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Assigned Reading: Richardson Probe ‘Was Killed in Washington’
(FROM: Fox News)

A big “thank you” to an America’s Right reader for bringing this to my attention. And though he is a fan of the Crimson Tide, he’s obviously a literate anomaly because he was able to actually read the article and compose the following e-mail to me:

Where are our priorities? We go after the CIA who kept us safe, but decide not to prosecute terrorists, political corruption, or illegal community organizers. Am I missing something? Can they seriously expect to get away with such blatant hypocrisy? Apparently they do.

Obviously, I’m joking around about Alabama fans and illiteracy. I’m an Auburn alum — I can’t help it. What is no laughing matter, however, is how important it is that we as concerned Americans of all walks of life–and college football allegiances–pay attention to what’s going on in Washington, D.C. The flunkies on Capitol Hill will only “get away with such blatant hypocrisy” if we let them. My new buddy here from northwestern Alabama is part of the solution, as he understands and makes the right connections when it comes to this administration’s politics as usual.

So far, besides deciding not to pursue an indictment of Gov. Bill Richardson for corruption, the Obama Justice Department has among other things dropped charges against Black Panthers wielding nightsticks and intimidating voters in Philadelphia, secured the release of terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay, quashed efforts by the state of Georgia to ensure that all voters are United States citizens and therefore able to vote, and most recently announced that it will investigate and possibly prosecute CIA officials with regard to what it deems questionable conduct in terrorist detainee interrogations which ultimately saved American lives.

This, from a president who campaigned on promises to fundamentally change the culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., only to stock his own cabinet with tax cheats and hire an ever-increasing number of “czars” who require neither an FBI clearance nor a congressional hearing and who report to nobody but the White House. This, from a president who, in 2007, gave a radio interview in which he promised to immediately task his Attorney General with an investigation of the Bush administration, only to just this spring say that he wanted to “look forward” instead of back, and just on Tuesday maintaining that Eric Holder is on his own and acting “independently.

At best, Barack Obama is a hypocrite of the worst order; at worst, he has absolutely no control over his administration. Either way, it certainly isn’t “change” anybody can believe in.




    Come on CIA, bring this guy DOWN.


    Lets flood the Justice Dept when we ALL refuse to fill out the census with anything other than our BODY COUNTS. SCREW THIS GOVERNMENT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I disagree that Obama has no control over his administration. I actually think he has TOTAL control over it.

    We have to remember Obama conducted workshops on Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", a book dedicated to none other than Satan himself. Not only has Obama mastered the tactics spelled out in the book, but he is applying them today. Decent and good Americans can't believe in that kind of change because it is rooted in evil from the start.

    Alinsky teaches he could take on no serious issue before forming an army of supporters. He has done that, both before and after the election. People like Holder, Holdren, and Rahm are soldiers following orders from their leader. Obama will not allow his army to be held accountable under "old ways", for he is already living in the vision of his new America where they have absolute power and control.

    Obama and his foot soldiers have orchestrated chaos in America since his very first act as President. That "controlled chaos" was actually planned, so it comes as no surprise to him when people protest at town halls.

    Alinsky teaches that present circumstances must first be put into chaos before they can be reconstructed into an order which fits his view of what America should be. Obama failed to inform Americans exactly what his vision entailed and how he would attain it. The ultimate goal, according to Alinsky, which Obama is following, is the destruction of capitalism, social restructuring, and then outright communism. Read it for yourself at the summary link below.

    Despite the threats, assaults, vandalism, and physical harm which has come about from his actions; he clings to the teaching "the end justifies the means". He simply doesn't care who gets hurt or what freedoms are lost in the process.

    Every act of protest has already been foreseen and plans to use that opposition to further his agenda have already been made. Even the most extreme opposition will result in an extreme response: Martial Law. Either way, they continue to do whatever they wish.

    To summarize, the man read about, mastered, and is following an evil plan to the letter. He is purposefully causing disorder without regard for who gets hurt. He is using public outcry to further his agenda, just read the news for proof. All of this is being done with intentions of reshaping a new America into something our Founding Fathers would look upon and vomit.

