Decide For Yourself: Far-Fetched, or Feasble?

A perfect story for a slightly rainy east coast Saturday. Fascinatingly far-fetched, but hauntingly curious. Here’s a quick summary:

A pair of young parents, enjoying life in their idyllic southern Louisiana community, have their lives turned upside-down when their three-year-old son begins to suffer from night terrors several times a week. Nightmares for young children are nothing rare–many a kid finds solace in the “big bed” between mommy and daddy–but when little James starts getting specific while talking in his sleep, Bruce Leininger and his wife begin to get suspicious, if not a little creeped out.

James was talking in his sleep about being in an airplane that was on fire, being unable to get out. In his waking hours, he seems to know more than the average kid about World War II, war-time aircraft, and battles in the Pacific. He starts to say names.

Mrs. Leininger believes that her son is a World War II fighter pilot come back to life. Reincarnated. Mr. Leininger, a lifelong Christian, has trouble with the idea. Until he starts doing some research.

I’m going to be gone for the rest of today and into tomorrow. I can’t promise that Robert will not be putting something up here at America’s Right–although he has certainly earned himself a break with yesterday’s phenomenal piece–but I do know that when I return we’ll soon have some great material from young Jesse Civello and from our own Internet security guru, John Cardillo, on the new bill that would provide the president with emergency powers related to private sector Internet access.

In the meantime, however, click HERE to read the incredible story of little James Leininger in the Daily Mail, and leave a comment or two describing what you think.



  1. Robert Wallace says:

    I've never understood why people assume that if a person has memories of the past they must have lived through them personally.

    Isn't it equally possible – and perhaps more compatible with Christianity – that before we are born we exist as souls who have some contact with what goes on down on earth. Think of guardian angels.

    I'm not saying anything about the veracity of stories like this one way or the other (I think oftentimes underestimate the capacity of kids to pick up and integrate more historical info than we'd believe possible), but even if something weird is going on: why jump straight to reincarnation?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stalin came back as Obama?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard this family interviewed on Fox. It challenges my beliefs. I, too, am a Christian, and I was taught that this kind of stuff, esp. reincarnation, is totally tabboo and NOT from God. However, I think that there is a spiritual realm that we humans do not understand….

    That being said, this story is very interesting, and I just had a thought. What if humanity (some believing in reincarnation) has missed the point completely? Maybe reincarnation is not the reason for this little boy's experiences. Maybe it has some completely different cause and is something none of our finite minds can understand? What if he is, in fact, a prophet…using past imagery and historical references as a "prophetic tool" for something that is to come? It wouldn't be the first time in history that this has happened. Even the Bible is filled with very mysterious and symbolic prophecies that the prophets and the hearers did not understand at that time, but came true much later. Just a theory from an amateur!

    Many things we will not understand this side of eternity…our brains are just not capable of escaping the time /space continuum.

    On a totally irrevalent note, where is Old Bob? Bob, are you out there? I miss your posts and responding to them!

    Lisa in TX

  4. Rachel says:

    I wasn't raised with a fixed set of beliefs. I've been left to figure a lot out on my own. I think that has been for the better b/c I had no rigid belief system that prevented me from believing this story. I've believed in past lives and reincarnation for some time now. It just makes sense. When I'm dealing with my own kids, I try to be compassionate, b/c I wonder if they are dealing with pain from a past life. This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Jeffrey Shallit says:

    There have been several similar claims – doesn't anyone remember Bridey Murphy? – but when carefully examined, these claims have always fallen apart.

    See, for example, .

    I wouldn't be surprised if the present case is similar.

  6. Gail B says:

    I found this story simply amazing.

    We shall probably never know where the boy's knowledge came from, but who could have told a two-year-old boy about a Corsair, given him the name of the aircraft carrier, given him the names of the buddies, given him the names of those who greeted him in Heaven, and so on?

    When the family had to research to find out all this information, they could not possibly have told him to begin with.

    I do not know why I am so connected to water, but I have been drawn to it for as long as my memory serves me. I have even dreamed of being able to breathe underwater. Have I drowned in a past life? I do not know, but it feels as though it may have happened more than one or two generations ago.

    If I make it to Heaven, I'll ask God.

    —–I've been wondering about Old Bob, too. I surely would like to see some more of his comments.

  7. Rix says:

    Shockingly, I find myself on the same side with Jeffrey Shallit again. One should never underestimate kids' ability to learn. My daughter's 7 years old friend loves dinosaurs – I'd swear he knows all of them by scientific names and can discuss their anatomy and habits for hours. My own Webkinz-hardened daughter can, and on occasions does, outdo adults in pair-matching and jigsaw puzzles. Yours humbly, having read a chemistry manual at the tender age of five, could write any element's electronic passport, which never ceased to shock and awe my mom's students.

