How Should We Then Live?

By Randy Wills
America’s Right

It concerns me greatly that so much attention is focused on the individual plans and programs that the Obama administration is pushing to enact. All that you see taking place today on the floor of Congress simply obfuscates the real end game: the means to gain complete control over every facet of each of our lives. As Vladimir Lenin reportedly said, “It is true that liberty is precious – so precious that it must be rationed.” And you know who’s going to do the rationing, don’t you?

What’s going on reminds me of the tricks that a trainer might use to coax a green horse into allowing a bit to be put in its mouth. Of course, putting the bit in a horse’s mouth is by no means the goal; the goal is to be able to control the animal by the discomfort that the bit causes if the horse doesn’t obey the rider or the plowman. After we, like the dumb beast, have allowed the “bit” of complete government control to be placed in our mouth, then you’ll see the end game unfold.

Colin Powell was absolutely right when he endorsed Obama with the comment “He’s a transformative figure”. Unfortunately, transformations can be anything that the “transformative figure” wants them to be. History is replete with the tales of carnage-covered battlefields left to rot by arrogant leaders in their attempt to “transform” societies and cultures. I am convinced that the end game of this administration is a new world order in which all conflict-producing differences – race, economic, political, religious – are resolved by means of enforced sameness. The spark of human initiative and creativity – individual choice – will be dead, and with it, the spirit of man. The trumped-up emergencies attracting all of our attention are just a means of gaining sufficient control of the levers of political and economic power to begin this Orwellian end game. Don’t be fooled into thinking that defeating any one of these programs is going to change that.

We know what we have to do – take back our country – but how is not so easily discerned. And that is the problem. How do we take back a nation-gone-awry where every vote – regardless of competence, motivation, or legality – counts equally and can be purchased or enticed by corrupt politicians who have nothing in mind other than the power that comes with victory? How does one change the course of a democracy if the electorate – an electorate “educated” in an apostate school system which openly disdains and mocks traditional values – is told what to believe by a complicit MSM, has its values shaped by a hedonistic entertainment industry, and has lost interest in the principle of right and wrong? All one has to do is follow the news for one day to recognize that too many Americans now operate almost exclusively on the basis of self-interest rather than on some commonly understood standard of decency and corporate well-being.

For the rational thinker, it would be difficult to avoid the conclusion that there is some over-arching cosmic war going on between good and evil that is playing out on the world stage with the United States at its epicenter and poised for the climactic battle. I say climactic because if this battle is lost (and the outcome will be decided sooner than most think) and the U.S. is transformed into a Godless bastion of socialism, who will be left to take our place in the world as the friend and protector of all that is good and the implacable foe of all who would withhold the right of mankind to live free?

The colonists, risking all and eschewing anarchy, came to this continent to escape the tyranny of religious persecution, but there is no comparable place for us to go to escape the assault on our freedoms now being made by the White House, Congress, and the courts. We must fight the battle here, among our enemies, constrained as we are by our commitment to peaceful means. Consequently we are faced with even more difficult choices than the colonists were. And besides, aren’t we – those of us who trace our political and moral values to those same Pilgrims, Revolutionaries, and Founding Fathers – the rightful heirs of the product of their wisdom and sacrifices? Why should we be the ones to capitulate to those who claim that the Constitution is a “living document” and interpret it to suit their personal ideology? When President Obama declares that he is going to “remake” America, does he really have a right to claim such a prerogative without a Constitutional Convention giving him that right? Obviously not, but how do we put a stop to this mad plunge into the economic and moral ruin called socialism without resorting to violence? The plain truth is, perhaps we can’t, but rest assured that socialism, as it has in all of its prior manifestations, will fail, and when it does, only those who are able to survive the ensuing cataclysm will be in a position to bring about the rebirth of the Founders’ vision for a free and democratic society.

