Gates is Wright is Obama

A quick note regarding a story making international news.

So, last night, as we were eating dinner with my wife’s cousin and his family in the Baltic Sea resort town of Mielno, the topic of the conversation turned to politics (or so I was told, as I couldn’t understand much of it as it was happening). For the first time, I heard of the controversy surrounding President Barack Obama and Professor Gates, the same one covered so well by Robert.

Sure enough, Robert–my wife’s cousin, son of the late Jerzy Szulc–turned on the satellite dish and found some English-language news, an absolute revelation for a political addict like myself.  I heard a bit of what it was about, but all I needed to hear was that Gates was “an acquaintance of the American president.”

That’s it, folks.  There’s the rub.  Once you understand that this Gates fellow is a friend of Barack Obama, there’s no need whatsoever to believe a single word coming out of the president’s mouth, or the various orifices belonging to that of his partisan flunkies.  All Barack Obama knows is race.  All his friends and bedfellows know is race.  Even with the information vacuum preventing me from knowing everything there is to know about this Harvard man–a disgrace, considering the great men Harvard put out in the 18th century–all I need to recall are the words of Jeremiah Wright:

Barack knows what it’s like to be a black man in a world run by rich white people.

Or something to that effect.

Why in the world should that Cambridge police officer believe the president when he said it was all a miscalculation, when he said that he needed to rephrase his words (especially considering what little else, other than mere words, that this president has in his quiver)?  He believes a great injustice was done, and indeed that the police officers “acted stupidly.”

Don’t allow the left’s Orwellian newspeak-driven media machine to wash over the fact that Gates is Obama is Wright is Jackson is Sharpton is everybody else who uses race, no matter on what side of the skin color spectrum, to achieve one or many goals.  As always, our president’s history and stable of friends say one thing about an issue, yet his words say another.  Make sure that, here, the American people get it straight as to which one they should listen.  Through an interpreter, I did my best to explain it to a few Poles.

Unfortunately, their votes don’t count.  I haven’t seen a single ACORN worker yet.

And, with that, my hour at the cafe is done.  Bills are paid.  Coffee is empty.  Mind is clear.  Time for a [second] piwo.



  1. Lilly says:

    Funny how this is world news. Everyone sees it but the libs here in the US. BO can do no wrong.
    Now, step away from the US politics and enjoy your vacation!!! Robert is handling everything beautifully. We miss you, but relax and enjoy!


    Barack Hussein Obama's "birthday" is coming up in just two weeks — on August 4th… so we have a special birthday surprise planned for him, and I would like YOU to take part.

    According to published reports, Barack Obama's legal team has been paid over one million dollars, so far, to STOP anyone from seeing ANY of his actual identification documents, or many other documents:
    Actual long-form birth certificate (NOT an easily-forged electronic copy of a short-form document that is not even officially accepted in Hawaii)
    Passport files
    University of Chicago Law School scholarly articles
    Harvard Law Review articles
    Harvard Law School records
    Columbia University records
    Columbia University senior thesis, "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament"
    Occidental College records, including financial aid that he may have received
    Punahou School records, where Mr. Obama attended from the fifth grade until he finished high school
    Noelani Elementary School records, where Barack Obama attended kindergarten (according to the Hawaii Department of Education, students must submit a birth certificate to register — but parents may bring a passport or student visa if the child is from a foreign country)
    Complete files and schedules of his years as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004
    Obama's client list from during his time in private practice with the Chicago law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard
    Illinois State Bar Association records
    Baptism records
    Obama/Dunham marriage license
    Obama/Dunham divorce documents
    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
    Soetero/Dunham Adoption records

    By the way, the issue of the Occidental College records is especially pertinent. The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) served officials at Occidental College with a subpoena to produce records concerning Barack Obama's attendance there during the 1980's, because those records could document whether he was attending as a foreign national. You see, Mr. Obama attended the school on a scholarship — and there are questions as to whether the financial aid he received was reserved for foreign students. The Obama attorneys have bent over backward to block us. He doesn't want anyone to see those records. He's STILL trying to hide them; those financial records STILL have not been released.

