Exploding the 2008 Election Myth

The central myth of the 2008 election is that Barack Obama brought out hordes of idealistic, new young voters who will forever change the demographics of American politics. And yet a short piece at Breitpart.com explodes that myth in just three short sentences. Here’s the most important one:

For all the attention generated by last year’s presidential race, census figures show the share of eligible voters who actually went to the polls in November declined from 2004.

Barack Obama didn’t win because of the voters he attracted to the polls. He won because of the voters who stayed home. Specifically older, white voters who saw nothing they liked in either Barack Obama or John McCain.

This undercuts some of Obama’s political mandate, but even more importantly it proves that the conservatives have been right all along. The GOP didn’t lose because they were too far to the right. They lost because they were too far to the left. This is a simple fact that the MSM either can’t grasp or won’t admit, but I have little doubt that the Obama administration is well aware of it.

That’s why Obama is fighting so hard to push his radical restructuring through now. Because he knows that this is fundamentally a center-right nation, and that his victory was an anomaly. If we can hold him off now – on cap-and-trade and health care reform – and if we can run real conservatives in 2010 and 2012 then we have got a real chance to make some headway.

The danger, in my mind, is not from whether or not we defeat Obama. It is from how much social upheaval will occur when that happens and from the danger of complacency that will arise afterwards. Remember that it wasn’t the Democrats who got the stimulus ball rolling or who expanded the Department of Education’s mandate with No Child Left Behind or who ballooned the national deficit. It was the GOP.

I’m afraid they will become just conservative enough to win, but not conservative enough to put America back on track.



  1. Mary Ann says:

    Great analysis, Robert! (And great koolaid pic, lol.) You have hit the proverbial "nail on the head" about the GOP. They are way too far to the left, and the "listening tour" by Michael Steele and other GOP leaders was simply a data gathering effort. They wanted to know what they were going to have to say to get the conservatives to vote republican in the next election.

    Well, this chick isn't going to be fooled again. This "Charlie Brown" isn't running at Lucy's football any more. From now on I am voting principles over party. If the Rs have a truly conservative candidate, s/he may get my vote.

    But–I hereby declare war on the duopoly of the two party system. It no longer functions correctly, and the majority of Americans (those conservatives that the GOP is trying to woo) are disenfranchised voters who no longer have a political party or voice that speaks for them.

    The republicans are way off base, and my personal opinion is that it would be easier to begin anew than to attempt to fix all that is wrong with the GOP (ignorance is fixable; stupidity isn't).

    I have changed my party affiliation on my voter registration to independent (or undeclared). This doesn't mean I'll never again vote for a republican candidate, but that I have taken back the responsibility I delegated to the GOP to put forth good, conservative candidates. How foolish of me to trust them in that most important endeavor.

    Sign me,
    Betrayed in Kansas

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, well. Now we have another party to blame for putting a usurper in the Oval Office.

    I truly thought the ACORN factor was what did it for Obama (not to say it wasn't a factor!). Does this mean that those who didn't bother to make sure the social agenda wouldn't be pushed deserve what's coming?

    Jeff and Robert — thanks for having a place for me to vent and not feel helplessly alone! You and the other contributers are greatly appreciated.

    verification word: nousalt (no, u salt – of the earth? comforting?)

    I'm truly disgusted with what we have become as a nation. Wasteful spending, not vetting a candidate to appease racial guilt, representatives not listening to the people they represent, no judicial branch taking seriously the concerns of patriotic Americans, calling them extremists and ridiculing them over genuine concerns, people afraid of insulting Islamics, a president who'd rather divide We, the People instead of unite them, a widening division of our country(wo)men and now, those who decided not to give a sh*t causing the direction our government is taking.

    Maybe I'm taking this information a little too personally. Maybe it's not really intended to point a finger.

    That hopey/changey thing isn't for me, either!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great post Robert. May we never become complacent again.

    Mary Ann, I am right there with you. McCain-esque candidates will not get my vote again even if the democrats are running Satan personified! If the candidate does not meet my litmus test for conservatism, regardless of party, they don't get my vote, period.

    The GOP's post-election dalliances tell me that not much has changed, that their primary goal is to win, not to stand on principles. I am not interested in victory. I am interested in restoration of our once-great country.

  4. Gail B says:

    Rix and Mary Ann (Betrayed in Kansas), you both have worded my feelings exactly. Mary Ann, I agree with you about the party affiliation as well.

    I saw something similar to the Breitbart story in one by either Rasmussen or Reuters, but I didn't put two and two together until I read your post.

    Robert, it takes a (narrow) size 11 shoe to hold up my 5' 11" frame, so Jeff must have big feet, too, for his height (of 6' 3", I think).

