The Coup That Wasn’t

Some of you may remember that after then Honduran President Zelaya was removed from office I wrote a piece about Obama’s motivations for joining with Chavez and others in calling for Zelaya to be returned to power. Although the main point of the article was an analysis of Obama’s decision-making – that I stand by – I also completely muffed the Honduran story. I went so far as to call Zelaya’s removal a “coup”.

As many of you proved in your well-researched comments: I was wrong.

I believed that Zelaya had complied with the Supreme Court ruling that he not hold a binding referendum to illegally change the Honduran Constitution. I was wrong about that. I believe that Zelaya hadn’t yet violated the Honduran Constitution. I was wrong about that. And I believed that Zelaya’s removal was premature because he hadn’t yet taken steps to attempt to seize power. As it turns out I was wrong about that one too., an extremely popular technology news aggregation site, has often published stories about alleged voter fraud in American elections using computer-based voting machines. They have a story up today about these types of machines in Honduras.

It turns out that Honduran authorities have seized 45 of them. Although there was no election on June 28th because the military kicked Zelaya out of the country and cancelled it, these machines each contain “certified” voting records. And – not surprisingly – every single one indicates that Zelaya won the referendum overwhelmingly.

Turns out that the Honduran military wasn’t jumping the gun after all. They were just in time.
Given this most recent news, there can be no excuse for President Obama or any American official to continue to support Zelaya’s attempts to retake control of the country. It’s not even enough for us to remain silent. America’s responsibility in this affair is to either directly support the Honduran people or – at a minimum – call for silence from Chavez, Castro, and others while the Hondurans perform their national duty of protecting the Constitution.

If the story is going to involve a people standing up to protect rule of law in their country and kick out a wannabe dictator I don’t mind being wrong at all.



  1. Rix says:

    I am glad that you finally "came to the light" regarding Honduran events. Now, as you got acquainted with the electoral technology that I mentioned a few times (including my "in vivo" experience in Israel), do you still believe the conservatives will have an easy ride home in 2012? I say, not a chance in hell unless Obama is already there taking a hot brimstone bath.

  2. Robert Wallace says:


    No, I don't think that limited vote-tapering in South America is good evidence that we're going to have 2012 thrown. The Democrats have always been into vote-tampering. I expect it will pick up, along with election fraud of the "ACORN registered my dead great aunt and her goldfish" variety.

    However, the ACORN fraud is more often then not loan individuals doing false registration to get money rather than a concerted effort to tip elections and the Republicans are the ones who have been historically tied to Diebold and other suspicious voting machine companies.

    So unless you think that the Republicans and the Democrats are all in it together I don't see that this article says anythin in particular about the US election in 2012.

  3. Rix says:


    The key question in election fraud is how much of it can be pumped into the system until the perpetrating side is caught redhand and pilloried. Limited fraud has been going on since "vote early and vote often" era and likely long before that. Most of it, however, were limited to local initiatives; moreover, cases that were brought to light, due to perp's overconfidence or ineptitude, were prosecuted swiftly and publicly. Never before the fraud was orchestrated on national level, openly supported with public funds and given protection from the highest judicial office.

    The axiom of law protection is that unpunished crime breeds more of itself. In our case, the crime is organized, nurtured and financed. What do you expect? Are you ready to dust off your Glock if turnout rate in urban districts hits 150%?

  4. Tech says:

    They can mediate all they want. I don't think they will come to an agreement anytime soon.

  5. Robert Wallace says:


    1. I didn't take you up on the Congressional bet because, but I will *definitely* take you up on a 150% of urban voters bet. No question.

    2. No, it won't be time to "dust off the Glock", and I'd prefer you to refrain from even hypothetical talk of violence to yourself. Jeff has asked me to only reject comments that contain direct threats to the lives of individuals and/or over-the-top profanity and vulgarity, but as a general rule I just don't find "let's go get our guns" talk to be productive in *any* sense of the word.

    If that time ever comes – and I don't believe it will in my lifetime – talking about it on public internet forums is going to be the dumbest thing you could do. In the meantime it just encourages crazy people and marginalizes conservatives.

    So let's drop it, please?

  6. CAL says:

    Thank you for correcting the record. To be honest, I did not give your story much credit at the time as I had read some other articles. But, this new information about the fixed voting machines is unbelievable and it is scary what some will do to gain power. Thank you for making us aware of this aspect of the story.

  7. Rix says:


    To start with, I apologize if my words were taken as incitement or call for violence; that was not my intent. However, the *READINESS* for violence is what counts. There is a famous expression in chess, "a threat is stronger than its realization".

    If, say, a White Supremacist Party rises up tomorrow in some Southern state and starts vandalizing black people's property (not to speak of looting and murders), you will be among the first to condemn it, right? Yet, a very real possibility of black urban riots is a normal, day-to-day factor to be considered even in the court of law – and for certain politicians, it's a well-worn trump card. It, for example, is the likeliest reasons why the Supreme Court does not dare taking up the Birth Certificate challenge. And a refusal to use a trump card easily available to the opponent just because using it would be "politically incorrect" is extreme naivete that, I fear, approaches stupidity.

    As for turnout rate… Well, I might not stand by 150% – such number would be a sign of extreme ineptitude – but in Israel, some Arab districts routinely report over-the-hundred numbers. Questioning their validity would be, of course, an act of racism so it was never done.

  8. Gail B says:

    Robert, someone referred to me as a fruitcake–which did not offend me.

    I like being a fruitcake because when something of substance does surface, people pay attention and start thinking.

    Speaking of which– y'all check out News With Views ( and look for the story about GOP Senators ignoring Sotomayor's criminal activities. Veeeerrrrry interesting!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I said it in June…..

    This was an orchestrated "trial balloon" to see if Obama could do this here.

    After all, once complete in Honduras, America's courts could look to "international precedence and law" to deal with Obama's staying in power after he is finally exposed for the usurper he is.

  10. elspeth says:


    I didn't refer to you as a fruitcake. I compared you to the fruitcake lady that used to be on Leno. She's my hero! I wanna be just like her when I get old!

    If you are not familiar with the fruitcake lady, please google for her, or watch this sample:

    Here's her page:



    Our luck isn't that good. To steal a line from a Seinfeld episode, "No coup for you".

  12. Gail B says:

    Elspeth, I done tol' you I was slow.

    However, I watched Letterman, rather than Leno, but I'll check out the links. Thanks-

    (Not only was I NOT offended, I got a giggle out of it.) You seem to be a nice lady, and I like you.

    We don't want to tick off Rix, because he's liable to pick us apart like a chicken after corn!

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