The Left Wants Us to be Crazy

William Kostric carried a gun with him to Barack Obama’s town hall meeting in New Hampshire yesterday. Lawfully. Peaceably. And the left has predictably freaked out.

At 11:35 a.m. yesterday, at about the time President Obama left the White House en route to the event, MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson–who, just yesterday, deemed “socialist” to be the new N-word–called for Kostric to be forcibly disarmed, Second Amendment and New Hampshire law be damned.

The left simply cannot understand why we’re not violent, why we’re not getting in people’s faces, why our protests and rallies aren’t escalating. And the longer they wait for us to descend from passionate discourse into violence, the more impatient they’re getting.

Hence MSNBC’s Chris Matthews looking even more rabid, partisan and foolish than ever.

Matthews anger, a friend of mine observed this morning, is a good barometer of the left. They’re imploding, he said, and while Matthews tried his best to paint Kostric as a fringe lunatic, Kostric countered effectively with knowledge and command of law, history and facts. I agree. Liberals hate facts.

This episode does reaffirm, however, that each and every one of us on the right must behave ourselves. As I’ve written before, volume is okay, but volume combined with reason is better. We must be aware that the liberals are watching and waiting for something to happen, and that they are laying the groundwork to portray anything that does happen as indicative of deep-seeded racism and hate on the entire right. Now, that’s not to say that we need to revert to our quiet and polite ways of the past, allowing the Democrats to run roughshod over our rights, but we cannot give them the kind of ammunition they are waiting for.

It’s very fortunate that William Kostric is as articulate, knowledgeable and aware as he is. While I am personally not a fan of open carry (I have a concealed weapons permit for a reason), I recognize that he was completely within his legal right to carry yesterday, but I’m nonetheless glad that he was prepared to face the scrutiny sure to come. Anyone less prepared, less knowledgeable about historical fact and legal reality, less outwardly rational and restrained, could have been absolutely eviscerated by Chris Matthews.

It’s a shame, too. We know the law, and want nothing more than a federal government which upholds the Constitution. The left is completely on the other side, preferring empathy and emotion to the rule of law, and looking at the Constitution as an outdated relic. This debate, about a man who lawfully exercised his constitutional rights and the liberal activists–like the so-called journalists at MSNBC–who care little for the Constitution, is a microcosm of the varied perspectives.

The left wants us to be crazy, by our standards. By their standards, we already are.



  1. Robert Wallace says:

    He did really well, but I kept waiting for him to respond to the insistent questions about "what happens when people bring guns to Presidential events" with "Why don't you ask the Secret Service? I hear they might bring guns every now and then."


    Good one Robert. !!


    night sticks are OK, tho

  4. NH ROCKS says:

    William, I salute you.


    It's funny how orgasmic Matthews gets on the birther issue.


    I'd much rather have a beer with William than with the 'president' and that wacky professor.

  7. Gail B says:

    The gentleman (and I mean that literally) handled the Leftist Media mogul very well. He knew his history; he was not knocked off balance; and he answered truthfully.

    Truth is not a virtue that most Leftists, particularly Leftist media moguls, understand or possess.

  8. HEY WILLIAM says:

    William, I lived a year in Jaffrey NH. What a great state! I would be honored to treat you to dinner sometime. Jeff has my email.
    Chris Matthews, you need to get a life.

    verification word: franch
    What Tom Cruise speaks in France

  9. doogle says:

    While probably not the best thing to do at a presidential gathering (carrying a gun…even legally), this guy handled himself failrly well up against the ChrissyMeister.

  10. Hal says:

    Anytime I watch clips of Chris Matthews, I'm always reminded of the one with Zell Miller. Its always refreshing to go back and watch him get put in his place.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That gentleman made "a thrill running up my leg" look like more of a clown than he already is. Weel done! Use your rights or lose your rights!

  12. Linda says:

    MATTHEWS IS AN IDIOT and, oh yes, nothing like cussing at the interviewee. And nothing like yelling at the guy. What kind of an interview is this!!! Yes, yes, and yes Matthews – they were wrong. I applaud the guy for having a level head when being interviewed by this maniac.

  13. EGO EXPLOSION says:

    That poor impotent Secret Service just couldn't get by without Chris Matthews oversight and input on security and 'history'.

  14. goddessdivine says:

    Matthews is a piece of work. Instead of a thrill up my leg I get a pain in my head just watching him.


    I'd be much more fearful of someone carrying a poster quoting Rev. Wright than Thomas Jefferson.

  16. Rix says:

    As much as I'd love lunatic wackos liek Chris Matthews to be removed from TV, gagged and eventually institutionalized, they will exist for as long as there's market for their acrid rant. Rabid hate-spewing journalists are not the problem – our money being extorted to support their "news" networks is.

  17. Gail B says:

    I'll say "AMEN" to that!