    My point is that he has left some roomy shoes for you at AR, and you are doing a magnificent job in filling them in Jeff's absence. I appreciate what you are doing–for us and for Jeff, and for our country. You have already exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

  5. Rix says:

    I believe that Jeff shed some light on the mystery of how a right-to-center country could vote that liberal snake in.

    Conservatives come in many flavors that overlap but do not quite match. There are social conservatives (one of whom spent 8 years giving Republicans a bad name), fiscal conservatives (such as yours humbly) and foreign-policy hawks, with a whole gamut of minor trends such as racists, anti-immigrationists, libertarians, etc. All of them, if asked by a pollsman whether they are conservatives, will give a positive answer; yet in the election, many will pull the "D" lever, vote a third party candidate or skip altogether. For example, what about a union member who is a devoted, pro-life Christian, or a black National Guard quartered in California? They might consider himself conservatives but will vote for Obama come election day.

    There is yet another factor that routinely affects voting turnout. It is no secret that jobless people and retirees have easier time attending voting booths than working people. Urban environment is also better suited for propaganda and electoral rallying – that is, by the way, where Obama's experience in "community organizing" kicked in. The jinni of massive urban voting is out of the bottle and it is not going to return back any soon.

  6. I Beam says:

    "I didnt leave the party, they left me."

    -Bill Benette on leaving the Dems.

    Deja vu all over again?

  7. HA HA HA says:

    Healthcare bill just SCRAPPED in Congress.

  8. Claudia says:

    This is from a trusted individual, and I think that the words written herein (I tried the link to FlecksofLife.com and it didn't work for me, but you can go to the article that is linked below and follow it) can be relied on:

    Buyer's remorse is alive and well in America. Let's hope it's not too late for the great U.S. of A. Please contact your congressmen and senators to stop this from happening here.

    Horrid details emerge on Obamacare legislation

    As the time draws near for our illustrious elected officials in Congress to vote on Barack Obama's multi-trillion dollar program for socialized medicine, horrid details are beginning to emerge concerning the provisions of the bill. Unusual, wouldn't you say, given that the lunatics running the asylum in Congress are prone to passing legislation without even reading it first. But this time the citizens are reading whether Congress does or not. And the news is not good.

    FlecksofLife.com has done a yeoman's work in analyzing the first 400 pages of the mammoth bill. The website is determined to make its way through the entire thing, posting the details of the plan online so that ALL citizens can see for themselves just what America got itself into when they allowed Barack Obama to take the White House and liberal Democrats to control Congress.

    Let's take a look at some of the details, directly from the written bill itself.
    On page 399 of the bill, the legislation states that if you are a subsidy-eligible individual under Medicare Part D, the government will automatically enroll you in the new socialized plan, complete with rationed care. In other words, you have no choice. You cannot keep your current plan. Obama lied about 'maintaining choice.'
    On page 341, lines 3-9, the government is given the authority to disqualify Medicare Adv Plans, HMOs, etc., forcing people into the government's socialized plan.

    And here is the smoking gun from the legislation that should cause all Americans to take pause and allow the chill to go up their spines. I quote directly from the plan:

    Page 335, Lines 16-25, Pages 336-339 – Government mandates the establishment of 'outcome based measures.'

  9. Claudia says:

    part 2 of the health care obamanation:
    What does this mean, exactly, in laymen's terms? Rationing. 'Outcomes based measures' means that the the type of care that is given is based upon a statistical consideration of just how likely or unlikely you may be to gain long-term benefit from such care. Much of this is an inexact science which relies heavily upon individual needs and circumstances, which only a patient and their doctor can determine. But here, you won't have that luxury. Neither will your doctor.
    Who sets the standard and makes these determinations? The government…from a centralized databank hundreds or thousands of miles away.
    But let's go further, shall we?

    In the bill currently before Congress, the government will mandate how hospitals and doctors conduct business. Government will dictate to doctors how much they can own, and prevent hospitals from expanding! These provisions are found on pages 317-319 of the bill.

    Yet another smoking gun contained in Obamacare is the complete decimation of the right to privacy. Under the proposed legislation, you have no right to medical privacy. Government collection of your records will be 'expedited' and they will have the authority to share your private information with anyone they see fit. (Page 304, Lines 17-19).

    Are you concerned about long waiting lines for your care, as is true in Canada, Great Britain, and other nations with 'socialized medicine?' Here's one just for you. On page 287 the bill mandates a waiting period if you need to be readmitted to a hospital due to an illness or injury, regardless of how serious your condition may be. If they don't get it right the first time, you will have to wait to get re-treated.

    Two more horrifying items from the bill are worth mentioning before we take a break from this murderous monstrosity taken straight from the pages of Hitler's Nazis, Stalin's Commies, and Mussolini's fascists.

    One, on page 253, lines 10-18, the government places an arbitrary value on your doctor's time, professional judgments, and upon human life in general. Your government will then see you as nothing more than a dollar figure when it comes to your healthcare.

