More Embarrassing Conduct from the Democratic Party Leadership

As I mentioned in my rambling account of my visit to Congressman Joe Sestak’s town hall meeting last week, it should be known that people like the woman standing up here at Barney Frank’s meeting yesterday are supporters of Lyndon LaRouche — a radical, left-wing Democrat. The “LaRouche PAC” lettering is visible on the posters being wielded around. Efforts by the left to characterize this woman and others as conservatives or Republicans should be rebuffed, and the assertions set straight.

That being said, the woman is still a constituent, and Frank should be ashamed of himself for acting the way that he did. Barney Frank, whether he likes it or not, works for this woman. And while she might have been a little more “out there” than many on either side of the political aisle would prefer, she like any other constituent deserves to be treated with respect.

Again, just like with the video of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee ignoring a constituent’s question as she engaged in conversation on her mobile phone, Barney Franks outburst and ridicule of an American citizen (no matter how she came off) only highlights how much class my congressman, Sestak, has showed from start to finish, regardless of his ideology.



  1. Anonymous says:

    At least the young woman was cute Barney, what do you have going for you?

  2. Linda says:

    Okay – now how could you attend a town hall meeting (or any meeting) with Barney Frank and not just laugh??!!

  3. MR FUDD says:

    He sure is a wascally wabbit.

  4. Robert Wallace says:

    I've got to be honest: as bad as Barney's lisp is, he strikes me as heads-and-shoulders above almost every other politician in terms of thinking on his feet. I would *not* want to go up against him in a debate.

    Unless the audience was willing to laugh him down just because of his voice, I guess. :-/

    You don't have to agree with the man to realize he's a gifted debater.

  5. Lilly says:

    He is such a putz! I saw more clips from the same meeting, he has NO interest in listen to his constituents at all. But not being in his district, he's fun to watch at times. To bad he's not on the comedy channel instead of Congress.

  6. bellsybop says:

    Barney Frank is from UR-AN-US.

  7. Jeffrey Shallit says:

    As opposed to your daily outbursts and ridicule of Obama, I suppose…

    I thought Frank's comment was spot on. If your question is loony, you don't deserve a respectful response.

  8. LETS BE FRANK says:

    The godfather of Fannie & Freddie has the nerve to shoot down a constituent? Oh the irony. The mustached posters cost the American people nothing, What has your incompetence cost us, Barney?

  9. STILL TROLLIN says:

    Shoot, Jeffrey is still kickin.

  10. SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT says:

    The dining room table doesn't have a lisp. Might make for an easier conversation.

  11. goddessdivine says:

    Every time I see Barney on TV and hear his voice I think: "How in the world was this guy elected? And how does he stay in office?" MR FUDD has it right: He totally sounds like Elmer; I thought so the first time I heard his voice. Sorry, but it's hard to take Barney seriously. And then the hot air and disdain that flows from his mouth show the arrogant jerk that he is. I don't care how ridiculous one of your constituents is, you don't treat him/her like an imbecile. Even Specter knows that much.

  12. Rix says:

    Never was a term "a**hole" as appropriate as when applied to Rep. Barney Frank.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If any of you guys tried to watch Sean Hannity's program from Sunday night, when it apparently was NOT shown, you may be able to find it here (if it has not already been removed.)
    Scroll down to: The Real Obama (in 6 parts).

  14. KY PLEASE says:

    Barney won't be satiated till he has the whole country bent over…. oh wait we are there.


    Oxymoron; a great debater that knows not what he talks about.

  16. Jeffrey Shallit says:

    Every time I see Barney on TV and hear his voice I think: "How in the world was this guy elected? And how does he stay in office?" MR FUDD has it right: He totally sounds like Elmer; I thought so the first time I heard his voice. Sorry, but it's hard to take Barney seriously.

    Excellent non-existent argument. You reject him because of his voice! How tolerant! How intellectual! How so-typically conservative!

    And not a single one of America's Right's readers takes this idiocy to task. Typical, again.

    Every time I think American conservatives have sunk to the bottom, someone proves that the bottom is a long way off.


    Hypocrisy…. does Jeffrey not watch Jon Stewart, David Letterman, hell, don't make me list em all. Jeffrey must have attended Obamas church cause he is coming off like a holy roller, as Obama is, THIS week. Sometimes sarcastic comedy can be caustic. Deal with it, grow a set, and try not to be so up tight.

  18. AU REVOIR says:


    take your liberalism back to Canada and STAY THERE this time. Enjoy your Canadian healthcare for the rest of your professorial life. If a 'professor' can't see thru this fraud of a president, us peasants will have to carry the load.

  19. goddessdivine says:

    Jeffrey, his voice is only the tip of the iceberg. You want facts? How about the time he declared that Fanny and Freddy were not in any trouble, causing many to invest their money; only to find out that within a few years they would implode. Yet the congressman completely denies any wrongdoing, any responsibility. He's a liar and a fraud. If you had been reading AR long enough, you would know that Mr Schreiber has brilliantly pointed out Frank's many shortcomings.

    Perhaps you should pick up a sense of humor on your way back to Canada…..

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