And for the second time… NO

I heard on some talk radio show that CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf had been invited to the White House for a little one-on-one time with the President. Ostensibly the purpose was for the CBO head to share ideas for cost-savings with the White House, but in reality it looked more like an attempt by Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel to tag-team the CBO and thus attempt to politicize what is designed to be a non-partisan umpire to the game of American politics.

No matter what the real purpose, the result appears to have failed.

As the Politico headline pronounces: CBO deals new blow to health pan. After the CBO’s first announcement that the new health plan wasn’t going to save money, the White House pushed a proposal that would give power to an outside group to make cuts. Between that and the pressure on the CBO the table was set for a sudden reversal. Instead Elmendorf stated:

In CBO’s judgment, the probability is high that no savings would be realized … but there is also a chance that substantial savings might be realized. Looking beyond the 10-year budget window, CBO expects that this proposal would generate larger but still modest savings on the same probabilistic basis.

The White House – via budget director Orszag – came out with a typically hopeful reply:

The point of the proposal, however, was never to generate savings over the next decade. … Instead, the goal is to provide a mechanism for improving quality of care for beneficiaries and reducing costs over the long term.

First of all: WTF, mate? No interest in savings over the next decade. That’s news to me and the American people. I guess as long as Obama thinks he can save money in the next century that’s great though, right? Secondly: the CBO didn’t guarantee substantial savings. They didn’t even say they were likely. They said they were unlikely but possible.

Do you know what else is possible? Winning the lottery.

Buy me a scratch-ticket, I’m going to balance the budget!!!



  1. StuckInMI says:

    What I've read of it so far looks like a bad BCBS ppo that was shown to me, it was cheap but it was crap. Seriously, I'll introduce these idiots to that agent, it'll be cheaper.

  2. Gail B says:

    When the president cannot come out and tell the truth because he knows no one believes him, he tries to get someone else to do his lying for him.

    So, do you lie for him, or do you hold onto your integrity? The CBO opted for the latter, thank goodness.

    Obama/Soetoro knows that his integrity is shot, that Rahmbo's integrity is shot, and the WH Budget Office spews only propaganda.

    I'm still mulling around in my head the fact that the Franking Committee will not permit Republicans to say "government-run healthcare" in their free mail. How's that for control?

  3. Linda says:

    Gail – this person doesn't know what it's like to tell the truth; other than his wife telling the truth about not being proud of her country.

    I have just finished writing a seven-page, single-spaced letter to every member of the Senate and the House. I mailed it to the Senate, my California reps and a few other select people (such as Gov. Perry, Sen. DeMint, Newt Gingrich and copied Hannity, Beck, Morris, Limbaugh and a few newspapres) and I am now in the process of faxing it to all the House members (which I am on my second day of doing). The theme of my letter was "Stop" and covered topics like: Stop socialized health care; Stop spending my money on propaganda against me; Stop ignoring and trying to thwart the Constitution; Stop the gun grabbing; Stop bailing out companies; Stop being elitists; Stop weakening this country's security; Stop foisting porkulus recovery programs; Stop allowing fraudulent voter registrations and elections; Stop railroading and putting deadlines on our lives; Stop illegal immigration; Stop cap and trade; Stop veiling everything you want to pass in politics; Stop the ban on domestic drilling; Stop the czars; Stop putting your fingers where they are not wanted; Stop promoting unqualified people to influential positions; Stop caling me a racist; Stop the share-the-wealth mentality; Stop lying about the numbers; Stop blaming things on other people; Stop the diversions; Stop hand picking the jury to skew the decision in your favor; Stop railroading bills; Stop hiding the Federal Reserve; Stop stifling small business; Stop growing the government; Stop the deficit spending and excessive taxation; Stop ignoring the emails, letters and phone calls of We The People; Stop misrepresnting We The People for whom they were sent to Washington to Speak. Each opening "stop" sentence has an explanatory paragraph under it. I ended with We the People have always been proud of our country; We the People will never apologize for our country; We the People are watching and We the People want our country back and if they don't stop, We the People can stop something else – their political careers.

    I'm fed up and I finally had to speak out and speak out loudly. We'll see if any of the arrogant idiots listen, or care to respond.

  4. Ian Thorpe says:

    Try to be positive. Obama plans to be President until well into the next millennium so it's great that he is thinking a century ahead. Short termism was a big contributor to the financial cisis.

    A seven page, single spaced letter. You should have doulbe spaced that and used a 14 point font. Politicians aren't to good at reading and often have ADD.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is like reading Orwell's "1984" I am officially scared sh##tl#ss by these people!


    When did it become unfashionable to weed out the communists, ala Sen. McCarthy? These crapheads need to be removed.

  7. Linda says:

    AMEN to Anonymous @ 8:57 a.m.

  8. Gail B says:

    GOOD for YOU!!!

    When the things to STOP are itemized, it puts it in their faces! And, this sounds like a STOP Movement….

    Great idea!


    I have unlimited long distance, which I can connect my fax machine to. Get my email address from my profile and send a copy, if you like.

  9. NEWT GINGRICH says:

    1. A 50 Percent Cut in Payroll Taxes for Two Years

    For workers, this means cutting Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes in half for two years -a substantial take-home pay raise for every person who has a job.

    For employers, a 50 percent cut in the Social Security and Medicare tax match means more money to hire new workers and invest in new technology.

    For the economy as a whole, it would bolster small businesses and lead to an explosion of jobs.

    2. Abolish the Capital Gains Tax

    To compete with China for news jobs and investment we need to match their capital gains tax: It's zero.

    If we want our children and grandchildren to live in the most productive country in the world, we need more than short-term, government make-work jobs. We need the investment required for new factories, new companies and new technologies to create long lasting jobs.

    Abolishing the capital gains tax would produce such investment.

    3. Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate

    The Left loves to demonize corporations, but when you add together state and federal taxes, American corporations pay the highest taxes in the world.

    We believe that by matching the Irish corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent, America would become the most desirable economy in the world to open a factory, create a new job or develop a new production.

    And that means more jobs for American workers.

    4. Eliminate the Death Tax Permanently

    By taxing Americans a second time after they die, government does a fundamentally immoral thing: It tells us that it wants us to work all our lives, save all our lives, and provide for our families. And then it takes the fruit of that hard work when we die.

    If we want to be a pro-work, pro-savings and pro-family nation, it's past time we stop punishing Americans who work, save and provide for their families.

  10. Linda says:

    If you're still reading this post, PLEASE everybody, listen to this:

    If the link doesn't work, go to and listen to the interview with Betsy McCaughey. She's a respected patients' rights acivitist who lays out just a portion of this health care bill. You can then go to to learn more. Please, please CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES NOW!!! TELL THEM THAT 85% OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY DO NOT WANT THIS FARCE. TELL THEM THAT IF WE HAVE IT, THEY HAVE TO HAVE IT. . . AND IF IT'S SO GREAT, THEN WHEY AREN'T THEY GOING TO HAVE IT. They're all home now back in their respective state offices because they're on yet another undeserved recess. PLEASE, PLEASE, pass this interview on and CALL, CALL, CALL. Thank you.

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