In my pervious postings on AR I have made it clear that I’m against all violence – except in an act of defense of self, family, community, or nation – as a remedy for human conflict, including political tyranny. All of the rhetoric about “Give me liberty or give me death” notwithstanding, I believe this position is consistent with that held by the Founders until goaded by the British into defending themselves. Their example continues to be my political, as well as spiritual, point of reference. Yet armed with only the two-party political system, weakened as it has become as a result of rampant corruption and moral failure, it seems as though we are faced with the “perfect storm” of destructive elements which many, including myself, fear may not yield to that dull tool in time to keep from reaching the point of no return . As far as a third-party campaign is concerned, my opinion is that it would have little real value other than to make a statement. We tried that in ‘92 with Ross Perot and got Bill Clinton for eight years, so let’s not waste time and resources by going down that road again.

I envision our nation as a house of beautifully unique architecture and great history – let’s call it “The People’s House” – that has become so infested with termites and rot that it is ready to fall with the slightest ground tremor or gust of wind. Perhaps even just one more day of destruction by the hordes of uninvited guests, the termites, will finish the job. We know that we must try to preserve it with our lives because it is the greatest structure of its kind ever built and, if destroyed, may well be the last of its kind in history. It represents who we are – or at least who we once were and would like to become again – but even its foundation (you know, the requisite “Godly virtue” upon which the Founders built “The Peoples’ House”) has crumbled from neglect and there appears to be little interest in rebuilding it. We’ve become so steeped in the fraud called “diversity” that we dare not even broach the subject of Godliness of the Judeo/Christian kind in the political arena, much to our shame.

So realistically, the question becomes an issue of whether it be saved before it collapses or must first be reduced to rubble by its own unsupportable weight before the rebuilding can begin. This has typically been the course that other totalitarian regimes, such as Nazism, Communism, and Fascism, have taken. Those political philosophies have left their host nations in ruin before they would admit to their failure. Don’t think for a minute that, if we continue down the path that the Obama administration has chosen for us, it can’t happen here. The political class has bandied about the term “economically unsustainable” so frequently and casually that we’ve become numb to the implications of that term. When economic collapse happens, as it certainly will if we continue to promise more than any nation can afford, it is a “given” that mass civil unrest will soon follow. As a case in point, it has been reported in the press that the prospect of uncontrollable civil disorder is exactly the “hammer” that Secretary of the Treasury Paulson used to strong-arm TARP through Congress.

So what should our strategy be in times such as these? Should we attempt to replace the rotted timbers by means of the elective process, one at a time, hoping to shore up the structure before it falls? And to what end will any strategy lead us without a foundation upon which to build anew? Some would resort to violence, but that would be the equivalent of burning our house as a means of fumigation to kill the invaders. Lest we bring it down on ourselves like Samson of old, we must choose other means.

Common sense would tell us to get out before it collapses on top of us all. And collapse it will, no matter what the new “Building Superintendent”, President Obama, tells us. A $780 billion “fix” here, a new $1.5 trillion “maintenance” plan there, more extortion of taxpayer wealth somewhere else; just continue to believe in “Hope” and “Change” and all things will be made right. Like the old-time evangelist, he’s very skilled at suspending us over the fiery pit, extorting more and more of our hard-earned income by telling us that if we don’t act now and pony up the cost of the obviously-needed repairs all will be forever lost. He thunders from the bully pulpit “It’s not about me. It’s about taking care of YOU, the endangered inhabitants of the about-to-collapse house.” And the best part of his spiel is that only the top floor tenants will have to bear the expense. Free-everything for all of the lower floor tenants. Right! Everyone with half a brain knows – or would know if they hadn’t had their brains fried in the public education system – that it’s a hoax. The top floor tenants can’t possibly pay for all of his new “repair” programs without bankrupting themselves, so they’ll take their wealth and their business elsewhere, leaving the lower-floor tenants with nothing but suffocating debt and no means to pay it. Obama is a smart guy; he knows this full well, so it must somehow fit his plan. You figure it out.

So, as you can see, our options are very limited. Of course we should continue to work as hard as we can through the political process to replace the current keeper of “The People’s House” and his wrecking crew in Congress. However, it would be foolhardy to bank on being able to fumigate the building and begin to repair the damage before the “Termite-in-Chief” orchestrates the total collapse of the structure. My guess is that the creatures who feed off the very structure that houses them don’t really care whether it is left standing or if it has collapsed into a pile of sawdust. To them, it all tastes the same, so, as long as they can satisfy their appetites, they’ll continue to gnaw away, mindless of what they have wantonly destroyed.

