Do Widzenia!

Forgive my absence this weekend, but packing for and getting life together in advance of a three-week overseas trip hasn’t exactly left me with the free time I desired. I had grand plans, too, of putting out some decent stuff in advance of the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearing beginning tomorrow.

Hopefully, I’ll still have some time tonight; I’ll have plenty of time to sleep and relax in a few short days.

From Thursday, July 16 to Tuesday, August 4, I will be with my wife and daughter in rural northern Poland, enjoying some much-needed down-time with my wife’s family over there. Most summers, some of her family go through the rigmarole of obtaining a visa and visit here for a few weeks. This time around, it’s our turn; the last time we went was in the summer of 2005, and we wanted to travel there again before the big move to Charleston, S.C. next year. It’s always a phenomenal trip, in more ways than one.

First, of course, Joanna gets to see family, all in one place, that she doesn’t normally have the opportunity to see. Everybody there is absolutely wonderful; if it weren’t for the different flag and language, I’d equate them with the everyday folks you come across in middle America — hard-working, God-fearing, family-centric people who just want to draw breath each day with the freedom to live their lives, care for their families, and fend for themselves.

Second, the area in which her family lives is absolutely beautiful. Whether it be day trips into the countryside, to the Baltic Sea, or just relaxing and kicking a soccer ball or hacky sack around with the kids, every day is glorious and care free. The food is to die for, from the coffee and farm-fresh meat and eggs and juice in the morning to the kielbasa and meat and potatoes and vodka at night, I guarantee that I’ll put on ten pounds. That’s not a good thing. I’m like Oprah, except she occasionally loses the weight before putting it back on.

Third, because we stay with family and cook and eat as family, there really isn’t much cost other than the airfare, which we purchased far in advance. As a typical American family living paycheck-to-paycheck, we might not have the freedom to go shopping and dining out while we’re over there, but relaxing with family is always enough.

And, finally, traveling away from my beloved country always reinforces exactly what she means to me. In 2005, my father-in-law and I joked around that, should Hillary Clinton win the presidential election in 2008, our next ticket to Poland would be one-way. Since what we have in the White House now is far worse than Hillary Clinton could have been–at least she loves America enough to likely not undermine our national security completely–I’m afraid that there’s far too much to do back here in the States for our exit to be permanent. Because I don’t speak the language well at all, I tend to read a lot in Poland. This time around, I’m dedicating myself to our nation’s founders, and those ideas and ideals from which we’ve so radically departed. By the time the fourth of August rolls around, as much as I will not want to return to the real world of bills, work, school and putting our house on the market, I’m sure I’ll be ready.

I will not be writing while I’m there, and save for the occasional need to find an Internet connection to pay some bills (alas, the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, waiting for that direct deposit even from a few thousand miles away) I’ll be avoiding the Web like the plague. In my daily life, I’m always juggling, I’ve always got a half-dozen balls up in the air; this trip is allowing me to put everything down and rest my arms a bit.

While I’m gone, Robert Wallace will be handling the day-to-day stuff here at America’s Right. Robert and I certainly don’t agree on everything–that’s one of the reasons I like having him around–but I trust his instincts, I trust his writing and editing abilities, and because of his work on his own Web site, I know he’s familiar with the Blogger platform. At the conclusion of each post, you’ll see his name where mine usually is.

I’ve asked the other writers to continue to contribute as well. I know that Robert may not be able to stock America’s Right with the same volume of material, so I hope that the others can pick up the slack. And it will certainly help, considering the wealth of issues and debate coming in the next few weeks.

Yes, I know that in terms of picking the most politically convenient times to go overseas, I’ve done a poor job. Between the Sotomayor hearings, the upcoming Senate vote on cap-and-trade, the ongoing and intensifying debate over health care reform, and even the emergence of talk surrounding an amnesty bill, the news coming out of Capitol Hill sure isn’t good, and sure isn’t slowing down any.

Still, I’m confident that you’ll find plenty of great material here in my absence — depending upon the timing of the cap-and-trade vote, even in my absence you might see an interview I did with the president of the West Virginia Coal Association following the passage of Waxman-Markey in the House.

It will be strange, not knowing everything that’s going on, and I honestly expect to go through a bit of informational withdrawal. No Blackberry buzzing in my pocket. No laptop on standby in my bag. The only thing on television I even remotely understand is the weather, and I’m not certain that an English-language newspaper will be available closely enough to warrant a daily excursion.

Understandably, when I return, for a couple of days my official opinion will be: “Huh?”

Ideally, when I return, the Waxman-Markey bill will have been vanquished, Sonia Sotomayor will have returned to the Court of Appeals to further disregard the Constitution, and the Rasmussen presidential approval index will be only able to be measured in Kelvin. I’ll hold out hope.

