Congratulations to Sonia Sotomayor, condolences to the rule of law

By a vote of 68 in favor to 31 not, Sonia Sotomayor has been confirmed as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. First, a congratulations. Regardless of who is involved, attaining such a level is extremely noteworthy, and she should be proud.

Now, a warning with regard to the nine Republican senators who voted in favor of Sotomayor’s confirmation. These men and women have lost the privilege for the duration of their political career–which, I hope, will be short–to advocate even in passing an adherence to the principles and values exhibited by our nation’s founders. Sonia Sotomayor, for all she has accomplished, runs completely afoul of everything our framers wanted the judiciary to be.

So far, I am awaiting a full list of the nine Republican senators who voted in favor of her confirmation, but so far, in watching the vote on the Internet, I was able to pick out a few (plus one turncoat, spineless Democrat):

  • Lindsay Graham (South Carolina)
  • Judd Gregg (New Hampshire)
  • Dick Lugar (Indiana)
  • Mel Martinez (Florida)
  • Olympia Snowe (Maine)
  • Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania)

(Specter, of course, is no longer a Republican, but I felt he should be added to this list as he will surely cite his rich history of boneheaded and contraconstitutional statements, arguments and votes when it comes to confirming a Supreme Court nominee.)

You know, I wouldn’t pretend to come here to America’s Right and preach to each and every one of you the merits of a balanced diet, vigorous exercise and good sleeping habits. First, it would be boring. Secondly, and most importantly, those of you who know me would see my expanding midsection and dark eyes and realize quite quickly that I have no credibility on such matters. Similarly, any Republican or Democrat who votes in favor of confirming a Supreme Court Justice so obsessed with race that she has been known to ignore the Constitution and rule of law in favor of identity politics in making her decisions has no credibility whatsoever in advocating adherence to the law or denouncing judicial activism.

My God, America — what are we thinking? This woman, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, is a proud member of La Raza. She stated several times over several years that she believed wise Latina judges could come to better decisions than their white, male counterparts. She admitted that she often legislates from the bench. We’re destroying the very fabric of our republic, casting aside the rule of law in favor of a doctrine of race-based social justice. It’s insane.

Anybody remember the America’s Right Identity Politics Pop Quiz? If not, please take it. Or if so, please take it again. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

I’ll update this post again when I have the final tally of boneheaded Republicans in hand.

Unbelievable. My only solace is that she may not have what it takes to build consensus and stand up, intellectually, against Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas. We’ll see.



  1. goddessdivine says:

    Consider these bums confirmed out of office. Hopefully the good people of these states can give us Senators with a conscience.

    As always, thanks for your keeping us up to date.

  2. sharon says:

    How can any self respecting senator from either party, hired on behalf of the American people to uphold the constitution of the United States, vote for an individual that cannot give a yes or no answer on her belief of the meaning of the second amendment to the constitution?..

    I will remain hopeful that the NRA enforces a tough, factual, dissent of the senators who voted to confirm, so the public will have a firm list of those who need to be replaced.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you see any arrogance at all in the idea of a random part-time law student constantly making authoritative claims about how he has definitive knowledge of the framers' intent? Do you see yourself as some kind of historical prophet? Does Temple Law's evening division feature a class that endows those who pass it with the ability to reveal to the world precisely what, for example, Richard Dobbs Spaight was thinking at 6:13pm on June 8, 1787?

  4. RatTrader says:

    Whoops…Arlen Specter no longer a Republican. Hopefully out of the Senate soon.


    Perhaps if you did more reading, my friend, you might have a better idea yourself.

    And no, no delusions of grandeur for me. I'm no prophet. But I do know that those imperfect men valued liberty, the very concept that you are so willing to throw away — for what?


    Barack is on that damned blackberry again.

  7. Bodenzee says:

    Don't forget to give Susan Collins credit too. Maine has a pair of RINOIs. What a zoo!


    Why do people think you need a law degree to understand The Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence? God blesses some of us with common sense and a great childhood education from Fairfax County Schools in the 60's before everything went to hell.

  9. Linda says:

    Jeff, here's the full list:

    Lamar Alexander (TN), Kit Bond (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), Judd Gregg (NH), Dick Lugar (IN), Mel Martínez (FL), Olympia Snowe (ME) and George Voinovich (OH).

    Is it must me, or is anyone else wondering why Collins, Snowe and Graham even call themselves Republicans? They vote anti-Republican whenever they get the chance.

  10. Anonymous says:


    We missed you. But I'm glad your back and I can tell it was a good vacation for you because you came back with zeal and zest for The Cause.

    Keep up the good work. I love your wit and sarcasm. It spices the formidable truths you have researched and now report.

  11. John Feeny says:

    Jeff -
    Of course, the "intellectual" who questioned your knowledge of our Founders' intent didn't have the – well – for the sake of family propriety, I'll leave it a 'guts' – to leave his/her name. Typical liberal – leaves the room when the fight starts.
    I took my son to Lexington and Concord today, as he just finished reading JOHNY TREMAIN. My God – 70 against 700, simply standing for their right to be free men – and this annonymous a-hole has the audacity to question what you're doing?

    I'd really like that fool to comment again with his/her definition of 'freedom', but – and be very careful with this – NOT freedom from responsibility.

  12. Michele says:


    One of the republicans that voted for her is Lamar Alexander from TN. I emailed earlier this week telling how upset I was that he would be voting for her and asked if he would change his mind. I hope Lamar Alexander gets voted out because he also voted for Cap and Trade. Our other Senator is awesome, Bob Corker. He is the one that stood up to the big unions and got criticized for it.


  13. Bob says:

    Kit Bond
    Rino, Missouri
    What's up with him?

