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Assigned Reading: How Our Government Makes ‘Civil Debate’ Impossible
(FROM: The Shakedown Crews)

[I]t is the government’s fault, clear and simple, that “discussion” has degraded into furious screaming matches. Democratic dialogue can only occur in an environment in which all sides can feel that they are being mutually respected, and in which the leaders who are answering to their constituents understand that A) they work for the people, not the other way around, and B) the information they provide is true, to the best of their knowledge.

But when government leaders have stated, on camera, a position that later they say they never said, and then accuse the citizens of “manufacturing” dissent and spreading “disinformation”—which implies they are lying—the government has alienated itself from the people it pretends to govern. It also has undermined the necessary conditions for “civilized debate”.

The concerned, patriotic, everyday Americans speaking out at town hall meetings have an awful lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. Perhaps no burden is heavier than that of balancing growing frustration with the desire to maintain some modicum of civil discourse. After all, those of us on the right side of the political spectrum are different animals than our counterparts on the left. First, we shower occasionally. Second, we try to prevail with reason first, and volume second. Considering what we saw from the political left during most of George W. Bush’s presidency, I simply cannot say enough about my fellow countrymen (and women) on the right in that they have resisted the urge for violence, and largely have kept themselves under control.

Last night, I caught a clip on one of the cable shows of a man screaming so loud that it even made me a little uncomfortable. I caught myself saying “whoa there, buddy” and thinking that his point and question would have been better conveyed and asked if he could have toned things down a little bit. And it probably could have. Seconds later, though, remembering how angry I was at this time last night after reading Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer’s USA Today op-ed piece, I admonished myself for even questioning what I saw, even for a moment.

I don’t ever want to see the outrage over the ever-expanding federal government descend into chaos and violence. I think it would do harm to the cause for freedom and liberty. But what needs to be understood is exactly what has been conveyed by the gentleman running The Shakedown Crews, a Web blog I only became familiar with in the past few minutes, and one that I look forward to perusing at length when I finally stop procrastinating and get a school project done.

The Democrats have indeed changed the rules midstream. It’s frustrating, and I blame nobody for feeling that volume might make someone a little more receptive to common sense (when dealing with most liberals, however, I find it a lost cause). I just hope that we can safely lose our cool without losing our heads. The more reasoned we look, the more we convey our knowledge, our principles and, yes, our passion, the more we will get through to those who aren’t yet involved, those who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking at, what the government has in store for them and their families. Violence will never prevail. Volume alone will rarely win. But combine volume and a cacophony of common sense with reasoned arguments, and we can’t lose.



  1. Anonymous says:

    yes, lets do our best to be as civil as we possibly can be. and seeing what transpires before these shouts of frustration one truly understands how hard it is to contain oneself.

    i think the main thing is asking a question or hearing a question being asked and getting a non-answer – an answer that is obviously intended to not answer the question.

    when these people say the healthcare plan will do this or that or will not do this or that ask them for specific pages, paragraphs, etc.

    and about that manufacturing claim:::: obama's camp are advertising on craig's list to pay people to show up at meetings and oppose the protestors. now that is truly unamerican. these people are showing up out of passion for what is clearly a sick (excuse the pun)_plan on how to treat the very young, handicapped and older people. yes, it is enough to make you scream when you realize obama tried to sneak this monsterous ugly situation right under our noses.

    as we read this Bill we are outraged. that's how bad it is. only the rich can afford to say, whats in the bill is on no concern, or lets just sign and worry about it later.

    SOUND OFF AMERICA – its the only way to get this administration's attention. SOUNDOFF, as respectfully as we possibly can.

    (sometimes when someone pretends that they cant hear you it forces you to SCREAM?)

  2. Anonymous says:

    this comment a little off topic but pls bear with me on this one:

    off topic but…

    I am sure BILL O’REILLY will continue to outfox msnbc, cnn, etc., but not by the margins he enjoyed previously. I suspect many will simply turn to a comedy show or some documentary during his time slot as I will do from now on for at least a year to send him a very clear message.

    There are THOUSANDS of role models oreilly could have chosen from so how dare he use obama as a role model and recommend obama to MY children as someone to fashion themselves after? THIS IS VERY, VERY IRRATING.

    THOUSANDS of decent Americans to choose from and oreilly in the news business knows much of obama’s dirty trickery, lies and deceit not to mention obama’s dishonest association with ACORN, etc., and still refusing to present his birth certificate. I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED BY THIS.