  18. Claudia says:

    Matthews is nothing but a MEDIA WH*RE or a slimey STREET PROST*TUTE with a grudge as big as the Grand Canyon on his shoulder.

    Kostric kept his cool and never let Matthews rattle him, and he came off as the better person in that interview, by far. Matthews smelled it up with his stinking cussing on a public (to be aired) interview, and his yelling at Kostric for no reason and his absolute insistence that the BC issue should be brought up. What a joke he is becoming, and for MSNBC to keep him in front fo the general public is stupidly insane, but then MSNBC never has shown much regard for the public that they so covet and want to influence and then JUDGE.

    Good for Kostric, he is great and I would love to have a beer with him, even though I don't drink beer, but just to sit and talk with him would be an honor. He showed that all of us out here in the heartland or rest of America, other than the left idiots, are NOT imbicles or fly off the handle kooks that are just aching for a fight. All we want it the truth and the honor that our CONSTITUTION BROUGHT US AS A NATION to be upheld and justified.

  19. 1, 2, 3 WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? says:

    I get a thrill up and down my leg every time I see someone exercising their 2nd Amendment right! The 1st Amendment is cool too, but its a lot of yelling and screaming usually.

  20. I HIDE NOTHING says:

    William could have said to the birther prompting, "at least my weapon is in clear view, as opposed to concealed birth certificates, college records, and passports".

  21. COOL UNDER FIRE says:

    The NRA should hire William.

  22. Dee says:

    I saw this video and was amazed at how unprofessional Chrissie was. Although, I don't know why that should surprise me. I was impressed with how cool Kostric was and he never got upset. Good for him.

  23. NIELSEN says:

    Hey MSNBC, how are those ratings doing? Ha Ha Ha Ha….. anybody advertising with you is pooping away their money.

    verification word: spankle
    light disciplining in a limo

  24. Gail B says:

    Claudia, ANYBODY comes across better than Chris Matthews, even on his own program!

    Someone mentioned Zell Miller and ChrisObot, so I did a search. The video has been taken down, but I did find a two-part interview where Zell just absolutely got in ChrisObot's face (repeatedly). It was refreshing.

    Zell's in St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta right now, because of a case of shingles. Obama/Soetoro's regime is enough to cause worse than that, but Zell's a tough ol' geezer!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Everybody drop your AARP membership and join the NRA. Much better use of your dollars.

  26. Chris Matthews says:

    Does HR 3200 cover my Prozac, Valium and Thorazine?

  27. Linda says:

    Remember Claudia, NBC and MSNBC are owned by GE, which was one of the primary msm channels to back BHO during the election because promises were made to the tune of billions to GE through BHO's crap and tax programs and other socialized infringements. It's no wonder that they keep fly-off-the-handle, thrill-down-the-leg broadcasters (and I use that term loosely) like Matthews on board. It doesn't matter; GE stands to reap the rewards no matter which trained chimpanzee they put on the air.

  28. HA HA HA...NOT says:

    Fer sure Jon Stewart will rag on this guy William tonight. Our very survival is such a great source of amusement to Jon.

  29. LIGHTS OUT! says:

    Is there any way AT ALL, of bringing GE down a notch? I'd love to screw them up.

  30. BORN IN THE USA says:

    Something tells me William has a birth certificate and an All-American daddy.

  31. WHAT YA HIDIN BARRY? says:

    With what Obama has spent on lawyers to hide his lineage and upbringing, he could fund 22,857 memberships to the NRA.


    Rix is right, we seriously have to find a way to 'choke' these corporations financially. That would be so awesome to bring a GIANT corporation down (especially a 'green' one). Any 'community organizers' in here that lean right?

  33. D.A.Gust says:

    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.

    George Washington

  34. Courtney says:

    Very impressive how William handled himself. He made Matthews look like the idiot he is.


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    So what of the United States placing 37th – behind Slovenia – in the WHO rankings? WHO rankings result from an index of five health-related statistics: health level, health distribution, responsiveness, responsiveness distribution and financial fairness. Only health level and responsiveness, Whitman writes, are justifiable measures of a health system. The remaining rankings, he argues, fail to take into account differences in health outcomes not explained by spending or literacy, and instead attribute them to health care performance, creating a fertile ground for demagoguery and selective citation.

    "The WHO health care ranking system does not escape ideology," concludes Whitman. "On the contrary, it advances ideological assumptions under the guise of objectivity. Those interested in objective measures of health system performance should look elsewhere."

  36. OOPS says:

    That last should have been in the hippie in Philly story … sorry.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Obama gun carrier reflects on publicity

  38. TY FATHER says:

    That video just above (5:30) is interesting…. a PRIEST giving William the gun toter SANCTUARY on the church grounds to continue his presence at the rally. Christ was smiling down on that I am sure!!! That police dept is a disappointment.

  39. PatrickHenry09 says:


    Get bent, falangists. Your day is DONE. Go pray to your torure-god, since that's what really gets you off.


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