  14. Ashamed of our president says:


    The information I posted about Lamar Alexander voting for Cap and Trade is wrong. I emailed him asking him not to vote for it and he emailed me back explaining why he "would be" voting "Yes" for it.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Republicans Yes

    Alexander, Tenn.; Bond, Mo.; Collins, Maine; Graham, S.C.; Gregg, N.H.; Lugar, Ind.; Martinez, Fla.; Snowe, Maine; Voinovich, Ohio. (From the Seattle Times)


  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4:06 – What does being a part time law student have to do with understanding history. Is it your opinion that a lawyer with a license is somehow smarter than the rest of us? It is obvious you are one of the revisionist that has no clue about real American history. Unfortunately, you have a lot of good company on the hill.

    As for Sotomayor, just another rascist on the hill. She's in good company as well.

    Way to go Jeff. We are glad you are back!

    Texas Patriot

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was raised in IN, and I can assure you that Dick Lugar is NO REAL REPUBLICAN! He is a sell-out, a liberal, and has been there entirely too long!

    Lisa in TX

  18. Anonymous says:

    Lugar and Voinovich were also the ones who many claim defeated the National Reciprocity bill a few weeks back.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It makes me sad to see Lindsay Graham's name on that list. I used to look up to him.


  20. Gail B says:


    Is Sotomayor the worst he could pick?

    Either way–I am just sick!

    verify = proing (as in stick the prong to us)

  21. Rix says:

    I never understood the obsession with licking the liberal balls for minority votes (at least where they are still minorities). By taking a clear and unequivocal position against affirmative action, illegal immigration and excessive gun control, one would easily pocket 90%+ of the white votes (and ensure a hefty turnout) in every single district outside New York City, Boston, San-Fran and other metropolitan asylums. The only possible explanation is that there's good money to be made on being liberal – and that's another reason why tax revolt is the only way. Starve the Beast!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Bush said after he left that he didn't expect to find people in Congress who really hated America and worked to undo her. We're seeing who they are. I hope we drive the rodents out next time around.

  23. ONE BAD APPLE says:

    Tennessee senator bumper stickers:
    Can't get any Lamer than Lamar
    Lamar Alexander-the-Not-So-Great
    Corker – GOOD, Alexander – BAD

  24. Claudia says:

    I hope that there is a "Next Time" to even vote… the way it is going right now, there won't ever be another vote taken on a Federal level for any person, because all the offices will be permanetly given to O's cronies and supporters and minions/parasites.

    I think it is time for every decent American to rise up and "Live Free or Die"…

    Just my thoughts Jeff, and you can-will probably not put up this post today because it is inciting to some and advocating for others, but we must start soon, or we will have no liberty left to fight for…… and no way to get the words out saying that we must, if we are all going to be censored by those who want to rule us. Our means of dissent are closing a noose around our throats very quickly now, and if we don't start to mobilize somehow, soon, there will be nothing left for us to get words out by without being reported on. Even those who stand up in townhall meetings are being villified, stalked, denigrated and overridden by the media and the government. There are no obvious other alternatives left, that are open to people who want to be understood and not hauled away and detained for speaking the truth.

    I can't believe America has come to this type of Communism and it is being forced upon us by those very spoiled, good for nothing, greedy children we raised….. after we fought wars to keep it from coming to our shores by force, it comes through our children and their spoiled little minds.

    Who would have ever thunk it??? And I do remember that Stalin or one of them said that they, the Soviets and Communism, would take over the world and win the United States of America, not by war, but without firing a shot, by our own need to be honest and good and the corruption that would soon beset our Government.

    I also read the article by Fain and am responding to that here on this post. His words finalized my thoughts and put tears in my heart. Such a sad day for America, such a great huge loss to all of us and to the world, but no one knows it yet.

  25. Rix says:


    Soviet leaders, with one notable exception, might have been immoral tyrants but there weren't fools. When America started the self-destruct cycle of Social Security, the doctrine of "exporting the revolution" was immediately abandoned in favor of promoting "human rights". In a sense, that saved Western Europe from sharing the fate of Hungary, Rumania, Poland and Czechoslovakia: Stalin felt that time is on his side and there is no need for direct intervention. Little did he know how incredibly right he was…

  26. Dee says:

    Anonymous @ 4:06pm, there are many of us here who are not lawyers or law students but are truly concerned about the route that BO is taking our country. I for one, believe in the Constitution and for what it stands for. Any time that I have tried to have a respectful conversation with the other side, they begin to call names, laugh, and make fun of anything that I say or believe in. They have no intelligent responses and are unable to defend what they say. I feel sorry for you.

  27. Anonymous says:

    each time i see her walk she lovingly reminds me of THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN, especially while she was on that crutch to help her injury.

    i was one who said give her a chance in the beginning until i learned that her WISE LATINA comment was not just a slip of the tongue but repeated at least six other times that we know of.

    based on that i concluded that she was/is attempting to influence thousands of other minds on the bench even though her as an individual does not reflect it, but she has done more damage by leaving thousands with a mind to rule according to race than she has done in her individual rulings, so for me she remains a real problem.

    i envision court cases with regard to illegals (and they are rising in their boldness to demand american rights) – i imagine her framing a fight on the High Court to accomodate these people and that means even more trouble for an already troubled country.

  28. Anonymous says:

    if we can just PROVE obama a person who does not have natural birth rights and who is unqualified on that and any other basis we can find, then we just might be able to reverse this decision to put her on the Court.

    another reason why obama's birth certificate becomes paramount. it could be the answer to so many bad mistakes. we could restore GITMO, etc. on legality alone.

  29. NO TAKERS says:

    I hope and pray that is NOT her eHarmony profile pic.

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