    WHAT is Barack Obama trying to hide? WHAT is he afraid of? WHY doesn't he just release these documents to prove that he is a natural-born citizen and, therefore, qualified to serve as President — especially his actual birth certificate?

    Isn't it time we FORCED him to come clean? His "birthday" is the PERFECT time to do it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Barack "Usurper" Obama and his saquatch wife are the new poster children for racism in this country…They were spewing their racism well before he was ever elected.

  4. Kevin says:

    I heard/read Obama state that he "could have calibrated those words differently". Is that a liberal's way of saying "I'm sorry, I messed up, my bad!?" I don't think so. He hasn't retracted his original statement, therefore it's status quo. He is NOT sorry. He is just trying to quell the uproar.

    Is Obama not smart enough (Harvard Law School and all) to keep his un-informed views to himself until the facts are known? Apparently not! Sad. Very sad.

  5. Gail B says:

    Frustration is setting in, I see. Even from 4,000 miles away.

    Enjoy, I repeat, ENJOY your vacation, Jeff (but just please be back before they try to run healthcare up the flagpole again)! What's being picked from the bill as info on it is ugly!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The irony about Gates is that he shouted racist against the white policeman but he seems to be, in his past, a "hidden" virulent racist but this time against whites!! A radical Black supporter of the Black panthers and so on!!!
    When you mention Wright, you could not be more to the point!

    Gates seems to be the kind of Black who sees racists at every corner of the street!!
    A policeman does his job consciously and with care to protect his own safety and he is accused by Gates of being a racist!!! What the policeman did, he would have done the same with any other person!

    Worse, Gates was obviously wrongly upset against this good guy, this policeman doing his job with a careful focus on his own safety first.

    I do understand that Obama wants to invite Gates and the policeman at the White House!
    He basically wants to dampen the truth about Gates because Gates is a the worst kind of Black in America. A kind of Wright, a radical Black man who promotes conflict and hate with "whites"!

    Gates happens to be himself a "hidden" virulent racist against whites and nothing less than a radical Black activist (a supporter of the Black panthers)!!

    See "Gates lawyer was young Obama's mentor" at

  7. Hmmm says:

    I just read this very interesting take on the Gates situation:

    "Everybody keeps breaking this thing down along racial lines, but another favorite critique of those who esteem social justice is to break things down along class lines. So, let's have a go at that.

    Prof. Gates is at the summa of his profession. His Harvard salary is not a part of the public record, but his previous salary at Duke was $200,000.00 per year. The averaged salaries of Harvard professors as a group is known, and it is $185,000.00 per year. Gates is no average professor. For one thing he is a department head and he also holds the esteemed W.E.B. Du Bois chair, one especially endowed. It is likely that his salary approaches or even exceeds $300,000.00 per year. Prof. Gates is also tenured, meaning that he essentially cannot be fired or removed from his position by his employer, Harvard. The university is also experiencing the worst financial crisis in its storied history, yet Prof. Gates' status guarantees that he will not feel any of its pains personally.

    One interesting detail is that when Harvard Security arrived on the scene (at the behest of Sgt. Crowley), they came with a Harvard mainenance crew who set about fixing Prof. Gates' door. My immediate thought was that if my door was broken I'd have to fix it myself or pay someone to fix it out of my own pocket. Unless I had a landlord. It turns out the Harvard does own Prof. Gates house, with use provided to him as part of his compensation.

    Gates also runs a charity, the Inkwell Foundation, headquarted from the same house. It is remiss (illegally) in its latest reporting, but in the last one filed it had $177,000.00 on hand. However it has given only $27,000.00 out in known grants. Almost all of them have gone to Prof. Gates' colleagues at Harvard, folks who are also not needy and who are also near the top of their professions. The charity also owns $14,000.00 in artwork. It is not known where this artwork resides, but once again the headquarters of the organization is Prof. Gates' house.

    Gates seemed to expect the Cambridge police chief to intervene at his behest, and with no doubt his personal friend, the President of the United States, did intervene on his behalf.

    Details supporting these claims can be found here

    On the other hand, Sgt. Crowley is man of modest means comparatively. He is a typical Irish Catholic denizen of the blue collar type Boston prides itself in. He's worked his way up in fields of public service including police work with paramedic and racial sensitivity instruction. He is well regarded by his colleagues on the force and in the community where he lives, in a modest middle class home.