  4. Rix says:

    Someone please explain me why, with a very few notable exceptions, all black politicians and celebrities show such open, blatant disregard for the law?! Racism may be alive and well in the country but every time I read the news, I see another good reason why.

  5. Anonymous says:

    With Sean Hannity's blind loyalty to the RNC and his dereliction of duty to the American Citizens on the NBC requirement AND enforcement, could someone please tell me if it is possible to be de-Hannitized?

    Pixel Patriot

  6. cher-pa says:

    The next agenda this administration will use to create chaos, will be the swine flu epidemic.
    I forsee forced swine flu vaccines for all.Remember Obama and company will never waste a crisis.Control over our lives is all they want.I will be damned if anyone in my family will recieve this vaccine.These people(Science Czar-John Hulgren,Ezikel Emmanuel and Cass Sustein) have a evil history behind them and I wouldnt put anything past them.
    I hope everyone has been watching Glenn Beck this week.May God watch over him and keep him and keep his family safe.His shows this week have been eye opening and frightning at the same time.
    Did you know that Obamas Green Czar-Van Jones admitted in JAIL, YES JAIL that he was radicalized and was commited to revoulutionary marxist Ideology.But if you question this administration about their policies we are considered racisists.WHAT A BUNCH OF RADICAL RACE BAITER HYPOCRITES!!
    Sorry for the all caps.I just cant see any good outcome here for our country

  7. FT SUMTER says:

    States rights, people, States rights.


    'JUSTICE' Department. Give me a freakin break. Can't remember the last time I saw true justice.

  9. D.A.Gust says:

    To be accepted into the 'cool side' of the culture you must act, and look thugish. It's all the rage. Looking like you were just dropped of by the prison bus is a 'win' in todays society.
    To emulate the gangster, is to be seen as good. Actual thugs are at work in the dark recesses of our society, but to look as one is keen, tippity top, gnarly, boss, and cool. Law abiding is viewed as 'uncle tom', so pull down them pants a bit, and wear your ball cap crooked….
    (I don't really get it either)

    Hope that helps, I had fun with it.

  10. Rix says:

    Yeah, I know, gangsta's all the rage now. What I do not know, however, is why not a single politician, of any color, won't suddenly grow a spine and publicly call "diversity", "political correctness", "affirmative action", "racial profiling", "fair housing" and other anti-Constitutional, Democrat-spawned verbal vomit by its true name. I'd swear that there is enough anger and tension over this issue to carry such politician into the White House by a hefty margin.

  11. I MISS ELVIS says:

    DA Gust, you are describing my dear Memphis!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I see today the UAW is being payed by the taxpayer in the form of pension health care (stimulus) to the tune of 10 Billion dollars. This was for their continued support on the "Obama Health plan" sorry "KENNEDYCARE". So the saga just continues on and on. Next step may be a 10 million man march on Washington and all state capitals.

    Beck asks the hard questions that you will never ever see ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSNBC,PBS ask and we wont. Are these people really that stupid?????

    I am beginning to become afraid of where I and others will be in 2 years or less. Will I have any retirement left? Health care? Locally the left mount a recall of standing officials when they don't agree with their point of view. We have 3 recalls pending right now.

  14. Anonymous says:


    You are right! I told my husband, who is a physician, that neither I, nor any of my children, will have the Swine Flu vaccine…"over my dead body" were my exact words, I think.
    People need to start doing their homework regarding the flu and the vaccine. Dr. Sherry Tennpenny has a great website with tons of information about the imminent flu and the political strategizing and propoganda that are being designed in meetings at this very moment!

    The swine flu shot is new, VERY untested (although they will tell you otherwise) and contains several harmful additives, including the adjuvant SQUALENE.

    Back in '76, it is actually a fact that the swine flu vaccine killed hundreds, but the actual flu itself killed ONE PERSON.

    This could be the crisis that allows them to test martial law on Americans…kind of a false flag event.

    There are many things one can do to prevent swine flu, including: personal hygiene, Vitamin D, and Colloidal Silver, to name a few. Eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible, as sugar has been proven to drastically reduce one's immunities for 24 hours after consumption. (Now do we understand part of the reason that people are so unhealthy in our country? America lives on sugar!)

    See you in the internment camp!

    Lisa in TX

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