That’s Right — We Outnumber Them

According to a new Gallup poll, people who consider themselves conservative outnumber those who consider themselves liberal — in each of the fifty states.

As great as it may be to hear, this isn’t news. On June 15, 2009, Gallup reported essentially the same thing. Furthermore, for more than a year now, I’ve been writing about the poll results from the nonpartisan Battleground Poll, and using those results to support my argument that the Republican Party does not need to cater to the Hispanic vote, or to the center, or to the center-left in order to prosper. That idea is purely a product of a mainstream press determined to artificially push the GOP to the left.

When John McCain catered to La Raza in order to solidify the Hispanic vote, I mentioned the results of the Battleground Poll and insisted that his success, instead, depended upon his ability to mollify concerns among the GOP’s conservative base. Of course, I was right — the Arizona senator received two significant bumps during the course of the general election, one after he turned in a phenomenal performance at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, and the other after he picked a conservative dynamo as his running mate.

When GOP senators crossed the aisle and supported the confirmation of a proud member of La Raza for the Supreme Court, I once again touted the results of the June Gallup poll and the Battleground Poll. Supporting Sonia Sotomayor was a mistake, and those Republicans who did so–regardless of whether they voted to confirm in an attempt to appease Hispanics, or for any other reason–have lost the privilege to speak about adherence to our Constitution and founding principles.

Finally, on June 16, when the president brought a subservient ABC News into the White House for a health care infomercial, I wrote a piece entitled Barack Obama, Political Virgin and warned that as the White House pushed harder and harder on health care and expanded power, scope and influence for the federal government, it would “only serve to hasten this administration’s departure from the arms of its formerly willing electorate.”

“The love is waning,” I wrote, “the backlash is growing, and support for President Barack Obama and this Congress is inversely proportional to the expansion of government scope and reach.”

And I was right. Soon after that piece ran, elected officials who dared venture home to meet with constituents began to experience the rising ire of an awakened American people.

The United States of America is indeed a center-right nation, a republic founded on the principles of freedom, liberty and a limited federal government. Our founding documents were written with the knowledge that ambition is a permanent fixture of human nature, and certain checks were put into place to stem the tide of elected officials seeking power in perpetuity. As the ideas and ideals put forth by our founders have been more and more roundly neglected, however, those checks are being largely ignored. In doing so, in enacting incumbent-favoring legislation like McCain’s own Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and in voting itself more and more power over each and every aspect of Americans’ daily lives, our elected officials have alienated those of us who simply want a Jeffersonian, hands-off approach to governance.

Now, it’s important to know that there are more of “us” than there are of “them.” We’re making our voices heard, fighting those who want to expand government — soon, we need to make our voice heard and fight those who refuse to restrain it. Let’s make sure that the GOP listens in 2010 and 2012, and promotes the candidacy of those who actually reflect our conservative values.

Remember these poll results as they come out. Remember them when you hear that the president and the Democrats have a mandate. Remember them when you feel despair. There are more of us than there are of them, and we’re waking up.




    "Supporting Sonia Sotomayor was a mistake, and those Republicans who did so–regardless of whether they voted to confirm in an attempt to appease Hispanics, or for any other reason–have lost the privilege to speak about adherence to our Constitution and founding principles."

    In Tennessee I am going to do all in my power to see that 'Lamer' Alexander loses his Senate seat. Bob Corker, thank you for your appreciation of the Constitution and your appropriate vote.

  2. Michele says:

    Reverse Racism is ugly too, I also live in TN and I agree w/ you. I have already contacted my Rep for my area and said we needed to get him out of office along w/ Bart Gordon. I had contacted Lamar Alexander's office at the first of the year about something he voted on that concerned me and asked if he was planning on running for office again and they said they didn't know if he was running again. I also contacted his office about my disappointment in him voting for Sotomayor.
    I contact Bob Corder's office quite often to tell him how much I appreciate his love of this country and keeping our best interest in mind.

  3. sharon says:

    Great article, and if I may…. It very well could be a blessing that Obama won the election. Now, if the GOP can stay focused and the aforementioned removed from office, the country just might have a fighting chance after all.

  4. Chuck in San Diego says:

    You interested in a little high adrenaline commentary ???

  5. Anonymous says:

    That idea is purely a product of a mainstream press determined to artificially push the GOP to the left.


    i feel the same.
    moreover, hispanics should be flocking TO the republican side for their own future good.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hats off to you REVERSE RACISM IS UGLY TOO.

    WHATEVER we can do we will feel better knowing we did SOMETHING. WE CAN TELL future generations by our historical effort that we were not slackers; that we did our best to look out for them.


