Healthcare Bill Yanked, Obama Polls Lower than Carter

These are two stories that combine to be more than the sum of their parts.

Story 1: Rep Waxman has canceled a scheduled markup session for the healthcare bill in the House Energy and Commerce panel. Instead, the Democrats from the committee are headed to the White House to meet with Obama. The markup session is where the bill really gets written, and canceling the session shows that they are not ready to try and move the bill out of the committee because they don’t have the votes. And if they don’t have the votes in the committee they probably don’t have the votes in the House either.

According to it sounds like none of the Democrats are really happy with the proposed healthcare reform:

Conservative Democrats on the panel have criticized the healthcare reform bill’s costs, and complained it does not do enough to reduce long-term healthcare spending. Freshman Democrats have also been worried about growing fiscal deficits and the risk the healthcare bill could add to them, while members from wealthy districts are upset about a surcharge on the wealthy that would be used to pay for some of the bill’s costs.

I’m not sure that Obama or his political hit men are going to be able to get this effort restarted, however. As Minority Leader John Boehner put it (

There are some members on the Democrat side that got both arms broken during the cap-and-trade fight on the floor, now there’re no more arms to break. That’s why they’re having problems.

There’s another reason for the healthcare bill stalling out, however. And that brings us to the second story.

Story 2: Obama is polling lower than Carter, and – as the USA Today headline points out – polls can affect president’s hold on party. The interactive chart (follow the link) is pretty useful. Just select the “Comparison” tab and then pick Obama and Carter. This is what you’ll get:

The colors aren’t as distinct as I’d like, but the darker line that peaks at early 80% and then begins to descend is Obama’s approval rating. There’s no reason – statistically speaking – to believe that the data we have so far is predictive, but it does clearly show that so far Obama is on a lower trend than Carter was.

And that is perhaps the most important reason that his initiatives are stalling out. He has lost political clout within his own party. Obama has ruled far to the left of the mainstream Democratic party (think Bill Clinton) and while they were willing to follow him as long as his celebrity status lasted, you should not be surprised to see major Democratic defections and rebellions to begin soon if Obama can’t drag his poll numbers back up.



  1. Dee says:

    There are several sections of the Bill that I read that are disconcerting. I'm sure there are many more. One section states that, even though BO has stated over and over again that you can keep you private insurance, the insurance companies will not be allowed to sell more policies after a certain date. This will surely eliminate private companies as their rolls decrease and they decide that it is cheaper to close shop and send their members to the government's plan. There is also a statement that if you do not have insurance and decline the government plan that you will be fined. The bill requires MANDATORY counseling for senior citizens at least every five years to deal with end of life issues. The counseling will be more frequent if you are in a nursing home. This should add thousands of counselors to the government payrolls. There is also a clause that will provide funding to medical schools and more funding to those who show a record of admitting special interest groups, such as less represented minorities. Apparently, BO was asked about the private insurance company section and he told the person who asked the question that he was not familiar with the House bill. He hasn't read it but we are to vote for it. His plan is not good enough for the members of government (they voted against an admenment that was introduced mandating that if they vote for the plan, they must enroll in it)but is good enough for us. I listened to Jim DeMint and the different proposals that the Republicans have made and they sound reasonable but the Democrats have rejected them. Our local paper stated that BO was going to be more visible, I guess that he will have a standing picture and column on the front page in addition to daily news conferences on TV. I wonder how many arms were broken when he met with those in his party who do not like this bill.
    Thanks, Robert for keeping us up to date.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obama is deficit spending his political capital.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Robert: For someone's who's warned us that your time is limited these days, you sure have been putting in a lot of overtime here. Great work. Thanks for keeping us up to date; very much appreciated.

    Welcome back, ALL CAPS MAN! You were missed. Hope you and your bride had a wonderful wedding, and all the best in the future.



    Two broken arms? It's now time to go for the legs. Sucks to be them.


    Carter… ha ha ha. maybe Obama should just go right onto Habitat For Humanity. Leave leadership to real men.

  6. HOPE HE DON'T SNAP says:

    It must really suck to have an inflated ego with a very deflated approval.


