Now it Gets Interesting

By Randy Wills
America’s Right

It looks like those “mobs” that have been raising such a ruckus at the Town Hall meetings have the Obama administration back on its heels a bit. It may be that the unions, ACORN, and the mainstream media didn’t react quite soon enough and we got the jump on them, but don’t get too giddy. Now is when it starts to get interesting — this is the first real public challenge to Obama’s persuasive talents that he, and his administration, has faced.

President Obama and his cadre of cabinet members and zillions of czars are not going to give up on the crown jewel of their plan to bankrupt the United States, Health Care Reform, without a fierce fight. In fact, once the unions and indentured groups like ACORN untangle their feet, it’s going to get downright nasty. If the politicians continue to hold town hall meetings (some have already canceled their plans to hold them in their district), I expect so see some bloody noses and split lips, compliments of the real “mobs” in yellow, orange, and purple shirts.

And there are some hard-nosed, “take no prisoners” types surrounding Obama who would slash their wrists before abandoning the hill that has taken them decades to climb. Probably the ballet-dancer-turned-political-“housepainter” (in Chicago underworld jargon, I understand that that is the euphemism for “hit man”) Rahm Emanuel would be at the top of that list. He and his brother, White House Health Policy Advisor Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, come from tough stock. Their father, Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, was a foot soldier in the Irgun, a militant Zionist group operated in Palestine from 1931 until 1948 when the new Israeli government was formed and the Irgun leader, Menachem Begin, was elected to the Knesset. Irgun later laid the foundation for Israel’s right-wing Herut (meaning “freedom”) party, which led even later to the Likud party, of which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently chairman.

To be fair, Irgun is viewed by many as a group of freedom fighters and by others as terrorists, and depending upon whose historical accounts and interpretations are read, are considered either heroes or murderers. Israelis hold the Irgun in the highest of esteem for responding to Arab attacks and British bans on Israeli immigration and refusing to buckle under political pressure in the establishment of an Israeli state; Palestinian and British detractors alike condemn the group for the killing of civilians in the Deir Yassin Massacre and actions like the bombing of the King David Hotel.

Regardless of historical reading, regardless of whether the Irgun’s actions were considered valiant or brutal, the group was effective and stopped at nothing to achieve its goals. And assuming that apples don’t often fall far from the tree, I wouldn’t expect the president’s Chief of Staff to play pattycake with those who get in the Administration’s way. If I were Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or anyone else pulling back the curtain, I’d have a real good security detail.

As for Dr. “Zeke” Emanuel, in addition to his radical views on rationing health care based on his “Complete Lives System,” he has made it clear that he also knows how to play political hardball. He is credited with making the following comment in a November 16, 2008 “Health Care Watch” column:

Every favor to a constituency should be linked to support for the health care reform agenda. If the automakers want a bailout, then they and their suppliers have to agree to support and lobby for the Administration’s health reform effort.”

Then there is President Obama’s “Science Advisor,” Dr. John Holdren, another hard-core radical thinker when it comes to how we should allocate health care resources and manage the environment. I hardly know where to start with this guy, the scope of his radicalism is so breathtaking (he, like Obamacare cheerleader Peter Singer, the bio-ethicist from Princeton who, in addition to believing in infanticide– at least until the child is old enough “to know that there is a tomorrow”–believes that animals and trees have the right to sue), but I liked Jason Arvak’s posting on Poli-Gazette on July 29, 2009, entitled “Obama Science Advisor Endorsed Environmental/Economic Radicalism,” so let me quote from that:

President Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, has in the past endorsed a radical economic reform program known as “de-development” – a government-mandated destruction of industrial and technological infrastructure designed specifically to reduce population growth and lifestyle improvement in pursuit of a (sic) extremist environmentalist vision championed by the infamous Paul Ehrlich. In a book co-authored with Ehrlich, Holdren also endorsed government-mandated redistribution of wealth on an extreme level indistinguishable from the most coercive types of socialism – to call it environmental Bolshevism would not be unfair.

In the book mentioned above, “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment,” Holdren makes this mind-boggling statement:

To date, there has been no serious attempt in Western countries to use laws to control excessive population growth, although there exists ample authority under which population control could be regulated. For example, under the United States Constitution, effective population-control programs could be enacted under the clauses that empower Congress to appropriate funds to provide for the general welfare and to regulate commerce, or under the equal-protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Such laws could be very broad. Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory (emphasis mine) abortion could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger society.

Thankfully, Holdren ends this statement with “[f]ew today consider the situation in the United States serious enough to justify compulsion, however.” How nice. Holdren wrote this in 1997, so it’s possible that he might soon conclude that the situation is serious enough to compel abortion and euthanasia of the elderly.