    And on page 265, Section 1131, the government will place limits/mandates on private healthcare corporations, slapping on something it calls 'productivity controls.' The ultimate goal, of course, is to drive them out of business, and this merely gets the job done faster.

    For the full analysis and information concerning Obamacare, I encourage you to monitor FleckofLife.com. The citizens desperately need to know what their government is getting ready to do under their noses, compliments of 'The One' and his minions.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Rix noted "Conservatives come in many flavors that overlap but do not quite match."

    That's true, and it has been causing me a certain amount of angst over the past few years. Like you, I'm a fiscal conservative. Yet I'm also a foreign policy hawk who doesn't believe in taking crap from anyone (are you listening, axis of evil?). On the other hand, I'm not really a social conservative since I'd just as soon leave people to their lives and ask only that they leave me in peace, too. All bets are off if they don't.

    It's a difficult combination to reconcile, but probably not rare, either. There is no political party that fits that profile, and I suspect there are many–possibly millions–of citizens who feel the same way.


  11. Claudia says:

    I am probably more like you in my values and thoughts on being a Conservative, or should I say "INDEPENDENT" in my neck of the woods…. I want our Country protected, feared, envied and loved by all those in other parts of the world, however, I want all those others that love and respect or envy our life and want to come here to partake of that life, do it legally (not ILLEGALLY), and I want and demand that our Country (as in Government) keep its hands OFF OF MY LIFE IN EVERY RESPECT, leave my personal needs and care UP TO ME…… as those things are GUARANTEED TO ME (and to everyone else, to use to their best abilities) IN OUR CONSTITUTION. The right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and what it takes to make those things happen for me IS AND SHOULD BE UP TO ME!!!!

  12. Gail B says:
  13. Anonymous says:

    Your analysis failed to mention that Il Duce Pelosi assumed control of the House and Dingy Harry Reid took over the Senate in January of 2007.


    Claudia, I like the US Navy poster with the motto "LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF ALL WHO THREATEN THEM".

  15. Mickey says:

    It is disgusting that Americans were so negligent about the election, they just stayed home. These people have sentenced our country to the destruction that is upon it right now. Not liking either candidate isn't the only criteria, they might have thought about which will do the most damage. What is the lesser evil? To all the people that stayed home in apathy – thanks a lot for the hell being unleashed.

  16. Lame Cherry says:

    Whatever the reason almost 12 million voters disappeared, the fact now remains that the United States has 130 million Citizens who did not vote for Obama and 45 million of the 70 million who are finding out that they voted for a Marxist while they were patting themselves on their backs for not being racists.

    I have no doubt that from Peggy Noonan's patrician support now for Hillary Clinton that Barack Obama will be out of the White House, unless he tries to invoke martial law as Axelrod and Emanuel are chanting "game changer" non stop hoping something saves them.
    The problem is what is going to be left of America for Sarah Palin to put together. The patricians and that is the word for these Noonan types of the right and left who put in John McCain socialists or Barack Obama Marxists, denying voter a clear choice for a center right candidate, are terrified Sarah Palin will sweep into office and complete the Reagan Revolution in dismantling the redistribution of money Obama is pillaging at now and giving America back to Americans.
    This is why Jeb Bush was telling the GOP Ronald Reagan was road kill. They want this communist state being employed by Obama as it empowers them and not the people.

    Obama failed before he took office and will end in utter ruin. The question which needs to be looked at now in the interim, will it be the Supreme Court, the US military who removes Obama before 2010?
    Or will it be a GOP controlled Congress who impeaches him, so that Peggy Noonan's dream candidate is Hillary Clinton who the patricians really want now after they installed this election thief in Obama.
    It is difficult even with voter apathy to equate that over 10 million voters disappeared. As Norm Coleman stated in Minnesota, Al Franken got more votes than there were Minnesota voters.

    People who think votes were left blank neglect the facts of Norm Coleman having the election stolen from him. Patricians have the primaries still rigged for party crossover so more Obama and McCain candidates will be nominated. The same patricians stole a Minnesota election and that is fact. Compound that times 50 states and manufactured Obama votes in the millions in changed votes to dead people voting has just as much standing as concluding that everyone is honest in this.

    Obama brought in 300 million dollars in counterfeit Middle East money which was paid off as part of the bank bailout as they were stuck with that credit card fraud tab.
    ACORN was dry cleaning money for Obama kickbacks. We see Gerald Walprin uncovered widespread kickbacks in California and New York and was fired by the Obamas.

    So criminal evidence in other situations with Obama points not just to voter apathy, but electioneering on a wide scale. Obama can steal an election by 10 million votes like Tim Johnson could steal a South Dakota election, but if 40 million Reagan Democrats vote for someone like Sarah Palin, they can not shift that percentage of votes.

    America will be standing in 2012, but the real question is how many pieces will she be in.

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