This Time, the Media Might Even Comply

It’s rare, but I agree with Barack Obama: Leave his girls alone.

The First Family is on vacation, and despite the center of the media universe descending in years past upon the “Western White House”–George W. Bush’s ranch at Crawford, Texas–I do hope that the media does what it has refused to do for Bush and other presidents before, and leave Obama and his family alone during his vacation.

Especially the girls. I know that the press wasn’t particularly friendly with regard to Jenna and Barbara Bush, but that’s no reason to repeat it with Sasha and Malia Obama. It bothered me then, the way the Bush twins were followed around, and now as a father myself it certainly would bother me with regard to the two girls in the White House. I may not like their father’s policies, but the girls deserve the most normal childhood possible under the circumstances.

Some people might look at this–especially the threat that any reporter telegraphing the family’s movement would be “thrown out of the pool”–as another effort by this administration to control the media. I don’t. They’re not looking to hide from view meetings with various leaders. As long as the White House promises not to do just that, not to mention refusing to “unfortunately leak” any Putinesque photographs showing the president doing manly stuff, I’m fine with an overall moratorium. (If the media wants to analyze the price tag of the accommodations during this recession, of course, that’s okay — they’d just be doing their job.)

What will be interesting to see is whether the pandering press will comply. Certainly, had Obama’s predecessor issued the same request, conduct would likely not have changed. In this case, however, I’d be surprised if the press doesn’t re-affix the lens caps and help the president with his bags.

It’s tempting, but I sincerely hope the press agrees to let them be. Maybe the president will eat some bad clams and reemerge from the bathroom a capitalist.




    Does he have a bikini-wax czar?

  2. T.I.M. says:

    We do have a problem with race — a headlong dash into a financial chasm from which we cannot escape. We do have a problem with being "white", if it divides out the reds and blues that also make this country great. We do have a problem with a BLACK in the White House — if he stands for Blatant Liberalism And Constitution Killing.

  3. Ian Thorpe says:

    Nice to see Obama's official photoshopper managed to line up his correctly with the body used this time.

    But I agree the press should leave the Obama girls alone. With luck they'll be too busy trying to catch BO and Reggie Love having a quick cuddle in the sand dunes.

  4. Gail B says:

    Trust me–if Obama/Soetoro didn't want the press near him, they couldn't get much more than a distant snapshot of him. Otherwise, he would not have let it be known that he would be at Camp David and Martha's Vineyard.

    Jeff, you should be just as familiar as I am with the Secret Service security during press coverage of a president or presidential candidate.

    What bothers me is why Obama/Soetoro decided on Massachusetts for a vacation. Oh, that's right–Ted Kennedy is there, and there has to be strategy for undoing the state legislation that Kennedy put into place regarding replacing a U.S. Senator. Hmmmmm. I suppose Teddy is too ill to go to Hawaii.

  5. Rix says:

    I sharply disagree. Was that suggestion coming from the person who accused John McCain of handling Obama with kiddie gloves? Jenna and Barbara Bush had their share of barhopping, and if they can handle pressure as well as they did Cosmo cocktails, they'll do just fine. But the way Democrats used the press to bash Sarah Palin's kids calls for a hefty retribution. An eye for an eye, isn't it what the Bible says? Until conservatives learn to force-feed the enemies their own medicine, they'll be routinely had in every PR battle – but of course, some say that feeling generous, benevolent and gentlemanlike is a great substitute for leading the country.


    You're wrong on this one, Rix.

    John McCain DID treat BO with kid gloves, and the conservatives are indeed too soft — but the Obama girls have NOTHING to do with political issues.

    That's right, Sarah Palin's kids did not, either. But that doesn't mean it's right. And I cannot lambast the media for treating the Palin family as it did, while at the same time encouraging photogs to hound the president's daughters.

    I have a daughter of my own, Rix. And what little attention this little site has obtained has been enough for me to worry extensively about the safety and security of my daughter. People who call for "an eye for an eye" when little girls are concerned are the exact reason I worry.

  7. Rix says:

    Jeff, it is your call. Just bear in mind that a day might come for us to regret being too picky in choosing our means, and we left our daughters the country in which – heaven forbid! – Queen Malia can order their execution on a whim.


    BO's pic; C cup?