And AARP endorses Obamacare? I know, I know. Their CEO said that there wasn’t a plan on the table yet to endorse, so they didn’t really “endorse” anything, but when you watch the ads that AARP is running on TV, to quote what Hillary Clinton had to say to Gen. David Petraeus with regard to progress in Iraq, it “would require the willful suspension of disbelief” to believe him.

If you remember, during the campaign, Obama asked us to judge him by those who “surround” him. Considering that we know almost nothing about the president himself other than what he has crafted for his own purposes in his two autobiographies, we should continue to do just that.

And in doing just that, what I’ve found so far is that the most common and striking characteristic among those who “surround” him is their unequivocal enmity with all that we have historically accepted as God’s place in the lives of mankind – especially His, and His alone, authority over the issues of life and death.

Grasping the significance of this common thread which is woven throughout all of the Obama administration’s plans and policies, I urge everyone to be prepared for what I believe will be the inevitable collision of the forces of Good and evil. How can it be otherwise, unless all that we believe in is false?

Take my admonition any way that you like, but by all means do your best to acquire the ability to survive a generalized civil upheaval greater than anything yet seen in the United States. I hope it doesn’t happen. In the meantime, continue to hope, work, and rejoice at whatever success we can gain politically, but be prepared. Specifically, I recommend that you adopt the concept of “clustering.” By that I mean become a part of a group of like-minded persons–family, friends, church members, whatever–who can collectively withstand the destruction of the delicate infrastructure that we’re so dependent upon. No one person has all the talents or treasure required to do this by themselves. It will take a group effort to accumulate the necessary food, medicines, and utilities to survive for an extended period of time should there actually be a total breakdown of civil order.

Meet regularly and make plans, and assign responsibilities so that IF the need arises, you can set your plan in motion quickly and without confusion. Eventually, the goal should be to form clusters of clusters because, as everyone knows, there truly is strength in numbers and that is what will be needed to rebuild a society based on Constitutional principles when the dust settles.

It may sound “off –the-wall” right now, and I completely understand that perspective, but just look at it as insurance. How many thousands of dollars do you spend every year for policies that you hope to never have to fall back on, but you do it because you know that there is a real possibility that something real bad–something that might threaten your very economic and/or physical survival–might happen and you want the peace of mind of knowing that you have prepared for that eventuality? And if a possibility such as I allude to was real enough last September to prompt Secretary of the Treasury Paulson to use it as a hammer to frighten Congress into passing the TARP legislation, then maybe you should listen to me as well.

Randy Wills lives in the Northwest with his wife of over 52 years and divides his time between his role as Operations Manager of a software development business founded with his son in 2002 and maintaining close contact with his extended family. Both he and his wife are avid readers and spend as much time as they can together reading and engaging in deep discussion of history, religion, and politics. For recreation, Randy and his wife like to “get away” in their RV.




    Critics of President Obama’s health-care overhaul are zeroing in on his senior adviser David Axelrod, whose former partners at a Chicago-based firm are the beneficiaries of huge ad buys — now at $24 million and counting — by White House allies in the reform fight.

    The unwelcome scrutiny, largely from Republicans, comes at an inopportune time as Obama seeks to shore up support for health care reform. It revolves around two separate $12 million ad campaigns advocating Obama’s health care plan that were produced and placed partly by AKPD Message and Media, a firm founded by Axelrod that employs his son and still owes Axelrod $2 million.

  2. Gail B says:

    "Every favor to a constituency should be linked to support for the health care reform agenda. If the automakers want a bailout, then they and their suppliers have to agree to support and lobby for the Administration’s health reform effort.”

    Looks like they have upped the ante. That's the way they're playing politics in D.C. today, with support for each other's legislation.

    Do we have a constitutionally eligible Czar? In other words, are Czars constitutional in the first place? I cannot find anything in the Constitution that says that a Czar can usurp power from the Congress. Just wondering (and waiting for someone else to notice this little anomaly).

  3. Sam says:

    Here is some of what is in the House draft bill. What do you think?
    PG 29, Lines 4-16: Directly rations health care for the elderly.

    PG 30, Sec 123: Establishes a government committee that decides what treatments/benefits you get.

    PG 42: The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your benefits for you.

    PG 50, Section 152: Extends benefits and coverage to illegal immigrants.

    PG 58: The creation of a national ID health card and a comprehensive federal database containing streaming data on every American's personal financial records.

    PG 59: The federal government accesses your bank accounts for mandatory funds transfers.

    PG 65, Sec 164: Creates special, federally-subsidized coverage for Unions and "Community Organizing" groups.