At the risk of being accused of apocalyptic hysteria, my recommendation, and the plan that I and my family are implementing, is for every one with the courage to face reality make preparing for a major upheaval, such as William R. Forstchen portrays in “One Second After”, their top priority. There are many scenarios in which civil disorder of this magnitude could become reality (just think “Katrina” in every metropolitan area), and I wouldn’t dismiss any one of them out-of-hand. We live in extremely volatile economic and political times, exacerbated by a delicate nuclear balance-of-power on the world stage. The match that ignites a global conflagration could be struck in dozens of places – you name it -and at any time.

On the domestic front, the prospects are not any better. I see racial conflict growing, and any serious threat to the Obama administration is only going to intensify that conflict. Listen to his words and you will understand why he wants a civilian armed force, GREATER than our military, made up, I’m sure, of the likes of Acorn, the SEIU, and Americorps. I fear that, in the minds of too many minorities, it’s about payback rather than parity. I don’t think that anyone who sat through twenty years of Dr. Wright’s “Black Liberation Theology” rantings is going to do much to ameliorate those feelings. President Obama’s unfortunate press conference comments regarding the incident between Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley only serves to confirm his tendency to inflame racial tension as a political tool.

Disasters, either man-made or natural, happen, so be prepared. Be prepared for a major collapse of the infrastructure we depend on and civil disorder that will inevitably follow. If you have the freedom to do so, I would even consider moving away from major metropolitan areas – areas typically controlled by the forces that are driving this country into the ground – to areas of like-minded citizenry who will coalesce to provide mutual support in time of chaos. Most importantly, lay up supplies sufficient to sustain those you love in safety and health for an extended period of time. My starting goal was one month and then going on from there, but most people, other than our Mormon friends, aren’t prepared for even a few days absent an intact infrastructure.

My belief is that the next eighteen months will be the most dangerous for the survival of our Constitutional freedom since we became a self-governing people, so my advice is to not be lulled into thinking that this is just another soon-to-be-corrected, pendulum-like, deviation from the norm. It isn’t.

Article title inspired by book “How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture” by the world-renown theologian, Francis A. Schaeffer.

Randy Wills lives in the Northwest with his wife of over 52 years and divides his time between his role as Operations Manager of a software development business founded with his son in 2002 and maintaining close contact with his extended family. Both he and his wife are avid readers and spend as much time as they can together reading and engaging in deep discussion of history, religion, and politics. For recreation, Randy and his wife like to “get away” in their RV.




    Fought back tears reading this. It appears it is time, patriots. We have no new continent to run to. The struggle is here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone who is speaking truth!!! The time is near people. People need to be told to prepare. "PREPARE FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST!" It's become clear what will have to be done if we want to have our republic back. A storms brewing that will change the face earth as we now it. No one is talking about it, but the 2012 nibiru fly by needs to be considered also. These troubled times will pass. What this planet is like afterwards, is yet to be seen. Will we work together, rebuild, and learn from our mistakes. Or be ruled by the "ELITE" (who have prepared for this) like sheep. Your choice people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unortunately, I felt I had to begin preparing a few months ago. Must have items are Gold,Guns,Ammunition,and a wood burning stove. Food and water will come from the liberals around me as they wait for the 911 operator to answer (no one will be there to help those who have given away all their freedoms)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Scary times.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Piddlepaddle shit. Are we still talking about this? Why not tell us what we can DO about it?

  6. John Feeny says:

    Bring it on. Not that that's what I'd advocate as a means of resolution…..

    but bring it on.

    I'd prefer a straight fight to all the never-ending wringing of hands and pointless discussion while our country is taken from us behind our backs.