  7. Anonymous says:

    We have come to the point our voices no longer matter. The "ENDGAME" is at hand! When Obama's popularity has diminished to a point were his administration can no longer achieve their goals and the people are at a boiling point due to the Congress passing legislation that is not consistent with the true values of the people of this great republic, then there will be a false flag attack or flu pandemic to declare "MARTIAL LAW". This country has been HIJACKED!!! We are in true peril! Right now there is in place the means by which this country can be by the stroke of a pen, turned from a representative republic into a dictatorship! Even if we could someway sway our current President to not follow through with the master plan, he would be unable to undo what has been put in place by presidents before him in executive orders. With the possibility of his Presidency being illegitimate, he would not be able to undo those orders. People need to wake up and realize that we have been undone by both parties. From the beginning we were warned of the dangers and we paid no heed to those warnings. At numerous points in history, and by numerous Presidents we were warned that our government was being attacked and run by something sinister behind the scenes. Again we paid no heed. Now as the "ENDGAME" is upon us we may be called upon to pay the ultimate price. How much do you value your freedoms. If you still have not awakened to what is really going on, I challenge you to do due diligence on the items I post below and make your own conclusion.
    Executive orders for martial law
    Presidential directive 51
    Rex 84
    John W. Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2006
    NORTHCOM Troops
    Patriot Act
    The United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2 (Garden Plot)
    Operation Cable Splicer
    FM 3-19.40 Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations
    HR 645 FEMA Camps
    Army Regulation 210–35. Civilian Inmate Labor Program
    FEMA Coffins
    FEMA and KBR
    Military Commissions Act of 2006
    Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
    Bilderberg Group
    Council on Foreign Relations
    Trilateral Commission

  8. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. Hitler also had a Directive 51 to continue government during a national emergency. Coincidence?

  9. Rix says:

    Every time I hear of "conservative majority", it saddens me greatly. There are two reasons to be sad. First, because it used to be true but now isn't; and second, because it means that conservatives are still in living in denial.

    We tend to trust the results of such polls because they cater to our fervent inner desire to gain the country back and restore it to its former glory. Unfortunately, such polls misrepresent the voting reality that pole-vaulted an empty suit with toxic chocolate-colored filler into the highest office of the USA. There is one reason why these polls fail: they do not distinguish between various flavors of consevratives (and liberals, for the matter). They lump church-going urban Negros, traditionally-Italian UAW members and impoverished Latino trash who happen to be anti-gay with the conservative bunch, but that in no way means such people would pull the red lever come election time.

    Yet the conclusion the article comes to is resoundingly true: catering across the isle is a game that conservatives should not attempt if they want to win the country back. They might have no majority to count on but turnout does count still. That's where the "community organizer" won and John McCain lost the election (though, many say, McCain have never intended to win): by the power of turnout.

    I hope whoever runs in 2012 will get this message – assuming he or she is allowed to.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 10:04…

    Well, you pretty much summed it up! Good post…unfortunately, you are right, but very few are paying attention to these things. It requires some research.

    Lisa in TX

  11. Rix says:

    You absolutely HAVE to read this! Rarely do I refer others to read outside of America's Right but this time, it is a MUST. It is not a politician or a grassroots organizer – it is the business community, the one that I always told will be leading the new revolution.

    Read it, please – not for me, but for this once great country.

  12. Gail B says:

    What would be wrong with a campaign against Keith "Teabagger" Olberman? Or Charles Gibson or Matt Laur, or even Katie Couric!

    I mean, it's like fight fire with fire! Give them a dose of their own medicine.

  13. Katherine says:

    In spite of the recent surge of power of democrats over republicans due mostly to the country's general rejection of our previous president (and blaming him for a failed war and failed economy), "liberal" is still a dirty word, whereas "conservative" doesn't have negative connotations. Republicans did a VERY good job branding the words as such. As a result, no one wants to identify as a liberal unless they are very strongly liberal. So it's true that conservatives outnumber liberals when self-identified. But democrats outnumber republicans. How do we determine who will get the independent vote? Even though most of those independents identify as "conservative," that doesn't mean they'll vote that way.

    A better poll would measure people's opinions on specific issues. That way you can actually predict the types of people and issues they will vote for in the future.

    You can ask a poll on abortion that "proves" that nearly the entire country is either pro-choice or pro-life. The vast majority of people aren't in favor of abortions on demand at any/all stages of pregnancy, for any reason. But likewise, the vast majority of people ARE in favor of abortions for cases of rape or when the mother's life is in danger, especially if the abortion is very early in the pregnancy. In reality, people are split about 50/50 on the debate. Honestly, I think that's roughly how it is for conservative/liberal, too, if the terms weren't contaminated.


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