    PG 84 Sec 203 HC bill – Dictates the benefits packages of all private health insurance plans.

    PG 85, Line 7: Limits what private insurers can offer (rationed care)….
    Pg 95, Lines 8-18: The mandatory use of ACORN and Americorps for signing up Americans to government insurance.

    PG 85, Line 7: Imposes more limits on coverage (rationing).

    PG 102, Lines 12-18: Mandates Medicare for all who fit criteria (removes all choice).

    PG 124, Lines 24-25: Bans companies from suing the federal government, bans the entire judicial system from hearing any cases on the legitimacy of this blatantly unconstitutional socialist health care takeover (no judicial review allowed whatsoever).

    PG 127, Lines 1-16: Instructs doctors/AMA on what salaries they are allowed to make.

    PG 145, Line 15-17: Requires all employers to enroll all new employees in the government system (no choice whatsoever).

    PG 126, Lines 22-25: Requires employers to independently provide insurance for part-time workers, whether they can afford it or not (no choice).

    PG 149, Lines 16-24: Imposes an 8% payroll tax penalty for any employer (making over $400k) who fails to force his employees onto government insurance….

    PG 167, Lines 18-23: Imposes 2.5% income tax penalty on any privately-insured individual who fails to get "adequate" private insurance.

    PG 170, Lines 1-3: Stipulates that all non-resident aliens pay nothing (we foot the bill).

    PG 195: Federal officers will have full access to every citizen's most private records….

    Pg 241, Line 6-8: Mandates that all doctors be paid the same, regardless of specialty.

    PG 253, Line 10-18: Imposes federally-determined price tag for the worth of every doctor's time and services.

    PG 265, Sec 1131: Imposes controls on productivity for private health care companies….

    PG 272, Sec. 1145: Cancer treatment rationing.

    PG 280, Sec 1151: Imposes penalties and fines on private hospitals for "preventable" visits.

    PG 298, Lines 9-11: Imposes penalties and fines on private hospitals for readmissions after initial treatment (fix it on the first try or suffer the consequences)….

    PG 321, Line 2-13: Pretends to give hospitals the choice to go fully-federal, but only if local "community" groups (ACORN) approve.

    PG 335, Line 16-25, Pg 336-339: Imposes more rationing of services.

    PG 341, Lines 3-9: Creates the federal power to arbitrarily disqualify HMOs, forcing people onto government care at random.
    PG 354, Sec 1177 – Rationing of care for special needs people.

    PG 379, Sec 1191: Creates new Tele health bureaucracy (nanny state health care by phone).

    PG 425, Lines 4-12: Creates mandatory end of life consultation.

    PG 425, Lines 17-19: Mandatory government instruction and consultation on living wills, durable power of attorney, etc.

    PG 429, Lines 10-12: Empowers the federal government to order end-of-life plans through something called, "advanced care consultation."…

    PG 430, Lines 11-15: Puts the federal government in complete control of what care you receive at the end of your life

  4. Claudia says:

    We are in the war of/for our lives, folks and don't you ever minimize it at all. This war is about our survival as a Nation, as a Republic, as FREE PEOPLE who have the right to make our own decisions about our lives. IF we let them win this war, there will never, ever again, be a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of WE THE PEOPLE, by and for the PEOPLE.

    We must fight just as dirty as they are, we must do everything, anything in our power to survive this assault on our Freedom and survive to put AMERICA back together again.

    If Obama wins this push to Socialist HealthCare, we are lost, as everything we know and love about our FREEDOM will be gone. He will use this healthcare bill and the gaining of it being done to force every other agenda programe on us that he wants to impose. We have to stand up and FORCE HIM NOT TO DO THIS — NOW, or there will be NO MORE AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT and LOVE IT.

    Obama is using well oiled politia machcines and guns that are breaking down everything we understand, all the disinformation and lies and tricks and backstabbing and nazi-style turning of our neighbors in, and covert infighting and demonizing of any anda all who stanad up, are all VERY DIRTY TRICKS THAT SAUL ALINSKY WOULD BE VERY PROUD OF, and we Must stop it NOW…… NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER HOW!!! WE HAVE TO FIGHT JUST AS DIRTY and underhanded as he is doing or we will relinquish our Country by our own hands. START STANDING UP TO ALL THE THUGS THAT OBAMA CALLS HIS ADMINISTRATION, START SHOWING THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE!!!!


    Several weeks into the "cash for clunkers" program it turns out that delivering a couple of billion dollars worth of rebates to hundreds of thousands of car buyers can generate a few flat tires. The Department of Transportation's latest update on the Car Allowance Rebate System shows that the government has received applications for about 412,000 rebates totaling $1.7 billion. But so far, the feds have approved only a fraction of those, leaving dealers furious.