    Is he afraid of obama’s thuggery? Was he bought? This is an insult not only to adults but the children who will grow up to realize it was a nasty thing to do. WHY would o’reilly prep a future generation to admire obama? BLOWS MY MIND.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree w/ Anonymous @ 1:03 AM. I was shocked too. O'Reilly was on "OTR" and he said he wasn't sorry for writing the article. He also said that Obama's books are very interesting. I am shocked that O'Reilly would want one of his children to listen to Obama read one of his books on tape. Obama lied about some of the things that happened in his life. I was shocked that O'Reilly would want children to look up to a man that attended a church for 20 yrs filled w/ hatred, hung w/ domestic terrorists, that is a racist, and called thugs out to bully/beat up American citizens at town hall meetings.
    O'Reilly said it's because some of us hate him and that's why we cannot see what he has accomplished. I don't hate Obama, I hate his ways and he is a very strange individual. I've heard some refer to him as being a narcissist.

  4. Thomas says:

    Thuggery is in my mind proven tonight as I watched Congresswomen Castor's townhall meeting independent video. A young man is assaulted for merely handing out " don't tread on me flags" by thugs in SEIU union shirts "said" to be "sent" there. The Democratic congress is unconvinced that the sheer size or volume of Americans against their stimulus bill, cap and trade, health care and amnesty bills is of any concern. They have the marching orders and will proceed as directed; no matter more then half the country is opposed, if it is. How can the congress debate a bill never read or should I say a series of bills they refuse to read. Congress owes the American People a serious apology: but don't hold your breath.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "I don't ever want to see the outrage over the ever-expanding federal government descend into chaos and violence".

    That wasn't very intellectually honest of you to slip the word "chaos" in there. That single word invalidates what the founding fathers knew must sometimes be a necessity—force. No one ever wants to think about such an eventuality, but consider what that man in Michigan said to his government—the one that was stalking him in the middle of the night—he stated publicly that he would not hesitate to use armed force to protect his family and property. And he has every right to do so, as you well know.
    Take that word "chaos" out. The only entity in chaos at the moment is the one who threatened his own citizens with hitting "them back twice as hard".

  6. Courtney says:


    Was the video you saw about Dingell's town hall meeting? If so, the man yelling brought his son w/ cerebal palsy and his point was that disabled people have no protection against this health care bill. And individuals like his son aren't able to defend themselves. The gentleman was also interviewed by FOX and he informed them that he and his family have been threatened in the middle of the night. Here's a link from Drudge to the video.


    I think people are at the point of being scared to death and that this man is in fear for his son's life.


    I loveeeeeeeeeee the clip of Hillary going off on a questioner wondering Bill's take on things. She went into BEEOTCH mode…. so funny!!!!!! See if you can post it.

  8. SOULS FOR SALE says:

    O'Reilly was bought…..
    Glenn Beck is on lay-away

  9. CHICAGO LIMO says:

    Speaking of debate, let's ALL buy Larry's book and then debate if it really should be Number 1 on the best sellers list. Take that Soetoro.


    O'Relly is no longer just obnoxious, he is ignorant. I had better things to do at 7 CST anyway.


    Hey O'Reilly,

    you ass….

    would never occur to you to bring forth a TRUE AMERICAN HERO such as Marcus?


    We love you Marcus, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  12. sharon says:

    I agree with civility 100%- However,they will not listen anyway. They will act like they are and go back to Washington and pass the bill. In this case, our voices must be heard, the louder the better.

    Great writing as usual… : )

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is absolutely moronic for people to sit quietly in a townhall meeting listening to a representative who undoubtedly knows nothing of the content of the bill, but is quite content to spout Obama platitudes about what it will do for Americans. The assumption that we who protest are drowning out dialogue is so hypocritical. What dialogue? What communication? "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, I am the Great Oz"

  14. ONE SICK COUGAR says:

    Hillary beeotching…..


    This woman is WHACK !!!!

  15. Rix says:

    Do not rush to judge O'Reilly and other FoxNews showmen. As I warned you before, the Chicago Mob has likely "made them an offer they could not refuse". A man can have lion's heart and balls of steel but if a threat is extended to one's family… Heck, I'd sing praise to the Usurper while licking his boots if I knew that it saves my children's hide. And, knowing the ruthless, arm-bending tactics of Obama crew, do you doubt for a second that such measure is possible? I don't.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone see the clip where the man with the son in a wheelchair was eventually escorted off by police officers?? They made him leave!! And Bill O'Reilly is getting a piece of my mind next. I first got offended when he called the birthers, which I happen to be, crazy right wingers.. but now he definetly went too far. I would never, ever consider Obuma a person to worship. He's a liar, and a cheat.

  17. LOVE IS BLIND says:

    O'Reilly has a man-crush on the demon seed of ACORN.

  18. Anonymous says:

    yes, I agree obama books are very interesting especially the one written by Larry Sinclair and the only one I have read. All I can say is WOW! It left me speechless

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree, it is pretty clear that "the almighty one" has something on O'reilly. Canadian press has reported of American talk show greats being blackmailed into silence on the birth certificate issue. Either he is just a wuss or they have something doen and dirty on him.

  20. Chuck in San Diego says:

    I love it. Specter is getting a taste of what the public thinks about his level and quality of representation:


  21. HEY ARLEN says:


    verification word: beavers
    None of those in the limo that night

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