    Bottomline: the little guy in question has likely come across a stash of history books, loved them and learned quite a lot. Everything else is our imagination.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To Lisa in Texas.

    I'm still alive and kicking, and I read the comments to the articles on Jeff's blog without fail. Yours are always serious, well thought out, and substantive.

    To be frank, I've been limiting my participation in the forum of reader commentary intentionally. My highest priority in life is my relationship to God through Jesus Christ and I need to avoid letting my intense interest in matters political to totally absorb my mind and emotions.

    I believe that, without question, the root of the problems we face as a nation are simply the visible manifestation of the battle that commenced at the beginning of time between God and Satan for the soul of mankind and the outcome of that battle pivots on Jesus Christ. It follows that if we view the world around us through that prism, everything that's going on starts to fall into place.

    I know, at least to some, such statements within the context of AR will be inflamatory and the last thing that I want is for my inability to separate the spritual from the political to distract Jeff's primary audience from his from his intended purpose for AR. Jeff's focus on political issues and solutions based on Conservative values is playing a vital role in reclaiming America and I support him 100% in that effort.

    But thanks for asking, Lisa, and keep it up with your comments. You make a valuable contribution to "America's Right".

    Old Bob

  9. Anonymous says:

    Makes one wonder – if reincarnation is reality, then does this boy have a soul of his own?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Old Bob:

    Thanks! I agree with your comments 100%! Priorities ARE important, and I find myself thinking the same things…and I also believe that the true root of these worldly and political battles are spiritual. I think that's why recent politics fascinates me so much…I see the implications and connections to what God says will eventually happen.

    Great to "hear from you"!

    Lisa in TX

  11. Anonymous says:

    And you too, Gail. I always look forward to reading your comments with great interest. You keep a few of the others (and sometimes Jeff) in line.

    Old Bob

  12. Gail B says:

    This is too good not to share! Someone has given me a word to use in place of Bull S***. Enjoy:

    Years ago when I sometimes used unsavory language, I often used the expression "Bull S***." As I grew up a bit and discovered it was not necessary to use such crude language, that expression became "BS."

    What did I really mean when I used those expressions? I meant that something was ridiculous, or idiotic or a half truth or just stupid. It covered any number of negative formats. The dictionary defines it as: nonsense; especially: foolish insolent talk…

    I have decided that I no longer will use either of those expressions in the future. When I have a need to express such feelings, I will use the word "Pelosi." Let me use it in a sentence. "That's just a bunch of Pelosi." I encourage you to do the same. It is such a nasty sounding word, it really packs a punch, we are no longer being vulgar, and it clearly expresses our feelings. If enough of us use it, perhaps the word could be entered into the dictionary. When on a ranch watch your step and don't step in Pelosi. It will get on the bottom of your boot and won't go away until next election.. What a fitting and descriptive legacy for the Speaker of the House!

  13. Jan says:

    I'm with Nataniel. Why do we jump to reincarnation? God is capable of giving people knowledge and visions in order to accomplish his goals.

    Old Bob – good to see you back on here. I appreciate your comments and your priorities. I, too, read all articles and comment only occasionally. I also believe that this is a battle with powers and principalities. All this has been going on since Satan's fall and will continue until he is cast into the lake of fire. I pray consistently on how to effectively deal with the politics of today. I don't want to get too wrapped up and I don't want to abstain from being involved either. Thanks for the encouragement brother!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I, too, am a Christian and I agree with the second post…some things we will not understand this side of Heaven…and that is OKAY!!! This doesn't throw Christianity out of the water-not in the least!
    Pretty amazing story, though…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Have people not heard of or experienced themselves, when you say things you had no intention of? Like you know something you have know idea how you knew it? Or a preacher who prepared one sermon only to stand up and feel The Spirit of God flow thru them and a totally different message comes out? I am not a preacher, but have had such other happenings where I knew information there was no way for me to know before hand.

    though a bit overwhelming for this boy/young man and a lot more overwhelming for his confused parents, I am happy that he was chosen to receive and share information to put at ease the sister and the colleague and others who were all effected from the original event during the war.

    I think children, primarily are given these messages to convey, because as children, they will do the Right thing and pass them along. As you know any adult in this context would be considered a bit wacky first, then possibly be believed.

    Point being whether adult or child they are not a reincarnation of a person, they are separate spiritual being who is simply given a message, vision or such to pass along.

