions to the human spirit, for his face that in heaven, his father, and mother, his brothers and sisters and all who went before him will welcome him home. And for all the times to come when the rest of us will think of him, cuddling affectionately on the boat, surrounded by family as we sailed in the Nantucket Sound. We pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

I have prayed for his family. And that Teddy himself will somehow find God’s forgiveness. Ultimately, whatever may be said about his political beliefs or his personal indiscretions, Teddy Kennedy’s eternal fate is up to God. He did contribute greatly to the civil rights movement, and had a hand in some landmark legislation which absolutely did some good. That part should not be denied him.

TEDDY KENNEDY III, SEN. KENNEDY’S GRANDSON: For my grandfather’s brave promise last summer that the work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream lives on, we pray to the lord.

CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

This one made me wonder if anyone watching the broadcast on MSNBC had been replacing “Lord” with “Obama” the entire time. As in: “We pray to Obama … Obama, hear our prayer.”

To be completely honest, I am not a good Catholic. I’m just not. I look forward to the day when school is finally done and we actually have the weekends as an entire family to go to church each week. Still, even as a not-so-good Catholic, I didn’t like hearing the Intercessions used in such a political manner. Even if it were a conservative politician and the Prayers of the Faithful featured things like “that we can continue to fight for a limited government” or “that the downtrodden can truly be served by the natural forces of the free market,” I wouldn’t like it much, either.

I’m so happy that a friend pointed me toward the YouTube clip featured at the beginning of the post. At the time, driving through New Jersey, I had made a mental note to put together something on the Intercessions for America’s Right. For a few hours on Saturday, I was really bugged by what I had heard. Then, of course, because it was indeed a bachelor party, we all started to drink like Teddy (it likely couldn’t be argued that we drank in honor of him) and I forgot all about it. I’m so happy to have received the reminder

I could understand a eulogy being used a bit to promote an agenda because the person being eulogized was so consumed by it. Ted Kennedy was, after all, a senator for 46 years (something that the media passed off as a good thing!) and his life was understandably governed by politics. But using the Kennedy kids to engage in class warfare by reading off partisan prayers was low — even for Democrats.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic, The whole dam thing. Wake up America he is lucky he didn't have to do 10 to 20 years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you Jeff. The intercessions are supposed to be for the person at the time of his funeral or for the family and friends who grieve for his loss. I guess they figure Ted made it right off so why pray for his soul and they are too busy promoting these issues to grieve. None of these things are spiritual or help Ted Kennedy. Such a shame for they are training the next Kennedy generation to take up the banner. My father used to say that Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Kennedy's were rich and could not relate to the common man since they were given everything. To make up for this, they had to take on causes, but they truly did and do not know how the rest of us live.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If I was a Kennedy I'd move to Indonesia and change my name.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As I watched the 'common people' pass by the coffin and standing along the road as the procession passed by, I just had to wonder why we do this. Why do we put people or families like this on a pedastal? Take away the money, which was obtained thru questionable means, and you have an ordinary family, no more attractive than most others, certainly not as honest as many, victims of many tragic situations whether due to their own weaknesses or purely accidental and unavoidable. And yet, we have these people who idolize a family who has benefitted from their great wealth and learned how to shield their assets from the IRS sometimes by establishing trusts out of the country and constantly extoling their concern for the less fortunate. It is so phoney and humiliating that we grovel at the feet of those who deserve nothing more than the same respect we have for other families. Whatever they do that would be considered criminal by most people, is swept under the rug. And there was the great messiah, obama, uttering the name of God at least once in his eulogy. It was enough to make your stomach turn..I found myself wishing that they would all get in a knock down drag know, GWB going after O, Carter going after Clinton, Hillary going after Michelle, and Biden waking up to find he had missed the best part. God was probably looking down on all of us and shaking his head…don't blame Him.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For the next several hundred years, there are certain names I'd like not to see in politics. Clinton, Bush and Kennedy. I believe we've all had enough of wannabe kings and dynasties.

  7. REBOOT says:

    I second the motion at 2:38…..
    Can we please get some common folk in there?

  8. typical white person says:


    Here is the final intercession from the daughter of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg during the funeral procession.

  9. carder says:

    Why didn't the kids just come out and say, "For the quick beatification and canonization of our saintly uncle, may his name be included in the Roman canon…?"

    For Pete's sake.

  10. goddessdivine says:

    I had a friend call me to tell me about these very intercessions. I had to look it up later….and I couldn't believe what I was watching. Way to use the children to further your agenda. And then to hear Gore telling us that we have a "moral obligation" to pass this crappy piece of legislation; disgusting.

    It doesn't matter if we call it HR 3200 or "Kennedycare". It still stinks on ice!

  11. Gail B says:

    Goddess–I'm with you on that one.

    You said, "And then to hear Gore telling us that we have a "moral obligation" to pass this crappy piece of legislation; disgusting."

    Who is Al Gore to talk about moral obligation, when he has attempted to hoodwink American citizens about global warming, when the Obama/Soetoro regime is trying to hoodwink the American people on a health-destroy system that the budget can now NEVER afford, even if the people even wanted it, for the benefit of a small percentage of the country's population?

    Recently (sometime in the last few days or so), Jeff wrote a piece about how Obama/Soetoro fibs, changes his tune, misleads, misspeaks, or just outright lies.

    Obama/Soetoro has an agenda, and apparently, he is not letting the Members of Congress write bills but is having the Apollo Alliance write the stuff HE OR SOME INTERNATIONALIST wants rammed through.

    Now there's a bill up to allow Obama/Soetoro to cut Internet service off to private citizens at basically his whim under the guise of what he deems an emergency. This would enable him to break communication between conservatives and keep us in the dark about what he's about to do. Anyone who votes for that should be voted out of office no matter what political party he represents.

    I did not watch a single bit about the Kennedy funeral except for when something about it came on Sarah's TV while "the commoners" were filing by the casket. She turned the channel, thank goodness. I wasn't interested in hearing any of the eulogies, particularly Obama/Soetoro's; but I did find your writeup about the intercessions interesting.

    I agree with you about them, and I thought that the Kennedy children had pushed the opportunity for politics over the line. I just was not interested in listening to propaganda at a funeral, and I would not have wasted my gasoline to view his casket.

    And, yes, it "was low — even for Democrats."

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