    The Transportation Department won't say exactly what the rejection rate is, but in an Automotive News survey, some dealers said up to 80 percent of their rebate applications had been rejected. Some dealers are waiting for payments totaling as much as $200,000, the survey found. About 13 percent of dealers said they've suspended clunker deals because of red tape and concern about getting paid by the government.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow. As bad as it will get with all of Obozo's policies, I don't see it escalating to the point of needing 'survival clusters'. No need to peddle hysteria here – let's just keep focus on the important issues and leave writings like these on extremist websites where they belong.

  7. HOW CAN IT NOT CRASH? says:

    I'm with Randy. It sure as heck looks like the dollar is collapsing. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  8. Rix says:

    Mr. Randy Wills, are you sure you know enough about modern Israel to malign the name of Dr. Menachem Begin – the only politician in our history who succeeded in opposing the yoke of Israeli left wing – just because one of his fellows happened to spawn a litter of liberal he-bitches? Please learn history before bringing it up.

    Being an Israeli Jew, I have the knowledge and the moral right (it is kinda hard to accuse me of anti-Semitism) to point an accusing finger at the Jewish liberal elite whose money, votes and "white guilt" saddled us with the Usurper. You just chose the wrong tree to bark at.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey, all you Mormons and "prepers" out there, I think that Anonymous at 3:40 PM just called you hysterical nutcakes and extremists. Heck, I thought that some of you were pretty decent people who chose to believe your lying eyes rather than the Obama minions, but apparently we had all better shun you and pay attention to the "important issues".

    I kinda wonder, though, what the "important issues" are that rise above "preparing for the worst"?

    Any help here?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Stand tough grayheads, stand tough!

  11. Randy Wills says says:

    For those of you who care about facts rather than emotional outbursts, please do a search on the Irgun, "Irgun Attacks" and The Deir Yassin Massacre".

    And Rix, the argument that "one person's freedom fighter in another person's terrorist" is usually used by the left against the right, not the other way around. In any case, it's a spurious argument. Any political faction that kills civilians, women and children included, regardless of the cause, will receive my condemnation. I form my opinions based on God's word, which, in this case, says "Thou shalt not kill." That would be unborn children as well as Arab women and children.

  12. Rix says:

    > For those of you who care about facts rather than emotional
    > outbursts, please do a search on the Irgun, "Irgun Attacks" and The
    > Deir Yassin Massacre".

    Freaking unbelievable! There were dozens of Jewish settlements assaulted by Arabs, with the overall number of murders well into thousands, and yet they all are miraculously forgotten but that so-called "massacre" – in the middle of a war! – is brought up. Even Wikipedia, not exactly a balanced source of information, admits that the battle had its military merits and that its outcome was distorted and blown out of proportions by Arab propaganda. It should also be noted that Israeli liberals used every opportunity to malign Igrun and Lehi, the backbone of Israeli right wing; it saddens me greatly that people posting on AR would follow suit.

    I also reject the moral relativism of "one person's freedom fighter in another person's terrorist". That makes every soldier in the field of Saratoga a terrorist, doesn't it? So much for patriotism I am used to expect here.

  13. JEFF SCHREIBER says:


    With all due respect–and I take the pro-Israeli stance on this, for sure–I think the road that Randy was going was to suggest that regardless of the way history reads into the Irgun, the effectiveness is what has been bred into Rahm Emanuel.

    I know folks who have been to the Irgun museums over there, who proudly fly the flag. I understand it.

    If you don't believe me, PLEASE take a look at what I had to say in late December and early January about the conflict at that time.

    I share your perspective, but I also know where Randy was coming from.


  14. Randy Wills says:

    Before a verbal war breaks out into a hot war on AR over my comments regarding The Irgun, let me just say that if you, Rix, or anyone else, wants to compare income tax forms, you will find that my financial support for Israel (Joel Rosenberg's "Joshua Fund") will compare favorably, as a percentage of income, with yours or anyone else's of your pespective. I am as pro-Israel as anyone (probably for much different reasons than you, however), but that doesn't mean I have to check my objectivity at the door and kiss the ground that every Israeli has ever walked on no more than I would condone every action taken by the U.S. over the past 250 years.

