Just Whose Side Are We On, Anyway?

Okay, so let me get this straight. On the same day that the Obama administration announces that it has released back to Afghanistan, from the terrorist detainee facility at Guantanamo Bay, a terrorist who injured two American soldiers in a 2002 grenade attack, Attorney General Eric Holder–whose law firm represents several detainees–announces that he will in fact appoint an official to prosecute nearly a dozen cases regarding conduct of CIA interrogators during interrogations of terrorists?

Just whose side are we on, anyway?

Release Mohammad Jawad because, gosh, he only injured those two Americans, and investigate and prosecute American intelligence officials who are doing their job and trying to prevent Americans from injury. That sounds perfectly rational — if you’re a Taliban tribal chief.

I understand that the administration is desperately trying to distract from the sinking ship that is their health care agenda, but you’d think they’d do so with something that didn’t look as though the president and his administration were siding with terrorists instead of Americans.

Is this really the White House with which we’d like to entrust a brand new, high-value detainee interrogation unit like the one announced today by administration officials? I don’t know about you, but as an American who enjoys breathing, I’d rather the terrorists be handled and overseen by officials who actually have American national security at heart. No wonder CIA Director Leon Panetta has threatened resignation — not only are his people being squeezed out by officials who clearly give the benefit of the doubt to people who want to kill Americans rather than to those who wish to protect them, but they are being investigated and possibly prosecuted for simply doing their job as well.

Time and time again, Barack Obama and his administration come down on the side of those who wish ultimate harm upon America and Americans. Just like his previous decision to order detainees Mirandized, the decision to investigate CIA officials with regard to intelligence gathering techniques will without question cost American lives, both here at home because all effective interrogation of high-value detainees will undoubtedly be off the table for his new interrogation unit, as well as on the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, as murderous jihadists captured in the act of killing or attempting to kill American soldiers have no reason whatsoever to even apprise our troops of anything they know, from the position of other terrorists to the location of road-side bombs. They know they won’t be tortured, after all. They know they won’t be waterboarded. They know they won’t even be slapped in the face or merely annoyed with loud music. Heck, as soon as Mohammed Jawad gets home, they’ll know that they likely will not even be held for long. Capture, to your average Jihadist, will mean a hot meal and a shower. That’s it.

Barack Obama’s conduct and decisionmaking with regard to the ongoing war against radical Islam has been worse than reckless. Through his detente-at-all-costs, social justice-driven approach to foreign policy, he has abandoned allies and emboldened enemies. Through the threats made and games played with our intelligence community by his administration and by his Democrats, he has given those on the front lines of this war no reason at all to put their neck on the line to gather information which could prevent attacks on America, on American people, or American interests.

And, of course, when the United States of America is attacked again, this president will undoubtedly do his best to transfer blame onto his predecessor as he has done with everything else, from the economy to energy costs. In that speech so many months ago at the National Archives, where he literally stood between the American people and the Constitution, Obama carefully laid the groundwork for eventually associating the establishment of the Guantanamo Bay facility as the root cause of radical Islamic rage across the globe, when in reality the facility was established after the 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., after the 2000 attack on the USS Cole, after the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996, after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Unfortunately, as this latest news was undoubtedly released in order to distract Americans from the health care debate, it has become abundantly clear that to Barack Obama and the Democrats, national security and the safety of our troops is little more than a political game. How else do you explain the knee-jerk decision to shutter Gitmo? How else do you explain the back-and-forth over the release of new detainee photos? How else do you explain the destruction of morale in the intelligence community, Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous accusations, sans evidence, that the CIA had been systematically lying to her and Congress for years? How else to you explain the sudden reemergence of the Armenian Genocide issue, brought up by Nancy Pelosi in 2007 at the height of the Iraq war? In short, with every single move he makes, Barack Obama and his entire administration and party are playing political games with American lives both at home and abroad, and each and every one of them must be held accountable for each and every action taken to erode national security and give every possible advantage to those who wish to do us ultimate harm.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — because of the weakness shown by this administration in dealing with detainees, and because of the way it has demoralized our intelligence community, when we are attacked here on American soil again, the blood will be on their hands.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This story is just further evidence (as if we needed any more) of the total depravity of the "progessive" movement.

    Recent polling shows that more than ninety percent of the population opposes wasting any more time on this silly political witch hunt. But, like government-ruined, er, -run health care and all the rest of their agenda, they will plow on without regard to the will of the majority.

    I can't wait for November 2010. Politically speaking, there will be blood on the floor. I want my share.


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    I don't know why, but it made me think instantly of Madame Speaker Pelosi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you did not know this was an American elected president and Americans acting on behalf of the American people, you would think it was another country or perhaps people who have infiltrated the system. I remember when Russia and its Premier said we will bury you in your own front yard. This may well be true. Russia has never given up Communism and they certainly have not given up their arms. They just have them in other countries. I read a book that indicated in the early 1960's the communists decided the best way to take over the United States was infiltrate it at all levels. Is this what we are seeing now? Look at the number of areas Americans have seen attacked – the family and home, religion, education, the military leadership and military personnel, and their own government. So attacking the CIA makes sense under this context – one more area to eliminate and control. I too fear the day we will be attacked and on our own soil. This may happen sooner rather than we later. Whatever the attack may be, it is for sure we already have a doomsday scenario with our dollar, our debt, our current economy, and the government pressing for more and more bills to sink us deeper into debt. This administration has no shame.

