Administration Outrage Over Release of Lockerbie Bomber Doesn’t Compute

Assigned Reading: Gaddafi Hugs Lockerbie Bomber, Britain Denies Deal
(FROM: Associated Press/Yahoo)

The real story here is from a piece that came up on Saturday about how the British government may have released a murderer of 270 people as part of an energy deal with Libya, but something else in the piece caught my eye:

In Washington, FBI director Robert Mueller released an angry letter he sent to Scottish minister Kenny MacAskill, who ordered the release, calling it inexplicable and detrimental to justice.

‘Indeed your action makes a mockery of the rule of law. Your action gives comfort to terrorists around the world,’ Mueller wrote in the letter posted on the FBI’s website.

I’ve said, many times, that I would gladly praise our government–or anybody in it–when I see them doing a good job. Mueller is deserving of that praise for issuing such a strong letter. I’m not certain of how much a letter does, but as letters are concerned this is a good one.

Of course, it shouldn’t be lost on any of you that the FBI director is outraged over the release of the Lockerbie bomber–and, presumably, the White House doesn’t like it either–yet they have no problem releasing terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

I’d like to see someone in the White House Press Corps ask Robert Gibbs about that one.




    Mueller shouldn't stop there…..
    maybe something along this line…

    -Indeed your INaction makes a mockery of the rule of law. Your INaction gives comfort to usurpers around the world. Release your long form birth certificate, college records and all passport documentation.-

  2. Gail B says:

    Yeah, that dinged in my head, too.

    And, equally good point by DON'T STOP THERE ROBERT.

    Jeff, I wish you could do an interview with some Congressmen (and I'll write mine and ask) on why nothing is being said or done about the obviousness that Obama/Soetoro is a usurper of the White House.

    At this point in time, with 80 percent of the people aware that he has sealed records to his covert past and has lied about whom he doesn't know and when he didn't know them (!), it would be interesting to see who would open up and who won't.

    I didn't appreciate the Lockerbie bomber being released, either. Cancer or no cancer, he didn't let those 270 die at home with their families.

  3. Bodenzee says:

    I feel better if all of this outrage occured before the release. It seems a bit shallow to speak out now…perhaps even self serving.

  4. Rix says:

    I think the position of the White House is as transparent as the Usurper promised: killing enlightened, socialized Europeans is bad, killing capitalist American pigs is okay as long as Muslim freedom fighters do it.

  5. Dee says:

    Jeff, I agree, why can't they see the similarity between releasing this man and releasing the prisoners in Guantanamo? It's the same thing!! I truly think that this administration thinks that the rest of us are beyond stupid and will agree with anything BO does. I am frustrated to the point of being wee weed up!


    I can get REAL wee-weed up with this neurogenic bladder.

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