    I just don't happen to believe in killing non-combatants in an undeclared war as a means of achieving political ends. If I did, to be consistant, I would have to conclude that killing is justified by one's own purposes – let's say like Al-Q'eada. Unlike you, I believe that there is a Higher Power whose rules of personal conduct supercede any human being's. So there is no basis for agreement between us, is there? As for you question about Saratoga, I was thinking that there was something about declared war and soldiers is uniforns and stuff. I need to go back and refresh my memory; I'd forgotten all about the women and children involved in that battle. Thanks for pointing that out.

    And by the way, you and "Rahmbo" both seem to have trouble communicating without resorting to some form of the "F—" word. Is that trait something that is associated with some sort of complex or what?

  15. Rix says:

    I see your point, as well as Randy's; it were the comparison and the following example that ticked me off. For Israeli right, Menachem Begin is, in many a sense, what Ronald Reagan is for a modern American conservative. He was not perfect, he had flaws and made mistakes but he is and will remain an example of how to stand against liberalism – by whatever means necessary.

  16. Rix says:


    I do appreciate your contributions to Joshua Fund. I also appreciate – despite being a non-believer, or perhaps because of it – what Joshua Fund does for Israel and its needy, even though many Israelis do not want help that comes with Christian strings attached.

    I do not appreciate, however, that Joshua Fund's generous help is being extended to Israel's neighbors. You, as a Christian, might see them as humans worth of salvation and redemption; I, as a former IDF soldier, see them as bipedal cockroaches that brutally killed a few of my close friends and should be exterminated to save the place which I used to call home for over a decade.

    You have no idea how painstakingly the Israeli army tries to avoid civil casualties, at great cost to their own soldiers' safety – the policy I always opposed, first as a soldier and later as a citizen. On the contrary, the bipedal cockroaches that call themselves "Palestinians" (the term was coined by the Soviet propaganda, in case you didn't know) use to hide behind women, children and ambulance cars when they fight. They stage "Israeli brutality" – there is a well-equipped studio in Gaza that they refer to as "our Hollywood" – for the benefit of the Western MSM. They explicitly target school busses, beaches and malls. They do not hesitate to brutally slaughter their own who are suspected of cooperating with Israel. They danced on their roofs in joy when America was crying over 9/11 bodies. There will never be any moral equivalent between the sides of this conflict.

    As for the F-word, yes, I use it aplenty, and follow it up with a punch on occasion. I am an unbeliever and not a nice person by any measure. I still hope, nevertheless, that here, on AR, we can stay on the same side of the barricade.

  17. Jan says:

    Randy – I appreciate your article.
    Sam- Thank you for the information. I have read a bulk of this and wish that the MSM or the Republicans would use this to deflate the "dis/mis information" cries from the left.
    Randy – I also believe that we should be preparing. I don't want to be paranoid but I also don't want to be dependant upon anyone else for my survival. I also cannot help others if I am in need of help myself. As the forces of Good and Evil escalate I continue to hit my knees.

  18. Randy Wills says:

    The juxtaposition of the two preceding comments, Jan's and Rix's, are striking (no pun intended, Rix).

    The question is, can two such diametrically-opposed views co-exist in common-cause? Probably not, and probably should not, because one get's it energy from the dedication to violence as a means of redress and the other from dedication to the Prince of Peace. These views are, by their very nature and source, mutually exclusive.

    From my perspective, the path the runs independent of God and His laws is just a differnt, but parallel, path to the state we now find ourselves in as a nation.

  19. Hot Headed Son says:

    Its too bad that the purest part of the message of this article has been lost to a battle of what boils down to what seems like racial hypersensitivity. I would remind everyone that the point here is to watch what's going on & be on alert, and prepare. The "chosen one" (I despise that phrase with all my heart) has truly surrounded himself with some of the most evil men and women on the face of the planet, and unless we are prepared for ALL eventualities, we will pay the ultimate price of ignorance. Rix, (and others like him) you proudly claim to be an unbeliever (truly your choice), and that is very sad, for how can you recognize what evil is if you don't believe in the ultimate Good? Now is not the time for any of us to bury our heads in the sand. The end of days IS coming, and to turn a blind eye, and hope for the best just won't cut it. If this country is to survive what is coming at all, we are going to have to make some painful choices, and return to the “state of spirituality” that this country was founded on. It was not founded on atheism, polytheism, homosexuality, or any of the other signatures of moral decay that mankind has chosen as his “ultimate achievements” in the name of social advancement . If the founding fathers suddenly reappeared to see what had become of their once-great republic, I dare say they would do everything in their power to war against it just as they had against the tyranny they had left. I agree that we need to stand together, but we need to know what we are standing for, be of “like-mind”, and where we came from, or we'll just repeat the same problems all over again. I also agree that we need to prepare to provide for, and defend ourselves and our families “sans government”, because this government CAN NOT be trusted.

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