  7. Hot Headed Son says:

    So, Here’s the fly in the ointment: The very offspring that our forefathers died for are bringing this travesty upon us, but who are you going to target? Your neighbor? How do you identify the evil opposition? Are they wearing an insignia on their arm? (Not yet, but maybe very soon)… well, maybe, take a look at ACORN, they’re pretty easy to identify… The point being, that at this moment, we all look stupidly the same, just “sheeple” waiting to be fleeced, with our morality & convictions so far down the tubes. Even the Civil War had better delineating differences than we see at this point in time. But that day of differentiation is probably not far off, adversity briongs about differences, and we are GOING to have adversity! If there was a tangible target to aim our frustration at, it would either be DC, the MSM (how come no one ever suggests that one?), or more appropriately, ourselves…for even becoming so “asleep in the light”, that we allowed ourselves to get to this point of societal decay.
    Randy, I totally agree with your perspective that violence is not an option yet, and I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration to many (myself especially), so keep up the good work. These are evil days that we live in, and whether or not our beliefs allow for a “God”, as mine do, it’s hard to deny that there are forces at work that will NOT stop until one of us is dead, either Freedom & Liberty, or Fascism & Slavery…your choice America, what’s it gonna be?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this wonderful piece. I agree with you the time is now to prepare. I believe many people sense this on another level, but fail to act on it. I worked in the Pentagon when the attack occurred and I can assure you, it was extremely unnerving. As a result we began to make preparations including placing items in the car to help us in case we were unable to make it home. Your story also brings to mind what a dear friend of mine who passed away some years ago told me. My friend cane from a family that had a track record of having visions at key points in their lives. Her grandparents had seen and predicted the 1st World War and the outcome and then the Second World War. She herself had a frightening vision. She was asleep in her bed, but awoke with a start. She watched the walls of her house disappear so she was shown the outside…a future outside. She told me she saw people running through the streets half crazy attacking each other and the streets ran red with blood. She was so terrified she from watching it, she could not bear to mention it to anyone else. She told me she had been shown the future and this vision fits into what we may experience in the future. I fear that if Obama cannot pass what he wants to level the field, he will cause a leveling by other means – by inflaming racial rifts or perhaps there will be a general collapse of the dollar and no way to purchase needed supplies…or needed supplies will not be sent to areas. Whatever it is, please heed the warning and prepare yourself and your family. It hurts nothing to have a plan and be prepared and if the event does not occur you have extra supplies. What hurts is to have an event happen and not be able to save your family and keep them safe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to 2 Chronicles 7:14? Are believers even so far changed by the culture that they can't remember this promise to heal our land when- and if- we humble ouselves, confess our part in the problem, and spend some time on our knees? The government hasn't outlawed private prayer yet. I, myself, waste too much time on frivolous things that I could redirect towards more productive intercessory prayer.

  10. LIBERTY OR DEATH says:

    George Washington prayed fervently, but he ALSO knew when to get on his white steed and fight tyranny.

  11. Rix says:

    I mean offense to other AR contributors’ writing skills or political wisdom but this is by far the most brilliant, sincere, honest-to-God analysis that ever graced the pages of this blog. For the first time, I find myself – heart, soul and mind – in full agreement with every single word of the analysis.

    To re-phrase the post, the house of the Republic is damaged by parasites, its inhabitants are too timid and kind-hearted to fumigate, and piece-by-piece repairs will wipe what’s left of their meager means and still won’t solve the problem. The house will collapse someday, alas, burying some and wounding many, and constructing a new house in its place will become a bitter necessity because there are no empty lots left to move to.

    The left uses violence, or threat thereof, so casually that it became an everyday factor affecting our life, from newspaper content to court decisions to political voting. History has shown uncountable times that when there is a conflict of interest and one side is embracing violence, blows will eventually ensue, the amount of goodwill on the other side notwithstanding; the so-called “peace process” in Israel is the most notorious of modern examples.

    Violence is an inevitable outcome and we are in denial. We do not have to like the idea but we have to be ready, like people in Texas and Florida who do not have to enjoy hurricane season to prepare their houses for it. It is important to stress that time is not on our side. Second Amendment is being chipped at, state by state, regulation by regulation, while AmeriCorps brownshirts and ACORN-based thugs gain power by the day.

    Yet, too many are justly reluctant to take up arms. Potential damage to the country’s economy, sanctity of human life, moral responsibility and safety of their relatives and property are just few of the concerns that stop their hand midway to the holster.

