Rep. Peter King: Voice of Reason

Seeing that a few days have passed, I know it’s no longer news in the sense of timeliness, but since I read Congressman Peter King’s comments for the first time on Tuesday, I wanted to reproduce them here and note exactly how spot-on I believe him to be.

Obviously, it helps that King said essentially the same thing that I wrote in Just Whose Side Are We On, Anyway? just one day prior to making his statement to the folks at Still, as the debate has turned to matters of national security and intelligence over the past few months, King has continuously stood as a voice of reason, and his sentiments on Tuesday prove no different.

King’s statement on “disgraceful” Eric Holder’s decision to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA officials, as told to Politico:

“It’s bulls***. It’s disgraceful. You wonder which side they’re on,” he said of the attorney general’s move, which he described as a “declaration of war against the CIA, and against common sense.”

“It’s a total breach of faith, and either the president is intentionally caving to the left wing of his party or he’s lost control of his administration,” said King, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security and a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

King, channeling both the sense of outrage and of political opportunity felt in parts of the GOP, defended in detail the interrogation practices — threats to kill a detainee’s family, and or to kill a detainee with a power drill — detailed in a CIA inspector general report released yesterday.

“You’re talking about threatening to kill a guy, threatening to attack his family, threatening to use an electric drill on him — but never doing it,” King said. “You have that on the one hand — and on the other you have the [interrogator's] attempt to prevent thousands of Americans from being killed.”

“When Holder was talking about being ‘shocked’ [before the report's release], I thought they were going to have cutting guys’ fingers off or something — or that they actually used the power drill,” he said.

Pressed on whether interrogators had actually broken the law, King said he didn’t think the Geneva Convention “applies to terrorists,” and that the line between permitted and outlawed interrogation policies in the Bush years was “a distinction without a difference.”

“Why is it OK to waterboard someone, which causes physical pain, but not threaten someone and not cause pain?” he asked, warning of a “chilling” effect on future CIA behavior.

“You will have thousands of lives that will be lost, and the blood will be on Eric Holder’s hands,” he said.

Ultimately, the Obama administration’s attitude toward the CIA, compiled with the wild accusations made against the agency by bottom-dwellers like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will serve to render the Democratic Party more out-of-touch, anti-American and obsolete in the eyes of the American people. Just as the backlash grows among concerned citizens from coast to coast as Congress expands the size, scope and reach of the federal government through measures like cap-and-trade and health care reform, outrage will only increase as the White House works tirelessly to destroy the morale of our intelligence community and undermine our national security.

Elected officials like Peter King, a guy unafraid to speak his mind if there ever was one, will serve as the catalyst for the real change in Washington, a change away from tyranny and bitterness toward America from within and toward liberty and pride in our freedom, values and way of life.



  1. Mick says:

    Maybe you should read this and be a real attorney, a real patriot, a real defender of the constitution. Or you can keep whining about how the big bad liberals are destroying America. This is the real issue, not a conspiracy theory. This hits Obama in the gut. Or maybe you prefer that he stay around so you can whine some more, WAH. Be a REAL LAWYER, not like all the dirtbags running this country into the ground.


    Now THERE is a man to sit and have a beer with. COMMON SENSE has such a sweet aroma to it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He is just another politician muttering the talking points of his party. Just because someone has an (R) next to their name doesn't make them any less terrible than Obama and gang….

  4. Sam says:

    According to what I read. Obama is NOT even a citizen unless I read it wrong.

  5. Rix says:

    In politics, the point is not to speak the truth or even make sense; the point is being heard. Until control over the MSM is wrested from Dems' hands, such outbursts will remain what they are – outbursts, honest-to-God but ultimately futile. Unless the GOP has serious plans on how to curb the influence of sold-trough-and-through bootlickers in Obamamedia, they shouldn't even bother running in '10 nd '12.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The 14th Amendment was never legally passed, and through it the New World Order made the United States a CORPORATION (illegally, unconstitutionally, of course).

    There are patriots still trying to defeat the Communist takeover of Washington, D.C. through the courts (aside from Orly's Obama eligibility lawsuit). This radio show is long, but keep listening almost til the end:

  7. Mick says:

    If he was a Patriot, he would have spoken up at the electoral college. None of these supposed conservatives, from Bush, to Cheney to this guy King, to Paul, NONE of them stood up at the electoral college and tried to stop this Usurper from attaining the POTUS chair. They ALL have the blood of the Constitution on their hands. These jokers at this site also refuse to talk about the real LEGAL issue, i.e. Obama's father was not a Citizen at the time Obama 2 was born, thus Obama 2 is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. How can they call themselves lawyers when they refuse to uphold the constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

  8. THANKS MICK says:


    so TRUE, i temporarily forgot…. I am taking back my invite to have a beer with him. Thank you for the 'slap' of reality.

    Clean House 2010
    435 NEW congressmen

  9. Gail B says:

    Do we feel safe now?

    SAM–YES, you are right; NO, he's not a citizen of the United States. I'm celebrating the 46th anniversary of Obama's Kenyan citizenship on December 12.

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