Wait — Who Are the Enemies Again?

Assigned Reading: White House: War On Terrorism is Over
(FROM: The Washington Times)

Just saw this on Drudge. My goodness. First, it was the abandonment of the “Global War on Terror” term in favor of “Overseas Contingency Operation” and “terrorism” itself in favor of “man-caused disaster,” only weeks before a Department of Homeland Security directive was issued characterizing combat veterans and concerned, right-leaning Americans as “rightwing extremists.”

At that point, it was okay to call people like you and me “extremists,” but the attacks of September 11, 2001 should be considered a “man-caused disaster.”

Now, the White House says that the “War on Terrorism” is over, and that we will no longer be dealing with “Jihadists.” This comes at a time when the White House is encouraging left-leaning Americans to report on other Americans who are concerned about the president’s plans for healthcare and other issues. This comes at a time when the House Speaker accuses concerned Americans attending town hall meetings and doing their duty in a representative republic of being Nazi sympathizers.

We’re Nazis, you and I. But over in Afghanistan and Iraq, our soldiers certainly aren’t fighting a “global war,” and certainly not against “Jihadists.”

This is absolutely insane.



  1. Anonymous says:

    As I sat here with my jaw dropped at this news, my daughter says to me, "Close your mouth. You'll get flies". Thank God for children. They do lighten the world around us.

  2. FISH DON'T BLINK says:

    I just emailed a picture of a fish to flag@whitehouse.gov

    Nothing fishier than fish

  3. SEMPER FI says:

    Bring the troops home to the South Lawn.


    Just sent flag@whitehouse.gov a pic of someone that seems fishy to me…. SpongeBob SquarePants


    Are there enough lackies in the military to actually enforce martial law? Please tell me no. Wouldn't the military poll results be even more 'right' than these national polls? I think the IQ's in this cracker jack military see thru this goofball of an administration.

  6. Joan says:

    I sent an email into flag@whitehouse.gov to turn in Obama for lying to us about how he only really wanted a single payer system. He was spreading rumors around before the election that we would get to keep our own private plans. After watching the video on U-Tube put up by Drudge Report earlier this week. We all now know that he lied. And Barney Frank was videotaped saying the same thing, too, The ultimate goal is to put us all on a single payer.. government run system.

    This man and his entire administration including his unconstitutional czars need to be recalled.

  7. Rix says:

    So he is a traitor, alright. What can you do about it, besides voting against him – which I doubt you'll be even allowed to? They know darn well that conservatives are too polite and "racially sensitive" to touch the issue with a 20 foot pole. We behave like a lady who is being raped in her own apartment but doesn't shoot the perp or scream for help because it'd be impolite to wake the neighbors up. These days, folks, taking the gloves off is not enough – one has to learn using brass knuckles.

  8. goddessdivine says:

    This is so they can concentrate on the real "terrorists": those who oppose their agenda.


    Any creative people in here that could put together a youtube music video of the White House staffer sitting at his PC opening our goofy emails to flag@whitehouse.gov

    HA HA…. flags, fish, SpongeBob, links to Biden, etc

    ROTFL thiking about it


    I salute Rix.

  11. Georgia Traveler says:

    I sent the response http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/25779.html
    from the White House to flag@whitehouse.gov.
    Now I'm waiting for the goons to trace me and show up to harass me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am speechless (which may be enforced soon). Revolution seems like it may be the only answer.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love the fish and spongebob pic ideas…I laughed! The only problem is now they have your e-mail records, etc.

    Or, if that doesn't bother you, maybe someone could cut and paste the Evony pic to the right and add text that says, "The Obamacare bill states that it will pay FULLY for boob jobs of women who will vote for him in 2012".

    Was that funny?

    Lisa in TX

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rush Limbaugh reported that Price isn't going to have a townhall meeting in my homestate of NC because he's claiming that the extremists are emailing him with life threatening mail. What a crock of smelly dung!! They will paint us up to be terrorists.. but they'll shoot themselves in their own foot by doing so. Liberals are about as dumb as they come. Oxygen thieves.

  15. FEMA WANNABE says:

    Thank you for your concern, but I don't care what they know about me or do to me. Anything they do would be less traumatic than what my dad went thru in The Battle of The Bulge.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If we hit hard on the definition of natural born as intended in the Constitution, perhaps a citizens demand could get the S.C. to rule on it. It may well be the last best hope

  17. Anonymous says:

    IF obama administration wanted to HELP with any so-called "misinformation," all they needed to do was provide ANSWERS in a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS format.

    that does not involve snitching on anyone but simply asking a question.

    this is yet another effort at controling each individual and keeping close reins on those who oppoose the policy of this administration.

    people show up at townhalls to ASK QUESTION, BE HEARD AND GET ANSWERS. its the american way and we intend to keep it that way.

    if this disturbs obama he outta ask for citizenship in Cuba.

  18. Anonymous says:

    first time i have heard or organizing a group of people to quiet the people who have concerns.

    is this still america?

  19. Anonymous says:

    No more "War On Terrorism". Are we apologizing again?

  20. OUR YOUNG HEROES says:

    Tell the fine young men coming home missing limbs this is not a war, Janet Napolitano, you idiot.

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