A Whopper of a Lie

You know that if the New York Times has to call Obama out on a lie it must have been a whopper. I mean a really, really huge and a really, really flagrant lie.

And so, as Mona Charen writes, it was.

The lie is that Obama has cut $2.2 trillion from the national deficit over the next 10 years. He invented this number by assuming that – a full decade from now – American troop levels in Iraq would be unchanged. But of course Bush had already paved the way for troops to come home within 3 years, and so pretending that Obama can take credit for the savings is absurd.

There were so many examples of presidential mendacity on view Wednesday night that I had planned to itemize a few in this column. But since even the New York Times is challenging a number of presidential whoppers — for example, Obama’s assertion that “if we had done nothing, if you had the same old budget as opposed to the changes we made, the deficit over the next ten years would be $2.2 trillion greater” is pure deception. Okay, the Times didn’t use that word, but reporters Peter Baker and Robert Pear did say, “In fact, $1.5 trillion of those ‘savings’ are mainly based on an assumption that the United States would have had as many troops in Iraq in 10 years as it did when Mr. Obama took office. . . . Before he left office, President George W. Bush . . . mandated the withdrawal of all American forces within three years. So Mr. Obama is claiming credit for not spending money that . . . would never have been spent in the first place.”

Congratulations to the New York Times. It’s starting to seem that Professor Slughorn’s antidote to the love potion has worked. If Obama is being that dishonest about the budget deficit numbers, how much can we trust his numbers on the costs of health-care reform?

Wow, even the NYT can’t follow Obama down that path of dishonesty. How much more proof do we need that the Obama charm is wearing off? The mainstream press swore fealty to him because they saw him as validation and salvation all in one. As the myth fades, so will the media’s support.



  1. bellsybop says:

    Somebody is going to get thrown off the AirForce One!! The polls going down, his remarks about the police department~~ then this!! Is it my birthday and I've just forgotten??


    To quote Gail, "Liar Liar pants on fire!". What a fraud.

  3. Gail B says:

    Good job, Robert! (I have to look to see who writes a piece because you're sharp, like Jeff.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    yr observation of nyT is right on.. "a whopper of a lie inndeed."

    seems obama just pulls figures out of the sky then tries to work them in later on to fit whatever he said.

    heard a comment on Fox recently where someone referred to many of these so-called journlists as ENABLERS. (why do these journalists insist on enabling obama instead of holding him accountable with more scrutiny on the vague answers he gives?

  5. Rix says:

    That's exactly what I meant when saying that Obama's team figured the electoral science out. Apparently, they came to a not-so-surprising conclusion that the school system and the TV were so incredibly successful in dumbing American people down that announcing an imaginary number (especially a large one!) will have exactly the same effect as a real one.

    The problem is, truth doesn't help much. First, not much of it will trickle down to those reading Pravda on the Hudson (a.k.a. New York Times) and watching CNN or ABC. Second, there is no way, without scientific education and/or significant degree of insider knowledge, to tell whether that or another economic number is reliable. And third, there are always newspeak and bookkeeping tricks to help the agenda, of which we have already seen quite a few.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A good point, Rix, about the school system. I have a child going into 2nd grade, and it's frightening what they are being taught. I returned two books last year due to the content. One of them was bashing whites, and the other was fear-mongering concerning the environment. The latter had frightful illustrations and made blanket statements such as, "Our water is not clean. Our air is not clean. We put trash wherever we want. We pollute when we drive our cars"…etc. How is a 1st grader suppose to grasp that without being scared to walk outside? Upon talking to the principal, and not holding any opinion back, I never received a return call whereby she promised she would address it with
    "district officials". No matter…I'll just keep sending them back. The point is is that in order to truly make changes and take this country back, we are going to have to deal with progressive thought and curriculum in the schools. This national conversation we're having has got to "trickle down" to the local level. Which, incidentally, I believe our focus should start giving some attention to the states, counties, and municipalities. As we're all concentrating on DC, these entities may be getting away with more than we realize. IE…New Jersey…

  7. Rix says:

    Re: Anonymous (4:13 PM)

    Hey, are you in New Jersey?! Are you going to the Tea Party in Morristown tomorrow? Not that I believe them to have any effect, but at least it's a good place to meet a few similarly-minded individuals.


    PS: I'm not into analyzing verification words but this one deserves to be mentioned – "BLESSE".

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rix! No, I'm not in NJ. I was just making an observation about the current corruption controversy up there…as far as "outside the Beltway" and keeping an eye on our local officials. Oddly enough, I'm in TX. Even though we are a fairly conservative state, our schools are infected with liberal progressive thought.
    It would've been nice to meet you at the tea party. Like-minded people do need to stick together, indeed.

  9. SURVIVOR DC says:

    Obama strapped to a lie detector.
    Now THAT would be some awesome reality TV.

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