More Than a Handshake

Assigned Reading: The Possibility of an Obama-Chavez Understanding
(FROM: Talking Points Memo)

The media is full of speculation about President Obama’s deft “deflection” against President Hugo Chavez’ maneuvering and finger-pointing in the Honduras crisis. But another narrative is possible, of an undisclosed new diplomatic collaboration replacing the constant tensions and CIA foreknowledge of the brief 2002 coup against the Venezuelan leader.

It is too early to define a new era, but something profoundly new began developing between Obama and Chavez at the hemispheric conference in April in Trinidad.

According to eyewitness sources, under the apparently blind eye of the global media, the two leaders had lengthy conversations. The media covered the friendly photo of the initial handshake between the two leaders, then made much ado about an apparently-impertinent Chavez handing Obama a book in Spanish by Eduardo Galleano.

What has not been reported is that Obama, leaving his advisers behind, held lengthy private conversations with Chavez where only an interpreter was present.

I don’t know why this is such a surprise to so many people. I’d be willing to wager that most of the American left has an “understanding” with Hugo Chavez — they just haven’t had the chance to meet him yet.

See, it goes exactly to what I have written about Barack Obama’s justice-driven approach to foreign policy. He is a Marxist at heart — it shows in his upbringing, it shows in his associations in later life, and it shows in his tendencies as leader of the free world. To Barack Obama, government control is justice. The people aren’t capable of choosing for themselves, whether it be vehicles, or healthcare, or anything else; the answer lies in greater government, only through government can the rich become poor and the poor become more dependent upon government.

Is it any wonder that he was so hesitant to side with the people in the recent protests in Iran? Or that he was so quick to support the ousted Manuel Zelaya in Honduras after his failed attempt at expanding government control? Perhaps that’s also why Obama has no problem disarming existing American nuclear systems and delivery systems in exchange for the Russians doing the same for either defunct systems or systems not yet in production — while at the same time handcuffing our missile defense program, all in the face of nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran.

Of course there’s an “understanding” between Chavez and Obama. To Chavez, the United States of America is “the Devil.” To Obama, it’s an arrogant superpower that deserves to be knocked down a peg. The difference between the two leaders, one a dictator and the other an aspiring monarch, is little more than a matter of rhetoric.



  1. the conservative resistance says:

    Jeff -
    While your piece is right-on here, I've been screaming this exact point from the mountaintops for the past eight months. What is it that people don't get?

    Obama prefers dictatorships. And, with the incredibly fast-pace toward global governance that the Left is desperately trying to expedite – no doubt because they realize that they're in the process of being badly exposed for what they are, a form of tyranny – one has to wonder if the breaking point is coming sooner rather than later.

  2. Bodenzee says:

    Bumper sticker seen this morning:

    "If Al Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love they better hurry because Obama is beating them to it."

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, you need to do an article on the NESARA which was passed in March 2000, but doesn't take effect until it's announced, and the announcement has been stalled by 3 Supreme Court Justices.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with conservative resistance…WHAT is it that people DON't get? The evidence is astounding that this is a marxist regime that is leading us into tyranny at a remarkably fast pace. I would have NEVER believed that Americans would sit still for this..I thought we were smarter than that because we treasured our freedom so deeply. I often wondered how Hitler could get the majority of the German people to fall for his diabolical schemes but I understand it better now. People who are my neighbors, my friends, even my relatives are OBLIVIOUS to what is happening! It is as though they are under the spell of stupidity and Obama recognizes it and is using it to accomplish his agenda. God help us to wake up from our slumber!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    as candidate obama i always opined that given his views about america as framed by the likes of Ayers, Davis, Marxist meetings he attended, his statement to stand with the Muslims, his support of Odinga whom he knows supports Shariah Law – - his lame excuses for not wearing a flag pin or putting his hand across his heart – -that this is a a man with an agenda to occupy the highest office and divulge information to enemies under the pretense of seeking a betterment for america. his agenda, imo, is to make america pay. his mind is steeped in 1960s mentality imo.

    in short, I WAS ALWAYS SUSPECT OF OBAMA and he has done nothing for me change my mind. rather his actions – specifically reducing funds for anything to do with the defense of this country has only solidified my mistrust of obama. for the sake of us all i wish i truly felt differently and that i am wrong.

    Even before being elected obama couldnt wait to have a reason to sit down with Ahminiejad and invited him on JULY 4TH of all days?

    no, i do not trust barack hussein obama. i still wonder exactly why it was necessary for him to fly that plane so low over new york… i do not buy the publicity thing at all. what did he do with those pictures? take them with him on his trip to Saudi Arabia?

  6. ELVIRA says:

    This president is creepy.

  7. Gail B says:

    "To Obama, it's an arrogant superpower that deserves to be knocked down a peg."

    Obama/Soetoro is doing a good job at it, too! By the end of this year, there won't be any pegs left!

  8. Anonymous says:

    to anon at 11:11

    too many Americans have their hand out and don't know what to do or how to survive without the government's entitlement programs

    it's up to the rest of us, who resist government's "help", to make a difference

    pray, pray, pray

  9. Celia in TX says:

    I've been talking with my cousin's husband on Facebook, and in his debating he is 100% towing the line he's been sold through the MSM. Outrageous and breaks my heart. He, like many others, has bought it hook-line-and-sinker.

    I told him it's like the creepy guy in the old westerns who would go around selling a brown bottle labeled "Miracle Tonic"…cures WHATEVER ails you. And they bought it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The man has no standing outside of help obtained through thuggery and fraud. He's never learned anything else – never produced anything other than that received through the typical shake down approach.

    So it is no surprise to have seen recently that gathering of buzzards in the skies of Honduras to attempt to force one of their ilk back upon the sovereign country. Without such a flock, 0's agenda goes nowhere in the bigger picture. And in the end they eat each other. He really knows nothing else – they're soul brothers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    verification: chirests (CHIcago RESTS – wouldn't that be great)

  12. MATLOCK says:

    When Chicago rests, the prosecutor cross-examines.

  13. Anonymous says:

    obama has been so obvious that it will bring out the republicans and conservatives and independents, and yes some democrats in droves to make sure he is not re-elected.

    a good thing. too many did not exercise their rights to vote and too many sat on the sidelines and let ACORN happen…. let florida, michigan happen…. but lets FIX ALL THAT NOW. NOW EVEN THE DOUBTERS ALL KNO FOR SURE. SO DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM… AND OPPOSE HIS POLICIES LOUDLY EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU ARE GIVEN.

    as someone said above, "its up to us now." so lets not let us down. lets be able to say we DID learn something. and if your State is one that doesnt verify a candidate's eligibility, begin your own grass roots movement to change it…. begin with whomever you share coffee with next or chat with next… get on the phone and find out how your State goes about putting someone on the ballot. if its not up to snuff, CHANGE IT!

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