    What we have here is a conflict between a pampered elist, one who even went on threatening, "You don't know who I am!", and a rather stalwart yeoman who was in fact there only because he'd be summoned to protect what turned out to be Prof. Gates' own home.

    So, which is more compelling, the racial narrative or the class conflict narrative? They certainly diverge like night and day in this affair.

    By the Left's racial narrative, Gates is good and Crowley is evil. By its competing class narrative, Crowley is good and Gates is evil.

    Does race trump everything?

    Doesn't the contraction of outcomes suggest that we should look with suspicion on both these narratives of the Left?"

  8. Anonymous says:

    You probably all remember, of course, that Barry Obamama accumulated seventeen (that's 17) unpaid tickets for parking violations while in the Cambridge area over a period of years. They were courtesy of the Cambridge Police Dept. and included violations for parking in permit-only zones and even a bus stop. He paid off all the tickets (with interest) two weeks before announcing his presidential run.

    Vindictive? Nah, of course not. Coincidental? Sure, let's give Barry-boy the benefit of a doubt. I'm just wondering why no major media outlet brought up "Ticketgate" this week. At least there's a story on it posted at WND.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Please call and support these 9representatives. They are working to pass the following: H.R.1503
    which will require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee's statement of organization a copy of the candidate's birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.
    Sponsor: Rep Posey, Bill [FL-15].
    Read more here:

  10. Anonymous says:

    all around the world are laughing outloudof at what is going on in AMERICA, everyday more and more those naive betting for "change" for better in USA,are completely disillusioned
    regarding the GATE'S affair, i do not know if americans realized what kind of trash we have in the american colleges and universities, under the umbrella of progressiveness,there is infection of inmature ultraleft, defending postulates that are proven to be a wreckage, that not even the exUSSR defend, but still they get pay high salaries for inoculating trash in our youth´s minds, with the sole purpose of the destruction of our institutions

    there is nothing wrong with being a decent socialist, that respect the democratic game

    but these plague at the college and universities seems to be there at the america´s enemies´s will

  11. vcw39 says:

    Since there is no proof that Obama was born in the US and no records available of him going to school then we must consider that he may have never attended any schools but those in Indonesia. Therefore he is a half White Arab who is ignorant.
    I still believe he was born in Kenya, his birth was registered in Hawaii, he did go to school but was registered as a foreign student, and did not actually learn anything but how to be a antagonist. His Islamic training allows him to say anything but the truth, and for all we know he probably doesn't even know what is right or wrong.

  12. Gail B says:

    Happy "Birthday" Barry–

    Here's fuel for your fire (and I'll give the link to it afterwards):


    Cloward Piven Crisis Strategy – Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University (Obama’s college) sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Their strategy is to create political, financial, and social chaos that would result in revolution and a change in U.S. government. To achieve their revolutionary change, Cloward and Piven blended Alinsky community organizing concepts with more aggressive organizer tactics and assisted by friendly news media to force a re-distribution of the nation's wealth.

    Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would "the rest of society" accept their demands.

    The link:

    I've been busy this a.m.
    Check this one out:

    AND (alarmed me)

  13. Claudia says:

    By Obama inserting himself into what should be a township problem in the first place is totally ludicrius and stupid and way ABOVE HIS PAY GRADE. He should have said, "well, I will have to check into that issue", when the question was asked of him and then let it GO. SIMPLY, EASILY and for ever. He should not have put his words into anything related to that problem of Gates' and Gate's inability to understand that racial profiling had NOTHING TO DO with why the cops were there in the first place. They were called by a neighbor who was ONLY Trying to look out for a property that was supposed to be NOT OCCUPIED BY THE TENANT BECAUSE THE TENANT (HE-Gates) WAS TECHNICALLY AWAY, as in NOT there. For an extended time period, not just a day or a week, but over a month, and the neighbor was doing a good neighbor service, as being a watcher, not racially profilling anyone nor were the cops profilling anyone. For Gates to come off like he did, was absolutely ABSURD and then for him to add to his insults by stating that profilling was going on was a very huge indiscretian.