In the meantim, over the next three days I may not be around as much as I’d like; after that, I’ll be gone for those three weeks. During the trip, I can’t wait to absorb everything I can about our founders, and upon returning I will look forward to reading the commentaries and the comments which have graced America’s Right while I was gone. In the meantime, please hold down the fort for me — I’ll soon return fattened, rested, and ready to go.

Thank you, as always, for sharing part of your day with me.

Jeff Schreiber
America’s Right



  1. Anonymous says:

    have a wonderfull time you and your family, you need it, and most of all you deserve it, POLAND is just gorgeous in the summer time,
    i wish when you come back, things would have changed for the best(of everyone)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your trip Jeff

  3. Gail B says:

    OMG! We don't have but three more days–probably just TWO days–before you're GONE!

    Well, thankfully, Robert will be here to "run camp for the campers" in your absence.

    Enjoy your trip; don't get hijacked; have fun with your family; and know that we are going to be missing you!

    Is Robert going to be able to access your "email me" spot? Or, how do we email or contact him?

    I don't want to be a worse basket case than I already am over this Marxist at the Resolute Desk while you're gone. You do much to keep us all out of the mental wards, Jeff!

  4. Gail B says:

    Would you at least send Robert a message for us?

    I may cry.

  5. goddessdivine says:

    At first my thoughts were: "What are we going to do without Jeff?!" (Seriously, you're like a drug that requires a daily fix.) You more than deserve this vacation, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Robert will take good care of us; and we'll try to be good while you're gone. ;-) Hopefully this country won't be so unrecognizable when you return that you'll want to go back to Poland. Have a great trip!

  6. Dee says:

    Have a wonderful trip. We will hold down the fort, as long as BO doesn't tax us out of it. Take care.

  7. Pat in NC says:

    Have a safe, relaxing vacation. Don't forget to come back since we count on you and your blog.

  8. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    Have a safe & blessed trip!!!


  9. MUJERLATINA says:

    Have a restful time with family, Jeff. As one of my Polish patients recently told me, their healthcare system was, until recently, socialized — but "it collapsed." Now she and her family are back with their old family doctor on a cash (free market) basis. Her hope for the USA?? That they might take a lesson from Poland and forgo socialism…

  10. Gail B says:

    P.S. Keep your ears open–July 16 is the court date for the U.S. military fellow who is to be deployed to Afghanistan on July 15. That's going to be VERRRRRY interesting! I pray that this is the final corner that Obama/Soetoro will be backed into.

  11. Claudia says:

    Have an absolutely wonderful vacation and time with all of the family you have there. I sounds so much like America (the one we all want back) in many ways, I envy you and your wife for the joy of being there. Take care, have fun, and love the countryside…… write in when you can.

  12. Celia in TX says:

    Jeff, you are the best.

  13. Robert Wallace says:

    I'll try not to chase everyone away in your absence, Jeff.

    But no promises.


  14. Gail B says:

    "Gee Can I Go Too?"

  15. BIPOLAR says:

    Obama's down in the poles, you'll be down with the Pols. And once again, your wife is a cutie. Have Fun!!!!

    verification word: truce
    I will have none of that

  16. TYPO EL RIPEO says:

    Kinda ruined my one liner with a misspelled word…. shoulda been 'down in the polls'

  17. WAS IST DAS? says:

    Wanna wear my 'got birth certificate?' t-shirt in Poland? I can FedEx it.

  18. I DO says:

    While you're in Poland, ALL CAPS MAN will be getting married in Gatlinburg, TN this weekend. OOPS, now NSA knows where I am gonna be. Are there conjugal visits in FEMA camps?

    verification word: hobag
    Not marrying one of those!!!

  19. JEFF SCHREIBER says:


    Or, rather … CONGRATULATIONS!!

  20. Jan says:

    Jeff –
    Have a blessed trip and enjoy yourself. You will need to be rested up to tackle the "junk" once you get back. I'm afraid it just will not go away.

    Robert – Always enjoy your stuff, even when I don't always agree 100%. Thanks for taking over while Jeff relaxes.

  21. Gail B says:

    How can all of you take his absence so CALMLY?

    This is going to be a long two weeks, folks!

    Jeff, couldn't you have gone to Poland while the Cookie House was in recess for the summer?

    ALL CAPS MAN–Please try to get some sleep the night before, instead of out partying all night. You don't want to faint at your wedding, as both my sons almost did at theirs (WITHOUT partying)! And, if you make it through without a hitch (no pun intended), WELL, AWW-RIIIIIIGHT! (As in "WAY TO GO!")

  22. HE LOOKS PALE says:

    Thanks Gail! Do 57 year olds faint at weddings? Hadn't thought about that. She is a cutie, a lot like Jeff's wife only darker hair, so I might, even after dating 14 years (due to a situation where I am caring for my dad too).

    verification word: sobberf
    a crying female

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