Was it the Luftwaffe’s Carbon Emissions?

Assigned Reading: Gore Likens Climate Change Fight to Battle With Nazis
(FROM: Times Online)

Perhaps when he finds a way to power his private jet with hyperbole or hypocrisy alone, I’ll listen.

Seriously, I’ve been waiting all day for a few free moments to comment on this. Sadly, pretty much everything that could be said, has been said. Still, it doesn’t take away from the overt arrogance we see almost daily now from this particular bloated political has-been as he desperately grasps for the last strands of attention from a world now consumed enough by real problems to shun fraudulent ones.

If it’s possible to get past the reality that the world is spending trillions and trillions of dollars unnecessarily to combat the psychosomatic side effects of a farcical theory based upon the left’s manipulation of junk science to fit its global socialist agenda, perhaps we can find a bit of humor in Al Gore’s latest salvo of verbal diarrhea: that fighting against climate change–a completely natural, cyclical force–is akin to fighting Nazi Germany during World War II.

Pardon me while I stop laughing. No, seriously. It’s pathetic. Here, we have a grown man (recently, much like myself, Gore’s growth has been in and around the waistline) comparing the need to stop the wholesale slaughter of six million Jews with the need to save a polar bear population that has actually been growing, and to cool down a planet that has actually been cooling. Fighting climate change is like fighting Nazis? Come on, Al. Come back to planet Earth, no matter how warm or cool it may be.

Heck, considering his own emissions–Gore’s Tennessee home uses, in one month, more than twenty times what the average American household uses in a year–if the threat of climate change were actually on par with the threat posed by Nazi Germany, wouldn’t that make him Adolf Hitler? Or, if not Hitler, at least Goebbels?

Gore and his disciples need to wake up and smell the reality. He and the rest of the world’s so-called “green” spokesmouths need to curb their own oral emissions, before people get hurt for real.



  1. Linda says:

    So did anyone hear T. Boone Pickens today on Glenn Beck? He's all in favor of the crap and tax bill. He says there's some really good things in there. Of course he does . . . he stands to make billions on it and who cares what it will do to the "little people."

    And, are we sure that Al Gore and Joe Biden aren't brothers? Or maybe they're the same person. The same kind of useless, idiotic drivel comes out of both their mouths.

  2. Bodenzee says:

    Several years ago I had the misfortune of attending a meeting of a group that had invited a speaker who was one of Al Gore's "Project Climate" disciples. At the outset Gore invited about 1000 of these individuals to Nashville to be trained about Global Warming. I understand that he has now trained several times as many.

    These people seem to have set aside any ability to think critically and have just become followers. Jim Jones could have learned from this. They scare me. His methods would have made Hitler proud.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh yuck, there is that awful picture of "potty mouth" Algore again!

    Linda mentioned T. Boone Pickens. I became suspicious of him when he started pushing windmills in his TV commercials (I had previously just ignored him). Something smells rotten in Denmark. Or maybe it is just Algore's breath?


  4. goddessdivine says:

    I saw this headline roll across the bottom of the screen this evening while watching FoxNews. My jaw dropped. And then I smirked as I thought to myself, "Jeff is going to love this one". You did not disappoint; and I'm so glad you once again resurrected the feces spewing from Gore's mouth….because that's what this climate change mumbo jumbo is: A bunch of crap! The hypocrisy of this man is absolutely outrageous. How does he sleep at night in his 72 degree home that's big enough to house the Spanish Armada?

  5. tm says:

    Somewhere in Tennessee there is a village missing this idiot.

  6. the conservative resistance says:

    One more point – why is it that Big Al makes this comparison NOW? Simple – because cap-and-trade barely passed the House, and the Senate vote is fast approaching.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Several of my recent blogs deal with this in more detail. Rob Wallace and I exchanged notes on this yesterday.


    Go to HELL Gore, the sooner the better.


    Looks like Gore is fighting Hitlers Battle Of The Bulge, big time.

  9. EAT, OR KISS AL'S ASS? says:

    Developing nations, present in large numbers at the expanded G8 summit with more than 30 world leaders invited including nine African nations, argue that they need to be able to consume more energy in order to end poverty among their populations.

  10. DAVY CROCKETT says:

    I apologize, for the State of Tennessee, for this slug having been conceived here.

  11. THE PATRIOT says:

    My dad fought Hitler, I would so love to fight this idiot and his made up movement.

  12. TIPPER IS HIPPER says:

    Al Gore needs to setup a LosingFacebook page. The big fat dork. Any losers still idolize this guy?

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you could make the money Gore will make and is making off this phoney baloney and if you had a captive, naive audience of 'little green men and women', wouldn't you be pushing this garbage too? I mean, what else is he going to do..get a real job? I can't believe that people are SO gullible and are willing to throw their money away on this sham. I'm from TN and believe me, don't believe a word ALGOR speaks..his lies are as big as his waistline!

  14. 'I SEE NOTHING!' says:

    Funny, speaking of Nazis, but Al looks like Sgt Schultz on Hogans Heroes. Speaking of heroes, we need a few to fight this bullcrap.

  15. R O F L says:

    (Reuters) – Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens has called off plans to build the world's biggest wind farm in the Texas Panhandle, the Wall Street Journal said.
    Pickens said the wind farm project was scuttled partly because of the lack of adequate transmission lines to carry the electricity from remote locations to cities, according to the paper.
    The oil tycoon had hoped to build new transmission lines but could not secure financing, the paper said.
    Pickens plans to find new homes for the turbines that he already agreed to buy, the paper said, citing a statement.
    Pickens could not immediately be reached for comment by Reuters.