  16. hereagain says:

    Wow, there are people who DON'T believe in reincarnation? I had no idea. I assumed everyone believed what I do!@@!! LOL

  17. hereagain says:

    And amazing that "finite beings" speak with such authority and certainty on something of which they have no factual foundation. . . wow.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Jeff you and Robert and your entire group deserve so much appreciation. I appreciate this website. the reading is insightful, informtive and fun when we all need it no matter how serious the subject.

    its great reading the comments by everyone and especially by some such as Gail, and others.

    among the blogesphere this is a unique niche bringing serious political awarenes to inform and opine upon.

    like a good book you reach for this sight is always a great read.

    thanks for the time and effort you all make and the content that you bring.

    and thanks to all who post their comments.

  19. Gail B says:

    Old Bob, I don't keep Jeff in line. I keep him busy! He needs me like he needs another hole in his head–he has enough to do already.

    But then, he understands me, and he chose to keep this blogspot open. Jeff has really been a help to all of us.

    Y'all, the more I read and research, the worse it's sounding. I just want you all to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you, and the contributing writers as well. Thank you for all the great job you do and for caring about each other.


    WASHINGTON – The U.S. government has hauled in about $4 billion in profits from large banks that have repaid their obligations from last year's federal bailout, The New York Times reported Sunday.

    Last September, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson pressed congressional leaders for legislation authorizing a $700 billion financial bailout of some of the nation's largest financial institutions, which were in danger of collapsing. The bill was signed into law in October.

    Critics of the bailout were concerned that the Treasury Department would never see a return on its investment. But the government has already claimed profits from eight of the biggest banks.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jeff for your thought provoking story.

    I worked with a man who had twins a boy and girl. He told me when they were young around 3 also. They could tell him where to drive in the car in Washington DC. They even took him to a house and told him they lived there. This really freaked him out too. He said this faded as they grew older. I have studied since I was in my twenties various topics including Reincarnation. It is not unusual for children especially young ones to retain memories of a past life experience. As they age and interact with adults and teachers and older siblings who do not share this gift, it is lost. It is the veil of forgetfulness. Many explain this earth as the school house where we learn our lessons and progress until we reach a new level of understanding of love and humanity. This is the only place to experience this as an active participant. This may be what Christ referred to as the "many mansions" – many levels of understanding. The progress continues until one becomes a Master and even then many return to assist others or show the way. The belief being it is almost impossible to attain perfection in one lifetime. Since God is perfection and total love, it makes sense to me.

    Edgar Casey of Virginia Beach was known as the "Sleeping Prophet" and he first began helping people with illnesses while in a self-imposed trance later during one of his healing sessions, he mentioned that the person had this particular illness in a past life and carried it over. Casy himself was a devout Christain reading the bible every day. More and more of his readings spoke of previous lives. He even talked about Christ and his progression from Adam to the Christ – the first to master the path and to show men the way back to being one with God. After all it is the soul or spirit that lives forever so it is the soul or spirit that returns to this earth to work on its lessons. I have been told that prior to the Council of Nicene there were words in the bible about reincarnation, but they were removed at this time because it was felt men might want to engage in less than stellar activities if they knew they could return again. I am also informed many of these writings are held in the Vatican still. I too am a Christian and can still understand reincarnation as it still leads to union with God both in this world and the next.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe in reincarnation. I do believe in God's Word, and it states clearly that mankind only has two options after death.
    But, the Bible also warns us againt principalities that would seek to "kill, steal, and destroy" that which is God or His children. It also speaks of His angels protecting, guarding, and guiding mankind on His behalf. Therefore, I believe in a spiritual world of good and evil…angels and demons…that battle in realms (sp?) unseen to the human experience. I believe in miracles and I believe in evil forces. In this case, if these things are happening to the little boy, my reaction as a parent would be one of seeking a physician (ie. neurological, sleep disorders, etc.) for medical attention as well as finding a qualified priest to intervene and pray. Evil forces would certainly find this innocent little child an easy target, but God is all-powerful, and good can prevail in this situation.
    One last thing…the Bible also talks of things such as astrology, mediums, soothsayers, etc., that mankind should always stay away from due to the fact that these phenomenom can be used as tools to twist and divert the minds of mankind by these same evil forces. In other words, it can happen to a person without invitation, and certainly don't go out seeking it as it can happen by invitation. Hope that makes sense…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Edgar Cayce was born in rural Kentucky and then spent time in several other States before moving to Virginia. He was a Christian Sunday School teacher (Disciples of Christ) and through his "out of body" experiences he became a Gnostic Christian which is similar to Bhuddism. His readings are quite interesting and lots of things he saw in the future did come true. I learned about him while doing a search for holistic medicines.Many things he suggested back then have proven to be healthier according to modern medicine.

    Cayce also predicted the possibility of a third world war. He spoke of strifes arising "near the Davis Straits," and "in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf." When asked in June 1943 whether it would be feasible to work towards an international currency or a stabilization of international exchange levels when the war had ended, Cayce replied that it would be a long, long time before this would happen. Indeed, he said, "there may be another war over just such conditions."


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