    There is another way. For a long time, I advocate the idea of tax revolt. I call for people who are being robbed of their money and their freedom to stop bankrolling this robbery. That’s how the American Revolution began: by dumping British tea, not murdering British soldiers.

    Too bad the politicians, even on the right, are too corrupt to be trusted with the message that threatens their own lifestyle. I was weeping – not an easy admission for a 40 years old head of a household – at the people’s enthusiasm when Rick Santelli called for a new Tea Party, but I would certainly hold my tears that day if I knew what Tea Party movement has become today – a toothless, politics-as-usual donation machine. I still hope for non-political leaders to emerge – and it is the business community that I place my highest hopes on.

  12. Gail B says:

    This is a comment about the money budgeted for certain aspects of the H/C bill: or click HERE.

    I'm telling my Senators and Reps that I don't want them to vote for anything that Obama wants so much that he goes out and campaigns for it. The Czars are not constitutional, and I don't know what, if any, limitations are placed on their authority (and by whom?) or power to rewrite a bill that has passed.

    Great article, Randy–and we are scared out of out wits because of this regime!

  13. Gail B says:

    RIX! — In total agreement (except that you meant "no offense" to other writers–typo error. We understood.

    I had just emailed JB Williams and Chuck Kolb about what happened about the Continental Congress scheduled for this fall–had they heard any more about it.

    JB answered with this:

    "GREAT confusion and lack of support for either as a result. Conservatives are still fractured and divided to the point where they cannot mount a serious defense.

    "The ObamaFiles dude that took his site down and signed off after 18 months and $40 worth of support is one of a thousand with the same experience."

    SAD!!! We're sitting ducks! Literally!

  14. KING COBRA says:

    Hot Headed Son, just start in Washington. The head of the snake. It's a start.

  15. Rix says:

    Yups. Of course, I meant *NO* offense. Case in point for having an editable forum.

  16. Anonymous says:

    One of the best youtube videos I have seen!


  17. Anonymous says:

    This article touched my innermost senses. I've never read anything like this before. I cannot believe that this is actually about our very own nation! I'm scared. I'm so scared. I cry for my children. For everyone's children. This is unbelievable, yet reality. God help us all.

  18. Gail B says:

    I've read this two or three times. Some Senators and Reps need to see it, too.

    Am copying and pasting and will give credit to America's Right and to you, Randy.

    I think that if those goons in D.C. REALIZE that we know what the train looks like and that we know who's pushing it, it might cause them to let up, at least a little.

    This healthcare thing really bothers me. There are a number of programs that today are not as they were written, and I have no reason at all to believe that Obamacare/kill will be any different.



    Thank you so much for that youtube link. I grew up in No Va in the DC area and marveled as a kid as I toured Mount Vernon and Monticello. I am heart broken at the turn this once great nation has taken.

  20. Anonymous says:


    beginning of the 7th paragraph:

    In my pervious postings on AR


  21. Still a Patriot says:

    Hello Randy -

    Thank you for this brilliant wake-up call. The termite analogy is so revealing. I believe we are heading for perilous times.

    My son will be moving clear across the country to take a job, because he has been unable to find full time work here for 1 1/2 years. I have this terrible feeling in my gut when I think about this seperation & what could be ahead, as it could very well be the last time we see each other. I have not conveyed these fears to anyone, but they are always there, threatening my peace of mind.

    I am a believer in all of God's promises in Scripture, & I do believe that many are praying with faith in II Chronicles 7:14, as I do daily. I do not "cling" to my "religion" – I cling to my Lord & His mercy & grace.


  22. Anonymous says:

    someone wants to be told what to do about it:::
    SUGGESTION: get physically involved. become a functioning citizen not just for yourself but for the survival of all of us.

    actually take your hands and begin finding out just who represents you. get in your car if you need to and go to your local city hall.

    when you find out who will take your cause to washington. ask what is their position on immigration, obama's refusal to come clean, etc. CALL THEM AND EXPRESS YOURSELF. then WRITE THEM AND SAVE COPIES. PUT THEIR NAMES ON YOUR MEMORARY BOARD, NOT JUST YOUR ORGANIZER BUT on a peg board of sorts to be constantly visible… when they come up for elections you know what to do if they didnt fight for you… if they didnt speak up for you dont speak up for them.