  3. sharon says:

    My husband came home today and mentioned Eric Holder, Janet Reno, Ruby Ridge and WACO… Had not thought about that in awhile. Right or wrong, I hope the GOP take note for the next time they are ever in the position to be in any kind of power again.. Do unto others. Take what the left does and use it against them, big time. To think the GOP had the power to remove Clinton from office and chose not to… I'm just sayin..

  4. Rix says:

    I don't get two things in that whole affairs.

    First, I will not believe the CIA, a powerful, well-connected and well-informed agency, will stand idly as its agents who honestly did what they are paid for, are prosecuted. If they fail to respond by suddenly "discovering" and "leaking" enough material to put the whole progressive pandemonium behind the bars for eons, I say they do deserve to be prosecuted – for incompetence.

    Second, I am very unpleasantly surprised by the public reaction – or rather, lack thereof – from the Congress conservatives. At least one of them must stand and openly proclaim that this decision is a precedent, based on which the very same White House hacks who started the push WILL be prosecuted themselves. That might send a shiver down some Democratic spines.

    And third: are the Democratic elitists really so stupid and arrogant to routinely stack the deck against themselves? They insult policemen, mistreat Army veterans, humiliate CIA, trample NRA… Who they think will protect their interests (and their arses) were violence to erupt – AmeriCorp'ed urban trash? SEIU thugs? foreign troops?

  5. Kathy says:

    Your article lays it out. Can't help but remember a couple months back how Chris Hatem, one of your guest writers, railed and berated bloggers here for not supporting "President" Obama and helping him succeed. Well, Chris got his wish thus far; Obama has succeeded all right. But, for how long, remains to be seen. Americans are waking up in droves and are they mad!

  6. Gail B says:

    When Americans wake up and demand of their Congressmen that they do something to remove this Kenyan/Indonesian Communist from the White House, then we have a chance of preventing the collapse of America's economy.

    All this CIA stuff is smoke and mirrors, to distract us.

    The rattlesnakes' corner is getting tighter and tighter. Something is going to give, and it won't be long. It will either be the overthrowing of our government or the handcuffing of the usurper.

    Obama/Soetoro will not be the only one to go down–all those who have aided and abetted this historical, gargantuan scam will go down with him.

    I received an email today that indicated there was evidence not mentioned before now re eligibility. Don't know what it is, but the sender asked for a contact number for someone. I emailed back and gave it to the person. I won't even say if the sender was male or female.

    This nation needs our prayers (or best wishes, Rix) for her survival.

  7. Anonymous says:

    no they are not at war with us.
    they just have this addiction to leave their homelands every now and then and attempt to kill millions.

    …….. i guess all we have to do is put them in re-hab for that silly tiny addiction?

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is shaping up to be a dark period in our history, but America IS waking up the the peril that was elected last november. I hope when the day of reconing comes, that the press, which has been a co-conspirator in all of this is taken to task, and held accountable and punished as never before. They have aided and abetted this criminal behaviour, and really need to suffer GREATLY, they have sold America out. Other politicians and administrations have crossed the CIA, and paid the the price. This administration is run by thugs, the CIA are the PROFESSIONALS. I`ll put my money on the Pros at the CIA to deal with the administration and the Holders and Pelosi`s and others who seek to destroy our way of life. The CIA has more than its share of Patriots, unfortunatley, the DEMS in the W.H., Senate and house have NO idea what a Patriot is.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else see the media blurb this week about the Obama adm. allocatining millions of dollars in aid to resettle palistinians who had suffered "oppression" at the hands of Israel, resettled in America? I have two questions: 1) WHO is vetting these people? 2) how can ANY JEW support this muslim who condems Israel, and throws her under the bus EVERY CHANCE HE GETS! Ahhhh, now I get it, he needs "experienced" people to do the training at the ACORN indoctrination camps…. As Rahm (the sellout of his own people)says, never miss the opportunity created by a good crisis (or one you can import and engineer from Palistine). These people are EVIL and SICK! Actually, it is a good thing that POTUS-BO caters to his "base", the more he shows us, the more America realizes that his kind of "change" is not the answer for America.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…"This administration is run by thugs, the CIA are the PROFESSIONALS. I`ll put my money on the Pros at the CIA to deal with the administration and the Holders and Pelosi`s and others who seek to destroy our way of life"
    My money also is on the CIA, by now they should have enough to bury the whole administration of tax cheats, ex-convicts, card carrying communists, and law breakers of every sort. Some where there is someone that knows the whole truth about POTUS.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As we watch the placement of czars to oversee every aspect of our lives, people who are not vetted by Congress and are not accountable to Congress or the American people, I wonder how much longer we will have a Congress. This administration is loaded with communists and anti-capitalist radicals who are implementing the changes in the very foundations of our nation. It was astounding to me
    that we voted for this and it is even more astounding that we are allowing this to continue. Some people say we will take care of it at the ballot box in 2010, but by that time they will have their boot on our throats so that elections will become irrelevant. We MUST do something NOW!

  12. Anonymous says:

    How long will it be before people wise up: Obami ain't on our side!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think the key to Eric Holder's decisions lies in the fact that his firm is representing several of the detainees. I would think that would be a huge conflict of interest, no?

    I place my cards on the CIA, too. They protect us. We support them.

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