By the Numbers

The White House must be getting a little worried. On June 28, the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll margin was even at zero. Since then, on a poll that has a +/- of 3 percent, we’ve been seeing popularity deficits of 3 percent, then 5 percent and, today, 8 percent.

The more the administration consolidates power, and the more congressional Democrats overreach, the worse the numbers will get for this administration. That’s why I thought adding Al Franken was a net loss for the Democrats, as the last thing they need is a celebrity politician reminding America of how liberal the party is. And that’s why the GOP must continue to hammer the Democrats on things that every single American can relate to and get behind.

When it comes to matters of policy, most Americans will not follow percentages and specific programs. What they will see, however, is a government that is suddenly in the car business, or an increase in jobless numbers despite promises of salvation. Similarly, because most Americans strive for fiscal responsibility in their own lives (even if they don’t achieve it), they’ll understand that we should not be spending more than we’re taking in, and will resist increases in taxes to provide revenue for a government that squanders it on ineffective plans.

Above all else, however, the Republican Party should remind the American people that the Democrat leadership has passed landmark legislation without even reading it. Every single GOP representative and senator should be in his or her respective district or state, arguing that regardless of whether the times are lean or fat, most Americans will research and agonize over a $200 electronics purchase, but are being governed by a party so intent upon passing disastrous, agenda-fitting legislation before the power-enabling crisis passes that trillions of dollars have been spent without officials even having bothered to read the bills.

If Republicans can learn to shout loud enough, and take the extra effort to increase outreach to constituents on both sides of the aisle, Barack Obama could essentially be rendered a lame-duck president before the mid-term elections.

Even at this time last year, well in advance of November’s election, I was arguing that an Obama presidency could be in the long-term best interests of the United States of America, perhaps even more so than a McCain presidency would have been. Much like a person who walks away from a horrible traffic accident with a new found respect and love for life, I firmly believe that the American people are gaining more and more such respect and love for freedom, and that we will walk away from this political wreck surely with ground to recapture, but at the core stronger than ever.



  1. the conservative resistance says:

    Jeff -

    While I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have to say, I just hope that the United States doesn't have to be pried free of this political wreck with the conservative jaws-of-life.

  2. YEAH, A CHART! says:

    Move over Nixon!

  3. LOVE OF COUNTRY says:

    "like a person who walks away from a horrible traffic accident"

    This is more like Nagasaki and Hiroshima than a car accident. We are going to be so relieved when this has passed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It's certainly true that more Americans are educated about the Constitution, its meaning, and what our forefathers intended.

    As a whole, we are more educated and respect our freedoms like never before for this generation.

  5. Kelly says:

    My fear is that longer this all goes on the less votes and parties really matter.

    We have a Health Insurance Czar now! Who needs congress when you have Czars? It's like none of our votes for representation even matter.

    We now have 33 Czars! Czars don't have to listen to the people, only to who appointed them – Obama.

    That truly frightens me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, I agree with what you have to say here, although the Republican Party is not the answer, hope or saviors either.


    Boy if this doesn't make him a chain smoker, nothing will. Our poor Oval Office.

    verification word: comyozin
    sounds like something mj might have been addicted to

  8. Chuck in San Diego says:

    "like a person who walks away from a horrible traffic accident"

    At this point I'm hoping that my family and I are not a fatality of this horrible traffic accident happening in slow motion. I know a couple of friend's small businesses that in the process of becoming fatalities….I'm helping perform CPR on them right now.

  9. PITTER PATTER says:

    Looks like the EKG's of Barry and Larry in the limo.

  10. Rix says:

    Why should he care about his approval numbers? He already cracked the election-winning formula. Use the MSM to smear the opponent, bury him in bogus lawsuits and ethics complaints, bus in people from urban areas, rig ballot machines, and – only when necessary! – orchestrate an unfortunate accident. 2010, welcome to "1984".

  11. Gail B says:

    Go, Red Line–Up-up-and AWAY!

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