Can you hear me now?

Get me talking about politics, and it won’t be long before I start talking about outreach. Despite the inexplicable popularity of America’s Right, I am still very much new at this game, and find that I’m learning more and more each day about the various channels through which the right political message can be disseminated.

Since America’s Right really took off almost at this time last year, I’ve done a few radio shows. The most recent one was also a first, in that it is completely Internet-based. Aleksander Danilov’s Taking Back America podcast currently reaches approximately 110,000 subscribers, and has featured a wide variety of guests, including former GOP presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo.

A few weeks ago, it was my turn to field questions for the show, and for those who are interested in listening, the interview can be found by clicking HERE. After I finally called in–I had dialed a wrong number and must have really confused an older woman in the greater New York area, not to mention forcing Aleks to improvise–we spoke a little about America’s Right, the Republican Party, the Obama presidency and, at that time, the upcoming vote on cap-and-trade in the U.S. House of Representatives. I can’t say that I sounded good or even anywhere near eloquent, but Aleks was very accommodating and, in return, has agreed to do some writing here as well.

I look forward to Aleks’ contributions in the future, and the power that partnerships can bring. In the meantime, I hope you like the interview, and don’t laugh too hard at my extremely apparent inexperience.



  1. Gail B says:

    Question: Is there ANYTHING you DON'T do well?

    Your America's Right site is obviously on spot and very popular; you excel at writing and photography; and your voice is great for the airwaves. Your speech is easy to understand, and you sound relaxed and at ease while speaking off the cuff. You have a brilliant, informed mind, but you are not a know-it-all — you don't talk down to us. You have good ideas and the intelligence to create ways to inform the public. You and your site are as addictive as cocaine for those of us who want to be kept up to speed on our government.

    Other than that, Jeff, you pure stink!


    You're another Glenn Beck in the making! You do it ALL, and you have a cute wife.


    Jeff, you have the PERFECT face for radio. ROTFL, just kidding!

  4. AM 2010 ON THE DIAL says:

    When you go 'radio' full-time Jeff, I wanna be on your satirical staff, like Stu is for Glenn.


    I got the only parrot on a Homeland Security watchlist. I have no idea where he learned to say "Obama yo Momma". Bad JuJu…. NOT.

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