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Apparently, this piece aired on 20/20 nearly a month ago, but when I saw it early this morning before bed it was for the first time. Please, please, please pass it along, or show it to those without access to the miracle that is YouTube.

Kudos to ABC News’ John Stossel. More often than not, he’s a voice of reason in a mainstream media otherwise clouded with ideologues looking for the best way to hasten the advance of the liberal agenda. Plus, his mustache reminds me of Magnum, P.I., and there’s something to be said for that.

In this package, Stossel discussed the problems inherent with government-run health care in Britain and especially in Canada. More importantly, he also addressed what the free market brings to health care in America and across the world. It’s nothing that I haven’t addressed here at America’s Right, but in this case it’s put together nicely in a concise video.

When he mentioned the various dignitaries who visit the United States for health care treatment, it reminded me of something from a few years ago. Back when my wife was pregnant with our daughter, she was working nights down at the premier hospital here in Philadelphia as a nurse on a surgical floor. Her patients ran the gamut from rich to poor, from natives to immigrants, people of all shapes and sizes. One constant, however, was the lack of vacancy in rooms dedicated to service visiting heads of state, wealthy folks, and celebrities.

From what she tells me, every floor in the hospital had one. The floors were laminated hardwood in the room area, and marble in the connected bathroom. The countertops were granite. The televisions were bigger. And the rooms were always full.

People come to America to pay for better health care. But, just like the Obama administration is looking to shut down the so-called overseas “loopholes” through which Americans are able to better care for their nest egg, the president and the Democrats are looking to shutter a health care “loophole” for the rest of the world. Without America, innovation goes down the tubes. Without America, the vaccines will not be made, the trials not undertaken. And just like I believe part of the key for a prospering economy is to make America the place where people across the world go to better care for their nest eggs, or better supply their nations with energy, we should continue to be a polestar when it comes to health care.



  1. Not Amused says:

    Speaking of loopholes, does the senate health care bill exempt congress and federal employees from paying the shared responsibility tax? The senate bill says that we can keep existing coverage but if it doesn't meet the definition of a qualified plan we have to pay a shared responsibility tax. By defining their own plans as qualified coverage before the Secretary sets the criteria for plans "we the people" have, isn't the Senate protecting their plans from full oversight by the Secretary and additional taxes that will be imposed on the rest of us?

    Page 56 line 5: Secretary establishes criteria for qualified health plans.

    Page 114 line 22 and page 117 line 16: Federal Employee Health Benefit plans considered qualifying plans.

    Page 103 line 23: Shared responsibility payments.

  2. Leah says:

    I put this on my FaceBook wall. Good article. The problem is, the crazies on the left don't get it. They want everything for nothing. My own father is a liberal idiot. He is ranting non-stop on his wall about the free health care he wants. He thinks he is going to see any doctor and not wait a long time. The problem is, the people on the left think they will get the same system we have now, and the government is going to pick up the tab. They live in a fairy tale world.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jeff- great article on the real motivation of Obama and the Dumbo's who support him to receive 'free' health care. Here is an article that I hope you can form an article around. The article shows the true 'downside of the Canadian system'. If their system is so great why has the Ontario Canadian goverment just inked a deal with Detroit to allow 'high' risk' emergency care in Detroit( outsourcing???):
    Title- Aug.20,2009:
    'Canadians visit U.S. to get health care Deal lets many go to Michigan hospitals':

    I'm sorry I don't know how to do a hyperlink!!
    John from Ohio

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