Wedded Bliss

Nothing here yesterday–I’m sorry–as my wife and I were fairly preoccupied with a wedding yesterday afternoon and last night. The affair was absolutely beautiful, even aside from the hors d’oeuvres and the martini bar, and the bride and groom look like they had a fantastic time.

That all sounds wonderful, but why write about it here, you may ask. Well, there are two reasons:

First, in the case of yesterday’s wedding, the bride and the groom–two young conservatives who met on a national debate team–planned, arranged for, and paid for everything themselves. And this wasn’t some rinky-dink affair (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as I’ve been to some absolutely glorious wedding celebrations on a very small and intimate scale). They had twice the number of guests that Joanna and I had (nearly 300!), and hosted it at one of the nicest spots in downtown Philadelphia.

Second, Joanna and I had the opportunity to meet with a military couple at our table. He was a pilot in the Air Force who had been serving in the Far East and deployed several times to the Middle East; she was serving, too, as the selfless young wife of an Air Force pilot, as the mother of their young kid. Every time I meet or speak with one of these families, they floor me. Every time, they renew my faith in America, they blow me away with their sense of duty and love of country. And this was no exception.

One of the things I must give President Barack Obama credit for is the expansion of the G.I. Bill, which now affords our servicemen and servicewomen more of the same opportunities that those who served fifty years ago enjoyed. Now, the education benefits have increased, and those benefits can be transferred from parents to children. I asked the pilot and his wife about the program, and they were ecstatic.

Now, I know that Obama didn’t write the new G.I. Bill, but he didn’t have to sign it, either, given his prior tendencies toward the military. And I know that the bill is probably not perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Good for him. I’ve mentioned several times that I will recognize when this president does right, just as I recognize when he does wrong — in this case it’s the former, not the latter, and from the impression I received of the young couple at our table last night, I’m glad that they have the opportunities that they do.

He’s enrolled in a Master’s program with an online institution, and says that because of the new G.I. Bill (and the old one, too) most of his online classmates are also military personnel. And I’m not surprised, as our troops do represent the best of our nation, regardless of what Sen. John Kerry and his colleagues may say.

Last night, the only thing that outweighed that couples drive, ambition and patriotism was their character. And, like nearly every other such family, they left me with a renewed faith in America. I don’t know where they stand politically, but I know that their child will be raised well, and I know that we are a safer and stronger nation because of not only what this man does, patrolling the skies, but of what his wife was doing as well, in providing endless support, love, and faith of her own.

Love, faith and support. The couple at our table had it. And I know that the bride and groom will as well. From experience, I know it’s the greatest thing in the world.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I am happy for any benefits given to our military and was outraged that there was a proposal some time ago to have their own private insurance pay for treatment for injuries they received on duty. We can't do enough for them, in my opinion, especially considering how the gov't wastes money on insignificant 'pet projects'. I read this morning Bill O'Reilly's article about what children can learn from Obama..I find it hard to agree that he should be held up as a role model…I'm sorry but we have some real heroes in this nation and I feel we have to be careful about who we suggest our children might strive to emulate. When you have a President implying that citizens who are exercising their right to disagree and speak out are 'mobsters' or are a 'manufactured' group of trouble makers, that infuriates me….he and his goon squad should not be labeling patriotic Americans…we all know the 'mobsters' are in DC! The elites in Washington think they know what is best for us and they are shocked that anyone would question them..they want to 'remake' America and we like it the way it is..they are not interested in listening to input from citizens or addressing their concerns…just dismiss them and label them and you don't have to answer their questions. They are showing their true colors and they are NOT red, white and blue! God Bless our nation and our military men and women!

  2. Anonymous says:

    And another frightening thing about Obama-"care" will be the demise of Tricare for Life that so many of our great veterans have been promised and who are depending upon. There isn't a great amount of benefit (you still have to register for some type of Medicare B) but the small benefits that would exist should not be obliterated as another sign of disrepect for those who have kept their promises.

