Pence: The President Should ‘Start Over’

Indiana Republican congressman talks to Fox News Channel yesterday about the lack of a White House health care bill, the inactivity of Barack Obama, and the possibility of Senate Democrats ‘ramming through’ health care reform without input from Republicans or the American people.


  1. Claudia says:

    NO, THE PRESIDENT SHOULD STOP and not push anything more of his crap on our COUNTRY. I am so SICK of everything that man is doing and saying and wanting and deciding and forcing and opinionating on, that I want to throw up and then start the revolt….

  2. Gail B says:

    Our Congressional representatives need to be reminded that our conservatives' motto is

    "In or Out in 2010."

    That's easy to understand. I heard that the Democrats are expected to lose seats in double digits in 2010.

    Guess people are beginning to clear their throats of the stuff being crammed down them.

    Welcome home, Jeff!

  3. Rix says:

    While I find it extremely hard to disagree with Rep. Pence, I'd like to remind you that elections have consequences. We believe that Wall Street bankers who gamble and err in their judgement should be held responsible and suffer the consequences of their mistakes. Why, then, shouldn't we expect the same personal responsibility, and the same suffering, from American people who allowed the Usurper and his cheating cohorts to squat in the White House?

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