    Obama wants to stoke the issue of RACE wherever and whenever he can and he has used it from day one until NOW and now with more frequency than before, in all of the BIlls and rulings that he is putting into LAW and action. And even in the people he appoints for positions, no matter what that position is, be it ACORN or the Supreme Court. And all things in- between……..

    I know that you are totally enjoying yourself over in Poland, and rest assured that we are being well taken care of here, by Robert, he is doing a great job, BUT, I miss you and your clarity and ways of expressing yourself, as I am sure many here do, also. The site is in safe hands and we are still comign by to say hello and you have not lost any of us, that care or that matter, so have fun, see the sights, haee a few of the local brews and munchies, sweep your daughter up in the air on a hill so that she can see the beautiful views and tell Joanna (I think that is how you spelled it) hello from all of us, and mostly rest, sleep well and look at the beauty alll around you, starting with your lovely wife and athe light in her eyes.

  14. T.I.M. says:

    For an interesting perspective on this, go to, which is run by Pro. Gates. "Skip Gates Speaks" is an interview with him, in which he gloats about his smarts and says the racial profiling began when the neighbor called in a report that two big black men were breaking in — it also mentions a footprint and the door being jammed, which could indicate a break-in. Second is an article " Obama Finally Sounds Like a Black Man" — in which the majority of the comments rake Gates over the coals. Even readers of Gate's own publication are calling him out on this.

  15. Cromagnum says:

    The Anchoress said the same thing, she called him "President Opposite"


    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black
    I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
    I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
    I see a line of cars and theyre all painted black
    With flowers and my love both never to come back
    I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
    Like a new born baby it just happens evry day
    I look inside myself and see my heart is black
    I see my red door and it has been painted black
    Maybe then Ill fade away and not have to face the facts
    Its not easy facin up when your whole world is black

    No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
    I could not foresee this thing happening to you
    If I look hard enough into the settin sun
    My love will laugh with me before the mornin comes

    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black
    I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
    I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
    Hmm, hmm, hmm,…
    I wanna see it painted, painted black
    Black as night, black as coal
    I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
    I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black

    -Rolling Stones


    We should have 'calibrated' our votes just a wee bit better last November 4.

    verification word: birest
    A nap after a night in a limo

  18. Ian Thorpe says:

    The FGates thing has finally kicked me off to do my one sided conversation with Mr. Holder. I'm getting it together now.

    But we had another example here in the UK last weekend of hoe the media are totally biased on race. Nothing to do with politics so all the more pertinent for that.

    Last year a british driver Lewis Hamilton became the Formula One car racing championship. Every time he won the press and tv sports coverage was full of "this brilliant black driver" and how wonderful it was that the first succesful black Formula One driver was British. This year the championship is led by another british driver, the much more Anglo Saxon looking Jenson Button.

    The irony is that Lewis and Jenson are both well mannered young Englishmen, from middle class homes and stable family backgrounds. The only difference is Lewis' Dad is from a Caribbean family. It is only the Thought Police who are obsessed with Lewis' colour; he does not wear a silly woollen hat and trousers four sizes too big; he does not affect the accent of a Jamaican yadie or an American ghetto boy so only the very few terminally bigoted people cannot accept him as British, one of us.

  19. SAMUEL ADAMS says:

    Sgt Crowley you might wanna BYOB to the White House. It seems whatever BO and The Nutty Professor drink makes em kinda crazy.

  20. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    What I would like to know is where are the 2 black men in hooded sweatshirts that prompted the neighbor's call to police??? Does anyone know?

    One of these days His Nibs is going to insert that foot in his mouth a little too far…

    I hope you are having a wonderful vacation! (I had a feeling that you wouldn't be able to stay away the whole time.)


  21. CHEESE! says:

    I am all ready to puke when they publish the picture of Sgt Crowley shaking the 'presidents' hand, with that big ol nauseating grin of Barry's.

  22. HIDE AND SEEK says:

    A copy of your long form BC: $12
    A copy of college transcripts: $20
    A copy of your passport: 50 cents
    A stonewalling Chief Executive:
    ……. P R I C E L E S S……

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