  3. Pat in NC says:

    Thanks Jeff for an upbeat post. We have many problems but must recognize the joyous and good that we have.

  4. Gail B says:

    "Love, faith and support. The couple at our table had it. And I know that the bride and groom will as well. From experience, I know it's the greatest thing in the world."

    Add "the restoration of the United States Constitution" to that, please.

    I wish the newlyweds all the best in the world. I'm just fearful that they will not be enjoying it under the Obama/Soetoro regime.

  5. Jesse Ray says:

    That's encouraging. See, strong, loving, faithful families are what make this country great! The government cannot create them, only encourage them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As most of you know my dear husband passed away 1 1/2 years ago. We shared that same love, faith and support you mention here. My life has changed forever and I know I can't go back but having shared those feelings has made this next journey in my days ahead much easier. I still love my country and have so much faith in our military. They will always have my prayers and support. Unfortunately, I cannot support this administration's policies and that really makes me sad. I keep working, hoping and praying we can bring back common sense to our leaders in 2010 and 2012. God bless America!

    Sally (still running my mouth:P)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm currently serving in the US Military and have been for 10 years now. I'm very happy about the Post 9/11 GI Bill because my daughter is going to have a great education for practically free. I personally think that President Obama has the military in his best intrest even though he says he backed the bill. The American liegon drafted the original GI Bill and the new Post 9/11 Bill. I don't think I would give him too much credit as he just happened to be the man doing his job at the time the bill went through. please remember that President Obama was never a military man and I dont believe that he knows what it means to be in the military and to love his country like all of the men and women in the military. It wasn't very long ago that President Obama had thoughts of taking away medical benifits or the funding for those benifits, that take care of the very military personel and Veterans that you spoke so fondly of in your article. Also saying that it was there choice to join the military and they should pay for thier own medical bills incurred from fighting for our beloved freedom, even when some of those veterans were injured in Vietnam and were sent the because of the draft. I think its great that you comend him but I myself dont give the credit to the President but to the VA and the American Liegon the very ones who truely car about my safety and well bieng during and after my career in the Armed Forces.

  8. suek says:

    I hope the military couple has many children – and I hope the wife gets out of the military when the first one is born.

    I was raised in a military family, I married a career military man, I raised children during our military years. I have one son who is reserve, and who has served one plus years in Afghanistan along with the accompanying training, and a second son who married a career military woman with 3 children. Her career, up until they married, was one of splitting time and responsibilities between her military obligations and her children. At one point, I was on tap to take the girls if they were both in Iraq. The only reason that didn't happen was that she developed some health issues that could not be resolved before she was assigned there.

    I certainly wouldn't have objected to taking the girls – I consider them my grandchildren as surely as if they were my own blood – but I hardly knew them. They hardly knew me. As far as I'm concerned, it's wrong for any single person with dependents to be active duty military. It's wrong for any couple to have dependents if both of the couple are active duty military.

    On paper, every military person with dependents is required to make arrangements for dependent care if they are transferred out of theater. That's paper – not flesh and blood. Dependents are not inanimate puppets – they're flesh and blood little people and deserve to be cared for that way.

    Don't misunderstand me – I understand my DIL's choices – she made some hard ones, and her children paid the price, imo. She did what she thought she had to do, and I understand others do also. I also know that some make the choices because they choose to – and the military permits them to make those choices. I think those who make such choices out of personal preference are selfish and wrong, and I think the military is wrong to permit them to do so.

    Those of us who have married military stay of our own free will, or we leave. Children don't have a choice.


    Nothing more reassuring than knowing there are service members such as these sworn to the Constitution.


    If the TV show Big Brother can have a coup d'etat, why can't our military?

    verification word: trater
    How Tom Cruise spells what Pelosi has become

  11. Gail B says:

    Jeff, I know that those "things" in the photo represent the bride and groom, but WHAT are they?

  12. Gail B says:


  13. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Or big chocolate-covered strawberries. I don't know.

    (I was in a hurry.)

  14. LOOK TASTY says:

    Whatever they are, I'll eat em.

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