    Dramamine should use this president for an ad campaign.

    verification word: fiber
    To stem the 'runs' of this presidents approval rating

  8. Igor says:

    Obama qualifications to reform health care:

    No birth certificate

    Cannot stop smoking

    Difficulty telling the truth.

    Therefore, I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

    Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama vs Igor Care

  9. Rix says:

    While I still stand by my opinion that the kingpins in Obama's administration have figured the election science and came to a conclusion that ratings are not a significant part of the equation, I have recently stumbled upon a curious alternative theory. Obama's career, the theory says, is being sacrificed by his "puppeteers" to achieve as much as possible and discard him afterward, possibly even in mid-term. The theory's foundation is sound: no matter how damaging the results of Democrat's social engineering are, they are practically impossible to reverse. When Republicans return to the White House, they will inherit economy so deadly burdened with entitlements and debt that it will eventually implode, leaving Democrats – or rather, Socialists – to regain the power without even trying hard.

  10. Rix says:
  11. Anonymous says:

    Uplifting article, thanks!


    Thanks jeano, I had a melt down in a comment and was properly spanked by Jeff. We actually didn't feel right about the setting for the wedding so we are waiting a week or two.

    Rix, you apologize to the the Phantom right now!

  13. Anna says:

    The most disgusting thing I've heard coming from Washington is the proposal that our government will refuse treatment for seniors after a certain age/point and will then counsel those seniors on "end of life issues". Beware – this plan paves the way for eventual inclusion of other categories of citizenry: the disabled, people involved in serious accidents, cancer patients, mentally challenged citizens and on and on and on. Who will be next? Where's the outrage?

    Our government plans on basically exterminating citizens who place a weight on the system. The more they can remove from social security, disability, etc., the better for their economy. Proud to be and American? Questionable. Our country has lost her soul.

    Never forget, this is a government that proposes government mandated genocide. The current power brokers disgust me.

  14. Dee says:

    Rix, I would be interested in where you heard that theory. I have wondered if something or someone bigger is behind BO and what is happening to the US. It will be an ugly scene if he is let go before the end of his term. It will also be ugly if he does not win re-election even if it is a legal election without fraud (joke). Robert, I do hope you are moving to a state with less taxes.

  15. WALK THIS WAY says:

    Obama's path to the future, is at the bottom of this cliff.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What is really going on in Congress and Obama administration is the planned manufactured Crisis for Government Health Care Plan in order to create a real crisis in US Health Care system:

    Their story: 47 million are uninsured and this is not acceptable.
    Facts: Of the 47 million uninsured
    - 10 million not citizens (illegal aliens). That leaves 37 million.
    - Of 37 million, 34.5 million make $50K or more per yr, sufficient income to support medical premiums IF the family’s budget priorities were aligned and tax credits were available from US Government to make their own, accountable, healthcare choices.
    - Of 37 million, 45% become insured within 4 months (Per Congressional Budget office).

  17. Rix says:

    Re: Dee

    Sorry, the discussion was on a Russian blog. The original debate was on whether it was appropriate to great Obama with a "Monkey Go Home!" sign. As usual for such debates, a few noteworthy ideas have surfaced from a sea of flaming junk. If you read Russian, I'll gladly direct you there.

  18. mac says:

    Is it just or does anybody else think obama may commit suicide while in office. I'm not trying to be funny but based on his ego and potential to be in the tank if the economy doesn't turn around soon i think he has the potential to do it or at least go crazy.

  19. Anonymous says:

    just out of curiosity, could you add dubya's approval rating death spiral to this chart as well? i think it would be germane.

  20. Dee says:

    Rix, I don't read or speak Russian. Thanks for the info. It seems that other countries are watching him more closely than his followers and these countries have serious doubts about him. I appreciate your comments.

  21. THORAZINE, STAT! says:

    mac, he is already c r a z y.

  22. Anonymous says:


    I have always thought that BO is a "sacrificial lamb"…I think this because he has so many skeletons in his closet. They can use him however they want to by threatening to reveal his "secrets". He is a puppet, no doubt. And what better kind of puppet to have than one who thinks he is in control of his movements as a result of his clinical narcissism? The perfect pawn!!!

    Lisa in TX

  23. CHECKMATE says:

    Lisa, excellent analysis.

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