  9. Jackie Smith says:

    I don't agree either….the kids are part of the package as the STATE RUN MEDIA always points out if it is a Republican's kids…such as Sarah Palins…..I say treat them all the same….either leave all of them alone or follow all of them all of the time….which they already decided that when they went after Palin's kids…..if the FRAUD didn't want the children exposed then he shouldn't have run for public office!!! The STATE RUN MEDIA has left them alone much more than any other kids I have seen in the White House so far and they have no right to be there given that their father is nothing more than a LIAR and a FRAUD who is not eligible to be POTUS…….he is not a NBC…therefore excludes him from holding this office!!

  10. Georgia Traveler says:

    When you are in the public eye you should expect to be scrutinized more extensively. Being part of the Presidents family would make them more readily available. Let them take the heat all of the families of Presidents have taken.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The media didn't lay off Governor Palin's daughters. On the contrary, they were pretty vicious, and they will come back around for seconds whenever they feel like it.

    I agree, though. Two wrongs do not make a right.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Gee where is Cindy Sheehan? I read she is at Hyanis Port 'protesting the war'??
    How about move,the daily Kos etc. why are they not being quoted about the increased troop deaths and raising hell about the continuing wars and build-up in Afaganistan etc. and the number of troops we are losing every month. Why isn't Obama visting the troops and going to Dover to meet our heores that gave all for us(24 last month?). Could it be they are liars about their support of these wars! Why isn't there a single comment from her or about Sheehan in the MSM press? Could it be that obama's vacations will not be spoiled by the same radicals
    that followed Bush around and sent many death threats to him and Cheney?? What hypocrits and boot-licking cowards these MSM reporters are! As far as Sarah Palin I wrote a long time ago (Oct. 08) that she was the a choice that galvinised millions of common 'citizens' But she was thrown in the shark tank 'unprepared' by GOP/Mccain and that is why the first day I heard about her being picked I knew she was like a 'Joan of Arc' because she would be like one of us going to washington DC( Ms. Smith goes to Washington DC)without real fancy elitesist degree's from Havaard, Columbia, yale etc.- Gee how that working out for America so far??) Also nobody knew of her 'outstanding' record of accomlishment in Ak. I just knew she would be 'burned' at the stake for being 'REAL' with REAL things completed not nuanced crap and plausiable denial?? or(fake)like McCain/obama/Biden. The left wing/commies/socilist underground Democrat Dumbo"s are operating in the background,and continuing to issue vile hateful lies about her,demean her and her family because they know if she gets to Wash. DC as President or Vice President One-Payer Universal Health Care is dead and she would cut wastseful spending to attempt keeping us from becomeing a 'banana republic',she would never cottle 'terrorists' or 'out' the CIA/DOD/NSA operatives. The Demo crats/Dumbo's are repeating the Sen. Frank Church BS from the 70's to destroy our abilty to protect the USA by killing out abilty to infiltrate terrorists groups and if they try these guys no undercover agent will ever stick their neck out to obtain any 'time sensitive' data in interogations!! What fools the obama camp has running it! Oops I ran to long again!! I apoligise.
    I get what seems like disconnected comments sometimes just to vent about Obama's stupid PC ACLU crap that will lead to another Terroist attack.
    Someone must get a national platform to get his real agenda exposed. This blog is great because most don't curse and make wild statements but submit real comments to see if we can fine some method to defeat his radical agenda. So all please keep up thinking and sending comments because I just read today the the internet is under attack all over the world by 'Governments' to stop our free expression on blogs or even commenting
    to blogs. All Americans who disagree with obama are being held up to ridiclule and attacked by thugs at rallies or bombarded by SEIU/ daily-Kos thug generated emails,phone calls if they just give their name etc. God help us all because they are 'winning' the public debate through theMSM and they intent to shut all free disent comments down!!! and that is why I don't idenify myself since I remember what they did to 'joe the Plummer' in Ohio. But I will continue to attend Tea Parties because they agetting big enought that even the MSM cannot ignore them.
    Thanks for reading this!
    John from Ohio

  13. Anonymous says:

    The media blackout has nothing to do with the Obama girls privacy, but is instead due to the fact that the president wants to be left alone to celebrate Ramadan.


    Exactly, Ramadan, don't think for a minute that is not it.

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