Alan Grayson Grills Fed IG Elizabeth Coleman

Alan Grayson is the Democratic Congressman from Florida’s 8th district. As a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and co-sponsor Grayson-Himes Pay for Performance Act (that ended up giving Timothy Geithner the power to determine the pay of thousands of private Americans) he is not my favorite politician.

And yet his May 5, 2009 inquisition of Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman goes some way towards endearing him in my heart after all. It’s an old video with over 1,000,000 YouTube hits, but I had not seen it before today.

(Hat tip to The Volokh Conspiracy.)



  1. RON PAUL IS RIGHT says:

    It's funny money, no need to track it. Our grandkids will exhume us tho and defecate on us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm struck by Grayson's demeanor, and focus. That's intelligent, cogent questioning. As for Coleman, she is hopelessly mired in the black hole of BUREAUCRACY. "Help! I'm drowning. Somebody throw me a lifeline.!" She's by far, not the only person in that sick city who will not accept responsibility. Sadly, we're all to blame if we don't wake up and take some action.

  3. Ingorance or Contempt? says:

    Yeah join the club. AG actually represents (or alleges to) my district. So far he has been pro-illegal alien, for socialized healthcare, and pushing the expansion of the government. Needless to say I make his life hell with phone calls, faxes and emails. He has even spent a buttload of my tax dollars on ads telling everyone in FL what a bang-up job he's doing up in DC. Gotta love a politician who campaigns all the time, on my dime no less. To put it politely, this guy is a total wind-bag and I am making it my personal mission to ensure he doesn't get re-elected.


    A Secret Service Agent, responsible for protecting President Obama, was fired today under questionable reasons, according to top aides. The Agent was reportedly tired of overhearing personal gripes by the Obama Family about certain demograhics in the United States. The Agent, who has not been identified as of today, brought his concerns staright to the President Obama, who later had him removed from his current assignment. More to come as story unfolds.

  5. Gail B says:

    Alan Grayson left footprints in Fed Vice Chair Donald Kohn, when Grayson jumped onto him with both feet:
    CRACK IN THE REP. GUARD — I looked for it but couldn't find it. Come back with a link, would ya? Tks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I, too, am SHOCKED! Why is the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve allowed to have three voices in her ear during her testimony. Why can't we hear her OWN testimony? The problem here is THEY have rules to protect them(selves) that do not apply to you and me. How does this work again? Apparently, not as I was taught …

  7. Gail B says:


    I don't know where you found that, but I did a bit of research and found this correction/retraction:

    "Claim: Obama's Secret Service Agent Fired; Supposedly Griped About Obama Family's Frequent Denigration of "Certain Demographics" in the US
    Retracted: Just a Post on Live Leak; No Substantiation at All
    Which demographics he found to be bitterly clinging to Bibles and/or Torahs, I don't know.

    "I'm sure curious though.

    "Big Correction/Retraction: Village Idiot and Christoph point out this story is unverified. In fact, it appears to just be a post by some guy with a fake internet handle."

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why has it taken SO VERY LONG for the Congress to wise up to the corruption and UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of the FED?

    They are stupid, unenlightened, uneducated posers!!!

    Lisa in TX


    Lisa, they don't care about that beloved document. Come on, get real.

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