    Al Gore is a big lumbering GOLIATH. I pray that Sen. Inhofe is our little shepherd boy David.

  17. DR OZ says:

    Photo: I did NOT know Al Gore was bulimic. Looks like he has been overeating.

  18. Anonymous says:

    There is also a good article on Canada Free Press by Daniel Greenfield – The Cost of Global Warming Greed. ALGOR's net worth went from 2 million to over a 100 million and is still climbing. That makes me want to spit up!!

  19. John Feeny says:

    I'm telling you all, I'm coming to learn what this is all about, and someday, when this hits the public, they're going to be so shocked that they won't even begin to understand it.
    My reading this summer has been voracious, to say the least; I'm trying to learn all that I can about the root of the evolution of the current makeup of the Democratic Party. For expediency's sake, let's leave it at this – when WWII ended, we defeated Germany, not Naziism.
    Naziism is all about the ends justifying the means (sound familiar?). If you remember your history, prior to Germany's final surrender, many of the top-ranking Nazis (those who were involved in very advanced weapons development)were brought to the United States to help facilitate the final defeat of Japan. Those Nazis who survived (and, admittedly, I'm providing a decidedly general picture here – I understand that)began laying the groundwork for a Fourth Reich, and began laying roots here. This time, however, they decided that this Reich – at least for the immediate future – would NOT BE BOUND BY ETHNICITY OR RACE (also sound familiar?). This is all about financial control. So, consequently, just like the Fords, Morgans, and Rockefellers who were actively funding Nazi war efforts, we now have the Geoff Immelts of the world financing terrorist regimes. Same scenario, different picture – the Nazi ideology essentially went far-left and all-inclusive (at least as it serves purposes now).
    As a result, Gore's wild comparison is not so wild after all, in the sense that he KNOWS exactly what's going on here, and he's reaching for the most extreme and readily-available attention-grabber, because he's desperate and knows that the tide has turned against his movement. Let's be honest, now…would anyone here be all-that-shocked if it came out the Al Gore was ultimately a white supremecist?

    Sorry, Jeff…I know that wasn't all-that-expedient. It's just that this piece made me go wide-eyed.


    My church (denomination redacted) has a greenie that threw an evening of showing the film An Inconvenient Truth, and absolutely NOBODY came. To quote Larry the Cable Guy, "I don't care who you are, now THAT'S funny!"

  21. Rix says:

    What are you guys so riled up about? Al Gore is not the first salesman who got rich peddling snake oil to fools. Don't blame him – blame those who buy it with your money.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely Rix…we have no one to blame but ourselves…the perfect time to perpetrate the biggest deception on the American people is when they are more concerned about the MJ Memorial than what Congress is getting ready to hit us over the head with…we are ripe for the picking!! Little 'Fat Albert' Gore (his dad was Albert) is the biggest gas producer in the world! His flatulance is exceeded only by his delusions of grandeur!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Nazis are Soros, Kissinger and Brezinski…ALGOR and BAMBAM are some of the many puppets.

  24. Claudia says:

    You know, I'll believe whatever comes out of Gore's mouth the day he boards that satellite and goes headlong into the sun to control what really is the source behind all the golbal warming, climate change and global cooling. That day that he boards that space ship and is totally alone, and has the balls to ride it into the sun with his great ambition to CONTROL THE SUN and rein in all the fury of even a single sun spot, and hopefully all of them, — then I might, just might, think that he has some balls and convitions and what he thinks is a positive element that should be listened too…. IF he survives that flight and ultimately harnesses the SUN to be totally under his spell and not blow a sun spot or cause a freeze by not belching too many sun spots, and has the ability to come back to said spaceship and actually talk to us from his UNBURNED THROAT, I'll be all ears.

    Yehaw, ride em, baby Gore……. you could be my hero…. (it takes a lot to be my hero, maybe I am asking a bit much, but he thinks he is the all smart one and that he has the right to tell us how to live so, live up to the hero wish baby Gore..)


    Dear ALL CAPS MAN,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office to share your concerns about climate change legislation. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.

    As you know, I did not support the climate change legislation considered in the Senate in the previous Congress. Instead of being about climate security, and instead of being about something that really drives us toward using technologies that would cause our country to be energy secure, this bill in fact ended up being about money. This bill would have doled out trillions of dollars to various industries and organizations and forced hard-working Americans to pay more for gasoline, more for electricity, more for food, and more for everything they buy.

    I didn't think it was possible, but the Waxman-Markey climate bill appears to be even more problematic than the climate bill considered in the Senate last spring. I don't know of many special interests that don't receive a pay-off in this legislation, and if it comes to the Senate floor in this form, I'll vote against it.

    It is likely the Senate will return to climate change in some form later this fall, and I appreciate your concerns regarding a cap and trade or carbon tax bill. I assure you I will continue to remain an active participant in this debate, and the insight you've given here will certainly help my staff and me prepare for future discussions on this issue.

    Thank you again for your letter. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me.


    Bob Corker
    United States Senator

  26. KEEBLER ELVES says:

    Hey Gore, looks like you need to put the cookies and the ice cream IN A LOCK BOX!

  27. Anonymous says:

    When I first read the title "Gore Likens Climate Change Fight to Battle With Nazis" I laughed and thought, "He's correct, he just doesn't realize that it's HIS side that are the nazis".

  28. FUHRER GORE says:

    Right on Anonymous 12:09
    And he's a big FAT nazi.
    The worst kind.

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