    YOU run this country… YOU can do PLENTY. AND THE HARDEST PART IS making up your mind TO DO something. Leave a message to your great,great, great grandchildrne. Let them read and see that you fought for them.

  23. Anonymous says:

    We have a Covenant and it's the Constitution. This document presumes a certain type of man to stay in Covenant and Psalm 15 pretty much describes such a person.
    When a people depart from these common ties that bind us the Agreement is broken, and that is exactly the situation we face now.
    Barry has one big set of kahunas to say "our blessing do not come from God, they come from every generations shared values". This is spit in God's face, so let's see just how long we still might be able to qualify for mercy.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what prevents a child born in the US, living their life and being indoctrinated into Mexico's government policy, from returning to the US fourteen years prior to their thirty-fifth birthday and running for POTUS?

    July 31, 2009 9:37 AM
    (a comment to Jeff's piece right above this article.)

    the answer is OUR CONSTITUTION that requires otherwise.

  25. Anonymous says:

    How does one change the course of a democracy if the electorate – an electorate “educated” in an apostate school system which openly disdains and mocks traditional values – is told what to believe by a complicit MSM, has its values shaped by a hedonistic entertainment industry, and has lost interest in the principle of right and wrong?

    yes as in "we" . Lets all grow a spine and vote out all of these mickeymouse jokes… YES, we have that power… LET US EXERCISE IT.

    dont just shake your head, "yes." write down the first step you will take when the day breaks to that effort. IT IS UP TO US NOW….

  26. REBOOT says:

    CLEAN HOUSE 2010
    435 NEW congressmen

  27. Michele T says:

    Hey Robert,

    Do you think the Democrats are waiting to dump a lot of the stimulus into the economy closer to the 2010 elections to help them keep their seats? I do not trust them one bit. They play way too many games to have power.

    Also, this is a little off the subject but do you think they are going to contaminate the H1N1 flu shot? I've heard that we should not take the shot.


  28. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with those who say we need to take a stand, vote, be informed, vote them out, etc. I also strongly believe that we need to begin a strategy to get this progressive liberal mind-set out of our schools. Otherwise, the work we do now will be futile for future generations. We can change the seats available in Congress, but what about the seats in the classrooms? I hope all parents on this site will monitor what comes home in thei child's backpack.

  29. Anonymous says:


    GREAT PIECE!!! It is time that we start talking about the harsh realities of what is to come, like Robert. I am tired of people thinking I am crazy when I mention that we must all get ready to survive.

    A couple of months ago, I had this REALLY STRONG gut thought enter my head out of the blue. I told my mom that I had this realization that THIS FALL something very bad will happen.

    Now, I am not one of those "psychic types"…I am very into logic, reason, and critical thinking. But I AM a Christian, and so I have decided it is God's Spirit warning. I have children to protect, and aging parents.

    I don't know what it will be, but something IS coming…I just know it deep down.

    Robert, thanks for telling people to prepare. I have done some, but have much more to do. My hubby has the gun part taken care of!

    Praying is wonderful, but we must also remember what Revelation says will happen sometime in the future, date unknown.

    If anyone wants to read a GREAT book, I suggest "What In the World is Going On" by David Jeremiah. He does a great job at comparing history with prophecy.

    I, too, worry about my college kids being far away. TX and NC are so removed.

    Lisa in TX

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hitting home, Had a friend over for a barbeque and talked about the future. Both of following situations are of people I grew up with, very middle class and living the American dream.My friend makes very good money on wall street informed me of how he is not going to work for Obama and that he has cut his hours worked each week and if fully prepared to cut his salary by a third and change his way of life.We discussed another friend who has built a multi-million dollar construction company from nothing and has just layed off 20 people some of which have been with him for over 15 years.He too has said he will not bust his ass anymore to give his money away. He is financially secure and planning to scale down his business to do just as little work to get by and pay his bills.

    These are my best friends for 25 years, I have seen them go from basically nothing to living the dream. This is real, this is scarry, and this is "Something wicked this way comes".

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